Faith & Fitness Training Video September 17, 2020, 11:17pm

Videos by Faith & Fitness Training. Faith & Fitness Training. Fitness involves more than just your body - it is about the health of your body, mind, spirit & soul. It is Faith & Fitness: Quality fitness programs for Every Body type, Customized Workouts, Community & Connection

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Faith & Fitness Gym
Fit for Fall & All!!

Sanitation and Disinfecting has Always been part of our daily procedures!

I care about our gym members!Safety and Health are important ... that's why we Sanitize and Disinfect before and after e...

Core Strength!!Go Uncle [email protected]

He was on a roll, ready to do more!Go Uncle Richard!"I can do all things through Christ Jesus, He who strengthens me."Ph...

My Uncle Richard, helping out at the gym ... then he asked me what is this ...It's called the Roman Chair, great for cor...

One Step at a TimeOne Day at a Time

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