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Videos by Pacific High School Choral Department in San Bernardino. Music Department Spring Concert - Pacific High School

Period 6 trying to get it together

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Period 6 trying to get it together

Girl I Want
Applebee's Girl I Want

Volver Voler
Applebee's September 3, 2011

Lo Intentamos
Applebee's September 3, 2011

More Than Words
Applebee's September 3, 2011

Jar of Hearts
Applebee's Fundraiser September 3, 2011

Choir Remix April 8 Pep Rally
2nd time is a charm I hope

Pacific High Choral Remix
Here it is! April 8 2011 Pep Rally thanks to Mr. Billings!

Hisakata No
Mrs. Rufus, Arroyo Valley, will direct.

Homeward Bound
Original song. We are doing an arrangement This will help honor choir folks get familiar with the song.

Ain't Got Time To Die
Mr. Thomas, Cajon, will direct.

For Ev'ry Mountain
I am planning Black History Month selections.

Burlesque - Dance Hall Girls
Cute choreography and chorus for those who don't do leads.

Adelaide's Lament May 2011
A good solo that makes people laugh.

Luck Be A Lady May 2011
we will have good male solo opportunities. Practice Envy.

Rehearse study for May 2011
Just dancers need for this one.