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A Health Coach is a wellness authority & supportive mentor who motivates individuals to cultivate positive health choices through healthy-lifestyle changes

SA Health Coach helps women and men with their health and food choices. We have a six month program to coach you through achieveing your goals. Need to loose weight fast? We now offer Plexus! The Pink Drink. The product that helps with balancing your blood sugar levels as well as suppressing your appetite. And there are a whole lot more products to help you with your health.

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Have a great day. Remember, dark chocolate is good for you but don’t go overboard! #notaboutskinny #holistichealthcoach #bewell


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[01/22/21]   New Look, New Logo, New Information coming very soon. 2020 was difficult on many of us. Yes, even a health coach can get off track. I have some new exciting things coming soon. Please be patient. I promise, it will be worth it.
Let's get back to being healthy, not only physically, but emotionally, spiritually, relationship wise and community. I will call it the "whole you".
Healthy Is not about skinny, it's about being the best version of you. See you soon.


San Antonio Health Coach


I am super excited this launch.

Something special is in this box📷
That’s right! At MIDNIGHT, the night of November 16th, it will ALL BE AVAILABLE TO PURCHASE📷
Sneak peaks of ALL.THE.GOODIES will be coming this week so stay glued to my newsfeed📷



Hello Health fans: with the craziness of the real Eatate market, I have not had enough time to post let alone eat healthy! LOL I need to get back so I will be posting more recipes soon.
I also remodeled my kitchen and now I want a different color of my Vitamix! Here is a great opportunity for someone to own this great machine at almost half the price! It’s the Venturist in gray. It’s a year old and works like a workhorse! I just want a different color now. LOL
Check it out in Vitamix page-brand new it’s $629.95! WOW.
It’s wireless programable, makes smoothies, soups, ice cream and so much more! Comes with a huge 64 oz container. You can also buy their scale and it measures what you need for you! It’s a great machine.
I’m selling mine for $375.00 or best offer!
PM me for more info and be on the lookout for great recipes coming soon.


This was me. That bloat...That heavy feeling...The sluggishness 😔 Plus not regular. I know, talking about poop makes people uncomfortable. I would go maybe every 3 days, honestly! My husband used to say I truly was full of S...! LOL 😂

𝐃𝐢𝐝 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐤𝐧𝐨𝐰 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐚𝐯𝐞𝐫𝐚𝐠𝐞 𝐀𝐦𝐞𝐫𝐢𝐜𝐚𝐧 𝐡𝐚𝐬 𝐚𝐭 𝐥𝐞𝐚𝐬𝐭 𝟏𝟕 𝐥𝐛𝐬 𝐨𝐟 𝐫𝐨𝐭𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐟𝐨𝐨𝐝 𝐬𝐢𝐭𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐢𝐧𝐬𝐢𝐝𝐞 𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐢𝐫 𝐠𝐮𝐭?

This is why so many Americans struggle with bloating, gastric problems, and even weight complications.
And it’s simply for the fact that 17 lbs of undigested food may be rotting in their digestive system...

There is a better way!!! We are simply missing key nutrients like magnesium, digestive enzymes and probiotics!!! #poop

Each meal you eat should be eliminated in 24 hours. If its not, its staying and creating toxicity!! Keep those bowels moving and give them the exit strategy they deserve : OUT!!! 💩💩💩💩💩
💩. .

NOW? Regular as can be and happy, happy, happy!
#Letstalkpoop #Getitout #Youneedtopoopeveryday


What if she had quit after the first month? 😳 I get it, we want things quick and instantly, but that is not what this is about! Anyone else looking for change?? Anyone willing to commit and truly give your all? Not halfway, all the way!

Check this out:

“I was absolutely SHOCKED when I saw this picture Taylor and Kayla insisted I take today. I knew the scale had moved more since March and my clothes were fitting better. I just didn't think there was as big of a visible difference...why are we so hard on ourselves? I have tears streaming down my face right now.

Beyond the 45lbs I've lost since January...I feel absolutely amazing and have so much energy. The weight had started affecting my sleep. I am sleeping so much better now too. I just want you all to know there is a better way.”

