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I help divorced women, just like you,reclaim who they are, build an even better life than they imagined possible and open their heart to loving life again.

As a Life After Divorce Coach with a Masters in Social Work, I can help you deal head-on with your heartache and live the fabulous life you absolutely 100% deserve. Schedule your FREE Life After Divorce Breakthrough Call today by clicking on the Book Now button.

[05/30/20]   🦋 Grateful for being on K.E.'s Journey to EMERGE 🦋

“I learned about Emerge Now Coaching, ENC, when I met the founder through a women’s professional group. As Christine Khetarpal described the experience leading her to establish ENC I knew I owed it to myself to request a consultation.

I was coming out of a decade of profound loss. This included the death of a marriage that left me vulnerable to a con artist; my child’s life being threatened; the death of a beloved family member just as my two children graduated from school and went out on their own.

Because you do what you have to do, I chose to swim not sink. Not only did I survive what so many of my friends and acquaintances said they’d never would have had an ability to pull off, I landed the job of a lifetime.

What people around me didn’t know was that my life had become one of sheer existence.

There was absolutely no joy and I didn’t understand why I had no energy, no desire to socialize or even embrace the new life I’d fought for and won. Furthermore, I didn’t understand where the break down was. In my mind I went back and forth speculating whether or not it was in my personal life or even within my wonderful new job.

After the consultation with Christine there was no deciding. I knew that I wanted to take the next 3 months to work with her with a goal of igniting joy in my life. As a result of Christine’s guidance and a lot of hard work on my part, I can honestly say I have emerged from a state of misery and exhaustion to an astute awareness of the situations and people who I used to willingly give my energy to despite the fact there was no personal pay off.

I learned that my interactions with these people and situations was leaving me feeling depleted, and, as if it is even possible, less than depleted. I likened the experience to pouring water in a bottomless pail. Despite the volume I poured, I was left with nothing but exhaustion from the physical and emotional effort.

Christine helped me to understand that it was my right to be the kind of sister and daughter that I respected, not the sister and daughter my sibling and parent wanted me to be.

This was about so much more than boundaries. I was learning how to carve out a new space in which I could thrive.

One thing that has amazed me on this journey was the extent to which a small shift in one part of my life has made me feel change in another. Also, there is a cumulative effect of the shifting. As one part of my life started improving, I began to feel the positive effects in other parts of my life as well.

I think it is important to note that my transformation happened during the corona virus pandemic. At precisely the time we were figuring out my path forward, I was unable to incorporate the social activities and other things I’d chosen to embrace. In this time of social distancing I’m finding creative outlets for my renewed energy and desire, ones that leave me grateful and thankful that I’ve learned how to live the life that is right for me. In less than 90 days I’ve learned the necessity of pausing to honor my spirit first before I help others.

Christine, I'm so appreciative to you for helping me to step into the life I've earned and that I deserve.

Thank you for helping me emerge!

Now is your time to E.M.E.R.G.E.!

As a Life After Divorce Coach with a Masters in Social Work, I can help you deal head-on with your heartache and live the fabulous life you absolutely 100% deserve.

I know you’re doing everything you can to piece back your life together and make a fresh start. You’re holding your head high and moving forward one step at a time... for your kids, for your family, for yourself.

If you’re struggling to let go of the past and need to find a way to finally move forward,

If you’re worried about your kids and seeing how distraught you are is affecting them.





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