Illinois Citizens for Health Freedom

Illinois Citizens for Health Freedom is a project of National Health Freedom Action, a 501C-4 non-profit organization

Illinois Citizens for Health Freedom is not affiliated with any sect, political party or other organization and neither endorses nor opposes any particular philosophy or practice in the health care field.

Mission: Illinois Citizens for Health Freedom is a group of professional and nonprofessional individuals whose common purpose is to ensure the free and open exchange of information, therapies and healing traditions between people without unnecessary regulation by government except where such exchanges represent imminent harm.

HealthFreedoms – Dramatic Increase In Drug Adverse Events and Deaths Blamed On FDA’s Corruption In 2014 – for the first time – more AERs were submitted by consumers than by HCPs as shown in the following two chart.

Never forget: Last 9/11 Ground Zero search dog dies at age 16 Bretagne, the last 9/11 search dog from Ground Zero, died on Monday with her best friend by her side. The dog was saluted as a fallen hero.

Swiss to recognise homeopathy as legitimate medicine - SWI The interior ministry has announced its intention to elevate five complementary therapies including homeopathy to the same level as ...

The quiet revolution of health and wellness coaches

This is VERY good news! Chronic diseases from poor lifestyle choices are at the heart of our nation’s health care crisis.

Organic Rising

Dr. Jane Goodall - a wonderful message for humanity.

Brian S. Hooker, PhD, PE: 2015 Keynote Speech

2015 United States Health Freedom Congress

Huge: Monsanto Going to Trial for Crimes Against Humanity Several activist groups joined by food and farming experts are suing Monsanto for their crimes against humanity.

The Truth About Cancer

Advanced doctors “Tell All” about how their patients are treating and beating cancer in this original docu-series.

Truth Teller

Truth Teller

The Citizens of Illinois: Please sign this petition to show your support for health freedom in...

Please visit our petition page and sign this much needed petition to create a choice for your health freedom today! To The Citizens of Illinois Who Want The Freedom to Choose Their Own Path to Wellness Illinois Citizen's for Health Freedom is a group of complimentary health care professionals who are seeking to pass a "Safe Harbor Act" in Illinois. This same act has been pass…

Sign the petition: Safe Harbor Act

Please take the time to visit our website: www.IllinoisCitizensForHealthFreedom.Org and sign our petition for Health Freedom in Illinois. I just signed a petition to The Illinois State House, The Illinois State Senate, and Governor Bruce Rauner: Health Freedom for Illinois Citizens to choose their right for Integrative Health without repercussions

FREE Vaccine/GMO/Big Pharma Documentary ‘BOUGHT’ takes you “inside the guts” of this multi-BILLION $ enterprise...

TAKE ACTION TODAY: Stop Big Food's Assault on Healthy Food! TAKE ACTION: Support Healthy Food Guidelines @food_democracy Pls sign Last month an advisory panel of public health experts recommended a groundbreaking shift in federal dietary guidelines, advising the USDA and HHS to adopt a public policy that promotes food that is good for b…

[01/14/15]   We continue to move forward. Stay tuned...

A small victory!

IIN is proud to announce that January 12th – 18th is officially Health Coach Week!

During that week, IIN will be sharing exciting updates, graduate success stories, and more via social media.

Check back here starting Monday, January 12th to join the celebration!

Dr. Joseph Mercola

Today is Giving Tuesday. On this global celebration of charitable giving, consider supporting the National Health Freedom Coalition (NHFC), an organization dedicated to promoting health freedom for all individuals. Please help NHFC as they work to promote your access to the healing practitioners, products and information that you need to be healthy! To support, visit

Illinois Citizens for Health Freedom

4th of July parade in Glen Ellyn, IL. Thanks for all the volunteers who walked and for the donations given at the Village Herbalist. A special thank you to Mary and Ron!

IL Citizens for Health Fredom

4th of July Parade 2014

4th of July Parade 2014

4th of July parade in Glen Ellyn, IL. Thanks for all the volunteers who walked and for the donations given at the Village Herbalist. A special thank you to Mary and Ron!

