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I provide private vocal , speaking voice, and acting lessons to students ages 65and up- ALL OVER! I love teaching online! I also teach in person lessons in Schaumburg, IL.

No judgment, no expectations- just FUN and vocal exploration. I offer voice and acting lessons to all ages, levels, and styles! I teach in Schaumburg, IL as well as all over....ONLINE. Complete beginner? No worries. I love beginners! Kids, seniors, special needs....everyone can and should sing if they have the desire. Online lessons are the perfect option for the shy or super busy singer . Online

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Little Jimmy Dickens - May The Bird Of Paradise Fly Up Your Nose

Did you see the Ken Burns Country Music series months back?

It's excellent!

Be on the lookout for a COUNTRY MUSIC class sometime soon from me.

Me, I became a fan of THIS guy:

classic country 05/22/2020

As If! An Exploration of Music from the 90s | Small Online Class for Ages 12-16 In this one time class, learners will listen to and discuss some musical highlights from the 1990s of various styles 05/17/2020

1776: A Study of the Historical Musical | Small Online Class for Ages 12-16 In this two-week course, learners will study and discuss Declaration of Independence, our Founding Fathers, and how it was portrayed in the popular Broadway musical and movie 1776! 05/15/2020

Legend: The Life and Career of Judy Garland | Small Online Class for Ages 12-16

Join me? In this one time class, learners will learn about the life and extraordinary career of music and Hollywood icon Judy Garland 05/12/2020

The Life and Career of the Man in Black, Johnny Cash | Small Online Class for Ages 12-16 In this one time class, learners will learn about country legend Johnny Cash, from his humble roots to his decades long career. 05/12/2020

80s Music: A Gnarly Overview | Small Online Class for Ages 12-16

#outschool In this one time class, leaners will listen to and discuss some of the musical highlights of the 1980s from music by legends like Michael Jackson to styles like new wave, hair metal, and more! 05/09/2020

Little Richard Dies At 87 Rock 'n' roll star Little Richard has died at the age of 87, the musician'sson Danny Penniman confirmed to Rolling Stone on Saturday.The cause of death is unknown, Penniman told the magazine.Little Richard was born Richard Wayne Penniman in Macon, Georgia, in 1932.The artist famed for his flamboyant...

[04/30/20]   How is everyone? Still laughing, still singing?


Contact me for more info- [email protected]

If your birthday has been Corona'ed- there's no reason why it still can't be fun. I can lead karaoke sing-alongs and party games for your virtual event. You'll always remember THIS ONE! 04/24/2020

A 'Phantom of the Opera' contest seeks singer with style

Alright who's giving this a shot???? I'm too old. But if I wasn't I would. Andrew Lloyd Webber has launched a virtual competition that could lead to one fan singing on Broadway or the West End when musicals resume playing 04/19/2020

Delightfully Awful: An Introduction to Outsider Music! | Small Online Class for Ages 12-16

I can't wait to teach this one!!!! I cover all the "greats": Florence Foster Jenkins, The Shaggs, Mrs.Miller, Jan Terri...... In this one time class, students will learn what outsider music is as well as become acquainted with its "stars"


Jimmy Ray - Are You Jimmy Ray? (Video)

Odd song : "Are you Jimmy Ray?"

Music video by Jimmy Ray performing Are You Jimmy Ray?. (C) 1997 Sony Music Entertainment (UK) Ltd. 04/16/2020

Vocal Molly Studios

Two things! Don't forget about the GROUP VOICE CLASS one week from today!

Second! I have another odd song for you!

I give you HAMMER his gangsta phase.... Schedule your appointment online Vocal Molly Studios 04/15/2020

Vocal Molly Studios

Wanna try a group singing class? How 'bout next Thursday? Schedule your appointment online Vocal Molly Studios


Don Johnson - Heartbeat (Video)

Odd song time:

"Heartbeat" by Don Johnson.

Why did this happen.

Music video by Don Johnson performing Heartbeat. (C) 1986 Sony BMG Music Entertainment


Downtown by Mrs. Miller

Odd song (and artist!) of the day:


You have heard of Florence Foster Jenkins- an outsider classical musician that was made famous .

How about the Top 40 version from the 1960s? Here she is, with "Downtown" as you've NEVER heard it. She did her own whistling, too!

Mrs. Miller's hit song of an old Petula Clark Classic About Mrs. Miller Elva Ruby Miller (née Connes; October 5, 1907 – July 5, 1997), who recorded under the...


Eddie Murphy - Party All the Time (Official Video)

Odd song of the day! Yeah, this one's a little bit more well known..but odd (and awesome!) nevertheless!

Eddie Murphy with "Party all the Time". Talk about a man that can do it all.

