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The Fear of Flying Clinic is a non-profit support organization based in the SanFrancisco Bay Area that helps people face their fears about flying.

The Fear of Flying Clinic is a non-profit support organization founded and operated by experienced aviation industry professionals, as well as top-notch support therapists, who volunteer their time and expertise in classes held several times a year. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, participants come from every corner of California to attend our course, most of which is held at the San Francisc

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Happy New Year! Do you have a resolution that you're going to finally get over that nagging fear of flying? We can help.

Our registration process is easy. Please see the link below to fill our a short form to get started.





Our first Clinic spans 4 days and is in on January 28th and 29th and February 4th and 5th. Here is more information about the clinic. http://www.fofc.com/the-clinic

fofc.com THE CLINIC


Mark your Calendars. The dates of our 2017 Clinics and Workshops have been set. Please visit our website wwww.fofc.com for details.


Your Confidentiality Matters To Us

While we encourage openness and work to shatter stigma, we also absolutely respect that some of our clients desire more privacy than others. As we work together, all our clients are asked to respect each other's privacy. We trust that all our clients will honor the confidentiality of their classmates, and the FOFC itself will never use a client's name or image in any of our materials without that client's explicit permission


Bring a friend for support to the Fear of Flying Clinic

If you find the support of a friend or family member helpful, they are welcome to attend as observers. This can in fact sometimes be a useful addition, if the observer is able to reinforce what the client is learning. We would ask, however, that support persons not have a fear of flying themselves.


The Fear of Flying Clinic needs board members. If you are as passionate about our mission as we are, and have time to volunteer, please fill out the following application!


[09/20/16]   Please note the dates for our upcoming Clinic: Oct. 22-23 and Oct 29-30. You must attend both weekends. The final day includes a graduation flight. All meetings are held out at the SFO International Airport. Register at FOFC.com or call our office.


We would love to talk with you. Please contact us with any questions that you may have


Fear of Flying Clinic SF

AAA's Via Magazine wrote a nice article about our clinic. It's an oldie but goodie.


AAA's Via Magazine wrote a nice article about our clinic. It's an oldie but goodie.


We love hearing from our previous students. We heard from Rich after another successful flight. What a champion in our eyes.

"I'm happy to report that the flight was a success! I was anxious during takeoff, but it lasted less than a minute or two. The breathing exercises really helped. The rest of the flight was uneventful for me and I even was able to get up and walk about the cabin a few times. You have no idea how big this is for me. I'm not cured by any stretch, but me and my wife are eternally grateful. I got my freedom back again and it's all thanks to you and the program"


In the course of our 2-weekend clinic, we'll take you behind-the-scenes of commercial aviation to:

Tour SFO airport
Tour an aircraft maintenance hangar
Sit in the cockpit of a commercial jet
Visit SFO's airport control tower

This unparalleled access is unique to the Fear of Flying Clinic, and essential for demystifying a fear-based approach to flying. We discuss weather-related preemptive air-traffic control with the pilots and engineers themselves, learn how weather cautions may be unnecessarily affecting you as a fearful flyer—and parse apart what's reality versus actual threat.

We identify the take-off and landing noises that may be "triggers" for you, but pose zero risk—the mysterious squeaks and bumps so commonly misinterpreted by fearful fliers as evidence of danger. During the maintenance tour (the tour place on a stationary commercial airliner, parked in an SFO hangar) we'll demonstrate the function of various airplane parts and the sounds they generate. Dependably and powerfully, this one-of-kind exposure work helps our clients progress leaps and bounds past the imagined scenarios that, thus far, have lorded over their most anxious moments in the sky. Those mysterious "thumps" and "whistles" are no longer cause for alarm—in fact, they become reassuring checks in the flight's progress. When you understand the technical step-by-step of what a flight entails, it's all suddenly much less scary. Wild speculation is replaced by reassuring fact—and this is the core of our "relearning" work. Empowering you with information.


What if I have claustrophobia, as well as a fear of flying? Will that make it impossible for me to get better?
Not at all. In fact, it's quite common for our clients to have some level of claustrophobia in addition to a fear of flying. A fear of flying very often overlaps with other phobias, and it's often the compounding of multiple fears—loss of control, claustrophobia, fear of feeling overwhelming anxiety, fear of panic attacks—that leads people to catastrophize their flight scenario. The "take aways" you'll gain in the Clinic—information from pilots, maintenance engineers, flight attendants and air controllers—can be very helpful in reducing your claustrophobia as well as speaking directly to your fear of flying. Additionally, in the course of the Clinic, clients have an opportunity to board a stationary plane while on our maintenance tour—an incredible "exposure exercise" that has proven helpful to clients suffering from both phobias.

