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Have you ever experienced #anxiety #Depression #Moodswins problems with #sleep trouble with #panicattacks #concentration #attention #memory difficulty with #reading #headaches #migraines and problems that made it that much more difficult to deal with the stresses of everyday life?

You are not #crazy you are not #lazy
If this #littlegirl from the #barrio #bogota #colombia CAN DO IT so CAN YOU!

JOIN me and Marla Owens from the Dr. Daniel Amen Clinics to listen to my personal story BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY to find your path to recovery TOO!

Ingryd Lorenzana
Brain Vision Institute - Schaumburg
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Celebrating Brain Vision Institute formerly Vision and Sensory Integration Institute - Dr Ingryd Lorenzana FCOVD
The Vivid Vision network continues to grow! This week give a warm welcome to the team at Vision and Sensory Integration Institute - Dr Ingryd Lorenzana FCOVD in Schaumburg, Illinois!

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Great job by the team at the team at Vision and Sensory Integration Institute - Dr Ingryd Lorenzana FCOVD making sure a local Chicago team heard the #TeamUpSpeakUp Speech!

Check out concussion awareness in action at this Chicago United Quidditch Club match:
Rodolfo Llinas receives one of the most distinguished awards in the field of #neuroscience Neuroscience Bogotá, Colombia Colombia Profesionales Colombianos en Chicago Yenia Herrera Pernett Ingryd Lorenzana OD Javier Oviedo Guiomar Said Katherine Gonzalez R. Vision and Sensory Integration Institute - Dr Ingryd Lorenzana FCOVD
Excited and grateful for the opportunity to present to the rehabilitation department and staff at Northwest Community Hospital! Vision and Sensory Integration Institute - Dr Ingryd Lorenzana FCOVD Chicago metropolitan area Arlington Heights, Illinois Schaumburg, Illinois
Thank you Vision and Sensory Integration Institute - Dr Ingryd Lorenzana FCOVD for sponsoring the Septemberfest this year!
**NEW NEW NEW** There is so much more to vision than what meets the eye😉 This week on the Exercise Is Health podcast, Julie and Charlie sit down with Dr. Ingryd Lorenzana of Vision and Sensory Integration Institute - Dr Ingryd Lorenzana FCOVD to discuss brain function, the eye/brain connection, and the impact of your visual cortex on your cognitive performance. Check out all of the details below!
Many of you have been asking, “how was the Schaumburg Health Summit?!” Take a peak at a few photos from the day!
- Melissa Armstrong from Cleanse In Truth Skincare
- Anthony Cates from Lead to Unite
- Charlie Cates from Muscle Activation Schaumburg
- Dr. Justin Coop from Inspired Health Center
- Dr. Ankur Dave from AMITA Health
- Carly Feldmeier from Nurturing Through Nature
- Dr. Fatima Hyder from IdealAccessMD
- Dr. Ingryd Lorenzana from Vision and Sensory Integration Institute - Dr Ingryd Lorenzana FCOVD
- Katie McManigal
- Nicole Moneer from Nicole Moneer
- Meghan L. Reitz from Meghan L. Reitz & Associates, LLC

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- Cancer Treatment Centers of America
- Chiro One
- Healing Light Therapy, Inc.
- Meghan L Reitz & Associates
- Osteostrong of Greater Chicago
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- Vision and Sensory Integration Institute

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Activating Visual Pathways for Lifetime Success with her tia Ingryd Lorenzana OD! 💜👩🏻‍⚕️👑🤓 #colombianqueens
With every invention of humans through the centuries , like reading writing ,eye pads and cell phones, driving and more, the taxing on binocularity usage became the nightmare. To perform with proper use of two eyes together called fusion , a needed perfect vision marriage of the two eyes to be skillful and comfortable like reading.

The closer we decided over the years to nearer vison tasks, the greater number of binocular cripples developed. The sad thing is nearly seventy 70 % of our developing children, fall into this complicated trap, not being detected nor being treated or corrected, as they appeared normal to the untrained.

