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I do deep tissue massage, crystal healing, Numerology,Reiki, reflexology, hypno-massage, hypnosis, Life and Wellness Coaching, NLP. I offer many services.

The most known are massage therapy, manual lymphatic drainage therapy, and Asian bodywork (including cupping). I am also a Reiki Master, Numerologist, and Crystal Healer. However, I have also been formally trained and certified in Life Coaching, hypnosis, and NLP. I encourage you to visit the various pages to learn more about each service offered. I do many of the services over the internet. Namel

Operating as usual

[10/22/17]   Today I became a Certified Master Crystologist. I can now teach crystology.

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Jill Scoggins-9 21 17 Massage Therapy

My radio interview. 🤩

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[10/14/15]   This week there seems to be many people stressed. Come in to Integrative Healing Institute at 5:45 for a meditation class that with the use of hypnosis and guided imagery you will find a moment of relaxation. #hypnosis #relaxation

[09/20/15]   This week is a good week to set some goals and set a plan of action. Get your appointment for Holistic Life Coaching today


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I have just done a major overhaul to some of the pages on my website. Please take a moment to take a look and give me any insight you may have. Thank you. http://celestialwavestherapies.com


[06/13/15]   So, I have a few more modalities. I now do cupping. I do two types. I know a few of you in the past wanted to learn this. Well, done.

I am a numerologist now. I do all the charts by hand. I don't use computers to look at your life chart. This means nothing is cookie cutter about it and nothing will be repeated paragraphs. I do the charts and then read it with your energy in mind. This is completely customized and personal. A basic chart is $100. This will include a Skype session to discuss the findings.

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[02/25/15]   One of my wonderful experiences as a massage therapist was the contract I had through the University of Montana- Western. This contract allowed for the students to have affordable massage and for the university to supply the students with this service in an affordable manner that did not require the university to cover the expense of a location, employee taxes, and insurance. I would like to recreate this relationship here in San Antonio; where I currently have a practice. There are several universities in the area that have discontinued the massage therapy practices on site. I would like to write a proposal for some of the area universities to utilize the same program. I am writing to you because I would like to include letters of recommendation from those who used the program. Would you please send me a letter of recommendation for both my skills and your experience with the program? If you are comfortable including your reason for seeking treatment and how this affected your athletic performance, this would also be appreciated.
You can email a PDF of the letter to me at: [email protected] or fax it to: 210-775-1525 or mail it to me at Integrative Healing Institute Attn: Jill Scoggins 7122 San Pedro Ave. Suite 106 San Antonio, TX 78216.

Thank you,

Jill Scoggins

[01/27/15]   Did you know you can schedule appointments with me here on this page. Look under my cover photo. Yep, that's a Schedule Now button. Most of my services are done at Integrative Healing Institute, but some are done in home.



Hypno-Massage! Yep, this is the ultimate in relaxation. You enjoy the relaxation of guided meditation and massage. Since my first try back in 2010 I have managed to now make this one of the most popular services I offer. It took a while for me to develop this modality, but now I get nothing but praise from clients. Come try it out. Contact Integrative Healing Institute now to schedule your Hypno-massage today. 210-967-4400.

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Integrative Healing Institute-Products and Services for Better Health

I've been having a great time at Integrative Healing Institute. Call 210-967-4400 to make an appointment or schedule online at http://www.secure-booker.com/integrativehealing/MakeAppointment/Search.aspx

naturalreflexes.com We are located in San Antonio, TX and provide services, products and classes. We sell massage supplies, aromatherapy products and health products. Services include Massage, Reflexology and Hypnosis. Classes include Yoga, Aromatherapy, Reiki and CEs.

[11/02/14]   I am no longer at Jamilina. I am now located at Amabel's Salon and at Integrative Healing Institute

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Reiki and Medicine: Benefiting Patients, Caregivers and Hospitals

iarp.org Reiki and Medicine: Integrating complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) services with conventional health services in hospitals and medical settings.

