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"The bridge between ideas and success." We are a creative and innovative web development freelancing team that combines a distinct understanding of marketing strategies, with an expertise in delivery and communication.

We specialize in custom website design and website development. We will strive to do our best to create a web site for your small business or your own personal needs. Creative Web Solutions is here to help and accomplish your goals as a small business owner and to take the stress off you, so that you can focus on your business.

Operating as usual

[10/27/18]   As we gear up for Q4 and putting the finishing touches on Q3 we are most pleased with the results thus far. 2019 will be here before you know. Start preparing and planning your campaigns now. You always want to get a good head start on any and all competition. Don't be afraid to try new things.. but don't forget what has worked in the past and already made you successful.

[05/12/18]   The Office has been a bit busy over the past few months. Doing some transitional changes as the company grows and expands. The past 8 years have shown us that anything is possible. 2 more years to hit the Decade milestone? I can't believe we are coming up on the 10 Year Mark Soon.

CWS has been a lot slower than normal as we do some readjusting. The main focus points were the company started are slowly fading as we take on new adventures in the market place.

Gavscar Gaming has been the main focus point for the past year and is still turning a pretty significant profit margin. As we expand this subsidiary a bit more and advance the community. Goals have been met and we want to continue down this path to see where it leads too.



Happy Black Friday Everyone!
I have high hopes for this in the future. Refereum is a new Crypto Currency being released Dec 12th for Gamers and Game Designers. You can get in early to start gaining points toward shares of tokens. The gaming industry is well over a Billion dollars at this point and will only continue to grow. Bringing in a new currency specifically for this niche market is a big deal. Bitcoins (the founding father of crypto currency) once sold for as little as $50 per coin and is now over $8000 per coin. If you are interested in learning more then please feel free to click the link.

Even if you aren't interested in this sort of investment opportunity could you do me the favor of clicking and signing up? It only takes 10 seconds and it still helps me out greatly. Esp since I get double points for Black Friday :D Join other gamers who have already been earning money with Refereum by watching streams and referring others. You even earn when you're offline, so join today. See or the video below for details.

[03/26/17]   We are really bad at updating this page! Trying to get better at it! Been so busy with stuff that we sometimes forget that we have obligations to let the public know what's going on behind the scenes!

Creative Web Solutions has been thrilling as always. No new real updates to note other than we are looking to broaden our horizons. We are currently looking into getting in the "Energy" Market. Currently doing research and will eventually make a decision down the line.

Gavscar Gaming is BOOMING lately. The Youtube Channel Growth has never slowed down since it's launch in August 2016. We are steadily growing the fan base and trying some new things. Also, we have now dived back into the Twitch Community. Stream Testing last week consisted of 3 solid days of over 15 Hours total time. We also gained around 140 New Followers in those 3 days. We expect these numbers to keep a good pace with little to no slow downs. It's been 4 or 5 years since I streamed live. It was awesome getting back into the mix of things. Interacting within the community while live is great!

Until Next Time!

[08/29/16]   End of August Updates:

Creative Web Solutions has been thriving lately. The Yoga website has been showing strong gains over the past year. It will continue to grow and we are thinking about bringing on a few guest authors to further advance the site. All other contracts are going smoothly.

Creative Web Incomes, the first subsidiary has taken a seat on the back burner. As the idea still exists and will remain, we have had to focus on other matters at hand. the CWI launch has been delayed multiple times but will eventually make a public launch. The framework has been completed months ago, However the problem lies within the over all content and time schedule. This will be coming in the future.

Gavscar Gaming, the second subsidiary has surpassed all expectations we have had. The amazing growth rate and profit margins are incredible right now. The launch of the Youtube channel has grown super fast over the past 2 months. We are considering focusing 100% of all assets in this region right now. We may even branch off and make a website for the brand itself. We will continue to monitor growth and activity and see what the over all brand has potential of becoming.

[07/23/16]   So Much Hate in the World Right Now.. Why Can't We Just Get Along? No One Has the Answers. No One Ever Will. So, Keep Moving at your Own Pace... Live You Life.

[04/25/16]   We are really slacking on these updates.. Last status was February 29th? It's now April 25th... Yea.. Way to go team!

In real news. Yoga site is THRIVING! Also, the Creative Web Income project is still going strong.. Just taking a lot longer than expected to get everything running smoothly. We promise it will be up and running!

