Jennifer Alumbaugh, LMFT

Jennifer Alumbaugh, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapy, is an intersectional, trauma-informed, gender and sexuality affirming therapist, consultant, artist practicing in San Antonio, TX.

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📚 ”My Vulva” by author, illustrator, and educator Dr. Courtney J. Angermeier, is a children’s book that offers a charming, honest introduction to vulvas, body agency, and sexual health!

This book:

✅ uses empowering, accurate language to talk about vulvas
✅ introduces aspects like hygiene, body boundaries, self-pleasure, and reproduction in an age-congruent, easy to understand, shame-free way
✅ uses inclusive language and does not gender bodies
✅ is great for preschoolers as young as age 3 and up

Most importantly, "My Vulva" helps fill the gap that misogyny and sexual shame have created in our society, by introducing an early opportunity for children to learn about and discuss openly the vulva. This book will prevent another generation of adults from scratching their heads at the word “vulva." There are many children's books that talk about pen*ses, so if you're curious what's out there already, check out the Bodies section of our site’s Resources at

"My Vulva" is available via Amazon at, and 10% of the author’s profits are being donated to the Coalition to Stop Violence Against Native Women @csvanw

⭐️ Resources like this are preparing a new generation of young people to be informed, empowered, and supportive of bodies and the amazing things they can do 💜

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Adding also, gender affirming care (including medical interventions), accessible & comprehensive reproductive healthcare, and neurodivergent affirming spaces.

Suicide prevention is about creating a world that people want to stay in and can see a future for themselves.

#WorldSuicidePreventionDay #NationalSuicidePreventionWeek #NSPW #NSPW21 #NationalSuicidePreventionMonth #NSPM #NSPM21


In the realm of infinite possibilities, leave room for the chance it might go well 💜

Jennifer Alumbaugh, LMFT updated their address. 07/22/2021

Jennifer Alumbaugh, LMFT updated their address.

Jennifer Alumbaugh, LMFT updated their address.

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Ooo! I love this idea on how to organize tasks!

Angela Slade Counselling

Photos from Struggle Care's post 07/13/2021

Photos from Struggle Care's post

Jennifer Alumbaugh, LMFT updated their information in their About section. 06/26/2021

Jennifer Alumbaugh, LMFT updated their information in their About section.

Jennifer Alumbaugh, LMFT updated their information in their About section.

[06/26/21]   1-866-925-4419

The Indian Residential Schools Crisis Line
(1-866-925-4419) is available 24 hours a day for anyone experiencing pain or distress as a result of their residential school experience.



[05/09/21]   Shout out to everyone who is re-parenting their inner younger self, who is healing generational & relational wounds. I see you nurturing yourself in ways you never received. You are worthy of unconditional love 💜

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Sometimes deconstructing from religious trauma looks more like demolition... And that is absolutely OK.


Sometimes deconstructing from religious trauma looks more like demolition... And that is absolutely OK.


Ask a Black therapist: 5 tips to support Black mental health during the Derek Chauvin trial 04/03/2021

Ask a Black therapist: 5 tips to support Black mental health during the Derek Chauvin trial

Ask a Black therapist: 5 tips to support Black mental health during the Derek Chauvin trial "There is a difference between being informed and getting retraumatized."

Photos from Inclusive Therapists's post 03/21/2021

Photos from Inclusive Therapists's post

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So don't let anyone try to convince you of anything different.

We stand alongside our AAPI brothers & sisters as we try to process not only the attacks on the community but also the attempt to rationalize racism.

We see you. We hear you. You matter.


#melaninandmentalhealth #stopaapihate #therapyforusbyus #minoritymentalhealth


I had to! 😆💜



What's on my reading shelf?

As a trauma therapist who works with folks in diverse & expansive relationships, I am very excited to get into this book and deepen my work and understanding around attachment, trauma, and consensual nonmonogamy.


