Northwest Suburban Teachers Union Local 1211

Northwest Suburban Teachers Union Local 1211


Please do not strike during finals. The disruption to the kids cannot be worth the incremental gains on the current offer which you may well get anyway even after waiting until finals are over.
I support our teachers and I support their ability to organize and bargain. I feel we have high quality teachers at Palatine High School. BUT.. striking during finals week is punitive to the students more so than any other stakeholder in this situation and at this point is a decision completely in the hands of the Teachers Union. I support your right to strike - and as you exercise the timing of that right I'd ask you keep the interests of your students in mind.
Rolling Meadows HS students will be moderating a debate between Ann Gillespie and Tom Rooney tomorrow, 4-5 PM in the theater. Come to RMHS to see democracy in action! Hillary Clinton speaks in support of public education at the 2018 AFT Convention in Pittsburgh, PA.
Local 1211 - Thanks for supporting Amanda Howland for Congress! Teachers are heroes.

Local 1211 is devoted to educational professionals in several school districts throughout the northwest Illinois suburbs.

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Feel free to share with friends and family of the 211 community.

Feel free to share with friends and family of the 211 community.


Don't be distracted by knee jerk issues. Covid will be behind us soon and the REAL issues will still need to be addressed.

Don't be distracted by knee jerk issues. Covid will be behind us soon and the REAL issues will still need to be addressed.

Teachers grapple with being bullied during pandemic learning 03/04/2021

Teachers grapple with being bullied during pandemic learning

We can do better in our community and as a society.

Teachers grapple with being bullied during pandemic learning "I have not seen such collective bullying like I have seen with this."

Four causes for ‘Zoom fatigue’ and their solutions | Stanford News 03/04/2021

Four causes for ‘Zoom fatigue’ and their solutions | Stanford News

Its not just you...

Four causes for ‘Zoom fatigue’ and their solutions | Stanford News It’s not just Zoom. Popular video chat platforms have design flaws that exhaust the human mind and body. But there are easy ways to mitigate their effects.


Everyone in the community that respects the high level of education our children receive in district 211 needs to ACT on April 6th to ensure the future.

Everyone in the community that respects the high level of education our children receive in district 211 needs to ACT on April 6th to ensure the future.


1211 stands behind members of our community that use common sense in an uncommon time. They have the ability to grasp the complexities facing modern public education in a rapidly changing world.

1211 stands behind members of our community that use common sense in an uncommon time. They have the ability to grasp the complexities facing modern public education in a rapidly changing world. 09/23/2020

Google Forms - create and analyze surveys, for free.

Its time to take action! We need volunteers to do virtual phone banking. There are many public education friendly candidates and initiatives on the ballot that need your help. Get out the vote, inform people of the benefits to our community. Visit here to sign up: Create a new survey on your own or with others at the same time. Choose from a variety of survey types and analyze results in Google Forms. Free from Google.


Stanford University research study on the importance of getting and retaining the best teachers for our students. 12/16/2018

Understanding Teachers' Impact on Student Achievement . Rand Research “Teachers matter more to student achievement than any other aspect of schooling.” Research suggests that, among school-related factors, teachers matter most when it comes to a student's academic performance. Nonschool factors do influence student achievement, but effective teaching has the potential to help level the playing field. 12/16/2018

What is the Connection Between Home Values and School Performance? | Efficiency in spending is what the Union is fighting fo. Less than CPI raises. Look at the stat: “A report titled, “Using Market Valuation to Assess Public School Spending,” found that for every dollar spent on public schools in a community, home values increased $20.” Is there a real relationship between expensive houses and better public schools? A new report sheds light on the connection between property value and school quality. 12/16/2018

How Much Do School Districts Affect Real Estate Prices? Experts have done the research “One out of five home buyers said they would pay six to 10 percent above their budget for the right school.” How influential are school districts in the home-buying decision? Recent studies show that buyers will sacrifice other amenities for the right school.

[12/13/18]   School District 211 has an annual budget of $263,131,500. At the end of 4 years they are projected to have $100 million in reserve. 14 months of negotiations are less than $2 million apart over 4 years. That includes adding counselors to help our students. That is 0.19% of the annual budget. No one wants to strike on our side, but we teach our students to stand up for what is right every day. Come to the School Board meeting at Conant High School at 7pm Dec. 13th to let your voices be heard.