Buying Health: The Costs of Commercialization and an Alternative Philosophy This paper argues that commercial forces have steadily encroached into our understanding of medicine and health in modern industrial societies. The impact on the delivery of personal medical services and on common ideas about food and nutrition is profound and largely deleterious to public health. A…

Dr. Oz Interview | IIN Depth

This is why we need the "Safe Harbor Act" passed in Illinois.

Please visit Illinois Citizens for Health Freedom. We desperately need your support!

Joshua Rosenthal, Integrative Nutrition founder and director, interviews Dr. Mehmet Oz, surgeon and TV show host, on the broken health care system and the ne...

Hamburger Chef Jamie Oliver Proves McDonald’s Burgers “Unfit for Human Consumption” |...

One of the many reasons why I have not eaten a McDonald's hamburger in 30 years!
Debra Andrews Health Coaching Hamburger chef Jamie Oliver has won his long-fought battle against one of the largest fast food chains in the world – McDonalds.

[05/29/14]   Save the Date – September 26
and 27, 2014!
A Gathering of State and National Health Freedom Organizations, Leaders and Advocates. The 2014 Health Freedom Congress brings together 40 Voting Members representing health freedom organizations from across the nation as well as many public attendees and leaders. The event will be held at the Carol Young Anderson and Dennis L. Anderson Center, Hamline University, St. Paul, MN.

Controversial holistic care provider Robert Young arrested at his Valley Center wellness center

It's about the right to choose... A man in charge of a controversial holistic ranch in the North County that has served as a final resort for many cancer patients was arrested Thursday.

[05/29/14]   Congratulation to Diane Miller, National Health Freedom Coalition

Diane Miller JD, Receives Two Prestigious 2013 Awards!

Diane M. Miller JD, Director of Law and Public Policy for National Health Freedom Coalition and National Health Freedom Action, has received two awards: The 2013 National Health Federation Heroes Award, and The 2013 David Chow Humanitarian Foundation Award. We congratulate Diane on her life’s work and achievements, working to protect the health freedoms of all Americans.

Invitation to a Dialogue: Alternative Therapies

What Health Freedom is about...

Won't you support Health Freedom today! A psychiatrist urges greater use of self-care strategies like exercise, nutrition and mind-body techniques to treat chronic conditions. Readers are invited to respond.

FED UP - Official Trailer

In theaters May 9. This is the movie the food industry doesn't want you to see. FED UP blows the lid off everything we thought we knew about food and weight ...


PLEASE SUPPORT HEALTH FREEDOM IN ILLINOIS! LETTERS FROM GENERATION Rx reflects the stories of people who have battled back from mental illness—& features the latest mental health research & perspectives.

Warning: Government Can Be Harmful to Your Health

The DARK Act is Here: Denying American’s Right-to-Know The Grocery Manufacturers Association’s has introduced a federal bill that would block states from passing GE food labeling laws and make “voluntary labeling” the law of the land. Tell your member of Congress NOT to support this corporate bill!

Chicago - A Film from the Chicago Board Of Education

Although I watched film, ahem, video, on my iPad it made me long for a simpler time. It appears this was produced circa 1940's when there was only 48 states. I can't help but get angry at our legislators for the economic situation in the State of Illinois. There was so much commerce & now very little manufacturing is produced in Chicago, let alone in the U.S.! The school system is in a mess, there are few jobs, and those that have, or are attending some of our colleges can't find a job when they graduate; not to mention their student debt. Yeah, that's progress . What's happening to our beautiful City, State, and the wonderful U. S. Of A. Oh yeah, we have to support the military from those friggin idiots that want to destroy democracy. Ok, I'm stepping down from my soapbox now. By the way, I still love our Country and beautiful Chicago! This is a film I found at an estate sale on the south side of Chicago. It merely said "Chicago" and "Print 1" on the canister. I bought it because I was intrigued…

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Please stay tuned to the progress being made with the Safe Harbor Act. We have reorganized and are making progress in our efforts.