Gavscar Production is slowly coming together as well. As the second subsidary of Creative Web Solutions, we are diving head first in the Youtube Community and making a big impression. Videos are slowly coming out and the follow train has begun! 02/29/2016


Creative Web Solution subsidary Gavscar Gaming has offically launched. It's a gaming #YouTube channel! We are hoping to grow and learn! Subsidary Creative Web Income is still in the process and we are still tweeking things. We were hoping for a January launch but it's coming up on March and we aren't finished yet. We want to make sure everything is perfect! Look forward to it soon. The youtube channel will be listed below for anyone interested in the gaming market. This Channel was Created Aug 19, 2006 - I Finally decided to do something with it! Hope you guys enjoy some awesome game play. I normally play FPS/MMO titles...

[02/08/16]   Small updates around the office! The Creative Web Income subsidary website is coming along nicely. A few more touch ups and we will be having our offical launch! Can't wait!

[01/04/16]   January Celebrates Our 5th Year Anniversary! We are so excited that we have come this far! 2016 will be an explosion year! We look forward to all the projects we will be working on. Thank You guys so much for all the support. Many blessings!

[01/01/16]   Wishing Everyone a Happy New Year! Be Safe, Be Blessed!

[12/26/15]   Wishing Everyone a Merry Christmas! From the CWS Family, to Yours! Have a Fantastic Holiday! 12/24/2015

December 2015 Top 100 SEO Experts to Follow on Twitter

We were just notified that we made the Top 100 SEO Experts to Follow on Twitter for December 2015 :D That's freaking awesome. A Great Honor. Let's Step it Up in 2016! We were ranked #12, but was knocked down to #51.. Never the less. Top 100 Baby! This is a list of the top 100 recommended SEO experts to follow on Twitter for December 2015.


We hope everyone had a great day #BlackFriday Shopping. We are pleased to annouce our Black Friday Sale! The Wealthy Affiliate Network has gone over the top this year. Yearly Premium Membership for only $299! That's .82 cents a Day! It's normally $567 for the Yearly Membership - That's a $268 SAVINGS! 55%! You won't find a better deal than that!

You have a hobby? An Interest? It's time to make legit money on the internet folks. Stop wasting time and join the 1000's of people making a living from their couch.


Yoga At Home - Yoga, A Spiritual Awakening

Updates! Creative Web Income, The newest Subsidiary of Creative Web Solutions is going well. The Launch for 2016 is still on schedule

Yoga, A Spiritual Awakening is pleased to finally annouce it's newest Partnership. Yoga at Home brought to you by Healthy Moving. We are pleased and honored to have Jen be apart of our community.

Also don't forget to check out @YogaMogul on Twitter, as Well as our main account @JohnCWS for all your Twitter needs. -

Almost forgot. Happy Thanksgiving from the CWS family, to yours! Be Thankful and Grateful! Want to do Yoga at Home? Check out Healthy Moving Today!

[11/08/15]   Subsidiary Creative Web Income is going well. The site is in development now. It will be ready by the end of the year and launched for 2016.

Also, started a new Twitter Account for Yoga, A Spiritual Awakening - Follow Us @YogaMogul for all the #Yoga info you will ever need!

[10/03/15]   We are pleased to announce that we are currently working on a new subsidiary with a complete re-launch of our old site. It's time to get the information flowing again. It's time to make some more people rich :D 09/29/2015

What is the Paleo Diet Plan? - Yoga, A Spiritual Awakening

What is the Paleo Diet Plan? Is it right for you? What exactly is the Paleo Diet Plan and should you incorporate it during your Yoga routines? Eat like a caveman and shed pounds. That's the theory behind.. 09/26/2015

John Gavalik (@JohnCWS) | Twitter

We are hosting a Friday Night Give-a-Way on Twitter! If you want a chance to win a $50 Amazon Gift Card - Go to the Twitter Page, Follow if you are not already, and Retweet the Pinned Tweet to Enter! Good Luck! The latest Tweets from John Gavalik (@JohnCWS). {Creative Web Solutions} Entrepreneur | Web Designer & Developer | Internet Marketing Guru | SEO Expert | Social Media Mogul #Business #Marketing #DreamBig. Pittsburgh PA


Niche Site 3 Month Stat's 09/18/2015

Yoga, A Spiritual Awakening: Beginners Guide

The #Yoga site framework is 100% complete! 3 months of blood, sweat, and tears... Well, ok.. Maybe not any of that.. but long hours of work and grinding out the content! We are very happy and would love for you to pop on over! Spread the Love Everything Yoga. Just starting out? No Problem! Your one stop destination into the ever growing world of Yoga.

[09/07/15]   Happy #LaborDay - Thank you to the past, current, and all future Union workers. Your blood, sweat, and tears have shaped this country into what it is today. We at CWS, Salute You!