Time and consistency truly matter. When you are ready, I’m here for you! 😉
Where could you be in 3 months? In 6 months? 🤷🏻‍♀️


Hello #healthfans! Well, many of you saw my vulnerable post about my wonderful products and how much my complexion has changed in 60 days! Well, what about this before and after? YES, it works on cellulite too. Ready to try these great products? I'm ready to help. PM me.
#joyome #collagen #plexusworks


Morning Slim with collagen

Ready to try slim? I can get you a sample of the slim for taste. In order for it to work, you need consistency and the whole triplex package! It’s only 3 items for you to get your gut working. However, I included the beauty products: collagen, Morning Joyome and evening Joyome! I’m here to help you age backwards!


I’ve always hated that crinkle between my eyes at the top of my nose! I can now say without a doubt, that it has certainly improved! I thought I would have to get a forehead lift to get rid of it! I can hardly feel it now. Want to try our great products? 60 day money back guarantee, wholesale prices, and extra low entry fee right now. Call me! You won’t regret it.
#plexuscollagen #certifiedholostichealthcoach #joyomeskincare


This is a very vulnerable post for me since I hardly post selfies less without makeup! However, I want you to see how great these products really are. This is only 60 days! Can you imagine using it for a year or so? I have many friends that have been on it for quite a while-the change is incredible. Let me know when you’re ready to change your health and improve on your beauty. It starts from the inside out.
#certifiedholostichealthcoach #plexuscollagen #joyomeskincare


✅ People go $300,000 into debt for a house.
✅ People go $100,000 into debt for college.
✅ People go $40,000 into debt for a car.
✅ People go $20,000 into debt for a wedding.
✅ People go $10,000 into debt for appliances.
✅ People go $5,000 into debt for furniture .
✅ People go $1,000 into debt for TV.
✅ People go $1,000 in debt for a phone.
✅ People go tens of thousands of dollars into debt for things that won't make them a penny.

Maybe… just maybe, those folks should consider INVESTING $10 this month to start a business that can provide them the opportunity to BUY everything above in CA$H-PLUS make you healthier!🤔

#HelpingPeople #plexus #pinkdrinkerforlife #certifiedholostichealthcoach

*Plexus makes no guarantees or projections of income, as such representations, may be misleading. Your success depends on your effort commitments, skill, and leadership abilities, and how effectively you exercise those qualities.*


Hello Health Fans! I will be posting my before and after pictures of my 60 day journey with collagen and Joyome tomorrow morning!
But here is an incredible story from a good friend of mine! Was it easy? No, but certainly worth it! She is truly an inspiration for all of us!

I want to share this with you.

Here I am holding up my size 18 and my size 10 pant.

When I started Plexus in May of 2016, I was a size 24 in jeans and weighing 250 lbs. There were times I just wanted to call it quits. We’ve probably all had those moments. Seeing this brings me to tears because I know how hard my struggle was. Has it been worth it?.... MOST DEFINITELY.

Finding clothes to fit into was a huge problem for me. Now, my problem is deciding what to buy because I finally fit into the styles I like 😁.

Please feel free to share with anyone who needs some #motivation.



Traveling since Friday and I would not be able to survive without my pink drink or my supplements. I always get constipated during travel. Sorry, have to talk about poop! But it’s the truth, something about traveling wreaks havoc to my gut! But guess what? With my pink drink and Olexus supplements, I’ve been normal!
Are you suffering from gut issues, weight gain, lack of energy? I have a great solution for you! Let me know how I can help you!


If a global shut down and world full of masks and hand sanitizers teaches you one thing, let it be this...

🌱 Your health is the foundation to all other aspects in life. 🌱⠀

It doesn’t matter if you make art, sell houses, manage a business, teach children, or whatever other occupation/hustle exists... without your health, you have nothing. 💚⠀I have always said this! Health is Wealth!

Your health is a reflection of your potential time and energy you have to live your best life. 😍

Take care of it.
Cultivate it.
Make the most out of it. ⠀

If you have been reading my posts but haven’t quite decided if it’s for you yet, if you’ve been waiting for the perfect moment...

It’s time to jump in! Take this leap for your health and for those you love! Final 3 days of the most amazing join special for just $9.95, discounted welcome packs, a 60-day money back guarantee and a special on top of that!

Don't wait anymore! 😘 I look forward to helping you become the best version of you!

#CertifiedHolosticHealthCoach #PinkDrink #Health #Nowisthetime

[07/27/20]   I read this today and it is so true and powerful! Are you Willing to change? It's easy. Let me show you how.

