Waking Up Free, San Antonio, TX Video November 11, 2020, 1:22am

Videos by Waking Up Free in San Antonio. Michelle Gutierrez ME.d Trauma-informed Coaching

Be Present

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Love Is Who You Are


Negativity Bias

Knowledge is only rumor

Be Present

Mindful Recovery

Be Kind to Your Mind
Paying attention to my thoughts today. Not letting the negative thoughts take root. Look for the good in everything.

You are enough.

Your People
They never should all over me. Those are my people.

Nice hair lady 🤣 ♥️

Toilet paper or no toilet paper
some of you ask me why I'm always driving doing videos it's literally the only peaceful time that I have where nobody's ...

How dare they?!?
Apparently I'm new to technology and uploaded this to my personal page 🤦

Fear vs Phobias & Awareness
Let's see if this one works. I posted a couple of times and it's being weird. ♥️

Faces My Fears
I'm a rapper😂Seriously I'm a hot mess but I'm doing this video anyway. I'm tired of being afraid to look like myself. Y...

Self Inquiry ❤
What's my motivation?

Our Lola is truly an expression of Devine unconditional love. . . . . #doglovers #dogsofinstagram #cute #adorable #beaut...

I'm so grateful for this because when things feel really hard I know it's temporary and there is hope. ❤