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Celestial Waves Therapies

I have finally opened up a new office. The website is updated (http://jillslifetherapies.com). Now you can go online and schedule online with me again. Everything is flowing again. Now it is time for you to schedule that very needed massage.

jillslifetherapies.com Working with you to attain and maintain wellness through: Massage Therapy, Bodywork, Wellness and Life Coaching, Reflexology, Reiki, Crystal Healing, Hypnosis, Meditation, and Light Work.


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Massage by Jill Scoggins LMT#MT044020 San Antonio, TX Home

Heads up Beavers, I will be in Dillon the first week of May. Contact me here or at [email protected]. Spread the word. 210-870-9011

celestialwavestherapies.com Celestial Waves Therapies site for Jill Scoggins. I offer Life Coaching, Massage Therapy, Asian Bodywork, Hypnosis, NLP, and Reiki. Non-bodywork services are also offered online with the use of Skype. Reiki can be done long distance with or without Skype.

[12/22/13]   Merry Christmas everyone! The last days of shopping are among us! Remember, those here in San Antonio; you can purchase gift certificates for a massage in your loved ones home.

[11/24/13]   Having aches and pains? I can empathize. I have many of them myself. This is why I'm able to work so well with my clients to bring you relief.

[11/16/13]   I'm starting my massage business again. Does it seem like a roller coaster to you? Me too. I have been doing wall push-ups multiple times a day to strengthen my shoulder. I ready to massage again.

[10/10/13]   No surgery. Apparently the tear was only minor. What dies this mean for my massage? I'm not sure. Maybe I will start doing a small number of massages in a few months. The doctor did say never again, but we'll see. He may have just been a pessimist.

[09/04/13]   Still injured. I'm not allowed to do massage anymore due to that car accident. I should be surgery on the shoulder within the next month, but the prognosis for being able to ever do massage does not look good. But, in a year perhaps that will be a different story. We all know I fight the pain and kick it. :)

[07/28/13]   On the injured list, still. However, I'm available for hypnosis, life coaching and Reiki.

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Celestial Waves Therapies

The Yelp listing for CWT has been updated. Please visit this site and give me a review. http://m.yelp.com/biz/celestial-waves-therapies-san-antonio

m.yelp.com Massage in San Antonio, TX

[06/14/13]   Ok, I have decided to pursue my business again. Although I still work at Isabelle's European Day Spa I am going to use my time off to do out-call massage. So, please recommend me to your friends. For those of you that do this I will give you a $10 discount per new client towards your next massage. I have also decided to accept letters of protection from attorneys in personal injury cases. All you need is an attorney and a doctor's prescription after an accident. I will collect my fees after your case is settled.

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Boneless, skinless chicken breasts can be substituted for the chicken thighs, if desired.

Poblano peppers are dark green chiles with a rich flavor that varies from mild to slightly spicy. Poblanos are about 2 1/2 in. wide and 4-5 in. long, forming a triangular shape.

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Celestial Waves Therapies Dillon Montana Home

Well, life is certainly different here in San Antonio. I'm working at Massage Heights, but I am looking forward to building my business here. I am now a consultant for Pampered Chef and At Home Wine Tasting. I figure this will be a good networking tool.

If you would like to host a party or facebook show for these, please let me know and I will get that set up for you.

If you live in San Antonio and know others that like to have massage in their home spread the word.


celestialwavestherapies.com Celestial Waves Therapies site for Jill Scoggins. I offer Life Coaching, Massage Therapy, Asian Bodywork, Hypnosis, NLP, and Reiki. The services (other than massage) are offered online with the use of Skype. Reiki can be done long distance with or without Skype.

[10/06/12]   I have moved to San Antonio, TX and I'm doing out-calls or you can find me at Massage Heights Medical Center

[06/21/12]   Celestial Waves Therapies will be closed until August.


Celestial Waves Therapies

I do deep tissue massage, crystal healing, Numerology,Reiki, reflexology, hypno-massage, hypnosis, Life and Wellness Coaching, NLP.




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