Stay tuned more exciting news to come.

Visit our website for more information.

Thank you for your support. Check out! Home Page

[12/08/13]   Clinton Ray Miller; March 14, 1921 - July 24, 2013

The Father of Health Freedom, lived his life as a health freedom. activist. Clinton Ray was the pioneer of all pioneers, working to protect health freedom for all Americans. His conviction that “Health Freedom is second only to Religious Freedom” was the foundation of his life’s work.

In his own 2003 words, Clinton, the eternal story-teller, describes his entry into the politics of health freedom: “My life as a health freedom activist started about 50 years ago in Salt Lake City, Utah. I started one of the first health bakeries in the United States. I called it Clinton’s Wheat Shop. My motto was “The Whiter the Bread, the Sooner You’re Dead”. It was printed in bold letters on the back of my truck and on the label of every loaf of bread we sold. We made 100% whole wheat “HEALTH BREAD”. We ground the wheat fresh every day on stone burr mills. It was made without any preservatives”

Clinton began his public freedom work when a Utah health food store asked him if he would debate fluoridation with the Head of the Utah State Dental Health Division. He became a well-spoken and ardent anti-fluoridationist with 8 years of success in Utah.

In 1961 Clinton was invited to represent National Health Federation in Washington DC and moved his family there and became their star lobbyist. Leaders attribute the successful passage of the Proxmire bill after a 17 year battle to Clinton Miller. The bill protected Vitamins from drug dosage regulations and prohibited the FDA from setting upper limits of dosages for Vitamins in the United States. Clinton went on to work tirelessly with people from across the country to help pass the 1994 Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act, establishing that all dietary supplements are to be regulated as nutrients and foods and not drugs. In that effort he became famous for his “Clinton One Page Faxes”. Millions of faxes shut down legislative offices with Clinton’s encouragement and he considered them the torpedo weapon of the health freedom movement.

In 2000, Clinton turned his attention to state health freedom efforts becoming a vibrant Board Member of national Health Freedom Action, and working for Sunshine Health Freedom Foundation immersing himself into the state politics of safe harbor legislation to protect natural health and traditional practitioners from getting prosecuted for practicing medicine without a license. He has been a guiding force in seven states obtaining safe harbor laws. In addition he supported Dr. Wendell Whitman’s vision to launch the Health Freedom EXPOs and was a regular speaker and teacher to thousands of Americans about a broad range of health freedom concerns.

Americans are indebted to Clinton Ray Miller for his tireless work protecting health freedoms. Leaders have promised him that Americans will continue his work in the spirit of freedom and honor. Clinton Miller always reminded leaders that each person, every leader, every legislator, every Congressman, is a good person, and is educable, and claimed that in the situation of debate and conflict “the good guys always win”!

Thank you Clinton Ray Miller for your enthusiastic leadership and your freedom accomplishments for all Americans.

Nelson Mandela death: World mourns South Africa's first black president In a symbol befitting a nation in mourning, a dark gray cloud swept over Johannesburg on Friday as news spread that Nelson Mandela is dead.

Nelson Mandela death: World mourns South Africa's first black president

The world mourns a great man...a leader for Freedom! We bow to you President Mandela and the legacy of peace and hope you so humbly left us. RIP In a symbol befitting a nation in mourning, a dark gray cloud swept over Johannesburg on Friday as news spread that Nelson Mandela is dead.

[12/04/13]   The Illinois Citizens for Health Freedom Website is:

Sign the petition: Safe Harbor Act

In our continuing effort to get the Safe Harbor Act passed in Illinois we created a petition last March for signature support. Won't you please take the time to sign the petition and contact us so we may keep you posted in the progress we make. Go to our website and put in your contact information.

The only way we can get this accomplished is with your continuing support.

Thank you. I just signed a petition to The Illinois State House, The Illinois State Senate, and Governor Pat Quinn: Health Freedom for Illinois Citizens to choose their right for Integrative Health without repercussions

Millions Against Monsanto by

Join OCA in becoming one of the Millions Against Monsanto!

