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We focus on a modernized business curriculum that provides applicable skills and accountability. By involving investors and stakeholders from day one, teams can see the full picture.

Operating as usual 06/18/2014

How Having a Daughter Will Change Your Leadership Style

Dads with daughters are more cognizant of the obstacles faced by women in the workplace, by @weisul via @Inc #leadership A new study confirms that dads with daughters are more cognizant of the obstacles faced by women in the workplace. 06/18/2014

What Makes For a Really Good Business Idea?

If you can't answer "yes" to these 5 questions, it's time to pivot: What Makes For A Really Good Business Idea? via @Inc If you're thinking about starting a new business, you can test it out with this five-point checklist. 06/17/2014

Nearly a year after a racism scandal damaged her career, Paula Deen...

@Paula_Deen is one tenacious woman #entrepreneur. Why her new digital network will be a winner: via @bizwomenTBJ Paula Deen is getting her own digital network, y’all. 06/16/2014

Former Starbucks exec Mary Egan raises $2M round to solve 'the dinner...

She just put $2M on the dinner table. Former Starbucks exec's menu planning startup raises serious VC via @bizwomenTBJ The menu planning startup led by former Starbucks executive Mary Egan has raised a total of $3.8 million. 06/13/2014

You Can't Have It All: 40% Of Women Professionals Are 'Hanging On By A...

WOW. We have much work to do. "40% of Women Professionals Are Hanging On By A Thread" from @Forbes #womeninbusiness In a new study, Dalla-Camina surveyed 1,000 American women professionals about their well-being. The results: While women are making great progress... 06/12/2014

Funny Women: An Interview With New Yorker Cartoonist Roz Chast

"We have jobs and do things, just like regular people!" @NewYorker cartoonist Roz Chast, interviewed by @Forbes #funnywomen Roz Chast's new book is both funny and sad, and gives us a glimpse of the artist's upbringing. In my interview, she admits that women "are just... 06/11/2014

13 Ways to Teach Yourself to Be More Confident

#4 #8 and #12 are our favorites: 13 Ways to Teach Yourself to be More Confident from @women2 @mindazetlin Few are born confident, research shows. The self-assured learn to be that way, and you can too. 06/11/2014

The Best (And Worst) Countries For Women Entrepreneurs

U.S.A. is #1 (but you knew that). The Best (and Worst) Countries for Women Entrepreneurs @EntryLevelRebel @ForbesWoman A new report ranks nations not just on the general economic climate for business formation, but also the special hurdles that can hold back women... 06/10/2014

Soon There Will Be Female Lego Scientists

We just got goosebumps! Soon there will be female scientist LEGOs by @charlottealter from @Time New "Research Institute" collection will feature women chemist, paleontologist, and astronomer 06/10/2014

6 SERIOUSLY Inspired Quotes from Shonda Rhimes's Dartmouth Commencement...

"Devote a slice of your energies towards making the world suck less every week” @shondarhimes stellar advice to grads via @WomensHealthMag Leave it to Shonda Rhimes, the creator of Grey's Anatomy and Scandal, to write the best commencement speech we've heard in a long time. 06/10/2014

Oprah Calls This Person the 'Perfect Entrepreneur'

The perfect #entrepreneur, according to @Oprah via @EntMagazine. In this interview, the talk-show legend talks to this founder about the passion that inspired him to launch an international giant. 06/09/2014

Do Startup Cultures Have to Be Profane?

This is exactly why tech needs more ladies. "Do Startup Cultures Have to be Profane?" @DerkeLidow @EntMagazine Swearing and obscenity grant psychological release but they may turn off potential customers and thwart career advancement. 06/09/2014

Bert Jacobs Explains 2 Ways You Can Startup and Solve Social Issues

Simple but Powerful: 2 Ways You Can Startup and Solve Social Issues via @Inc #entrepreneur Life is Good CEO Bert Jacobs offers concrete steps to creating a business centered around community that drives positive social change. 06/09/2014

TechWeek Chicago and the Lessons of Failing Fast

"Failures create the opportunity to learn from what went wrong and quickly pivot" from @farriss @PalantirTech via @techweekCHI I am fortunate enough to work with many brilliant and creative people as colleagues at Palantir, as clients, and in the community. However, I... 06/06/2014

Fundraising becoming more favorable for women, says Launch Angels CEO -...

