UCSD Fluid Attraction Group

This group is an open dialogue and supportive space for those with bis*xual, biromantic, fluid, pans*xual, panromantic, q***r and questioning experiences.

Wednesdays 6-7 pm at the LGBT Resource Center

This group is an open dialogue and supportive space for those who identify with bis*xual, biromantic, fluid, pans*xual, panromantic, q***r and questioning experiences. We welcome you to attend, listen, participate, and connect with others as we explore fluid s*xualities and/or fluid romantic attractions. This is a community space where confidentiality will be respected. For more information, please e-mail us at [email protected].

Operating as usual

Timeline photos 05/23/2016

Hi friends!
I know I say this every week, but I really am excited about this week's discussion. It's something that we've never talked about together as a group before.
With the collaboration of Evvan our library intern and a representative from UConsent, we are going to be talking about s*x, things about bodies, things about the mind, things about consent, things about communication between possible partner(s), things about not wanting s*x and being a part of the as*xual community, and things about protection.
I'm going into this week wanting the presentation portion to be as comprehensive as possible, and because of this, Fluid will be two hours this week, starting at 5. There's so much to talk about, clips to watch, and time to be spent with each other.
tldr; Fluid is going to be from 5-7 this week and we are going to be having many conversations revolving around s*x while we eat food together (I'm looking into actually ordering us food :D )

Timeline photos 05/18/2016

Hi friends!

I am excited to see ya'll today. This is a self-care week so we will be focusing on exactly that. At this moment, I have planned wand-making and duct-tape activities, but it may change to coloring and cartoons. Please enjoy these puppers!!

Timeline photos 05/11/2016

Hello friends!

I'm looking forward to seeing ya'll today from 6-7 at the LGBTRC. We will be having a discussion revolving around family, and then eating a nice warm meal with each other

Timeline photos 04/27/2016

Hello friends!

Fluid will be changing its time tomorrow! We will be meeting from 4-5. We will meet up in the Family room of the LGBTRC and then head out together to the grassy hill right by Hi Thai to have a discussion outside :) I recommend bringing warmer clothes for this part of the day just in case it is chilly!

Timeline photos 04/13/2016

Hello friends!

We will be meeting tonight to something *very* cool, *so* exciting. I will keep it a surprise! Plus snacks and food :)

See you at six!

Timeline photos 04/06/2016


Today we will be having our first Fluid Attraction of Spring Quarter :)
Our discussion today is going to be on something that personally enrages me: Q***r baiting.

Also, something I am going to attempt to do this quarter is provide small meals all with a rice base. I'm not going to guarantee this will happen every week, but I'm going to try! So feel free to come for a lil meal and a lot of friendship

Timeline photos 03/28/2016

Hello my friends!

Fluid will officially start Week 2 becaaaaauuuuuuuseeeeee:
I highly highly highly recommend everyone go to Spring QCamp because (1) Snacks (2) Information on what's going on in the RC this quarter (spoiler: a lot), and (3) I'm going to be there :p

have a good start to your quarter and I hope to see you soon!

Timeline photos 03/16/2016

I hope finals are treating ya'll well!
We will be having Fluid tonight!
It's going to be be very relaxed with chocolate and cartoons :)

Timeline photos 03/08/2016

So tomorrow we're going to have a..wait for it...STUDY JAM/PAJAMA PARTY. There's going to be lots of cookies and chocolate. It's during our normal time (6-7), but if people want to hang out for an additional hour then we can!

Feel free to show up in your pajamas and with a pillow and blanket :)

Timeline photos 03/02/2016

Hello hello!

Excited to see you all today..it feels like I haven't seen ya'll in forever. We're going to be talking about religion in relation to our fluid identity. Unlike previous discussion in which there has been a powerpoint or video presentation beforehand, this will be completely based on personal experiences. I want to make two things very clear:

1.) This conversation is not for anyone religious to bash those who aren't.
2.) This conversation is not for anyone not religious to bash those who are.

This is about how to talk to religious parents, how to self-care after a particularly hurtful situation, how to hold on to faith when people tell you that you can't be fluid and have faith at the same time, how to have a conversation with those who persecute you on a religious basis, etc.

See you tonight at six!


Hi friends! Just a reminder that Fluid is cancelled today :)

Timeline photos 02/17/2016

hello hello hello!
Excited to see you all today for our MEGA AWESOME SELF CARE DAY day day day

We're going to be pot lucking, making v-day cards for our buds, and watching a show :)

from 6-7pm!