[11/29/18]   Any in the district 211 family that feel teachers have helped make a positive impact on them, their family, and the community please attend the public forum tonight at 630 at Palatine HS to hear the teacher’s proposal and show support. Thank you.

[05/09/17]   University of Chicago Graduate Employees File to Form Union with IFT, AFT, AAUP
CHICAGO – Today, a strong majority of graduate employees at the University of Chicago filed authorization cards with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) to hold a formal union recognition election. Members of Graduate Students United (GSU) personally visited the regional NLRB office to deliver the cards, signed by grad workers from six of the University’s departments.

An official election for union recognition is now expected to be held in late June, with more than 2,000 graduate workers eligible to vote.

Last year, the GSU employees voted to affiliate with the Illinois Federation of Teachers (IFT), American Federation of Teachers (AFT), and American Association of University Professors (AAUP).

Across the country, graduate workers are unionizing at private colleges in growing numbers, including at Northwestern University where grad employees overwhelmingly voted to affiliate with the IFT and AFT in late 2016.
“Grad employees are the backbone of the University of Chicago,” said Amanda Shubert, a fourth-year doctoral student in English. “As graduate teaching and research assistants, we perform essential work and deserve a seat at the table where decisions are made that affect our lives, those of our students, and the broader community. Forming this union allows us to speak with a strong collective voice.”
“At some point in their time at the University of Chicago, all undergraduates are taught by grad instructors,” said Claudio Sansone, a third-year doctoral student in comparative literature and classics. “We are their teachers and mentors, and students report that graduate instructors often provide the highlight of their UChicago education. It is time for our work to be recognized officially and respected by the administration.”
“As graduate student workers, we experience firsthand what works and what doesn't when it comes to fostering a positive and productive research and training environment,” said Daniela Palmer, a fifth-year doctoral student in evolutionary biology. “By including our perspectives in shaping the campus community, we will promote our shared commitment to scholarship.”

“The University of Chicago works, in large part, because of the labor performed by graduate employees,” said IFT President Dan Montgomery. “These dedicated educators know that the best way to make change for both teaching and learning conditions is to build power and collaboration at the grass roots. We’re very proud that they’re part of the IFT family, which already includes thousands of higher education faculty, staff, and graduate student employees across the state.”

“There’s a reason why grad employees across the country are raising their voice – they want to have a real say in the decisions that affect their working lives,” said AFT President Randi Weingarten. “The truth is that graduate employees take on a huge proportion of the work – teaching classes, grading papers, holding office hours – that makes institutions like the University of Chicago run. A union will help employees fight for important protections, but also help them to realize their vision for a more democratic workplace.”

“We are very excited about the opportunity for the graduate student employees at the University of Chicago to form a union,” said Howard Bunsis, Collective Bargaining Congress Chair of the AAUP. “This will give these dedicated and critical workers the chance to have a voice concerning their employment and protect their academic freedom in their workplace. The graduate students are simply looking for a voice in the process and a seat at the table, and they believe that a union can help give them that voice.”
Last year, the NLRB formally classified private colleges’ graduate teaching and research assistants as workers.


District 211 School Board Candidate Forum (Links and Video) - Local1211 Councils

School Board Election in District 211. Listen to their ideas here: The 6 candidates for the District 211 Board of Education have provided their website information. Please learn about the candidates. Also below include...

[03/02/17]   The D211 School Board Candidates Forum will be held today, Thursday, March 2 at 6:30 PM in the Conant High School Student Cafeteria.
The forum is open to the general public and provides an opportunity to listen to all 6 candidates share their positions on school finance, school management, and community engagement, along with a Question and Answer portion as well.

[03/02/17]   The D211 School Board Candidates Forum will be held today, Thursday, March 2 at 6:30 PM in the Conant High School Student Cafeteria. 01/23/2017

Illinois Senate vows swift action on ambitious budget plan

What is being debated in Springfield... The outstanding question is if a Senate-approved deal would ultimately pass muster with Democratic House Speaker Michael Madigan. 01/23/2017

Illinois’s “Grand Bargain” on a Real Budget Could Include Pension Reform Pension Reform? And this time around, it might actually be legal. 12/01/2016

Midday Fix: Hoffman Estates High School Madrigal Singers perform live

Hoffman Estates Madrigal Singers on WGN! You can see their full show live during the 42nd Annual Madrigal Dinner, which will be held on Friday, December 9th at 8:00 pm and Saturday, December 10th at 6:00 pm in the HEHS cafeteria. Hoffman Estates High School Madrigal Singers Event: Madrigal Dinner December 9 - 8:00 p.m. December 10 - 6:00 p.m. For more information and tickets: 11/30/2016