It is not fair to Ignore this reality. If we choose to do nothing , then take books ,eye pads ,TVs, flying and driving out and they can survive the old cave man way.

The closer we decided over the years to nearer vison tasks, the greater number of binocular cripples developed. The sad thing is nearly seventy 70 % of our developing children, fall into this complicated trap, not being detected nor being treated or corrected, as they appeared normal to the untrained. It is not fair to Ignore this

Our Stone Age assessors never faced this problem, as they only needed binocular stereo for hunting and eating.
We are in a new century of evaluating and treating, binocular cripples. Dr. Mizener

We optimize the "WHOLE BRAIN' approach to Vision to have Xfinity like performance by activating vision pathway through all 3 sections of the brain, not just the eyes.

Unique in implementing the latest Visual Neuro Science technology: Visual Neuroplasticity with Traditional Vision Therapy.

We are the headquarters for the patent pending "whole brain" approach to vision known as Cogniviision® . A brain optimization program...that increases the Brain’s ability to process the information it receives from its environment at high speed accuracy leading to maximal brain performance in the classroom, workplace, or playing field. Our patients benefit from the ability to: read and learn faster resulting in higher grades and increased test taking score; concentrate and pay attention longer increasing employee productivity and fine-tuned high speed accuracy in sports as needed in elite athletes. The unique strength of our program is founded on the core scientific facts that 90% of the brain is visual; therefore the dominant and most effective method of input to train the brain in a neuroplasticity approach for patients of any age.

Operating as usual

Timeline photos 05/30/2022

We’d like to take a moment to remember and honor all the brave men and women who sacrifice their lives in the service of our country. 🇺🇸

Timeline photos 05/29/2022

Keep your eye on the ball with sports vision training! When taking part in a competition, being able to accurately assess direction, speed, and motion could make the difference between winning or going home empty-handed. Speak to our sports vision experts to see how we can help strengthen your visual skills with sports vision training.


Make your eye moves by spending time outdoors! COVID-19 lockdowns
with a surge of online activities and less time outdoors has seen a
significant spike in . It’s time to get back outside and stretch
that vision far into the distance!
Visit for helpful resources on how to manage myopia risk and
make your eye moves today!

Timeline photos 05/27/2022

Timeline photos


Parents! Uncorrected is a leading cause of avoidable vision
impairment. Whether corrected or uncorrected, myopia has an
influence on the quality of life and social domains of a young
person - like performing poorly in school.
Here’s how you can help your child’s eye health.
Stay informed: Book an eye examination for your child with an eye care
professional before they commence schooling and at regular intervals
Take time out: get your child to take breaks from near based tasks like
playing video games, and get them to look or get outside…
Get outdoors: get your child to skip, hop & move outdoors as a
daily routine. Short walks, looking outside the window, anything that
stretches the vision into the distance to help reduce risk.
If your child is already myopic, talk to your eye care provider about
how you can slow progression and get a myopia management program.
Visit for helpful resources on how to manage myopia risk and
make your eye moves today!

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Drinking enough water keeps our body hydrated and functioning at its best. Just like our body, our eyes rely on water to help keep them lubricated. Conversely, poor hydration can lead to dry, irritated, and gritty eyes. So drink up!


Higher levels of = greater risk of developing sightthreatening
complications such as retinal detachment, glaucoma and
myopia macular degeneration.
Be proactive! Get your child’s eyes checked and talk to your eyecare
providor today about reducing the risk of myopia.
Visit for helpful resources on how to manage myopia risk and
make your eye moves today!


Your eye health is as important as your physical health. Reducing your
risk can be as simple as introducing some healthy vision habits,
and regularly visiting your eye care providers for check-ups and a myopia
management program if you are already myopic or at risk. Stop it or slow
it – there’s no reason to let myopia take your control!
Visit for helpful resources on how to manage myopia risk and
make your eye moves today!