Millions Against Monsanto by

It’s Monsanto’s worst nightmare come true. One by one, states are passing GMO labeling laws, despite Monsanto’s best efforts – and deep pockets – to prevent them. Will the Biotech Bully follow through on its threats to sue? We say: Bring it on!

Next it’s on to Washington State, where voters will cast their ballots on Nov. 5, to decide on I-522, a citizens’ ballot initiative to require mandatory GMO labeling there.

More on the Connecticut win

More on the Maine win

Stop Monsanto and Support Organic, Sustainable Food! | Food Democracy Now Every 5 years, Congress passes a Food and Farm bill that dictates food and agriculture policy for decades to come. This is the single most important piece of legislation that determines what Americans, and many people around the world, eat on a daily basis. Today, voting on vital improvements to the...

Home Page

There were many people interested in getting involved with ICFHF. If you gave us your information stay tuned...

Let us know if you have questions or what talents you can bring in helping us bring health freedom to Illinois. We are also humbly accepting donations.

Visit our website:

Thank you for your support! Check out! Home Page

We just finished the National Health Freedom Conference & Expo this past weekend in Schaumburg and it was a great success not to mention the dedicated and interesting people we met.

Home Page

Please visit our New & Improved website...

We are graciously accepting donations to further our cause. As you know it takes funding to help to obtain victory of the Illinois Safe Harbor Act we are seeking for Illinois residents.

So if you are in the healing arts (or not) and wish to support us please visit our website. We now have a Post Office Box:

Illinois Citizens for Health Freedom
P.O. Box 681291
Schaumburg, IL 60168.

We are also in the process of obtaining a PayPal account.

Thank you so much for your support! Check out! Home Page

[05/08/13]   Great News!

In addition to the forward movement of the IL Safe Harbor Act. We are happy to announce that a similar Bill (CO SB 215) has passed and is on the way to the Colorado State Governor's desk!

Stay tuned to the victories being made around the Country in regards to our health freedom!

[05/08/13]   Here is a Draft of the Safe Harbor Act Illinois Citizens for Health Freedom has been working on. We believe there will be some final modification prior to submitting it for review in Springfield.
Interesting reading...

