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americamakes.us 07/18/2017

AmericaMakes - Innovation Sprint: Additive Manufacturing Curricula Challenge

Have you developed high-quality Additive Manufacturing Curriculum? Then you should enter the Innovation Sprint Additive Manufacturing Curricula Challenge! The winner receives a one-year silver membership to America Makes​! Please check them out at the link below.

americamakes.us America Makes proudly announces the third challenge in the series called Innovation Sprints that is open to both members and non-members. The goal of...



3D Printing is the next big thing. Check out these 3D printed shapes containing a mixture of seeds, spores and yeast, which will start to grow after only a few days.

These 3D printed shapes contain a mixture of seeds, spores and yeast, which will start to grow after only a few days.


America Makes

Join us as we continue to #train #Veterans across the #UnitedStates in #AdditiveManufacting and #3DPrinting

We're presenting a new series of 3DPrinting Boot Camps for veterans this summer! In collaboration with our friends at 3D Veterans with help from a Google.org grant, the camps will take place in three cities, beginning June 5th in Pittsburgh! Several America Makes member companies have signed on as curriculum partners. Learn more: http://bit.ly/2rRkY7c

3dprintingindustry.com 05/24/2017

Stratasys introduce 3D printers to hospitals in five states to help US veterans

#Veterans want to learn the latest technologies in #CAD from Autodesk with #3DPrinting and #AdditiveManufacting from the industry leaders? Next training course starting soon in #Pittsburgh #SanFrancisco #LosAngeles #California join our team at www.3DVeterans.com

3dprintingindustry.com In an agreement with the US Department of Veterans Affairs Center for Innovation (VACI), Israeli 3D printer manufacturer Stratasys (NASDAQ:SSYS) is installing 3D printers in five Veterans Affairs (VA) hospitals around the nation. The 3D printers will be used to help plan surgical operations, train m...

[05/17/17]   We train #Military #Veterans on #Additive #Manufacturing Technologies to provide meaningful and exciting #career opportunities.

Start your new career today - #Apply on our website to learn more!


America Makes

Watch this documentary America Makes masterfully put together of 3D Veterans Additive Manufacturing Bootcamp. We took San Antonio, TX Veterans and taught them the skills to 3D Design and 3D Print Assistive Devices for Disabled Veterans. The 3D Veterans team is so proud of this initiative and are excited to run more 3D Printing bootcamps for Veterans soon in major cities! Enjoy this America Makes Moment!

[WATCH] We are honored to release the FULL documentary of the 3D Veterans Additive Manufacturing Boot Camp. This project was made possible through a Google.org grant and support from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Center for Innovation. Welcome to this impactful America Makes Moment...

industryweek.com 08/19/2016

The Father of 3D Printing Looks Ahead

Charles Hull, the founder of the technology that turned into 3D Printing, what does he have to say about the future?

"Manufacturing is rapidly changing, so when we’re talking about deployment, we’re not talking about some ancient assembly line. The people we talk with are already fully into digital manufacturing."


industryweek.com When Chuck Hull invented stereolithography in the early 1980s, he had some ideas about what it might spawn, but he could have never imagined the scope of the current 3D-printing world. Now the CTO of 3D Systems, the company he founded in 1983, Hull is the benevolent father figure of a booming indust...

engadget.com 08/19/2016

Adidas rewards its medal-winning Olympians with 3D-printed shoes

Did you know that 2016 medal winning Olympic runners will be getting 3D Printed Shoes as part of their awards?


engadget.com Adidas made 3d-printed shoes for its medal-winning athletes at the Rio Olympics.

techradar.com 08/01/2016

Why 3D printing will save your life one day

Want a career that combines design and manufacturing that is sure to have amazing opportunities for the future? Does the idea of 3D Printing in the medical field sound fascinating to you? Check out this article below, 3D Printing may save your life one day.


techradar.com It's far more than just making little toys

fortune.com 07/16/2016

World's Biggest Truck Maker Turns to 3D Printing for Spare Parts

Why ship a part if you don't have to? 3D Printing becomes more and more of a reality in business for on-demand parts production every day, Ask Daimler Benz:


fortune.com Why make and ship components across the world any more?

inc.com 07/13/2016

Meet the First Artificial Animal


inc.com Scientists genetically engineered and 3D-printed a biohybrid being, opening the door further for life-like robots and artificial intelligence

fortune.com 07/12/2016

3D Printing Has Changed the Prosthetics Business

3D Printing Has Changed the Prosthetics Business. Are you ready to join the single most disrupting force in rehabilitative medicine today?


fortune.com Making eyes, ears, and noses gets easier. (Mostly.)


Stratasys at EBS 2016: How 3D Printing Can Transform Business Models

Ben Lazarus, VP of Business Transformation at Stratasys, on why 3D Printing is changing the way business will work and how products will be developed in the future:


In this presentation from the European Business Summit (EBS) 2016, Stratasys' VP of Business Transformation, Ben Lazarus, describes the impact of additive ma...