Please visit our website for more information. www.fofc.com


Check out our new Registration Process. We're going paperless. The first step is to fill out this form..it's easy.

Please call us if you have any questions



We're gearing up for our last clinic of the year. We will meet on the weekends of Oct. 15—16 and Oct. 22—23. This clinic has changed many lives and we want to help you too.

Our Clinic is 4 days of class total, spanning 2 consecutive weekends and includes the cost of a Graduation Flight. The cost is $995

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Check out our website. Let us know what you think. www.fofc.com

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Fear of Flying Clinic - San Mateo, CA

Let us know how we did...We love to hear your thoughts so we can continually improve.

yelp.com Specialties: The Fear of Flying Clinic helps clients conquer their anxiety regarding flying. If they are frequent fliers or someone who doesn't fly, we help each one according to their own anxiety. For ones who really want to conquer their…

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Fear of Flying Clinic Takes Enrollees on San Francisco To Seattle Flights


skift.com Fear of Flying Clinic in San Francisco has provided intensive therapy to familiarize anxious travelers with the airborne experience.


Instructor Expertise

The Fear of Flying Clinic draws upon the expertise of several airline industry professionals:

Engineers & Maintenance Professionals
Flight Attendants
Air Traffic Controllers

This team is on-hand to share key information on all aspects of flying—including the basic principles of aerodynamics (why you hear that "bump" during take-off!), industry-wide safety procedures, and an overview of the highly specialized training protocols all airline professionals undertake. In Clinic coursework, you're able to talk one-on-one with our experts, get your questions answered, and find new assurance in the facts.


How common is the fear of flying?

Estimates are that at 20-30% of the population is afflicted with degree of fear of flying. Most of our clients have flown before and know how to "get by." Many can even get themselves on the plane. Even so, they often find the experience painful, anxiety-inducing—even "terrifying"—as they white-knuckle their way through. For other clients, the fear has become so persistent and so debilitating that they've quit flying altogether—often to the detriment of key family relationships, important life events, and personal milestones. In other words: there is no single type of fearful flier. The fear spans the full spectrum—all ages, all socio-economic strata, all levels of flying and travel experience. The good news? The affliction is shared, and so is the solution. The Fear of Flying Clinic's strength lies in its sense of steadfast community, its rejection of stigma, and its core belief in the power of team support. You are not alone.


Cognitive Behavior Therapy

Integral to the Clinic's success is the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy component of the course. A licensed CBT therapist works closely with our clients to teach them techniques that tackle anxiety at its roots, then help to arm our clients with the confidence to employ these techniques during their toughest moment in the air. Too often, fearful fliers suffer in silence—not reaching out for help until the fear begins to encroach on their lives undeniably. Your fear may center on the structural safety of the airplane itself, the training of the professionals, or the imagined terror of being "trapped" inside an aircraft—all are extremely common "catastrophized" scenarios, all are legitimate experiences of fear, and all are extremely treatable. Our clients' incredible progress in the Clinic has shown us—time and again—that when you are committed to moving past your fear, the goal is absolutely within reach.


Rachel is a graduate of a 2012 Fear of Flying Clinic, and was so enthusiastic about her own success with FOFC that she's been a Board Member since graduation, assisting as class and flight Moderator whenever possible.

Rachel describes her fear of flying as an anxiety that grew from inconvenient to outsized: "For many years I was a flier—I flew for business and for fun—but it started getting harder and harder." Then, September 11th stopped Rachel in her tracks. For the next 11 years, she didn't fly at all—with the exception of a single "traumatic" flight. In her search for help,

Rachel tried everything from therapy to books to anxiety medication, and even signed-up for a ground aeronautics course. It wasn't until FOFC that she found real and resounding relief, and went "from shuddering when I looked at a plane in the sky, to thinking: this may be my least favorite thing, but I can do it!" She considers FOFC's Cognitive Behavioral element integral to her progress, and counts Pilot Mark Connell's demystifying presentations as her favorite transformational moment in the course: "Our fearful fliers have been telling themselves stories that are just not accurate, for so long. Seeing them be able to dialogue with Mark is so powerful."

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We still have spaces available for our upcoming workshop on Saturday, August 13. Go to www.fofc.com for information on how to register!

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[05/24/16]   Congrats to our Spring 2016 class of clinic graduates! We are so proud of you. Keep in touch and keep flying!!

[05/06/16]   Welcome to the Fear of Flying Clinic's new page! Please like, join and support! More information about our clinic can be found at www.fofc.com!





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