#aspacetothrive #intersectionalhealing #inclusivetherapy #mentalhealth #trauma #attachment #consensualnonmonogamy #relationships #sexpositive #polyamory #polyamorousrelationship #relationalhealing


Dr. Michelle Alvarez, Santosha Psychotherapy & TALKyoga

Want to be an anti-racist therapist? Want to be competent to support clients of color (and therapists of color struggling to meet the demand)?
Check your Code of Ethics. Regardless of what kind of therapist you are and what degree you hold, you are required, not invited, or even encouraged –*required* (as in not optional) to engage in advocacy and to actively work to promote social justice. To publicly participate in activities that contribute to a more equitable community and society. To honor diversity and embrace a multicultural approach. To ensure you are well-trained to treat clients in a culturally competent and ethical manner. To work to safeguard the welfare and rights of those with whom you interact professionally and other affected persons.
QUICK! What did you do this past month, this past year even, that met that requirement? If you can’t think of any concrete examples right away, you may be an unethical therapist. (And human, possibly.)


Healing Support Circle is returning in January 2021 and will now be offered online open to nonbinary individuals, women, and femme folx residing anywhere in Texas! Check out the details below; registration is now open!

Healing Support Circle is a psychotherapy group for individuals in Texas who have experienced psychological/narcissistic, emotional, and spiritual/religious abuse.
This circle is open to and centers the experience of nonbinary people, women, and femme individuals who have been uniquely harmed by the patriarchy, misogyny, and sexism.

The full Healing Support Circle experience is a total of 24hours of group therapy delivered in 2 parts, each part running for 6 weeks.

Dates are subject to change based on therapist’s schedule; clients will be notified in advance of schedule changes and a make-up session will be scheduled. Changes may occur due to personal or professional time away from the office.

Each session runs weekly for 6-weeks, generally meets on Saturdays from 10:30am – 12:20pm, and meets over a secure Zoom meeting link.

With a maximum of 12 clients and 1 therapist, this circle is confidential, nurturing, private, and has room for all the pain and anger you might bring with you. There is never any requirement to share during a circle, always an open invitation.

Registration includes cost of initial 45min individual intake screening session, group sessions, copy of the book "Healing from Hidden Abuse," group outline, and journal mailed to client by therapist prior to beginning of group.

2 ways to pay:

Weekly fee is $95 and once registered, client will be charged each of the 6 weeks whether in attendance or not.
Full registration for all 6 weeks is $550 and must be paid no less than 1 week before start of group.


Unwritten Endings, LLC - Youth & Family Therapy



Today is Trans Day of Remembrance (#TDoR), a day memorializing those who have lost their lives to anti-trans violence.

Fighting the anti-trans violence epidemic will require both systemic change and individual action from everyone, cisgender or not, and true allyship from people of all stripes.

Here, community organizers share how anyone can take direct action to help, from volunteering at your own local orgs to simply educating others on trans issues:


Healing from religious trauma is complex... and also possible! There's hope on the other side of deconstruction. Let's talk about it : [email protected]

These statements are popular within the evangelical community. There’s a lot of role-play that suggests god is the great father above all fathers, but if a parent is having a difficult time parenting, they play this lethal card. This is the message it sends: ⁣

You don’t have the freedom to be a kid and mess up. And if you do, the most powerful, strongest, creator in the world will be disappointed in you.⁣

Many of us grew up living with this kind of shame. It shaped the lens on how we see ourselves and those looking back at us. The shame would rise and overtake us, when we were simply trying to grow and understand as each chapter progressed.⁣

No child will ever have the capacity to process the words “you’ve hurt gods heart.“ No matter what a child does they deserve to be spoken to in a relevant manner that honors their humanity and capabilities.⁣

If you grew up hearing these types of statements, they were lies. You do not have the power, as a child for god to be disappointed in you. You should’ve never heard those words. You should’ve been given the freedom to express yourself, and even thrown temper tantrum‘s. This is what kids do. These scenarios require discipline, curiosity, and boundaries, not gaslighting the child.⁣