"Everyone wants to be skinny happy, and rich, but only a few have the courage to change the habits that make them unhealthy, miserable, and broke."


Many people ask me about the Plexus products I use for myself. I too, never sell, I just share what they’ve done for me and others. Here is an incredible story.

"7 years ago my best friend Julie Hurst Renfro
walked down to my house, sat at my living room table and pretty much told me I was signing up to take some products that would help me lose weight and get my gut healthy!
I told her that I would NEVER tell a soul. ( and I was serious🤣)
I told her that she better not add me to any pages because I’m a private person! 🤣🤣 (AKA BOUGIE)
I told her that black people don’t do quick fix weight loss fads and all that network whatever it was! 🤣 (true story)
I told her that I probably wouldn’t be able to take the products because I had just been diagnosed with high blood pressure meds
I told her my kids were to busy ( in travel sports) and I didn’t have time! Last but not least.....
I told her that between owning my salon and doing hair I definitely didn’t have time to share with anyone....
I had all the excuses.......
BUT here is what I didn’t know....
God had used my best friend because he knew not only did I need these products I needed the time freedom this opportunity was going to eventually allow me and my family!
I began to just share not sell and my friends wanted to know!
I had no idea there were all these PRIVATE pages to help me with my success! (I’m not very private anymore🤣)
Weigh Loss fad it was not (#guthealth and it works and I’m still black🤣)
Oh and I was network marketing before plexus because I sold all the hair products I LOVED but never got paid for it!
Those blood pressure meds, I only took them for 6 months (plexus helped with that #guthealth)
And after losing both my parents and almost losing my daughter, I struggled to just get out of bed at times and I lost who I was! (Plexus completely changed that)
The thing is I tried these products, and they completely changed my skin and transformed my health and because of my big ole mouth I shared with everyone, organically not even knowing I was going to change my families financial future as well as the future of others! Most of you know I made it to one of the top three levels in the company, have over 8,000 people on my team, I’ve earned 3 cars, the trips to Hawaii, the income and all the things. What most people don’t know is how my yes resulted in a domino effect 😱 of women and men that want to be a part of something bigger than themselves! With the state of our economy you would think no one would be willing to try something new but here is what I’ve learned since COVID.......
My salon was SHUT DOWN with no warning.
I was expected to pay ALL THE BILLS
People were scared to lose everything
People are afraid of getting sick
People are struggling with their mental health (social districting) as well as their weight (covid 19) So what I’ve found is we offer help for ALL those things and more!
My team had its best month since I started 7 years ago. I had the busiest last 24 hours I’ve ever had! I’ve had the time (Covid) to pour into my 2nd career.
Plexus was my plan B, turned into my plan A!
I get to do hair because I LOVE it, and what I’ve learned is everyone needs what we have!
Wealth, Wellness and Weightloss!
So If you were like me and struggled in any of these areas, I am here! If it’s not for you, I am still here, but don’t turn your nose up like I did!
God can use something unconventional and turn it into something exceedingly and abundantly more than you ever asked for or ever dreamed of! I know without a shadow of a doubt this is all because of him and he will get the glory! He gave me this platform for a reason and I will use it according to his will!
Plexus is still one of my BEST Yesses! It isn’t a quick fix but Gut health changed my life! It truly is AMAZING!!! $9.95 can change your life like it did mine!" ❤

Her pictures below are ages 30 vs 46 👇🏾


You know how hard it is to make change. Losing weight is such a struggle!  Why not try something that works! The cost to join for the year, and get wholesale prices yourself, is only $10.00 😱🥳 PM me and I’ll share more ☺️


Here’s the thing about change. You have to WANT IT! I’ve literally spent most of my life encouraging people to change, to choose better, to take time for themselves. Basically begging and pleading with them to do so. These precious Women put themselves on the back burner for years, decades, their entire life, and then they wonder why they’ve got nothing left, nothing more to give, or why they feel so down, discouraged, and defeated; wondering where their health, beauty, energy, or vitality went.

If you WANT CHANGE I have an incredible tool, but it is just that. It’s a tool amongst the many tools in your toolbox. Here’s what it can help with and then you have to take it from there and RUN:

💕Sustained energy so you have motivation to exercise like Katie.

