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Christian Life Coach based on Biblical principals and prayer


💚 I’m doing great
💙 I am okay
💛 I’m okay-ish
💜 Things are tough
🧡 I’m struggling
❤ I’m having a hard time and wouldn’t mind if someone reached out to me
🖤 I’m in a bad place right now

Drop your heart color and let me know how you are doing!! If you need prayers please feel free to send a message!! I love you all. 💕


The New York Times

Learning to manage conflict, make friends and navigate groups are key social skills that can take a whole lifetime to refine. 02/15/2020

Young Workers Seek Mental Health Accommodations, Employers Try to Keep Up Companies are facing a generation of young workers with higher rates of reported mental illness and greater expectations of accommodation, putting managers under pressure to adapt. 01/21/2020

Intimidation Tactics Are Abuse - Reach Out Recovery No one should ever use intimidation to get their way. There's nothing safe or fun about being with someone who holds such power over another person. 01/17/2020

How Complaining Physically Rewires Your Brain To Be Anxious And Depressed We all know a Debby-downer who is perpetually negative and tends to bring everyone down with them. For these people,


The Contented Child, Child Wellbeing Consultancy

Crying Is Not A Sign Of Weakness – It’s A Sign Of Emotional Intelligence

[01/06/20]   What is God saying about you this year? Ask and listen to what the Holy Spirit is saying. Write an acrostic with your name. 12/30/2019

Trauma Is Not Your Fault, But Healing Is Your Responsibility Healing is our responsibility because we have this one life, this single shot to do something important. 12/17/2019

Never Apologize for Being a Strong Woman Two weeks ago, I posted an article to LinkedIn by Steve Wiens. It is titled, “An Ode to Women Who Are Too Much. 11/27/2019

You Know You Have Healed ​5 Reasons Crying A Lot Is Means You're Mentally Tough 11/26/2019

Enough is Enough | Gary Thomas My recent experience at a women's conference opened up my eyes to the depth of pain and evil too many wives are having to endure.


Emotional Abuse Is Far Worse Than You Think

Emotional abuse is traumatic, and not enough is being done about stopping it! How bad is it? Tara reveals the shocking answer. Read More: Childhood Psycholog...


Juicing Vegetables

Plants are the best 11/21/2019

Therapist Explains The Important Difference Between Support And ‘Toxic Positivity’ In One Simple Chart Nobody wants to be kicked when they are already down so naturally, we think that telling people uplifting mantras about positivity will give them the boost they need, but this is not always the case. 11/21/2019

It's OK to Mourn the People You've Had to Cut Off "Mourning can be complicated when the person is still alive but you cannot see them." 11/19/2019

This Girl’s Therapist Suggested Drawing On Her Body Instead of Cutting, And It Worked Beautifully You might be shocked to learn that as many as one in five people suffer from cutting or “non-suicidal self-injury.” The issue often goes unnoticed because it’s easy to hide beneath clothing, so even loved ones might not realize it’s happening. Cutting is defined as the intentional, self-infl... 11/19/2019

9 Things You Won’t Remember If You Had A Toxic Parent & What That Means A toxic parent's actions can seem obvious in hindsight, making you question why you didn't see how wrong they were when you were young. But there are actually a lot of things you won't remember if you had a toxic parent, and it's the absences that…




San Antonio, TX
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Tease & Tame Tease & Tame
1110 S Alamo
San Antonio, 78210

Doing a little bit of it all from updo's to colors,cuts and personal styling. All prices are based off consultation, and subject to change due to the nature of the service and labor provided durring the service. All fees are non refundable. All prices inc

Elizabeth Rodriguez Wellness Elizabeth Rodriguez Wellness
San Antonio

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach/ Pilates Trainer

Sacred She Sacred She
San Antonio, 78259-2429

Sacred She helps women create sacred space in all aspects of their lives.

Awakening to Yes Awakening to Yes
San Antonio, 78250

Our presence is needed now more than ever. Presence has an open heart and strong steady legs. Awakening to yes opens us to this experience. If you're curious, I'd really love to hear from you.

Lenny Walls Lenny Walls
9100 Wurzbach Rd
San Antonio, 78240

***POPULAR SPEAKING TOPICS*** - Business Management & Leadership - Sports Motivation & Achievement - Health and wellness: Finding a balance of body, mind, and soul - Perseverance: Succeeding Against All Odds

Paula Christo, Real Estate Coach & Referral Partner Paula Christo, Real Estate Coach & Referral Partner
San Antonio, 78248

I am a coach for Real Estate Agents to help them take their business to the next level AND matchmaking buyers and sellers with the best realtor for their needs.

Cindy Fearon Yoga and Wellness Cindy Fearon Yoga and Wellness
San Antonio

Grab a cuppa tea, have a seat on your mat, and let's talk yoga!

Jump Flip Land Jump Flip Land
2506 Freedom Dr
San Antonio, 78217

Jump Flip Land is a gym facility that offers classes for Parkour, Tumbling, and Ninja Warrior for all ages.

Ideal Tennis Academy Ideal Tennis Academy
339 Fantasia Dr
San Antonio, 78216

Welcome to Ideal Tennis Academy! Best developing Academy in town! Classes M-Sat. 4 yrs old & up. Beg to Champ level. Come and join our tennis family!

Aniyah In Motion - AIM Aniyah In Motion - AIM
San Antonio, 78247

Aniyah Burke : Personal Youth Coach, designer and Commercial Modeling Ansonya Burke (Managing Mom) : 210.833.6473

Hoop Ambitions Training Hoop Ambitions Training
16316 San Pedro Ave
San Antonio, 78232

Hoop Ambitions is a San Antonio, Texas based basketball training program with a focus on elite group training and individual skills development.

Specialized Fitness Inc. Specialized Fitness Inc.
210 E Ramsey Rd
San Antonio, 78216

2nd location 31007 Interstate 10 W, Boerne, Texas