CHUMS - Colonial Hills United Methodist School, San Antonio, TX Video May 12, 2020, 8:37pm

Videos by CHUMS - Colonial Hills United Methodist School in San Antonio. Where play is purposeful and childhood is a priority.

Morning Meeting 5-18

It's our last Monday before Summer begins!! Thank you to Mrs. Lagos and her camera "crew", Mrs. Coltrane, for bringing us our weekly meetings!! Today, listen for the summer birthday shout out and a cheer for our graduating Kinders!!! We love our CHUMS school family!!

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chapel 5-20
Thank you so much to Miss Patty, Mrs. Coltrane and camera woman, Mrs. Lagos, for making sure we had Chapel during our cl...

Morning Meeting 5-18
It's our last Monday before Summer begins!! Thank you to Mrs. Lagos and her camera "crew", Mrs. Coltrane, for bringing ...

Baby Doll Circle Time 5-15
This is our last Baby Doll Circle Time for this school year! A very special thank you to Mrs. Lagos for providing us wi...

Miss Marcia 5-10
It's Mother's Day!! Did you know that Miss Marcia is a mommy too?? She has 3 beautiful daughters!! Happy Mother's Day...

Little Mice Go Creeping
It's time for music with Miss Patty!!

Where is Thumbkin?
Do you know where your "thumbkin is"? Sing-a-long with Miss Patty and let's find out!

5 Little Ducks
Come and "quack, quack, quack" with Miss Patty and her granddaughter!!!

Baby Doll Circle Time 5/8
Wonder what those silly little babies will be up to today??

Specials "I Wish You More"

Chapel 5-13
"The Lord be with you...." Are you ready for Chapel?

Chapel 5-6
It's Wednesday and that means it's Chapel Day!!

Baby Doll Circle Time - 5-1
Happy Friday!! You know what that means, don't you?? It's Baby Doll Circle Time!!

Ms. Marcia 5/3/2020
Good morning! Join us for "Children's Time" with Ms. Marcia!!

Chapel 4-29
It's time for Chapel!! Let's see what Mrs. Coltrane and Miss Patty are sharing with us today!!

Miss Patty - Little Green Frog
Another frogtastic song from our Miss Patty!!

Miss Patty - Green and Speckled Frogs
Who likes frogs?? Miss Patty sure does!! You all can sing along!!

Morning Meeting 4/27
Good morning CHUMS school family!! We hope everyone had a nice weekend!! Welcome to our morning meeting!!

Miss Patty - La Raspa
Let's FIESTA CHUMS with Miss Patty and Emma Lou!!!

Baby Doll Circle Time 4/24
Come on over boys and girls!! Get your babies (or stuffed animal) and join us for Baby Doll Circle Time!

Bible Story with Ms. Marcia 4-23
Ms. Marcia is back to share a story with us!!!

Baby Doll Circle Time 4-20
Better late than never...someone may have forgotten to post this last Friday!! Oops!! Enjoy Baby Doll Circle Time now!...

Chapel 4-22
Join us for our weekly chapel with Miss Patty and Mrs. Coltrane!

Monday Morning Meeting 4-20
Happy Monday CHUMS School Family!!! It's time for our Monday morning meeting!!

Easter with Ms. Marcia
ICYMI - Ms. Marcia's Easter Children's Time

Motor Skills #9
Do the robot!

Motor Skills #8
Are you ready to S-H-A-K-E??

Motor Skills #7
Brown Bear, Brown Bear Yoga with Mrs. Garcia and Mrs. Sartori!

Mrs. Schrader Science #1
Have fun making the colors dance in the milk!