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[11/15/16]   In preparing an educational intervention for college students, a nurse understands that drinking alcohol beverages often used to relieve which condition?
1. fatigue
2. anxiety
3. headache
4. stomach pain
The answer is 2, relieving anxiety is commonly used when you drink

[11/14/16]   A 6 month old infant is being admitted with a diagnosis of bacterial meningitis. A nurse should place the infant in which room?
1. a room with a 12 month infant with UTI
2 A room with a 8 month with failure to thrive
3. an isolation room near the nurses station
4. a two bed room in the middle of the hall
The answer is 3. The patient needs isolation near nurses station until the child receives IV antibiotics for 24 hours. the child is contagious

[11/13/16]   Upon reviewing the history of a patient with chronic gastritis which of the following may be a risk factor for developing this condition?

1. adolescent client
2. antiobiotic useage
3. gallbladder disease
4. helicobacter pylori infection
The answer is 4. H pylori infection can lead to chronic gastritis and can occur at any age

[11/12/16]   Which of the following should be part of the teaching plan for a client with hemorrhoids?
1. recommend high fiber diet
2. apply cold to reduce swelling
3. using astringent lotions
4. elevate buttocks to reduce engorgement
The answer is 1. a high fiber diet

[11/12/16]   Which of the following would be the priority focus of nursing care with peritonitis?
1. fluid and electrolyte balance
2. gastric irrigation
3. pain management
4. psychosocial issues
The answer is fluid and electrolye balance because peritonitis can advance to shock and circulatory failure

[11/11/16]   A ptient with massive pulmonary embolus is scheduled to have arterial blood gas analysis. The nurse expects it to be.
1. metabolic acidosis
2. metabolic alkalosis
3. resp. acidosis
4. resp. alkalosis
The answer is 4. the large region of lung tissue unavailable for perfusion this causes hyperventilation and blowing off large amounts of CO2.

[11/10/16]   Patient with which condition would be appropriate trial of labor after a prior cesarean delivery?
1. complete placental previa
2. invasive cervical cancer
3. premature rupture of membranes
4. prior classical cesarean delivery
the answer is 3. pts with premature rupture of membranes are permitted trial of labor after previous cesarean delivery

[11/09/16]   Which patient is the greatest risk for developing resp. alkalosis?
1. client in labor
2. client with diabetes
3. client with renal failure
4. an immediate post op client
The answer is a client in labor, at certain stages of labor increase volume causing the PaCO2 to decrease and increase the ph.

[11/08/16]   A student nurse asks the nurse on the hematology unit which type of leukemia has the best prognosis?
1. acute lymphoblastic leukemia
2. acute myelogenous leukemia
3. basophilic leukemia
4. eosinophilic leukemia
the answer is 1. acute lymphovblastic leukemia

[11/07/16]   Which medication would the nurse expect the doctor to order most common for a patient with leukemia?
1. bactrim
2. oral nystantin suspension
3. prednisone
4. vincristince
The answer is 1. bactrim, the cause of death from leukemia is overwhelming infection.

[11/06/16]   The nurse is assessing a client with generalized anxiety disorder in verbalizing feelings. What is important for the nurse to consider?
1. the pt may intellectualize the anxiety
2. the patient may regard the problem as genetic
3. the patient may decide that verbalizing feelings is not beneficial
4. the patient may believe only medications are useful
The answer is 1. they need assistance acknowledging the anxiety

[11/05/16]   Which nursing diagnosis is appropriate for a patient with a conversion disorder who has little energy to expend on activities or interactions with friends?
1. powerlessness
2. hopelessness
3. impaired social interaction
4. compromised family coping
The answer is impaired social interaction. when clients focus their mental and physical energy on somatic sx. they have little energy.

[11/01/16]   What are the expected assessment findings of an infant with heart failure? select all that apply
a. heart rate of 100 beats per minute
b. resp rate 62 rates minute
c. +3 pulses
d. gallop murmor
e. liver palpated at level of umbilicus
the answer is b, resp rate increases, d. gallop murmor when the heart stretches beyond efficiency an extra heart sound or s3 gallop murmor is heard and audible and e. liver palpated the liver becomes edematous hepatomegaly due to fluid retention

[10/31/16]   For an 8 month infant the nurse should plan to provide which toy to promote the childs cognitive development?
a. blocks to stack
b. jack in the box
c. small rubber ball
d. play gym strung across the crib
the answer is jack in the box, according to Piagets theory of cognitive development a 8 month old child will look for an object after it disappears from sight to develop the cognitive skill of object permanence.

[10/30/16]   Which diet is recommended for an infant with heart failure?
a. restriction of fluids
b. weight infant once a week
c. use of low sodium formula
d. increase caloric content per ounce.
The answer is d. formulas with increased caloric content are given to meet the greater caloric requirements from the overworked heart and labored breathing.

[10/30/16]   A nurse is caring for a neonate with resp. problems. which condition is most likely caused by fluid remaining in the lungs of the neonate after delivery?
a. choanal stress
b. meconium aspirations
c. pulmonary hemmorrhage
d. transient tachypnea of a newborn
the answer is d. transient tachypnea caused by a delay in removing excessive amounts of lung fluid.