You should have never been taught that you have the power to disappoint a force greater than your capacity. That may be why you live with so much shame today.⁣

Get those messages out of you. You are loved now and you were then and you will never be responsible for gods emotions. 💞💞💞⁣

What messages were you made responsible for that you are now leaving behind?⁣

#shame #spiritualabuse #badreligion #scapegoat #gaslighting #trauma #innerchild #healing #emotionalhealing #exvangelical #selflove #emdr #emdrtherapy #childhoodtrauma #dysfunctionalfamily #unconditionallove #internalfamilysystems #emotionalabuse #survivor #lmft #lcsw #selflove #scapegoat #cyclebreakers #posttraumaticgrowth #safespace #mensmentalhealth #internalfamilysystems


Grants for folx who would benefit from financial help with gender affirming top surgery! Check it out!

Did you know we’ve got grants specifically for BIPOC trans folks?

The 2021 grant cycle is officially open on our website. The grants will be open until December 31st. This year we will be offering 6 grants!

Genderbands BIPOC Top Surgery Grant
Genderbands Trans Feminine Top Surgery Grant
Genderbands Trans Masculine Top Surgery Grant
Genderbands HRT Grant
Stiller Aesthetics Trans Masculine Top Surgery Grant
University of Utah Top Surgery Grant

Learn more about our available grants and apply at:

Special shout out to our amazing sponsors and partners who helped make this happen! @thebunckeclinic @sftibunckeclinic @stiller_aesthetics @mozaic_care @cranects @uofutranshealth

#genderbands #transrightsarehumanrights #transisbeautiful #transgender #trans #transwoman #transman #transmasculine #transmasc #transfeminine #ftm #mtf #transpride #queer #genderqueer #genderfluid #nonbinary #agender #topsurgery #topsurgeryfund #lgbtq #lgbt #hrt #hrtsaveslives


Some helpful scripts for boundary - setting 💜



This is what Indigenous Peoples Day means to me: learning how to decolonize trauma work and addressing inherent settler-colonist rhetoric within myself.


Dr. Thema


💜 10/04/2020

How to Cope When Everything Feels Bad and Somehow It Keeps Getting Worse

“The cumulative toll of everything that's going on has dismantled people's support systems, it’s uprooted their routines, it's put a financial strain on their household budget. It's made their social life more complicated. People aren't even able to have funerals for the loved ones that they've lost. So everything has changed, and I think it’s a lot to process.” ~Araya Baker The news right now is bleak, and any personal stressors—like a breakup, job loss, or a pet getting sick—can make it even harder to have hope for the future.


Dr. Glenn Doyle


Grief comes in many forms 💜


Room to Thrive

Trauma survivor, your survival response is not a moral failing.

Trauma is not your fault. [period]

There is SO MUCH victim blaming out there. It's infuriating!

May I address the folks peddling shame in the name of personal responsibility?

May I speak frankly to those pushing toxic positivity for their own comfort despite how much it harms others?

May I call complete and utter bullsh*t on the self-proclaimed "trauma-informed life coach" who told a survivor "there is always a choice in how you respond."

May I correct the notion that personal responsibility is required in order to resolve trauma?

⚡ Our autonomic nervous system plays a significant role in our survival physiology. Autonomic = involuntary or unconscious = we don't choose many of our survival responses — they are instinctive and outside our direct control.

⚡ Within some physiological states, there is little or no ability for us to respond, we are quite literally not "response-able."

⚡ "You can't control what happens to you, (mostly true) but you can control how you respond (often false)."

⚡ Telling someone who is in freeze/collapse physiology that they are responsible for their own healing can make a dark and lonely place even more isolating and reinforce the experience of powerlessness.

⚡ Before offering survivors some "positivity" be it spiritual, religious, or otherwise, ask yourself, "why do I need them to feel better? Why do I need them to get over it? Am I uncomfortable being present with inexplicable suffering? Could this be more about my need to feel comfortable than what they need to heal?"

