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The Holistic Psychologist

Relationships are our mirror.

Trauma occurs within relationships.

So does healing.

True couples goals is going on a journey of deeper awareness.

What’s your ultimate ‘couples goal?’ #selfhealers

Nedra Tawwab

Sometimes what people think about you has very little to do with you.


Patrick Walden Psychotherapy

You may have found yourself scrolling and scrolling in the past 24 hours, afraid to miss anything. Hypervigilance is a trauma response. While it’s very real for us to be feeling that way, I want to recommend putting your phone away for a little bit so you can give your system a chance to replenish for a moment. One of my favorite things to do to recover is get under some blankets and listen to a podcast called Nothing Much Happens, which you can find on Spotify. All you have to do is push play, and a woman with a soothing voice reads you lovely stories. You deserve to be soothed right now. Give it a try. Sending love.

CPTSD and me

Tina Payne Bryson, Ph.D.

This quote comes from my book with Dr. Dan Siegel, THE POWER OF SHOWING UP, which will be available in paperback on January 5, 2021!

In the book, Dan and I explain how to be really present for our kids. Even if we don’t have a committed co-parent or know exactly what we’re doing every moment, the research demonstrates that when children have secure attachment with a caregiver—which is developed through the QUALITY of a parent’s presence—they build social and emotional intelligence, leadership skills, meaningful relationships, happiness, and stress resilience. Moreover, we know what kids need most, especially when life is hard, is YOU. Flawed, imperfect, present YOU.

To learn more and order your paperback, click the link below:


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The Holistic Psychologist

The number one question I get around boundaries is “how can I set them without hurting someone’s feelings or without offending them?”

The answer is: you might not be able to.

How a person reacts to boundaries will allow you to witness their attachment wounding. How you respond to other people’s boundaries will allow you to witness your own.

Attachment wounding is an emotional wound that in childhood with parent-figures. When our physical, spiritual, + emotional needs aren’t met.

When these needs aren’t met, we carry deep fear of emotional abandonment.

So, when people set boundaries with us we feel rejected, abandoned, + unworthy because we aren’t able to see boundaries for what they actually are: an act of self care.

Boundaries are for us. They’re our clear limits.

How people respond is for them.

What is your biggest struggle with boundaries? #selfhealers

Nedra Tawwab

Becoming healthy is a process. Do not measure the time it takes to recover. Be in the process, despite your discomfort or desire to escape.

When you refuse to address what you feel, you may prolong your discomfort.



Here we are. Just as we are.


Knowing the stages of neurological development can make you a better parent

bigthink.com There are four main stages. Each has its own particular set of advancements and challenges.

Nedra Tawwab

In some way, many of us (humans) have done something against our best interests. It's okay; you aren't perfect.

But, you can practice acting in your interest and cultivating peace.

#nedranuggets #setboundariesfindpeace

Henry Cloud


Healing Trauma & Addiction – Wholehearted.org

Join Dr. Gabor Maté in a powerful new series. Created exclusively for Wholehearted.org. For the first time Gabor presents his perspective on understanding and healing trauma and addiction. This series unfolds as a step-by-step “how to” workshop developed specifically for families and individuals in need of support. The program includes lectures interwoven with audience interaction and on stage demonstrations with families and individuals. Dr. Maté thoughtfully demonstrates how to develop awareness, compassion, and tools for effective healing. Viewers described their experience as life-changing, profound, and optimistic.


#gabormate #wholehearted #drgabormate

wholehearted.org Join Dr. Gabor Maté in a powerful new series. Created exclusively for Wholehearted.org. For the first time Gabor presents his perspective on understanding and healing trauma and addiction. This series unfolds as a step-by-step “how to” workshop developed specifically for families and individual...

Brené Brown

Loved this conversation with Marie Forleo on #MarieTV! We talk #BravingTheWilderness, true belonging, and how we can find our way back to ourselves and to each other. You can purchase a copy here: http://bit.ly/2k62eBa

Spectrum News 1 Texas on Twitter

“A new @CDCgov survey shows more than 60% of young adults are taking a hard hit to their mental health. On the next #InFocusTX, psychiatrist @MStenDeut shares how you can keep your kids positive during the COVID-19 pandemic. https://t.co/BIR1SCBlae”

Horse Hippie

Morning Mantra: "When the surface is wavy, dive deeper for quieter waters."
When everything is moving too fast, the pressure is piling on, and you are ready to explode, find stillness.
The best thing to counter chaos is to find your way to the quiet sanctuary within you.
Slow down, take a deep breath.
Become fully aware of your breath entering and leaving your body.
Be a silent watcher of your thoughts.
You are the stillness beneath the noise.
You are the love and joy beneath the struggle.

#BeStill #BeHappy #BeHorsey #BeHippie #HorseHippie #MorningMantra #InspirationalQuotes

Quote: Kristin Armstrong and Eckhart Tolle


We are such wondrous weavers...

Miss Mental


Childhood trauma impacts our ability to trust the world, other people and ourselves. We may hesitate to commit ourselves to developing an intentional plan of growth that requires trust, emotional intimacy, or accountability with others. However success in wellbeing and overall self care doesn’t happen in a bubble of isolation. We need healthy minded people for companionship and support along our journey of healing. 💕

Nedra Tawwab

Just as we have perimeters with others, we must have boundaries for ourselves. ⁣

Boundaries are guidelines that keep us mentally and emotionally healthy and help us to feel safe. ⁣

What boundaries have you set for yourself? ⁣
#nedranuggets #setboundariesfindpeace


Opening our heart is never easy – especially when there’s been a heartbreak that has shut us down and allowed us to build walls to protect the tenderness of our heart. But RIGHT NOW, we can take some easy nourishing steps to feel again…to love again…and to let love BACK in!!!!