Women entrepreneurs are finding it easier to raise money through online crowdfunding campaigns, according to Shereen Shermak of @Launch_Angels via @BostonBizNews Things are getting better for women seeking capital, a prominent one says. 06/06/2014

Google Encouraging More Women-Led Startups

Google encouraging more women-led startups #40Forward Google is committing $1 million to 40 groups that work with technology and other startups to encourage them to find ways to bring more women into... 06/06/2014

Hurricanes With Female Names Kill More People, Study Claims

OK, now we're offended. RT @theLensNOLA: RT @craigtimes: Study claims hurricanes with female names kill more people b/c they're not taken seriously Hurricanes with feminine names are deadlier than storms with masculine names, according to a new study. However, outside experts questioned its... 06/05/2014

Need Money For Your Startup? Being An Attractive Male May Help

Need money for your startup? Being an attractive male may help. Listen @nprnews When men and women pitch the same business idea to venture capitalists, men are awarded money more often. A new study found that appearance also... 06/05/2014

Attractive Male Entrepreneurs Get the Most Venture Capital, Says MIT Study

We never saw this coming: MIT study says attractive male entrepreneurs get the most venture capital In news that unfortunately doesn't surprise anyone, the good-looking man gets ahead of everyone else in the startup funding game, according to an... 06/04/2014

American Express - San Antonio Business Journal

According to @AmericanExpress, "Women-owned business growth in San Antonio is substantial" via @SABizJournal San Antonio has seen a dramatic spike over the last 12 years in the number of women-owned companies that have set up shop in the city, and in the... 06/04/2014

Why Female Entrepreneurs Don't Need To Code To Build A Million-Dollar...

"If you want to start a tech company, don't let your degree stop you" from @LisaFalzone in @Forbes Why Female Entrepreneurs Don't Need to Code to Build a Million-Dollar Tech Company The following guest post is by Lisa Falzone, CEO and cofounder of Revel Systems, an iPad point-of-sale solution for restaurant, retail and grocery... 06/03/2014

The hard thing about inspiring more women entrepreneurs

"Women tend to undersell themselves" The Hard Thing About Inspiring More Women Entrepreneurs via @FortuneMagazine Silicon Valley may embrace venture capitalist Ben Horowitz's 'tough guy' school of entrepreneurship, but that's not what it takes to succeed in... 06/03/2014

Minority women fueling growth in female entrepreneurship, report says

Minority women fueling growth in female entrepreneurship, via @nolanews #womeninbusiness Minority women are starting businesses at faster rate than non-minority women, though their firms tend to be smaller and employ fewer people,... 06/02/2014

It’s Different for Girls | Women 2.0

“Being a Girl” Really Does Make a Difference, according to @HeidiRoizen from @women2 As a longtime Silicon Valley entrepreneur, VC and board member, Heidi Roizen was -- and often continues to be -- the only woman in the room. She’s... 06/02/2014

Women becoming entrepreneurs at torrid pace

“More women are seeing themselves out there in their heroes in the business world" @joycemrosenberg via @TheCalifornian #entrepreneur 2 Share This Story!Let friends in your social network know what you are reading aboutFacebookEmailTwitterGoogle+LinkedInWomen becoming... 05/30/2014

Female Leaders Are More Effective Than 'Macho' Ones

Survey: Women are more holistically effective leaders, according to 6,500 people in 13 countries. From @huffingtonpost @amandaduberman Satisfaction with political leaders worldwide stands at 30 percent. Eighty percent of world's political leaders are men. Coincidence? A new survey...

[05/30/14]   Change or Die. From @washingtonpost @_cingraham "US Businesses Are Being Destroyed Faster Than They're Being Created" 05/29/2014

3 Things Men Need to Stop Saying To Women Entrepreneurs

#3 Should Be #1: "3 Things Men Need To Stop Saying To Women Entrepreneurs" from @fastcompany by @kathleenedavis #womenentrepreneurs It's no secret the female founders face an uphill battle in the boy's club of Silicon Valley and VC funding. Two women entrepreneurs tackled the...

[05/28/14]   A Day In The Life: Women Tech Innovators from @nprnews #nprwit 05/28/2014

Dear Jill: From One Pushy Media Dame to Another

From @recode @karaswisher "Dear Jill: From One Pushy Media Dame To Another" #womeninmedia Was Abramson "excessively or unpleasantly self-assertive or ambitious" or just a lady who knew how to get things done? It would be nice to know. 05/28/2014

Meet the Lyft Driver Who Makes Customers Cry Tears of Joy When She Pulls Up

She's living her passion: Meet the Lyft Ride-Share Driver Who Makes Customers Cry Tears of Joy from @ABC #entrepreneur With the proliferation of transportation apps like Uber and Lyft, it's not enough these days to provide quick and polite service. That's why there... 05/27/2014

11 Reasons 2014 Will Be A Breakout Year For Women Entrepreneurs

11 Reasons 2014 Will Be A Breakout Year for Women Entrepreneurs by @ventureneer from @forbes Women entrepreneurs build better businesses and investors are beginning to realize. Find out why 2014 will be a break-out year for women.

[05/27/14]   "I teach my kids to fail spectacularly" - You're Never Too Young To Be CEO from @CNN #entrepreneur #business




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