❓ "If survivors don't take personal responsibility, how will they resolve their trauma?"

✅ For starters, recognize there are other options.

✅ Create contexts where healing is possible.

✅ Seek justice and hold perpetrators accountable for their behavior.

✅ Recognize our collective responsibility to support the healing process.

✅ Stop victim blaming.

✅ And many more...

This isn't as hopeless as it seems.

We can influence, shape, and create contexts that reduce the need for some of our survival responses and mitigate their ongoing impacts. However, this is not achieved by shame, blame, or pulling harder on our bootstraps.

It's not a personal moral failing to live in a body with an autonomic nervous system that prioritizes our survival.


#Trauma #ReligiousTrauma #RoomToThrive


Reclamation Collective

Clinical and scientific research continues to show that trauma gets stored in the physical body, and can sometimes stay trapped in the body for years and lifetimes following the initial trauma response 🌋
More specifically, let’s talk about Religious Trauma, which we define as the physical, emotional, or psychological response to religious beliefs, practices, or structures that overwhelm an individual’s ability to cope and return to a sense of safety. While an adverse religious experience can exist without trauma, trauma is the physiological response to an adverse religious experience 👀
In other words, trauma is not the event that triggers a trauma response, trauma is the physiological response that takes place in your body 🧍🏽‍♀️
Why does it matter? When we validate that all bodies may respond differently to the same event, we can better understand why all trauma responses are valid 🌈
While we do not consciously select our trauma responses, we can consciously ask our bodies where they have stored our trauma to better inform the methods and paths we take to heal our trauma 🦋
#religioustrauma #adversereligiousexperience #spiritualabuse #traumainformed #thebodykeepsthescore #generationaltrauma #communityhealing #churchtoo #traumasurvivor #ptsd #cptsd #cptsdrecovery #bodybasedhealing #somaticexperiencing #emdrtherapy #deconstruction #deconversion #reclamation

Our Story

I am an intersectional, trauma-focused, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, coach, consultant, speaker, and artist. I hold nurturing space for adolescents, adults, professionals, and couples to explore, to heal, and to enrich their lives. My clients embody an array of diverse identities across cultures, spirituality and faith practices, genders, sexualities, and abilities. It is important to me to work within the framework of your values and I invite you to bring the whole of yourself into our sessions together. With compassionate care–centered in truth and kindness–and empowering encouragement I will walk with you through the difficult questions, challenging circumstances, and uncertain seasons you face.

As a survivor of complex trauma and traumatic grief and loss, I have the personal experience of healing and recovery as well as my professional training and development. I have walked the dark path of despair and anger. I have and continue to do the grueling work of healing and maintaining wellness. I practice what I talk about with my clients and use my own experiences to inform and deepen my empathy. I have been razed to the ground and like a Phoenix, I have risen up out of the ashes.

As a therapist, I have extensive experience working with survivors of psychological, emotional, and spiritual/religious abuse; trauma/complex trauma (sexual violence, childhood & developmental/attachment trauma, interpersonal violence); and PTSD/complex PTSD. These, along with grief and loss work are my areas of specialization. In addition to my specialization and general clinical practice, I am also certified in Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (for child and adolescent clients ages (3-18) and Seeking Safety (for adolescent and adult clients ages 14+ with co-occurring PTSD and substance abuse) which are both trauma-focused Evidence Based Practice therapy intervention models.



Psychotherapy for adolescents, adults, and couples of any gender, belief, culture, orientation, and identity.

Areas of specialization: survivors of psychological, emotional, and/or spiritual abuse; complex trauma, developmental trauma, and complex PTSD; exploring, enriching, and empowering identity and living as authentic self. This office provides Gender & sexuality affirming therapy, intersectional therapy, and EMDR therapy.



San Antonio, TX

Opening Hours

Monday 9am - 5pm
Tuesday 9am - 5pm
Wednesday 9am - 5pm
Thursday 9am - 5pm
Friday 9am - 5pm
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