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He doesn't like the constant traveling, but at least I get to see my Pops and have dinner with family! Tried to get him to workout since my gym was right next door. He wasn't trying to accept a free session 😂

@losazulejosrestaurante #family #nutrition #motivation

He doesn't like the constant traveling, but at least I get to see my Pops and have dinner with family! Tried to get him to workout since my gym was right next door. He wasn't trying to accept a free session 😂

@losazulejosrestaurante #family #nutrition #motivation


Always trying to look out to help with keeping as many people and dogs fit! No excuses 😉


This crisis shows us that we need to be more mindful of our health, and learn to implement a healthy balanced lifestyle. Greatest client I ever had, maybe a little biased but she's been kind enough to share her transformation, and ability to keep our progress going for quite sometime. Maybe I was greedy, but I am happy my Mother is as healthy as ever. Want to keep her around a while, call me greedy lol! But do it for yourself, and your family. Never know how you will impact!


Probably should of opted for a cart, but the stares I received from everyone was priceless😂. Staring right back at all the carts filled with sugary drinks, refined foods, and frozen dinners. Parents, your child's nutrition starts with you. Hurts to see all that non-nutritious food and the health of these kids in one of the unhealthiest cities in the U.S.😢 Shout out to the guy that came in for just salmon. #biceps were on fire!


I was fooling myself and doing my clients an injustice by living the way I was not too long ago. Drinking heavily and eating everything in sight, I became someone I know longer recognized. You can't see the police officer, but thanks to my good homie @mr.adas for keeping my butt out of jail. Going back to what I preach has improved myself, and my ability as a health and wellness expert. #transformationtuesday


It's always a pleasure training people that you know are truly listening to the knowledge I share, and trying to soak up as much as possible. John Trew is one of those individuals. An incredibly intelligent individual, and not to mention a badass photographer among many other crafts. I enjoy learning from his expertise as well. Never been big on pictures, but he's getting me to step out of my comfort zone and that's where true knowledge begins.

Form, presence, awareness, discipline. It's astounding how much I've learned from the gym and kitchen. Applying it to all areas of life is where the true transformation lies.

Zoobin in Beast Mode!


Happy Birthday skinny! I mean Shirley Johnson :-). 82 years young and down 30 lbs. Sorry for revealing your age, but proud of the work you do in the gym, and everything you do for Special Olympics. Thank you. Out here in the heat helping people become more aware of such a great organization, and how to get involved.


Been an honor to hold down Dragon Flex Fitness for my buddy while he went and followed his heart! You have amazing clients Cherokee Takatsuki!


When your client is a photographer lol!

I didn't read the fine print.


Happy Friday!



Doing my homework assignment



Kick ass trainer + kick ass photographer = art of progress





A little late night yoga pump! Happy Flex Friday!


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Lift smarter not harder. You can't train if you are injured. Learn the proper technique before progressing in weight. I promise the results will be better than ever! #gainz#fitness#fitfamsa#wellness#strengthtraining


Happy Flex Friday!


Chest, core, and more!


Knees bent, big chest, and maintain natural arch of spine. I see too many fitness pros, and figures sacrifice form for weight. #strictform #protectyoneck #smarternotharder


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I like this one!

mother earth by moonxels


David Wolfe


Gym Junkies

Happy Fathers Day! @Terry Asher


The Eyes Of A Traitor

So eloquently worded! Parental advisory, but it's so simple and true.

The best weight loss video on the net!


Erko Jun

That's the way to finish a set!

Think again before you say, I can't


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myprotein.com 06/02/2015

8 Not so Obvious Training Mistakes | The Zone

Nice article, some are obvious, but explained well.

myprotein.com Not Seeing Results? Find out if your falling for any of these 8 Not so obvious Training Mistakes and Preventing Your Progress.


Man or woman!


I wanted to thank my client for these awesome progress pics/selfies. Lol. Keep up the great work.

imgur.com 02/22/2015

Progress Pics

Great transformation photos, and we aren't even done :)


[02/20/15]   Happy New Year for all my Asian amigos!

read.plash.in 12/10/2014

Top 10 “Healthy” Foods Busted By Real Science


read.plash.in The world of nutrition is full of misconception, myths, and even lies. There are so many contradicting information out there that are confusing and misleading. So how can we decide which information is fad and which one is real? The answer is science and research studies (especially those which are…

[08/25/14]   Nutrition, fitness, and inspirational posts soon to come!

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Chest, core, and more!
Knees bent, big chest, and maintain natural arch of spine. I see too many fitness pros, and figures sacrifice form for w...




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