Illinois Citizens for Health Freedom Draft Legislative Language
NHFA 1.24.13 Illinois Draft #5
Illinois "Access to Complementary and Alternative Health Care Act".
Section 1. SHORT TITLE.--This act may be cited as the "Access to Complementary and Alternative Health Care Act".
Section 2. DEFINITIONS.--As used in the Access to Complementary and Alternative Health Care Act: A. "complementary and alternative health care practitioner" means an individual who provides complementary and alternative health care services; B. "complementary and alternative health care service(s)" means the broad domain of health care practices, healing therapies and modalities, and methods that are not prohibited under Section 4 of this Act and that are performed by a complementary and alternative health care practitioner who is not licensed, certified, or registered, as a health care practitioner in the state of Illinois.
Section 3. LICENSING EXEMPTION.-- Notwithstanding Illinois licensing laws related to health care occupations and services, a person who provides complementary and alternative health care services and who is not licensed by the state of Illinois to practice a health care occupation does not violate the Illinois Medical Practice Act or the Illinois Dietetics and Nutrition Services Practice Act unless that individual: A. Engages in an activity prohibited in Section 4 of this Act; or B. Fails to fulfill the duties set forth in Section 5 of this Act.
Section 4. PROHIBITED ACTS. --A person providing complementary and alternative health care services shall not: A. Perform surgery on an individual or any other procedure that punctures the skin of the individual; B. Prescribe or administer x-ray radiation to an individual; C. Set fractures on an individual; D. Prescribe or dispense prescription drugs, prescription devices, or controlled substances to an individual;
Illinois Citizens for Health Freedom Draft Legislative Language
NHFA 1.24.13 Illinois Draft #5
E. Directly manipulate the joints or spine of an individual; F. Perform massage therapy on an individual unless the practitioner is an exempt practitioner under the Massage Licensing Act of Illinois Stat. 225, Chapter 57, Section 25; G. Make a recommendation to discontinue current medical treatment prescribed by a licensed health care practitioner; H. Hold himself or herself out as or imply that he or she is health care practitioner licensed by the State of Illinois; I. Diagnose and treat a health condition of the individual in a manner that causes an imminent, foreseeable, and significant risk of recognizable and significant physical or mental injury. J. Have sexual contact with a current client
Section 5. DISCLOSURES.--Except for persons acting pursuant to the direction of licensed health care facilities or licensed health care providers while working within the scope of their employment or direction, a complementary and alternative health care practitioner shall do all of the following: A. Provide to a patient prior to rendering services a patient information document, either in writing in plain language that the patient understands or, if the patient cannot read, orally in a language the patient understands, containing the following: a. the name, business address, and telephone number of the person providing the complementary and alternative health care services; b. a statement that the person providing complementary and alternative health care services is not a health care practitioner licensed by the state of Illinois; c. a statement describing the nature of the complementary and alternative health care services generally provided; d. the degrees, education, training, experience or other qualifications, if any, regarding the complementary and alternative health care services to be provided held by the person providing the complementary and alternative health care service.
Illinois Citizens for Health Freedom Draft Legislative Language
NHFA 1.24.13 Illinois Draft #5
e. the fees per unit of service or/and the methods of billing for the complementary and alternative health care services generally provided. A copy of the patient information document must also be posted in a prominent location in the office of the unlicensed complementary and alternative health care practitioner.
B. Obtain a written acknowledgment from a patient, or if the patient cannot write, an oral acknowledgment witnessed by a third party, stating that the patient has been provided with a copy of the information document described in Section 5(A) of this Act. The patient shall be provided with a copy of the written acknowledgment, which shall be maintained for two years by the complementary and alternative health care practitioner providing the complementary and alternative health care service.
Section 6. DISCIPLINARY ACTIONS.--In any proceeding against a person in violation of Sections 5A or 5B of this Act, a written notice and a meditative process shall be used to bring a person into compliance before proceeding with further legal action.
Section 7. EXEMPTIONS. This Act does not apply to or prohibit: (a) Any licensed health care practitioner from practicing lawfully under regulation by a professional or occupational board, agency, or office under any other state law. (b) Any health care practice from being practiced if it is already exempt from professional practice acts or state law; or (c) A person from providing health care services who is otherwise exempt from professional practice regulation under state law. (d) The practice, service, or activity of lawfully marketing or distributing food products, including dietary supplements as defined in the federal Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act, educating customers about such products, or explaining the uses of such products.
Section 8. LIABILITY.--Nothing in this Act shall be construed to limit the right of any person to seek relief for negligence or any other civil remedy against a person providing services who is not compliant with this Act.
Illinois Citizens for Health Freedom Draft Legislative Language
NHFA 1.24.13 Illinois Draft #5
Example List of Complementary and Alternative Services
for Information purposes
a. Ayurveda; b. Biofeedback; c. Bodywork, including but not limited to Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais, Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Healing Touch, Rolfing, Trager Approach, Polarity Therapy, Orthobionomy, Asian bodywork, and Reflexology; d. Aromatherapy; e. Culturally traditional healing practices; f. Detoxification practices including skin brushing; g. Energetic healing; h. Healing practices utilizing food and its extracts; vitamins; minerals; and dietary supplements as defined in 21 USC 321 (ff); i. Herbology or herbalism; j. Holistic kinesiology and other muscle testing techniques; k. Homeopathy and homeopathic remedies; l. Magnetic therapy; m. Mind−body healing practices; n. Natural elements and nutrients and physical forces of air, heat, cold, water, touch, sound, and light, as well as visualization and breathing techniques; o. Non-diagnostic iridology; p. Nutrition care services and consultations; and q. Traditional naturopathy.

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