[10/29/16]   A nurse caring for patient with gestational diabetes. which complicatgion is the neonate most at risk for developing?
a. anemia
b. hypoglycemia
c. nitrogen loss
d. thrombosis
the answer is neonates are at risk for hypoglycemia, b due to increased insulin levels

[10/28/16]   The nurse is aware that preterm neonates who receive prolonged mechanical ventilation at birth are at risk for which conditions?
a. chronic lung disease
b. espohageal atresia
c. hydrocephalus
d. renal failure
the answer is a. chronic lung diseasw

[10/26/16]   The nurse performing a neonatal assessment. what is best indication for adequate hydration?
a. soft smooth skin
b. a sunken fontanel
c. bradycardia
d. no urine output for 24 hours
the answer is a. soft smooth skin is sign of hydration

[10/25/16]   Of all of the cluster groups of personality disorders which group is apt to most challenging
a. cluster a
b. cluster b
c. cluster c
d. cluster d

the answer is cluster b will be the most challenging to maintain a positive milieu

[10/24/16]   A nurse is caring for a client with schizotypal personality disorder. the nurse would expect to observe which of the following/
a. exhibitionism
b. impulsiveness
c. bodily illusions
d. reptetivie behaviors
the answer is 3 they have bodily illusions

[10/24/16]   The nurse has provided medication teaching for a client who will be taking Xanax upon discharge from the hosital. The nurse determines that teaching was effective when the patient states:
a. shellfish
b. alcohol
c. coffee
d. cheese
the answer is alcohol should be avoided because it is additive to depressive effects

[10/23/16]   A nurse is selecting interventions to enhance self esteem of a patient with depression. What is the most appropriate intervention with this client?
a. playing cards
b. praying daily
c. taking medication
d. writing poetry
the answer is 4. writing poetry

[10/22/16]   The nurse is developing short term goals for a patient who repeatedly makes statements about not deserving things. the nurse determines which is appropriate short term goal?
a. identify distorted thoughts
b. describe self care patterns
c. discuss family relationships
d. explore communication skills
the answer is 1. identify distorted thinking

[10/21/16]   A patient with a hx. of panic attacks tells the nurse I feel so trapped right after an attack The nurse determines that the patient is most likely expressing which fear?
a. loss of control
b. loss of identity
c. loss of memory
d. loss of maturity
the answer is loss of control a. is the answer

[10/21/16]   The nurse is assessing a patient who has hair loss in small round circles on scalp. The nurse documents this assessment as
a. alopecia
b. amblyopia
c. exotropia
d. seborrhea
the answer is alopecia for thinning of hair loss

[10/19/16]   A patient with sleep terror disorder might have an autoimmune signs of intense anxiety. It is most important for the nurse to assess the patient for which of the following?
a. tachycardia
b. pupil constriction
c. cool clammy skin
d. decreased muscle tone
The answer is a. tachycardia, autonomic arousal

[10/19/16]   The is administering a corticosteroid thereapy to a patient. The nurse be alert for which of the following adverse effects of this therapy?
a. hyponatremia
b. hypoglycemia
c. change in metabolism
d. heart failure
the answer is slowing of the metabolism C.

[10/18/16]   the nurse is caring for a patient with adrenal medulla tumor. Which of following symptoms would the nurse expect to assess?
a. carpopedal spasm
b. hyperglycemia
c. hypertension
d moon face
the answer is 3 tumors of adrenal medulla produce hypertension

[10/17/16]   The nurse is admitting a patient and patient falls asleep while stating a list of medications. The nurse understands that the patient most likely exhibiting which disorder/
a. hypersomnia
b. insomnia
c. narcolepsy
d. parasomnia
The answer is narcolepsy

[10/17/16]   A patient with no health insurance has not filled prescirptions for some time. According to the roommate he is getting sicker every day. Which problem suggests the patient is not taking synthroid?
a. diarrhea and vomiting
b. rapid heart rate
c. warm dry flushed skin
d. temp of 94
the answer is 4. low body temp

[10/17/16]   When teaching a diabetic patient about nutritional planning, which food selection would be considered one healthy serving of carbohydrate?
a. one small orange
b. 1/2 cup of vanilla ice cream
c. 2 slices of white bread
d. 2 cups of whole grain rice
the answer is one small orange is a healthy cho

[10/16/16]   Treatments for sleep disorders include which method
a. behavior therapy
b. biofeedback
c. group therapy
d. insight oriented psychotherapy
The answer is 2. biofeedback

[10/16/16]   When admitted to the hospital the patient with suspected pancreatitis will develop which electrolyte disorder?
a. hypglycemia
b. hypernatremia
c. hypcalcemia
d. hyperkalemia
the answer is hypocalcemia due to the deposit of calcium in areas of fat necrosis

[10/15/16]   The patient is diagnosed with a fungal infection of the scalp the nurse would document this a
a. tinea capitis
b. tinea corporis
c. tinea cruris
d. tinea pedis
The answer is tinea captitis a fungal infection





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