Your eye health is as important as your physical health. Do these
moves regularly to keep your vision healthy!
Challenge your distance focus. Hold a finger as far away from you as
possible. Focus on your finger and then shift your gaze away from the
finger to look beyond and into the distance as far away as possible
and hold your gaze for several seconds. Then shift back the focus to
your finger and repeat the steps all over again.
Look into the distance as far away as the eye can see. Trace a figure 8
on an area as far as your eye can see with your eyes for 30 seconds.
And… get regular eye checkups and talk to your optometrists about
myopia management today!
Visit for helpful resources on how to manage myopia risk and
make your eye moves today.

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Wondering whether myopia management is right for your child who has allergies, sensitive eyes or dry eye syndrome? Then we've got great news! Children with dry eyes are still candidates for myopia management!

Photos from Brain Vision Institute - Schaumburg's post 05/24/2022

There are many factors associated with myopia, do you know what the
two biggest are, that you can change today? More frequent breaks
from near work – like video games, study and tv, and spending more
time outdoors!
Make your eye moves! Get at least 2 hours a day outside, get your
eyes checked and talk to your eye care provider about reducing your
risk of myopia!
Visit for helpful resources on how to manage myopia risk and
make your eye moves today!

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Make Your Eye Moves!
BHVI Launches
Myopia Awareness Week 2022.
Myopia Awareness Week returns, with a focus on improving eye health through myopia awareness and encouraging active action.

This year, Myopia Awareness Week is from the 23rd to the 28th of May with a focus on ‘Make your Eye Moves’ – a driver to engage in activities that promote eye health and reduce risk of myopia.

Globally recognized individuals from the eye care field will be providing their tips and recommendations for parents and children on “Eye Moves” that help reduce the risk of onset or progression of this debilitating ocular disorder. Resources and campaign information can be found at

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Having 20/20 vision doesn't necessarily mean you have perfect vision! Even if your vision is 20/20, you may still experience trouble reading, writing, and learning. Vision therapy can help you develop the vision skills needed to succeed in school and in life.

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We humans only have 1 lens—could you imagine what it would be like to have 30,000 lenses?! Dragonflies can also see in all directions at the same time except for 1 blind spot directly behind them. Their eyes take up the majority of their head and are hypersensitive to light. Moreover, they can also see colors that we humans can’t even fathom!

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Back in the day, we only had to worry about 1 screen—the TV screen. Nowadays, we are surrounded with screens! Staring at digital devices prevents us from blinking regularly, making us more prone to developing dry eye disease. Moreover, spending too much time staring at screens can lead to digital eye strain. By wearing anti-reflective lenses and blue light glasses you can relieve much of the discomfort. Another tip is to keep digital devices at arm's length, reduce overhead and device lighting, and take frequent breaks.

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Do you spend hours every day working or playing on your computer, smartphone, or tablet? That extended screen time can cause dry eye symptoms such as red, dry, itchy eyes and double or blurry vision. For lasting relief for dry eye, contact us today.

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Did you know that as much as 90% of patients that sustain traumatic brain injury (TBI) experience vision disruptions and/or problems with balance and dizziness? Have you or a loved one recently experienced a TBI? We can evaluate your eyes to ensure that everything is in check, and if we detect any issues with your visual skills, we'll offer neuro-optometric rehabilitation therapy so you can get back to living the good life.

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You need great vision to thrive in your favorite sports. Without strong binocular vision, reaction time, speed and accuracy can suffer. How is YOUR binocular vision? Book your eye exam to find out.

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Water can cause soft contact lenses to change shape, swell, and stick to the eye. It can make wearing contacts uncomfortable and even scratch the cornea, making it easier for germs to enter the eye and potentially cause an infection.

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TRUE or FALSE? Myopia (nearsightedness) can't be stopped. It just keeps getting worse and worse up to adulthood.
FALSE: In fact, nearsightedness CAN be slowed down or halted with myopia management. If you're looking to reduce your child's myopia progression, contact us today.