Five Axis Additive Manufacturing

What if we could strongly enhance traditional 3D Printing to be even better? What if you could have all the advantages of an inexpensive 3D Printer with better parts strength? What if we added the capability to have the Z Axis rotate along itself to give you 5 Axis printing? We don't have to wonder, watch the video below to see what Mitsubishi is doing right now:




The Hibbot is giving children with Cerebral Palsy a much better quality of life. Cerebral Palsy is a permanent movement disorder caused by a lesion in the developmental brain which causes muscle weakness, abnormal tone, movement disorders and balance problems. Thanks to Army Veteran and Licensed Prosthetist Chris Cummings for sending us this post.


thingiverse.com 06/30/2016

PHEETZ - Insole Gait Analysis by CharlesDesign

Are you a runner? Curious why you pronate or supinate while you're running? Would you like to see how your gait (how your feet land) affects your running? It's possible to do that now without thousands worth of dollars worth of diagnostic and test equipment:


thingiverse.com This is the 3D model of an insole which accommodates some force sensors for gait analysis. Once printed it was re-heated to 60 degrees in order to bend the stress relief perpendicular to the insole. My aim is to build an insole pressure distribution system to collect gait data. This data will then b...

thingiverse.com 06/30/2016

Flexy-Form Insole - Customizable by Gyrobot

Ever wear out your insoles in your favorite pair of running shoes? Can't find ones that are comfortable? 3D print your own!


thingiverse.com I offer a CAD tool that the podiatry profession can implement right at the coal face, or "Chairside" as they like to say. No scanner required. Take measurements, enter values in OpenSCAD or Customizer, export model, print flat and heat form to fit. Open source CAD (OpenSCAD). Customizable insole pro...

davinci.dk 06/30/2016

3D printed implants with nanotechnology to rebuild broken joints - DAVINCI development A/S

Medical Implants that rebuild injured joints for you? Science fiction, no sir. Science Fact:


davinci.dk DAVINCI and among others Aarhus University initiates cooperation about exciting project, which combines stem cell research, nanotechnology and 3D print. With the project CartigenPro a team of scientists has developed a nanotechnological material, which can be operated into the body at larger damages...

machinedesign.com 06/30/2016

Bringing 3D Printing Home—to Actual Homes

So what's something BIG in 3D Printing? Well, how about a house, or houses? China and Brazil are 3D printing walls and homes now greatly speeding up the process of building homes.


machinedesign.com 3D printing is moving into more industries and has been try to get traction industry.

thenextweb.com 06/30/2016

How 3D printing will change the pharmaceutical world forever

Did you know that medicines are already being 3D Printed? It presents a more economical and sane alternative to traditional methods in low number production runs:


thenextweb.com New possibilities in 3D printing may open up a whole new chapter of opportunities for pharmaceutical research and bio-technology applications. There are a

weforum.org 06/30/2016

10 ways 3D printing can change the world

The World Economic Forum has some things you've likely never considered about 3D printing as well:


weforum.org A biotech company in San Francisco may have found a way to save the rhino, which is in danger of being hunted to extinction due to high demand for its horns. US start-up Pembient has come...

cnbc.com 06/30/2016

How 3-D printing will radically change the world

Why will 3D printing change the world in ways we never have considered? Read more about it here on CNBC:


cnbc.com The rise of 3-D printing will make life as we know it today barely recognizable in 50 to 75 years. But it's not the Jetsons. Not yet.

content.time.com 06/28/2016

The 50 Best Inventions of 2009 - TIME

Did you know that a $20 3D Printed knee joint has changed the lives for thousands of people all over the developing world? A joint project between Stanford University and the Bhagwan Mahaveer Viklang Sahayata Samiti, it continues to give hope and mobility to people needing a low cost lower limb replacement every day.


content.time.com By Lisa Abend, Alex Altman, Theunis Bates, Gilbert Cruz, Andrea Dorfman, Charles Duerr, Laura Fitzpatrick, Andréa Ford, Sean Gregory, Lev Grossman, Peter Ha, Barbara Kiviat, Jeffrey Kluger,...

thingiverse.com 06/28/2016

Limbitless Arm for Alex (V1) by UCFArmory

Here is the build part list and STL files if you want to build an eNable arm, credit to the eNable Community and enablingthefuture.org


thingiverse.com We are uploading our design for the Limbitless Arm. This will include a parts list, instructions for developing the electronics, as well as the CAD and STL parts for printing and editing. Additionally contact http://enablingthefuture.org/ for resources and the community of developers.

enablingthefuture.org 06/28/2016

Enabling The Future

Have you heard about the eNable community? eNable is made up of people all over the world who are using their 3D printers to create free 3D printed hands and arms for those in need of an upper limb assistive device. Here's some info on their project:


enablingthefuture.org A Global Network Of Passionate Volunteers Using 3D Printing To Give The World A "Helping Hand."


A helping hand with prosthetics: Joel Gibbard at TEDxExeter

Here's another great TedX talk with Joel Gibbard, an applications engineer who has started the openhand and openbionics projects for the development of new low-cost 3D Printable prosthetic hands:


This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Joel Gibbard got into robots because he thought they were cool, and...

thingiverse.com 06/28/2016

Utility Gauntlet V1 by Havenlabs

So, with all this talk about 3D Printed Prosthetics, does it have anyone psyched up about making one? Have access to a 3D Printer? Here is Havenlabs' Utility Gauntlet available to download on Thingiverse:


thingiverse.com Designed By: River Castelonia A heartfelt thank you to Fred, Alan, & Harold Stark. Without you, this would not be possible. We have been very excited to debut our Utility Gauntlet to the maker community for sometime now and are interested to see how the creativity of the Havenlabs community can impr...




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