Honey Bear Preschool and Childcare Center

We are a full-service childcare center dedicated to helping children learn, grow, explore and play in a safe, nurturing, and creative environment.

Celebrating 50 years! We are formerly called, “The Loma Alta Children’s School”, founded by Jean Sassaran, in 1967. We are a forward thinking child education expert who was generations ahead of her time. Jean Sassaran and her husband owned and ran the school for forty plus years. They sold the school to Michelle and Stephen Parker in 2008. They renamed the school as, “Honey Bear Preschool and Child Care Center”. It has become a tradition for generations three generations of San Diegans to attend Honey Bear Preschool and Childcare Center.


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In this time of Covid 19 and coming Flu season we are doing everything we can to stop the spread of colds, flus, and transmissible illness. In October, Honey Bear Preschool and Child Care Center will be installing two medical grade air filters in our infant classrooms. They are on order and we are waiting for deliver. Let's do everything we can to stop the spread of Covid 19!

honeybearpreschoolandchildcarecenter.com Honey Bear Preschool and Childcare Center is a transformative experience for preschoolers up to the age of 5 or pre-K. If you visit and you will notice highly engaged children and teachers in each classroom combining learning, social development and play. Children benefit from high quality programs....

[06/24/20]   This is long, to me reassuring, but worth reading - from a NPR website:

The Y says that during the lockdowns it cared for up to 40,000 children between the ages of 1 and 14 at 1,100 separate sites, often in partnership with local and state governments. And in New York City, the pandemic's national epicenter in March and April, the city's Department of Education reports that it cared for more than 10,000 children at 170 sites.

Working in early days, and on very short notice, these two organizations followed safety guidance that closely resembles what's now been officially put out by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The Y says a few staff members and parents at sites around the country did test positive, but there are no records of having more than one case at a site. This, among a population of essential workers.

In a separate, unscientific survey of child care centers, Brown University economist Emily Oster found that, as of Tuesday afternoon, among 916 centers serving more than 20,000 children, just over 1% of staff and 0.16% of children were confirmed infected with the coronavirus.

The Y emphasized to NPR that its data is not comprehensive, and the availability of testing has varied across the country. But experts say it's worth taking these low numbers into account.


California immunization rates drop 40% during pandemic

From Ed Source: Vaccination rates have dropped by 40% in the last 8 weeks. Let's encourage friends and neighbors to setback on track now that we can make appointments with doctors again...


edsource.org State health officials said parents likely were afraid to take their children to medical offices during the pandemic.

Our young students are glad to be back at Honey Bear Preschool and so are their parents! Currently our hours are 8:00 - 4:00 but as our enrollment grows we plan to expand them on each end of the day! Thank your your continued support through a very difficult spring.

[11/11/19]   Pediatricians recommend one hour maximum of screen use by preschoolers. More than one hour is associated with lower measures of the brain white matter which supports language and emergent literacy skills and lower cognitive assessments.

A good rule of thumb:
The brain that learns comes from the body that moves

At Honey Bear Children are too busy with great educational activities and outside play time to even be interested in "screens".

[02/14/18]   Once a week our Little Bear Cubs and Big Bear Cubs go to the YMCA in the morning to play sports.

Circle Time - Singing in Spanish

Our four and five year olds are learning Spanish. We hope they continue in grade school.

We want to thank Fireman Jamie and his crew for coming to Honey Bear yesterday and giving the children a presentation on fire safety and showing us all the gear firefighters wear. They even came in their fire truck!

YMCA Classes

This week we are saying goodby to summer swim lessons at the YMCA and looking forward to Thursday morning sports class taught by the YMCA for our Little Bear Cubs and Big Bear Cubs.

Shanon Kobe is a new teacher at Honey Bear Preschool and Child Care Center. With a degree in early Childhood Education from Vanguard University she is highly qualified to educate our children. Amy our director is on the left. Shannon is on the right.

National Institute of Health - Guidelines for Safe Sleep of infants: Baby sleep area has NO BUMPERS, NO PILLOWS, NO BLANKETS and NO TOYS and IS NEXT TO WHERE PARENTS SLEEP. PLEASE SHARE WITH ALL YOUR FRIENDS WHO HAVE AN INFANT. Let's eliminate SIDS.

Yesterday our Big Bear Cubs Graduated. We will miss you.

STEM Science in preschool. Our three, four and five year olds raised caterpillars into butterflies and released them yesterday. But not before wearing their own butterfly outfits.

Art Fair and Book Sale! Yesterday was the annual art fair and book sale. Just take a look at our students' artwork. Very inspiring......