Timeline photos 02/11/2016

Just in case anyone wanted to see the report that we talked about last night, here is a link:http://www.lgbtmap.org/file/understanding-issues-facing-bis*xual-americans.pdf

Also, for those that couldn't make it, we are going to have a makeshift potluck next week! Bring anything you want to bring :) if you can't, that's also cool too! Here's a pic of a pup that literally made me cry inside because it was so cute:

Timeline photos 02/11/2016

Hello friends,
Today we're going to be talking about disparities in the Fluid community. I'm excited to see you all and eat cookies with you

Timeline photos 02/03/2016

Friendly reminder that tonight from 6-7 is Teases of Tea :)
I assure you that it is a very cool thing and you will walk away with tea and chocolate and at least one joke that I told you.


Hi hi hi!
Tomorrow Fluid will be engaging in a super special, super cool self-care activity called....

Teases of Tea!
People tend to get sick this time of year and it really sucks. BUT thankfully there are a lot of natural things that can either help ward of sickness or treat it while you have symptoms. During this week's self care activity we will look at 10 different kinds of loose leaf tea, talk about what they do for you, and then build our own sickness kits full of teases of the tea!

I'd tell you what the teas are butttttttttttt I want it to be a surprise :D

Photos from UCSD Fluid Attraction Group's post 01/28/2016

Hello friends!
Yesterday Fluid had a great conversation on Oppression within the Fluid community and how our conversations can be more intersectional when dealing with oppression. I missed all of you that weren't able to make it, but here are the notes that we took :)

Timeline photos 01/20/2016

Today will be our second meeting and Self Care day. There is a pretty rad activity planned that I hope ya'll will enjoy and, of course, snacks. See you tonight from 6-7!


Fluid friends!

Fluid is being moved an hour later every week going forward :)
See you next Wednesday from 6-7!

Timeline photos 01/13/2016

Dearest fluid members!

Today will be our first meeting of Fluid (5-6) for Winter Quarter :)
We will be having a discussion on Fluid Erasure and looking into some of the discourse on why it happens. Expect friendship, snacks (hot cocoa???), and good convo!


Hello friends!
I hope you all are taking good care of yourselves during Finals. We will not be having Fluid this week, so please take the time to either study or grab some food and rest at one of the Campus Community Centers offering space during 24 Study Jams.

If you are in need of a smile, please click the following link :)
my gift to you


Timeline photos 12/02/2015

Hello Friends!

Today Fluid will be moved earlier by 15 minutes, so it will be from 4:45-5:45.

Hello (again), Fluid will be meeting today for some lively conversation on ~~dating~~ Please come join for some lovely snacks and friendships

Timeline photos 11/25/2015

Hello friends!
If you are on campus today, feel free to stop by Fluid Group! During Office Hours yesterday, some folks thought it would be nice to bring some snacks to share for a mini-potluck. It is going to be a very relaxed time being with friends and munching on food stuffs. The more, the merrier if you would like to participate! :D

Timeline photos 11/12/2015

Due to the LGBTRC being closed in observation of Veteran's Day during our normal meeting time, Fluid will be moved to this Friday the 13th from 2-3!
I am very excited to meet with you all for our self-care day of coloring, snacks, and Steven Universe :)

Ya'll are wonderful

Timeline photos 11/03/2015

Just a little reminder that Fluid Office Hours are held on Tuesdays from 1-2:30. Please feel free to come by with any questions you might have about topics talked about during group, concerns, life puzzles, pictures of any animals you think are cute, funny stories, things that make you mad, pieces of leftover candy that you think are yucky, book recommendations, videos of cool parkour tricks, etc. Your presence is appreciated


Just a reminder:
This week's Fluid meeting is cancelled so that everyone can come to today's event Q***r Fury from 3-5!

Timeline photos 10/21/2015

Hello friends! I can't wait to see you all today at five!
Anticipate cookies, a video from First Person, and discussion on how fluid s*xuality has been devalued.

Timeline photos 10/14/2015

Hello! Because it is an odd week, we will be having our first self-care day today at five! Anticipate chips, an assortment of string, and perhaps a couple of puns along the same thread.

Timeline photos 10/07/2015

Super excited to see you all today at five!
Anticipate fruit snacks, a short video, and some rad discussion on s*xual&romantic attractions *sunglasses emoji*


Hello again! Just a reminder, Fluid will be meeting today(!) from 5-6 :D

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