(FWIW, I adore this comedy, but he just sounds downright silly in this song. Again, totally not a bad thing.....but.....yeah)

Music video by Eddie Murphy performing Party All the Time. (C) 1985 Sony BMG Music Entertainment #EddieMurphy #PartyAllTheTime #Vevo


Cop Rock - Let's Be Careful Out There [High Quality]

Odd song of the day is a gem from the short lived TV show COP ROCK.


From Episode 7 of Cop Rock


Donnie Wahlberg and Seiko - The Right Combination

I’ve got your odd song of the day!!!! Enjoy!!!

I hope all of you are singing and laughing. If you’re not laughing, maybe that will change after watching this.



Fabian - Turn Me Loose

Odd song of the day:

"Turn me Loose " by Fabian.

Why you probably don't know Fabian if you are under a certain age: he was terrible.

He was a trailblazer, though! His short career was based on the fact they thought the teenage girls would think he was cute- he had never sung a note in public before talent agents approached him. After watching this, you won't have a hard time believing it. Thanks to this model, think of all the pop stars that lucked out this way. The list is endless!

Born on February 6, 1943 to Josephine and Domenic Forte, Fabian Forte was actually discovered at the age of 14 sitting on his front steps in Philadelphia. Fa...


Jan Terri's "Skyrockets"

How is everyone?

If you wanna sing, you know I'm open for biz .

In the meantime, I am gonna post a ridiculous song every day for your enjoyment. Some are well known, some are not. Let's start with a song by Jan Terri, a Chicago outsider musician. Enjoy "Skyrockets"

Denny's Big Video Debut! Enjoy! Directed by Punk Bunny Edited by Ryan Bomar Skyrockets (2013) (c) Video shot on location in Beverly Hills, Malibu & Hollywood

[03/27/20]   Join me join me join me!

[03/23/20]   I teach more than voice! Know any bored kids that could use laughs? Have 'em join us!!!!

[03/15/20]   PLEASE SHARE with any HS aged singer-actors you know:

So many shows, contests, etc are being canceled.

You still need to sing . For others. WANNA? What are you doing this Thursday 12-2 CST?

Join us via ZOOM to get feedback on any song you're working on! My awesome colleague Nate Plummer is an audition coach/performer who has rounded up other MT professionals ready to give YOU feedback!!

I'll be there, will you? Reserve your spot! Email Nate now!

[email protected]

[03/15/20]   Welp. More closures for everybody, everywhere.I know things are stressful trying to make some sort of normalcy of your schedule right now.

So..if things are gonna be different and you need to change some things around? I will try my best to accommodate!!! Just ask!

Keep singing, keep laughing, and bring a a big beefy bodyguard with you to the grocery stores.

[03/13/20]   Local? District 54 and District 211 is gonna be closed.

I will open my teaching hours to accommodate ......remember, I am ONLINE ...always..and love it!

Use code WARSH when booking!!!!!!!!

[03/12/20]   As a reminder: if you're an in person student of mine and if even more things in the area get canceled...and more get canceled every day....*I* am not canceling.

Your lesson will be online in Zoom. If you've never done one of these with me before, I assure you it's WAY easy to use and I will prep you for them.


Cynthia & Johnny O - Dream Boy Dream Girl

So, this TERRIBLE song from my youth popped into my head today. Horrible, horrible, I apologize in advance.

Is there a point to me posting this dreck? I guess there is- you know I love to laugh and make YOU laugh. Hey, we do that in lessons all the time, right!

SPEAKING OF LESSONS! Book one, I have NEW coupon:


See you soon. Happy Musical Monday!

Cynthia & Johnny O - Dream Boy Dream Girl 02/26/2020

Shimon is a singing and songwriting robot never ceases to amaze and all that but quite honestly, I prefer the sounds of the HUMAN voice. Although ! There are some humans that kinda sound like robots (that was kind of in during the 80s! Peter Gabriel...Annie Lennox....)

Singing is part technique....but the best singing? FEELING AND EXPRESSION!
I help with allllll of that.

Been away for a while? It's time to come back to lessons for some expressive singing! Researchers from Georgia Tech have created a robot called Shimon that can write songs, play music, and sing. The marimba-playing robot is going on tour to support a new album that he has composed a…

[02/24/20]   What have you been up to? Not enough singing, that's what.

Sign up for a lesson already- it's been too long!!!!!!!!

[02/14/20]   Have I mentioned lately...that ALL my students are AMAAAAZING?

Well, I'm saying it again.

Whitney!!! This girl got into NYU, first of all...and second....she is ALSO going to state for Solo and Ensemble (Texas, just like Lindsey J!!!!)


[02/11/20]   FEBRUARYSING! FEBRUARYSING! That's what you need to book your next lesson...and you're gonna book SOON, right?


Songs don't sing themselves.

Yup, you can share the code.Please do!

[02/10/20]   Well well well. Lindsey J is a star, too.
All that hard work paid off- they rated her a ONE for Solo and Ensemble!!! She's going to state!!!!!!!




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