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Melinda Charles of the San Antonio Center for Childhood Trauma and Attachment LLC is a wealth of training resources for child welfare workers.

When we stop shouting, "What's the matter with you!" and start asking, "What happened to you and how can I help?" we start to see dramatic differences. That's when children and families can open up to the interventions we offer and begin to heal. It begins with putting on our "trauma lens." Call us to learn more.

“The best source of support is often other parents of unattached children who trul

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Author: To Reach Struggling Students, Schools Need to Be More 'Trauma-Sensitive' 03/05/2021

Author: To Reach Struggling Students, Schools Need to Be More 'Trauma-Sensitive'

Author: To Reach Struggling Students, Schools Need to Be More 'Trauma-Sensitive' In her new book, school consultant and former teacher Susan E. Craig argues that teachers need to have a deeper understanding of the effects of trauma and adverse circumstances on learning and what they can do help struggling students regain their academic ability.

7 Positive Childhood Experiences (PCE's) that Shape Adult Health and Resiliency - Illustrated - 03/03/2021

7 Positive Childhood Experiences (PCE's) that Shape Adult Health and Resiliency - Illustrated -

7 Positive Childhood Experiences (PCE's) that Shape Adult Health and Resiliency - Illustrated - Positive Childhood Experiences can build resilience to trauma and mental illness. This illustrated printable contains a breakdown of all 7 Protective Childhood Experiences (PCE's) identified by researchers. 11/20/2020

Discipline and Interventions for Child with DMDD | HealthyPlace

Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder is a relatively new diagnosis, characterized by chronic irritability and severe acting out. It affects many children who have histories of abuse, neglect, and is often comorbid with PTSD. Does this sound like your child? Interventions for disruptive mood dysregulation disorder teach kids emotional regulation, frustration tolerance. Read how to discipline a child with DMDD on HealthyPlace. 09/17/2020

6 Goals for Educators with Reactive Attachment Disorder Students 6 Goals for Educators with Reactive Attachment Disorder Students 03/03/2020

What does Treatment for RAD Look Like? -

"Children with RAD lie, manipulate and con. If they are taken behind closed doors with an adult who doesn’t live with the child, the child will use that opportunity to fine-tune their skills in manipulating, conning, and lying to the therapist. This causes tremendous regression in the child’s behavior. Trained treatment providers base the progress of the therapy on the child’s behavior at home, not the façade the child shows in the office."
If the therapist does not include the mother in therapy, look elsewhere. The goal should be to build a secure attachment between the child and her mother, not the child and her therapist. Children with RAD need "special handling" by treatment professionals. Here are some pointers for treating RAD, Reactive Attachment Disorder and trauma. 01/01/2020

Inflammation and the Brain Changes Observed in Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder | Inflammation and the Brain Changes Observed in Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder by Shirley Davis | Jul 29, 2019 | CPTSD Research, The Brain and CPTSD, Trauma-Informed, Uncategorized | 2 comments Formerly I stated this series would be split into two parts. However, due to the enormous amount of... 10/24/2019

Four Myths We Used To Believe About The Effects of Childhood Trauma - The Crappy Childhood Fairy Everyone knows that trauma in childhood can cause problems later in life, but until recently, we totally misunderstood how this happens. Here are four myths that have dominated our understanding of Childhood PTSD, and convoluted our approach to treatment: Myth 1: Childhood PTSD is a psychological wo...


Inamojo - wellbeing programs for children.



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When a child is having a meltdown- screaming is the last thing we should be doing.

Instead be stability itself in that moment and make them feel safe ❤️


Children who have experienced repetitive harm from their caregivers have set down a template in their brains that adults, especially mothers, are dangerous. The only way to change that relationship template is to provide repetitive playful, fun, and loving experiences of their caregivers. This takes time. First, we must eliminate all forms of anger and threat, or we're just repeating and reinforcing the same old destructive patterns.

The power of play.


CPTSD and me 06/30/2019

Connected teens become healthier adults: Study

Another reason to cut back on screen time. Teens who feel connected with others at home and school have fewer serious health problems and risks as young adults, a new study suggests.


Adopt4Life - Ontario's Adoptive Parents Association

So important to remember this. 06/20/2019

Technology cuts children off from adults, warns expert UCL professor says digital world disrupts family life, risking mental health of youngsters 06/19/2019

Misattunement – The Invisible ACE

An overlooked adverse childhood experience involves having our emotional needs neglected even though our physical needs are met. This can have a devastating influence on our self-worth. This was an all too common experience for many. You may recognize yourself in this article. “I had a good childhood. There was always food on the table and a roof over my head. So why do I feel stuck all of the time?” Do you wonder why you often feel unsatisfied in your relationships or why your professional life goes nowhere in spite of lots of effort? Or why you never feel seen? What... 06/13/2019

San Antonio Center for Childhood Trauma and Attachment LLC – Building Connected Families One Child at a Time

I've recently posted 6 new blogs on my website. Check them out at 😊 Education and Strategies to correct the adverse effects of chronic trauma in children We provide adoptive and foster families with the tools they need to neutralize the chaos and promote healing for their hurt child. Promoting, Hope, Help, Healing, and Harmony! Testimonials We truly believed love an...


Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mothers Day to our inspiring and amazing Serenity Pediatric's moms ❤️! Motherhood is an emotion roller coaster with many highs and lows. We are proud to share the motherhood journey with you !! You inspire all of us every day! You are true superheroes! 04/17/2019

Check out this new Executive Function Visual from Harvard! Please feel free to share!

I talk a lot about executive function skills and why they are so often lagging in children who have experienced early abuse and neglect. What looks like "slowness" are actually developmental skills that are lagging. The good news is that they can be learned, but the children will need "scaffolding' from caring adults. Read more about EF skills and scaffolding in this helpful chart. 04/16/2019

6 Things To Do Before You Adopt a Child from the Foster Care System

Most children adopted from foster care will have many needs, and those needs can be expensive. Don't rush into adoption until you've checked off the items on this list. Make sure you have the financial resources and supports you need. Treatment and resources for adoptive families of children with reactive attachment disorder and education for the parents and advocates who support them. 04/08/2019

Residential treatment facilities: What you need to consider before sending your child with developmental trauma disorder

You alone are not able to heal developmental trauma any more than you can set your child's arm or cure leukemia. To decide the best care for a child with developmental trauma is personal and heart-wrenching for a parent. If a residential treatment facility is a possibility, here are some thoughts to consider. 03/31/2019

The most simple way to help adoptive parents of children with developmental trauma disorder

Most parents have little idea of how to raise children who come with a history of trauma and neglect, and, unfortunately, techniques that work are not intuitive. However, help is out there but you need to know enough about developmental trauma to ask the right questions. Some adoptive parents are left with a much different “ever after” than anticipated. And they can struggle immensely and, often, completely alone. 03/27/2019

Can the legacy of trauma be passed down the generations?

There is increasing evidence that the effects of trauma can be passed down through generations due to changes in the expression of DNA. These cause negative outcomes in mental and physical health. This field of study is called epigenetics. But continued research points to hope that these changes can be mitigated. Our children and grandchildren are shaped by the genes they inherit from us, but new research is revealing that experiences of hardship or violence can leave their mark too. 03/11/2019

How our psychiatrist learned from the mistakes of evidence-based practices early in his career (with bonus materials)

Important information for all parents of children with attachment disturbances. Giving all children medication for ADHD may be barking up the wrong tree, but the question is, what is the right tree? When psychiatrist Dr. John Alston began working exclusively with children suffering the impact of early trauma at the Institute for Attachment and Child Development, he learned what he had wrong. He was following evidence-based practices rather than what worked for the children. 03/07/2019

At the brink of adoption disruption: A little-known but wide-spread epidemic for adoptive families (with helpful resources)

Unfortunately, all too often, families are driven to the brink when they have a child with developmental trauma disorder. There are some helpful resources here. When Amy VanTine and her husband adopted their daughter *Karen from the foster care system at age 8, they anticipated that she’d go through some rough times. They had no idea, however, that the trauma Karen had endured early on would continue to impact her – and their entire family – greatly. ...


Sonic Learning

Children who have a history of abuse and neglect often have trouble learning. We need to become our child's "expert", and advocate for them.

Are you the parent of "that kid"? We hear you! 03/02/2019

How Does Dyslexia Affect the Brain?

Excellent short tutorial on dyslexia. More and more children are diagnosed with dyslexia and other learning disabilities. It's more important than ever to know exactly what it does to the brains of your loved ones. 02/25/2019

New Artcle: Understanding Trauma's Impact on Learning - Trauma Sensitive Schools

An excellent article on the effects of trauma on learning. Worth sharing with school personnel and your child's IEP team. We write this month to share a newly published article with you. The February, 2109 edition of School Administrator, the American Association of School Administrators’ award-winning monthly magazine, features an article written by TLPI’s Director, Susan Cole.


World Economic Forum

When American teens were surveyed, they were asked if they'd rather have the latest piece of technology or more time with their parents, they chose---more time with their parents! Spend time with your teens. They need you!

Ice-cold turkey? Read more: 02/21/2019

Giving students more music, theater, and dance boosts writing scores (and compassion), big new study finds

These activities are especially helpful for children who have experienced trauma. One of the largest gold-standard studies on arts education ever conducted finds measurable benefits to giving students more music, theater, and dance. 02/18/2019

How Traumatized Children See the World, According to Their Drawings The key to tackling trauma is a constant, loving caregiver. That makes separating migrant families even more troubling


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Connected parenting often means a progression toward awareness of our child's particular wiring, and all of its gifts. We can work to become present to our child's reality - and Recognize how life might feel in their shoes. For kids diagnosed with sluggish cognitive tempo or slow processing speed (while not listed in DSM-V as ADHD, often a component that psychologists will list in testing results), the day might look something like this:


When your child is having a meltdown...
💙💜 01/09/2019

Trauma in early childhood boosts the risk of teen obesity, study says

Adverse childhood experiences have been strongly linked to adverse health consequences. Among these is obesity. Adolescents who reported all six adverse childhood experiences were 1.5 times more apt to be overweight, 2 times more likely to be obese, and more than 4 times at risk for severe obesity.





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