Glen Guyton Speaker, Author, & Advocate for Cultural Competency, San Antonio, TX Video October 30, 2019, 7:36pm

Videos by Glen Guyton Speaker, Author, & Advocate for Cultural Competency in San Antonio. Glen helps leaders manage cultural & generational differences in the workplace, leading to reduced s

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Start where you are. The work takes commitment and knowledge of your context. #diversityandinclusion #diversityspeaker #...

Getting ready for education #eventplanner #meetingplanner #connectfaith

Hanging out in Monte Carlo. Travel can stretch your cultural competence.

Glen Guyton Keynote Speaker | Diversity and Inclusion | Generational Expert | Gen Z Speaker
Looking for your next great keynote presentation on diversity and inclusion or generations in the workplace? Check out m...

Live your life and love the life you live. #joy

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Training is cheap. Racism is costly.

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Intercultural Competence: Basic terms you should know when developing your Diversity and Inclusion strategies.

Intercultural communication training

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It has been a strange black history month. Here is a brief history of blackface in our society. This is the easiet type ...

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Cross-Cultural dining experience. Culture is tasty.

It’s YOUR world but others live in it

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Glen Guyton Speaker, Author, and Advocate for Cultural Competency
Glen describes his cultural competency work and the tools available to organizations.