1) We need to give ourselves permission to begin the process. You don’t have to give in or forgive someone (or even yourself) – but simply granting yourself permission to go to your heart is a HUGE STEP.

2) Accepting that you are entitled to receive unconditional love is critical. You are so worthy…so deserving to receive the love of the divine creator…the love of the universe…the love of others.

3) Acknowledging that HERE YOU ARE in this precious sacred moment and whatever broke your heart or continues to ache it…have brought you to this moment where you can love again…and feel love again.

4) Appreciating your environment – having gratitude for the world around you allows you take your attention off of the “poor me” mindset and allows you to ask, “How can I serve others?”

5) Having compassion is empathy plus rooting for someone’s pain and suffering to end. Having self-compassion (yes, rooting for yourself) and willing to forgive yourself for any big or little sins you’ve been beating yourself up over will allow you to step through your current pain which is holding you back.

6) Sharing love with others…flowing love into the world in every moment…living life with a Namaste mindset offers you an opportunity to BE THE CHANGE with very little risk to your tenderness.

7) And lastly…celebrate! Celebrate your little wins…your small successes. Party! And congratulate yourself for leaning in the direction of LOVE.

Peace. -davidji

rp @chronically_cheerful

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Great intentions to consider even starting today.

Being intentional is an ongoing practice. Consider ways to be more aware.

*Personalizing is the belief that everything done by others is about you or the idea that everything a person does is a direct attack against you. People do things based on who they are, not who you are.


Henry Cloud

Psyched Mommy

Are you an over-explainer? Maybe you qualify your responses and want to let people know why you make the decisions you do?⁠

This often is a sign of vulnerability...perhaps insecurity. As parents, we want to remind others (and ourselves) that we’re good enough. We want to show those around us that we are equipped to do this and that we’re not “failing.”⁠

Could I challenge you to create your own affirmations? Catch yourself in the over-explaining and ask “why am I doing this? What do I have to prove?” You ARE good enough. You are MORE than enough. You don’t need someone else to tell you.⁠

Sharon Martin, LCSW

Contemplative Monk

Nedra Tawwab

Creating a life with another person requires you to lean into learning more about yourself, confronting your triggers, and learning ways to respect one another.

Love is patient. And it is also learning to define the terms of your relationship with another person.

If you are in a committed relationship, engaged, or you desire to be in a relationship, the following books are helpful:
If You're In My Office, It's Too Late
8 Dates
Babyproofing Your Marriage

*I've been a relationship therapist for 12 years and married for 10 years.

The Holistic Psychologist

Behaviors always make sense when you understand at one time kept you safe or allowed you to feel loved #selfhealers

Contemplative Monk


PTSD Affects First Responders Too--Hear One Story

themighty.com “[I try to instill] hope, because when you don’t have hope, that leads to dark places. You can still thrive when you have a mental health condition.”

Bertha Rodarte, PhD Licensed Psychologist


He Designed A Smartwatch App To Help Stop His Dad's Nightmares

npr.org Patrick Skluzacek suffered from PTSD-related nightmares, which were ruining his life. His son, Tyler, created a smartwatch application to disrupt them. The app recently won FDA approval.

The Holistic Psychologist

In working with clients, the most common diagnosis people came to me with was “social anxiety disorder.”

They felt anxious around new people, completely pre-occupied around what they said or how others were perceiving them. They described feeling awkward in their own skin + many coped with these feelings by drinking. Drinking that sometimes became an issue because they felt like they couldn’t control it— or often drank way more than they had planned.

Social anxiety is misunderstood. It’s not a disorder, it’s a nervous system response.

When the nervous system is in a hyper vigilant state, our body feels as though there is a threat in our environment. Objectively, a threat to our safety isn’t there (we are simply in a room of new people) but the body sends feedback to the mind which then creates cyclical thoughts of not being liked, that we are being judged, or false beliefs of low self worth.

Our trauma brain is back in our past. Where we learned hypervigilance to keep us safe in our earliest environments.

Binge drinking or coping with alcohol is actually a very common attempt to regulate the nervous system. It’s why so many feel they just need to “grab a drink” before even engaging with people.

Ways to Heal:
1. Mind body movement: yoga, Thai chi, kickboxing.
2. EFT (tapping): I have a video on “how to” on my YouTube channel
3. Meditation: with committed practice, meditation has been scientifically proven to expand grey matter of the brain within the pre-frontal cortex. Expanding this area of the brain allows for quicker problem solving + wider range of emotional regulation
4. Grounding techniques: using sight, sound, smell to “ground” into the present moment. With practice, the body + mind re-learn safety/security + can recover from hypervigilance more quickly #selfhealers


Spoon Theory Can Be Used to Fight Migraine Stigma

migraine.com Using spoon theory to break migraine stigma.

Sensory Stories

Many people have kids with Sensory Processing Disorder and don't know there's a reason for their behaviors (and believe it or not, many adults have it and don't know... that was me a few years ago! 🤯)

So... here's a post explaining it a little bit.

***Note that SPD is complicated and can look different in every person who has it. This graphic shows some ways it can manifest... it is not exhaustive and it's important to note that many who have SPD exhibit a mix of responses from both sides.***

Image credit: Miracle Maker Mom

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Why You Can’t Make Someone Grow Up

boundaries.me When he faces the consequences of his immaturity, he stands a better chance of changing.

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