Timeline photos 05/10/2022

Did you know that menopause and dry eyes can be connected? During menopause, a decrease in estrogen production can cause the tear glands to produce less fluid, leading to dry eyes. Put an end to suffering. If you or someone you know has dry eyes, contact us today for effective and long-term relief!

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Children's reading ability depends on clear vision and visual skills, like the eyes advancing across the written page. If your child has 20/20 vision, but is still having trouble with reading, speak to your eye doctor about a functional vision evaluation to determine if their vision is hindering their academic performance in school.

Timeline photos 05/08/2022

“A mother's love liberates.” - Maya Angelou

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Just as with eating healthy and exercising—taking care of your eyes should be a priority! To keep your eyes healthy, be sure to get a comprehensive eye exam on a regular basis. It's the most effective way to find out whether you need glasses or contacts or if your prescription has changed. It can also be life-changing, as it can detect the early stages of sight-robbing eye diseases. Celebrate Healthy Vision Month by booking an eye exam for yourself and your family today!

Our Story

After the personal journey of struggling for decades with reading speed, poor comprehension and attention issues secondary to an eye muscle imbalance known as CONVERGENCE INSUFFICIENCY and realizing traditional treatments were limited to targeting the eye instead of the brain's vision control centers where vision is process, our founder, Dr. Ingryd Lorenzana, created CogniViiSION™ to TREAT the BRAIN not JUST the EYE!.

CogniViiSION™, is a BRAIN FITNESS PROTOCOL, that capitalizes on the power of VISION PATHWAYS as the BRAIN's dominant method of input to develop the Xfinity - like high speed processing "neural infrastructure network" within the BRAIN necessary for HIGH SPEED BRAIN PERFORMANCE.

Exclusively offered at Vision and Sensory Integration Institute, CogniViiSION™ benefits anyone wanting the BRAIN PERFORMANCE to have the COMPETITIVE edge in sports, MAXIMIZED productivity in the workplace, and ACCELERATED learning in the classroom.

However, CogniViiSION™, is LIFE CHANGING for anyone diagnosed with a neuro-functional condition that includes but are not limited to: ADD, ADHD, Concussions, Sensory Processing Disorders, Retained Primitive Reflexes, Dyslexia, Traumatic Brain Injury, mTBI, Post Concussion Syndrome, Persistant Concussion Syndrome, Reading - Learning Disabilities, Amblyopia, and Strabismus ("lazy eye").

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Head twist
Biocular rock
One of our patients using red filter glasses to strengthen her amblyopic eye with the cognitive component of swiping rig...
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Training the brain 🧠 to remain balanced especially in challenging times! This drill requires you to look at details in c...
Hopping our way through this Monday by activating our superpower brains 🦸‍♀️ with multiple neurons! ••••••••••••••••••••...
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Even our fish Goliath likes to work on his neurotiming. Neurons need to be able to communicate in HARMONIOUS and SYNCHRO...
Ever wonder why singing is so good for your brain? 🎤 🧠 •••Neurologically, this develops neurotiming in the brain. Bioche...
You’ve asked and we have answered here is a basketball drill being run by the Splash Sisters! 🏀 🏃 Check out how they put...



Visual Neuroplasticity, Vision Therapy, Visual Habilitation, Visual Rehabilitation, Concussion Treatment, Learning Disorders, primitive reflexes, lazy eye treatment, Myopia - Nearsightedness Prevention - Treatment, Dry Eye Holistic Management

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Our protocol directly works on increasing Visual Processing. It is best recommended for patients diagnosed with: ADD, Dyslexia/Reading Disorders, Learning Difficulties, Traumatic Brain Injury, Strabismus and Amblyopia, however, it will benefit anyone wishing to increase their performance in academics, occupational and athletic productivity and efficiency,

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Monday 10am - 6pm
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