Teacher takes his students into space – without leaving their desks

Congratulations to Hoffman Estates High School's Tyler Michie for being named WGN teacher of the month! CHICAGO -- Our Teacher of the Month is an outer space enthusiast who takes his students to the moon without them ever leaving their seats. They gaze among the stars with stops by, among other places, Jupiter and Mars. "My favorite thing is being excited and seeing their eyes light up over some fact… 09/22/2016

District 211 is increasing minority enrollment in AP classes Making the difference in the lives of our students and the community. 06/30/2016

Brown: Time for Rauner to bail on his obsession with the ‘B’ word Gov. Bruce Rauner may not like bailouts, but he sure likes the word “bailout.” Bailout. Bailout. Bailout. He can’t seem to say it often enough. 06/29/2016

U.S. Supreme Court Won’t Reopen Union-Fees Case, Leaves Deadlock The U.S. Supreme Court refused to reopen a case over public-sector workers’ obligation to help fund the union that represents them, leaving intact a 4-4 deadlock.


Join our effort to change teacher evaluations and more The IFT is hard at work advocating for changes to state law that will help Illinois educators and students recognize the benefits of the new federal Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). Teachers and PSRPs, your experience is essential to our future success. Be a part of the change! We're making progre... 03/29/2016

A Narrow Escape for Public-Sector Unions


As you may have seen this morning, U.S. Supreme Court justices split 4-4 in the “Friedrichs” case, affirming the lower court decision in a significant win for working families and a blow to corporate interests who want to further bend the rules in their favor! Please review the following link for more information along with the statement from the America Works Together coalition, of which IFT-AFT is a big part. The justices split 4-4 in Friedrichs v. CTA, leaving a pro-union ruling in the lower courts intact. 02/16/2016

What happens to this Term's close cases? (Updated)

Fair Share Supreme Court Case real toss up with death of Justice Scalia: The passing of Justice Scalia of course affects the cases now before the Court. Votes that the Justice cast in cases that have not been publicly decided are void. Of course, if Justice Scalia’s vote was not necessary to the outcome – for example, if he was in the dissent or if the majority include

[01/19/16]   From Dan Montgomery:

100,000 IFT workers stand with AFSCME

WESTMONT, IL – In response to Governor Rauner’s move to declare impasse in negotiations with workers represented by AFSCME, Illinois Federation of Teachers (IFT) President Dan Montgomery issued the following statement:

“Governor Rauner’s actions today prove once again that his priority is forced conflict, not progress. The 100,000 workers of the Illinois Federation of Teachers, some of whom are also state employees, are proud to stand with AFSCME as we face a deceptive and irresponsible Governor willing to use middle-class families, the most vulnerable, and our students as a wager in his fanatical game. Make no mistake: this isn’t in service of financial savings for the state. This is an ideological obsession unfit for a state leader forcing chaos to enact a reckless and unpopular agenda. Our members go to work each day trying to help others, trying to resolve conflict, trying to educate our children. Governor Rauner could learn a thing or two from them."

[01/04/16]   Dear Chicago Federation of Labor Affiliates,

The Chicago Federation of Labor is pleased to announce that applications for the 2016 William A. Lee Memorial Scholarship are available on the CFL website. Five academic-based scholarships and five random-drawing scholarships in the amount of $2,000 each will be awarded to high school seniors who will be graduating in the spring of 2016.

To download the application, click here. The application deadline is Tuesday, March 1, 2016.

The applicant or his/her parent must be a member in good standing of a union affiliated with the Chicago Federation of Labor. All applications must be signed by one of the top officers of the member’s local union.

Please note, the applicant must choose to enter either the Academic Competition or the Random Drawing. Applicants attempting to enter both categories will be disqualified.

Please distribute this information widely to your members to ensure they are aware of the CFL’s scholarship program.

In Unity,

Jorge Ramirez Robert G. Reiter, Jr.
President Secretary-Treasurer 11/06/2015

Rauner should fold 'em in high-stakes budget game Illinois voters dealt Republican Bruce Rauner a mediocre political hand when they elected him governor nearly a year ago. 11/06/2015

Strong hiring drives unemployment rate to 5% Jobs report: The U.S. economy added 271,000 jobs in October. Unemployment rate fell to 5%, the lowest in 7 years.





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