Preschool Bookfair! April 19...1/2 the proceeds donated by Useborn Books back to our preschool.....good deal....please come

Nurturing CREATIVITY - One day at a time and every day,we encourage our preschoolers to play, experiment and explore: indoors and lots of time OUTDOORS too. We hope you enjoy these.......

nurturing creativity and curiosity....unting for easter eggs. All our parents should have received a personal photo of the easter egg hunt. Our alumni came to help fill the easter eggs. And the children practicing eye hand coordination filled them too....

STEM - Our three, four and five year old preschoolers are learning science through discovery. Currently we are raising butterflies. one child informed me in very serious tones, "They are not ready yet....They are still in Chysalis".

Cooperative play is so important. I wasdelighted today to see so many examples of our four and five years olds enjoying themselves. Look at what they were building

In our three year old classroom children are learning to write! We use large markers so grasping the "pen" is much easier. Learning to write helps children recognize letters when they start to read....

Four and a half - to Five years old, our Big Bear Cubs Class is always up for some fun. Lining up is a skill we teach so they are prepared and know how to line up in kindergarten next year. Here we are "lining" up. But don't tell them that, they thought they were playing the game, "Follow the Leader".

[03/14/17]   Summer is coming. Learn about our swim and pool safety program at the YMCA.

This week we installed a bird feeder and All About Animals, a pet store in La Jolla donated a tortoise to our Big Bear Cubs classroom. And today was crazy hair day today. Enjoy the photos:

Everybody had a lot of fun today on Valentines Day. Here are some photos from Big Bear Cubs.

Yes we do teacher our older students how to bake. And they love it. Here we are baking holiday cookies.

Jingle Bells......Honey Bears

Our three year olds and four years olds and five year olds are busy preparing for the Christmas Pageant! We hope you can make it. December 10, 9:30 AM at Correia Middle School auditorium. Here are our Honey Bears rehearsing.....practice makes perfect.

[11/26/16]   Manners Matter

Manners are on display everywhere. Our manners tell strangers a great deal about our values. Good manners make the world a better place and good manners may brighten a total stranger’s day. Perhaps we don’t even know the person who politely queued up behind us but someone with good manners makes the world a little better by stepping aside and by means of polite behavior makes us feel good about themselves and ourselves too. So, while it may not seem so….manners matter. So at Honey Bear Preschool and Child Care Center we teach our young students how to be well mannered boys and girls….we teach them that in a group waiting for one’s turn is preferable to rushing ahead, that making a noise when someone else is speaking is less desirable then listening….that learning to say please and thank you is what distinguishes them as individuals….. that following directions is so much more preferable than “doing what ever I want”.
That compliments to friends infinitely preferable than insults. That teasing hurts. That a welcoming smile to the new child is the “Honey Bear Way”.
And how do we do this? We model the correct behavior, we teach our students what good manners are, we prompt the behavior and we reinforce it all the time. There is a time to be selfless and learning manners makes it easy. And by learning manners our Big Bear Cubs are well prepared for Kindergarten.

Happy Thanksgiving. Our Big Bear Cubs are learning to give thanks and by decorating this turkey they participated in feeding the homeless!

Preschool math

Learning math is fun for our pre-kindergarden students. We also teach our 4 - 5 year olds using "Touch Math" for preschool. It's fun and easy.

[11/06/16]   Did you know Honey Bear Preschool and childcare Center has four infant/toddler rooms? Baby A, B, C and Cuddle Bears? Why? Because infants are developing so rapidly they each need a special environment. Each room is specially designed to have maximal impact on the child's development without being over stimulating.

[11/06/16]   Did you know Honey Bear Preschool has four infant/toddler rooms? Baby A, B, C and Cuddle Bears? Why? Because infants are developing so rapidly they each need a special environment.

Ray Limon directed Chitty Chitty Bang Bang at San Diego Junior Theatre. Our students boarded a big yellow school bus and went to Balboa Park to see the show yesterday. Field trips are a special learning experience at Honey Bear Preschool and Childcare Center.

harvest parade

October 31 at Honey Bear Preschool and Childcare. A wise man once said, "When a child smiles we are that much closer to heaven." Today, Honey Bear Preschool was next door to heaven. We hope you enjoy these pictures.

Playing with blocks

Four year olds love building blocks. Yesterday one boy, then two, then a girl and finally a fourth boy joined and together they built a very very impressive structure. While watching them work together for thirty minutes it was easy to forget how much work their teacher has done to enable such fun. Thank you Lancy.

Honey Bears Science Experiment

Three years love science! Today they are mixing vinegar and baking soda and watch a balloon inflate as a consequence.

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Circle Time - Singing in Spanish
YMCA Classes
Jingle Bells......Honey Bears
Preschool math
harvest parade
Playing with blocks
Honey Bears Science Experiment
sports at the YMCA
big bear cubs learning to write
sensory activities and fine motor skills
Sharing is Fun
The Five Little Maple Leaves




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