[08/31/15]   Busy Week Ahead! We have been promising that the new Yoga Poses would be completed weeks ago on the Yoga Site. However, it has proved to be a feat in itself. After countless hours of grinding, it should be released soon.

Also would like to announce that the new CWS official site will be in the works soon. We scrapped the old site a few years back as having a social presence was more important to us, than having an actual website. Now, with a huge empire on social media (3,100 FB likes, 18k Followers on Twitter, 35k Google+) We would like to start a site again to assist in helping people with what we do. Look forward to that in the next coming months 08/29/2015

Difficult Steps to Become a Millionaire

We hear this a lot... "I want to be a millionaire too!!" -- Well, start following these 8 simple steps and your dreams could become reality before you know it! Share It, Love It, Follow It! #DreamBig #Millionaire #Business #Marketing Money of course isn't everything. Not by a long shot. Where your definition of success is concerned, money may rank far down the list. Everyone's definition


Creative Web Solutions


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[08/01/15]   The self-promotion message of the day! #Twitter followers are down a bit. Be sure to follow us @JohnCWS for great information! Pass it on and share. Get us back up to that 18k+ marker! 07/11/2015

Yoga, A Spiritual Awakening: Beginners Guide

Website is only 3 weeks and 2 days old. Already getting good streams of traffic! Over 80 comments!? You guys rock! Loads of people asking questions! Just need to get the Poses Section done, and the framework will be complete!! Everything Yoga. Just starting out? No Problem! Your one stop destination into the ever growing world of Yoga. 07/08/2015

Yoga Therapy - Yoga, A Spiritual Awakening

Midnight Release! The New #YogaTherapy Section is up and running! Check it out and feel free to leave some feedback. A list of very common problems and how #Yoga can assist in the treatment. Yoga Therapy is the use of yoga postures, meditation and pranayama to help the body naturally heal and balance itself. 07/07/2015

Healthy Smoothies, Really? - Yoga, A Spiritual Awakening

It's a beautiful day out today! How is your Summer going thus far? Do you enjoy a nice cold smoothie on a hot Summer day? Check out the new article on smoothies and if they are truly "Healthy" -- #Yoga #Diet #WeightLoss #Smoothies That doesn’t mean, however, that all smoothies are created equal. Far from it! Many people think that because it’s called a smoothie... 07/03/2015

Yoga, A Spiritual Awakening: Beginners Guide

We are pleased to announce our officially release for the new clone niche website Yoga, A Spiritual Awakening! It's not 100% just yet but will be very soon! Have to add a few more framework pages. But have some good strong content flowing. Time to drive the traffic in! Feel free to comment or leave feedback. Would love to hear from you! #Yoga Everything Yoga. Just starting out? No Problem! Your one stop destination into the ever growing world of Yoga.

[06/18/15]   We have been working around the clock, trying to get the site up as soon as possible. SEO and Keywords non-stop. Want to try to get ranked in Google as earlier as possible. Little sneak peak at CWS's newest niche market.... Yoga! - That's right. Yoga, A Spiritual Awakening will be released soon. #Yoga 06/15/2015

How to Change Your Life | Making Money Online: Fall in Love With Twitter Again

Happy Monday Everyone! Let's Dive back into that Twitter World Again! Fall back in Love with Twitter.

[06/13/15]   Another long day working on the new Niche Website. We can't wait to reveal it. We are super excited about getting it up and running. This is a new topic to us so we are learning a ton while building it. #NewNiche #NewMarket #Business #BeSuccessful #Focus

[06/11/15]   It's so easy to lose yourself into work when you enjoy doing what you do. I decided last night that I am going to tackle a new niche market. The past 4 hours have been nothing but research, but I have green-lighted the plan. Stay tuned to find out what market we will be entering, and also for future updates on the project! Very Excited! #CWS #NewMarket #Money #StayFocused

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We are a creative and innovative web development freelancing team that combines a distinct understanding of marketing strategies, with an expertise in delivery and communication. We specialize in custom website design and website development. We will strive to do our best to create a web site for your small business or your own personal needs. Creative Web Solutions is here to help and accomplish your goals as a small business owner and to take the stress off you, so that you can focus on your business.

We also empower entrepreneurs to create systems that help them construct their dream lifestyle. Since 2010 We've worked with 400,000 paid customers, generated more than 10 million leads, and done more than $60 million in sales online and We’re here to empower humanity to create new possibilities by changing the way we think.

Whether it be Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Advertising, Brand Management, Design, or Simple Consults. We strive our hardest to meet you or your companies needs.



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