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Remember “cheat sheets” or “cliff notes” (not sure where that name came from)?

Well they are even shorter now.


Mental Health is all about .


Self Awareness and Mental Health are aspects of the .

If there is a lack of this will cause and imbalance in

So how do we change this?

It begins with wanting to be different.

It begins with desiring to experience life differently.

It begins with one decision after another that moves one fully into life.

This often requires a radical change in .

When the mental body is connected to the soul consciousness expands.


Divine Intervention focused on MentalHealth begins on July 3! Dm to sign up.


For the 3x this year I am offering a free experience to make a radical shift for those interested.

Many are struggling with and are aware that traditional methods are not working.

If you struggle with this is for you. A focused on . No I am not talking about meditation (although that is helpful). I am talking about that bring within.

The process begins on July 3. It is 💯 remote and at no cost. All that is required is 💯 commitment from you to participate fully and communicate with me regularly.

Direct message me today to get in.

Please forward to anyone in your network who is wanting to learn a new way in .

Lots of Love


Some people are loyal to organizations that would not miss a beat without them. Do not give your job all your energy. Make sure you are loyal to your self first.

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Work smarter.


Life is what you create. It is never to late unless you decide it is.

Introduction 04/06/2023

Results come easy for me because I have always seen things that others did not. Let me know if you like the video...

Introduction Kiannaa see's energetic patterns in people and teams. She can see, sense and experience incongruence with people that are unaware of. When these are addresse...


Learn more about anger ⬇️⬇️⬇️


This is so basic and fundamental to success. People mess meetings up all the time. Follow the basics and success is yours.


Mindset has people hyper focused on a goal. This where they miss opportunities of connection.

Promotions are not a goal. They are an actualization of alignment. ProMOTION is forward flow.

When one is congruent mentally, emotionally and physically the promotion will line up with ease. Nothing is forced or manipulated.

Everything is alignement.

You dont like your job. That is lack of resonance.

Your don’t like your wife. That is lack of congruence.

Your boss is a narcissist. That is resonance.

If you want a different manifestation in your life you must align yourself differently.

Mindset is not always the answer. Congruence is.

If you want to make more money, be more powerful, and be happy perhaps a promotion is the wrong focus. 🤷‍♀️


Don’t be a know it all. Try something new and feel alive again.


The #1 Question I get the most often:

> How do you do what you do Kiannaa?

For the last 20 years, clients have always wondered how I am able to get results where no one else has... When I share the answer, they look even more confused.

What I am offering for FREE today, is for you to have an experience of what it is like getting results, seeing changes occur in your life in the direction you want/need them to go. Divine Interventions don't just happen. Divine Intervention requires alignment for it to occur:

✨Consciously allow yourself to be supported
✨Consciously receive
✨Consciously aligning to new possibilities
✨Consciously open
✨Consciously willing

If you are aligned for all of the above, send me an direct msg with your specific request to be included and aligned for Divine Intervention. This offer is available for you to participate in, until December 31st, 2022.

My suggestion is to not wait and "think" about it. If it resonates, then submit. Listen to your inner wisdom not your mind.


Are there differences in energy exchange based on race, gender, and culture?

This question was asked of me on another platform. I thought it would be helpful to some of you here.

My answer:
Energy frequency is based on density. The more density within a field, the heavier it feels and the pace is slowed. This field is both personal and collective. The personal field influences the collective. This is why personal consciousness and access is vital to the whole.

While it is important to honor the collective experience, when it is perceived through a dense energetic field, it can be difficult to see anything other than the reflection of the self.

Energy is not exchanged as you have described. All energy is a frequency in which we resonante. As we raise in consciousness through our inner connection with source/creator, our frequency shifts immediately.

Simply put: We vibrate to the frequency in which we evolve. The soul signature (and our connection to our soul) is what determines our purpose.

Consciousness is accessed most readily through the heart frequency. When people are fully connected to the open heart race, gender, and culture become one.

Every soul serves an aspect of the One.


This is a great list.


If you are a leader and do not practice Intention Setting daily you are missing out on a power tool! LInk in comments for a free training.


If leaders are mentally unwell it is difficult for them to spot employees who are on the verge of distruction or su***de.

Leaders need on going development to understand themselves and others. This is how we fix the problem.

We do not throw check lists at the issue. We do not throw PR statements at it. We address it with quality results that lead to performance changes.

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You can not heal what you do not feel.
How this applies in organizations:
- disconnected senior leaders
- meetings with no connection
- people using divide and conquer tactics

When leaders are disconnected and incongruent within, they view aspects of the organization through a lens of distortion.

The stress, overwhelm, and anxiety many people are feeling is used as an excuse to not feel. This becomes a massive disadvantage to an organization because sensing what needs attention is an aspect of Emotional Intelligence (EI).

EI is the edge that seperates leaders from managers.

Reach out for a free consult. You will be blow away.


Are you the type of leader that can do this? It is not done by what you say or do. It is done by pure presence.

Reframing How We Work - Being In Sync Insights November 2019 10/31/2022

Reframing is a skill that every person wanting to success should master.

Reframing How We Work - Being In Sync Insights November 2019 This video is about the power of words and our language.How many of the following are you familiar with?- I have to go to work- I am going to work out- I hav...


This is a good list that can be used to check your family dynamics as well! 😳. Don’t be afraid to see what is at play personally and professionally. They both influence the other.

Live More * Mental Health Lifestyle 10/11/2022

Live More = Change. Pink hair is not my normal but I wanted to learn what it was like. Top 10 of what is included in a Mental Health Lifestyle:

1. Mental health is always your responsibility. Therefore it is in your best interest to check in with yourself regularly

2. Make adjustments based on how you are feeling.

3. Take time to reflect and learn.

4. Create healthy boundaries that bring balance.

5. Ensure your environment makes you feel good.

6. Physical movement daily. Without exception.

7. Have goals that you are moving towards.

8. Daily make sure you are emotionally processing to attain a peaceful inner state.

9. Ego awareness (Keep this in check)

10. Heart Connection - Source Energy 💫

Watch the video link below for an activity to address your environment in incrimental ways that make a huge impact.

Live More * Mental Health Lifestyle Talking about Living More... and that means doing things differently. Even going pink!!!Also listing 10 ways to improve your Mental Health Lifestyle that add...


Having a problem employee? Use this as a check list to address the issues.


Unnecessary meetings cost big companies $101 million A YEAR.

“Reluctantly going to noncritical meetings wastes about $25,000 per employee annually, and projects out to $101 million a year for any organization with more than 5,000 employees,” Bloomberg reports.

Most employees know these meetings are a waste of time — but they attend because “nobody wants to offend the meeting organizer by skipping out, or have co-workers think they’re not engaged.”

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If you do not know what a closed system is… you need to be in the know!!!

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