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Sometimes i can’t help but wonder what in the world some “fitness” people are thinking with their approaches to solutions. Check out that title at the bottom...
“No cartridge? No problem “.

I really wasn’t aware the human body just had all sorts of extra stuff in it that was merely just an accessory.... besides maybe the appendix.... but it’s quite possible we just don’t understand it yet!

So there you go. For all you that are sadly down to bone on bone in a joint or two, this guy has the solution your looking for!


Social Media "Expert" Series - Part 1 05/03/2020

Social Media "Expert" Series - Part 1

Don’t just trust everything you see on social media.... unless you wanna just put it in the “entertainment “ category!

No need to worry Tom Purvis from RTS will set it straight!

Social Media "Expert" Series - Part 1 Can a guy with 8 million followers be wrong? Few have the experience and true expertise to analyze equipment. Let's find out about his expertise in the secon...


Hope everyone is staying safe and taking the necessary precautions to do your part to protect yourself and your family!


Remember Fitness folks

Exercise is a Process NOT a program!


And this is where things lead to when as an industry there are far too many rep counters!

Too many certifying agencies are out to make $$$ on selling certifications (they make em easy, or too basic) versus working to insure they are truly pushing the industry forward in a positive direction.

Once you realize the corporate deals that go on between gyms and certification you hopefully begin to zoom out a bit and realize they’re in it to push specific certifications under the guise of ensuring quality yet primarily to direct $$$$$.

CEU’s that consist of read some flawed research and answer 10 questions don’t improve understanding of the fundamentals but they will still cost you $50-100.

Rep counts matter like counting noodles at a Chinese buffet!!!!

We put numbers on exercise primarily because it helps us organize and quantify but the reality is with 100% focused attention on the client you can eliminate rep counting all together and be even more effective in your training! Are you getting that kind of attention?? If not then you should be if your working with a personal trainer!




To Eat Meat or Not to Eat Meat?

Meat bad? What kind of meat? What did the meat eat?

Timeline photos 05/28/2017

All for one, one for all!

Timeline photos 03/25/2017

I often get asked about exercise selection, what exercise is best for XYZ. It's rather difficult to answer in a way that most people want to hear. Truth of the matter is majority of the time when someone comes casually asking for a " best exercise " they are looking for something they think is missing (externally), like the " best exercise", or even " toughest exercise for ____."

Well truth of the matter is vast majority of the time what's missing has little to do with external anything and everything to do with what's going on internally!

When performing any given exercise what is your:

Intention: are you going through the motions or are you fully concentrating on feeling muscles contract and squeeze to their maximum potential each and every repetition. Are you distracted counting to some magical rep scheme or are you demanding every repetition be PERFECT!

Intensity: this sometimes gets clouded by reckless intensity or haphazard movement! See intention for clarification!!! Every repetition should be as intense as you can possibly make it on the muscles your targeting, if your targeting muscles. If your targeting movements, proper intention should help dictate the proper form required to execute the movement with the greatest intensity possible.

Very often in our fitness society we see things that look appealing or exciting and for some strange reason it magically is granted validity and prestige! The human body is wonderful at figuring out a way to get things done with or without ensuring long term health and quality of life! So I guess we all work on our own sliding scale or what we are willing to risk to get the results we want! Hey I've heard of people taking co***ne for the sole purpose of losing weight! ( not my recommendation)

So choose wisely and remember often times the greatest changes you can make are inside your own mind and body!!!!

That doesn't sell the magazines, protein powders or energy bars but it is often reality!

Timeline photos 01/30/2017

Winters pretty much over

Timeline photos 01/30/2017

Timeline photos

How Yoga Can Wreck Your Body 11/02/2016

How Yoga Can Wreck Your Body

When people throw out sound bites of information and base their recommendation on that level of knowledge and understanding your pretty much just rolling the dice that these ignorant recommendations will help and hopefully not harm.

Unfortunately many doctors are just as guilty as anyone else yet often times the general population assumes that since they're a doctor their recommendations are always correct and this just isn't the case.

When we begin to break away from superficial levels of understanding and really begin to think about the movements we're asking of our bodies and in my profession the recommendations we give to others we can actually make recommendations based on the individuals in front of us or our own bodies.

Unfortunately and fortunately these choices can have life altering affects both positively and negatively!

Choose wisely!

How Yoga Can Wreck Your Body - The New York Times

How Yoga Can Wreck Your Body Popped ribs, brain injuries, blinding pain. Are the healing rewards worth the risks?

Timeline photos 08/11/2016

Always room to grow!

How Malnutrition Causes Obesity - Dr. Mark Hyman 10/02/2015

How Malnutrition Causes Obesity - Dr. Mark Hyman

When you hear someone speak about empty calories and you think to yourself " what does that mean?"

Think about this, there is a strong correlation to obesity and malnutrition!!!

There are many studies on the topic, here is one that is a fairly easy

How Malnutrition Causes Obesity - Dr. Mark Hyman Americans are overfed and undernourished. That’s right, the most obese children and adults in the country are also the most nutritionally deficient!(1) How can those two things possibly co-exist? The mistake is to think that if you eat an abundance of calories, your diet automatically delivers all t…






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