CHUMS - Colonial Hills United Methodist School, San Antonio, TX Video May 12, 2020, 7:38pm

Videos by CHUMS - Colonial Hills United Methodist School in San Antonio. Where play is purposeful and childhood is a priority.

Baby Doll Circle Time 5-15

This is our last Baby Doll Circle Time for this school year! A very special thank you to Mrs. Lagos for providing us with this fun time!!! Now go get your baby!!!

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chapel 5-20
Thank you so much to Miss Patty, Mrs. Coltrane and camera woman, Mrs. Lagos, for making sure we had Chapel during our cl...

Morning Meeting 5-18
It's our last Monday before Summer begins!! Thank you to Mrs. Lagos and her camera "crew", Mrs. Coltrane, for bringing ...

Baby Doll Circle Time 5-15
This is our last Baby Doll Circle Time for this school year! A very special thank you to Mrs. Lagos for providing us wi...

Miss Marcia 5-10
It's Mother's Day!! Did you know that Miss Marcia is a mommy too?? She has 3 beautiful daughters!! Happy Mother's Day...

Little Mice Go Creeping
It's time for music with Miss Patty!!

Where is Thumbkin?
Do you know where your "thumbkin is"? Sing-a-long with Miss Patty and let's find out!

5 Little Ducks
Come and "quack, quack, quack" with Miss Patty and her granddaughter!!!

Baby Doll Circle Time 5/8
Wonder what those silly little babies will be up to today??

Specials "I Wish You More"

Chapel 5-13
"The Lord be with you...." Are you ready for Chapel?

Chapel 5-6
It's Wednesday and that means it's Chapel Day!!

Baby Doll Circle Time - 5-1
Happy Friday!! You know what that means, don't you?? It's Baby Doll Circle Time!!

Ms. Marcia 5/3/2020
Good morning! Join us for "Children's Time" with Ms. Marcia!!

Chapel 4-29
It's time for Chapel!! Let's see what Mrs. Coltrane and Miss Patty are sharing with us today!!

Miss Patty - Little Green Frog
Another frogtastic song from our Miss Patty!!

Miss Patty - Green and Speckled Frogs
Who likes frogs?? Miss Patty sure does!! You all can sing along!!

Morning Meeting 4/27
Good morning CHUMS school family!! We hope everyone had a nice weekend!! Welcome to our morning meeting!!

Miss Patty - La Raspa
Let's FIESTA CHUMS with Miss Patty and Emma Lou!!!

Baby Doll Circle Time 4/24
Come on over boys and girls!! Get your babies (or stuffed animal) and join us for Baby Doll Circle Time!

Bible Story with Ms. Marcia 4-23
Ms. Marcia is back to share a story with us!!!

Baby Doll Circle Time 4-20
Better late than never...someone may have forgotten to post this last Friday!! Oops!! Enjoy Baby Doll Circle Time now!...

Chapel 4-22
Join us for our weekly chapel with Miss Patty and Mrs. Coltrane!

Monday Morning Meeting 4-20
Happy Monday CHUMS School Family!!! It's time for our Monday morning meeting!!

Easter with Ms. Marcia
ICYMI - Ms. Marcia's Easter Children's Time

Motor Skills #9
Do the robot!

Motor Skills #8
Are you ready to S-H-A-K-E??

Motor Skills #7
Brown Bear, Brown Bear Yoga with Mrs. Garcia and Mrs. Sartori!

Mrs. Schrader Science #1
Have fun making the colors dance in the milk!