💕Decreased cravings so you aren’t self sabotaging your progress all along the way.

💕Less desire to overeat because you just don’t have the appetite for it.

💕Deeper sleep who blends to restoration of your body and easier weight maintenance.

💕Less inflammation which makes you look and feel less puffy and achy.

💕Better mood which means you have less bad days where you’re more likely to say “Forget about it!” You’ll actually want to get out of bed and do it.

💕Community support like NO OTHER! I’ve done the group fitness thing, friends. I’ve know people trying to make that work- from HIIT to Pilates- and it’s all good. I love the movement aspect. But after all these years I’ve found real tools and community that work for masses of women unlike exercise alone ever did.

💕Women committed to personal development which equals confidence and self belief. If you don’t belief in yourself, you have nothing. No diet will stick, no fitness routine will stick, no healthy habit will stick...because at your core, you feel less than. We focus on you, as a person, and helping YOU believe in yourself.

Katie is one thousands I have seen transformation in. Isn’t it time for yours? It’s a new season coming and if you’re ready, let’s go!🙌🏼.


Fearless Friday stories!

Imagine that you were in Jenna’s shoes......👇👇👇👇

Jenna was sick. She lost all of her hair. Then she started on my supplements...

Here's her story:
“Last year this time I was laid up on my couch binge watching Netflix because I had over done it the day before, and I knew that the kids were so excited to go see Santa at Bass Pro that night that if I didn’t rest I wouldn’t be able to make it there.

I remember watching my friend post about this pink drink she was taking and how it was changing things for her family, I know her and I love her and I trust her!

When she reached out to me personally because she knew I was struggling privately. I listened - I was skeptical at first not gonna lie.

But then Thanksgiving came and went and I didn’t want to be in the same boat a third year in a row.

You see the year before I was wearing wigs to cover up how sick I really was, I had to be pushed around in a wheelchair, I was taking medications for this and that, and dealing with awful side effects from all sorts of prescriptions.

Two years in a row being pushed around or having to take a electric cart to do grocery shopping or Christmas shopping was enough.

I made my mind up that I was DONE.

I was done hoping for some miracle cure, I was done trying stuff that didn’t work, I was honestly done being sorry for myself.

So I took a leap, told Kenny what I wanted for Christmas an ordered my first triplex ! We gave ourself the gift of HEALTH and invested in us.

Fast forward a year -
Same mama just one year apart, and feeling my absolute best.

I share these products because we believe in them and this company. We are honored to be apart of it and love what they stand for and how we are able to impact others lives for the better!

We are able to change families lives by joining them and locking shields with them in love and support!
Emotional, physically and spiritually!!!

We will forever be thankful that we said yes because that simple yes changed everything !

65 pounds gone forever!
No more meds!

Hear me in this - it wasn’t a miracle pill!
It took time
It took consistency
It took me taking charge of my health
It took us being diligent in walking
It took us focusing on nutrition

With the right tools it made it all so much easier to make the change.”
#onedecisionaway #fromeverythingchanging

Our Story

SA Health Coach was started after my own health scare. I discovered a small lump in my throat and immediately panicked! I went to see the doctor and of course they wanted to run blood tests, but more importantly, they wanted to do a biopsy, take a small sample to see what it was.

After a week of agonizing and bad thoughts of it being the C word, I started thinking where does this come from, why do some people get it and others don’t? I had all these questions especially since no one in my family had ever had this disease in any form! We are mediterranean and have always eaten semi healthy! That word semi because after all, we live in a western society where everything is fast and easy, as in fast foods! And everyone knows this is not healthy.

After getting the “clear” diagnosis, I started to research more and decided to become a Certified Holistic Health Coach. I wanted to study more for myself, but also to help people understand how to live a healthier lifestyle without compromosing taste and normal day to day living!

SA Health Coach helps women and men with their overall health and food choices. We are hugs advocates of Plexus products, but you are not pushed into buying anything at all! These are simply supplements that helped me get healthier by getting my gut healthier and support my food choices.

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Morning Slim with collagen
Chickpea Cakes
Vegan Smoothie
Morning Routine
30 Day Challenge starts today! July 8th
Week 3 of my Health Journey
A Protein Shake for Breakfast
My health journey-week 2
Day one of my Lose Weight, Feel Great Journey





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