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Are you ready to start living YOUR life on Purpose? Inbox me today! I can help you to start living your dream life!!! I am living mine!!! I am a Certified Life and Career Coach, ready to assist you to live the life of your dreams!!!

I have a Bachelor Degree in Business and Management. I also have my Master Degree in Management. I have been a manager for over 10 years and have over 15 years of banking experience and a wealth of knowledge and experience.

I enjoy seeing people living their lives on purpose. It IS possible to live the life of your dreams. You just have to reposition yourself and overcome those BLOCKS that continue to STOP you! Many times those blocks are simply put "fear of the unknown". Step OUT of your FEAR zone and INTO your DESTINY! Start living YOUR life on PURPOSE TODAY!

Mission: Coach "T" wants to help YOU start living YOUR life ON PURPOSE!!!

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Here’s a great idea!!! Do you know someone that’s seeking to find their purpose??? I can help them!!! Inbox me for details!!!

[12/16/20]   Register for the Re-defining You Mentorship Group! Tonight @ 8:00 pm CST we will be discussing triggers! Find out the thing that keeps paralyzing you!

Re-defining YOU Workshop

Join me weekly!!!!! Join me every Saturday for life changing workshops that will re-define your life! Become unstuck AND unstoppable! Live your life on purpose!

The REAL Life Coaching Center -Board Certified Life, Career & Transitional Coach

[12/08/20]   Join me and listen to my entire video....blessings!!!

Have an incredible December ON PURPOSE!!! Enjoy every moment of your life and day!!! Stay grateful, stay encouraged and always be blessed!!! Coach Thomasine.

Be encouraged!!!!

[11/28/20]   Stop trying to fit in and start adding VALUE everywhere you GO!!!

As I reflect on my extremely MANY blessings over the last 32 years, it started with more REJECTION and DENIALS than acceptance and approvals!!! Wow wow wow, with tears streaming down my face, those REJECTIONS and DENIALS lead me to the OVERFLOW of BLESSINGS that I am experiencing NOW!!! I’m hosting a workshop on Saturday entitled “WHY are you AFRAID to be DENIED”??? I am going to teach you some principles and strategies that will PROPEL you into your purpose! I PROMISE you will walk away feeling EXCITED about the rejections and denials that you’ve experienced!!! That had to happen so your THIS could MANIFEST!!!

Be safe and blessed from Coach T!!!

[11/24/20]   If you’re declaring 2021 to be your year, what are you going to do differently???
Get a coach and find your purpose!!!

[11/11/20]   Great morning!!!
Listen to this message today. It’s only available today!
It’s entitled DO IT AGAIN!!!
1-712-432-1085 access code 957677#

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[11/05/20]   NEVER give up on YOUR dreams!!!
Be patient and WATCH it come to PASS!!!
Your Transitional Coach, Dr. Thomasine Pickens.

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Join my Private Facebook Group tonight for a teaching on how to become an efficient and effective decision maker! Learn to make great, positive life changing decisions! See you tonight @ 8:00 pm CST. Re-defining YOU!!! Inbox me to register!

[11/03/20]   3 steps to take to remain calm in a stressful situation:
1) close your eyes if you’re in a safe place;
2) take deep breaths;
3) tell yourself “This TOO shall pass”!!!
Keep repeating it until you receive relief!

REAL LIFE COACHING CENTER – LIVE YOUR LIFE ON PURPOSE!!! Self Respect-Redefining YOU Thomasine Pickens July 4, 2020 Self Respect-Redefining YOU2020-07-04T14:14:45-04:00 No Comment Re-defining YOU is an exciting opportunity to go back to the basic and rebuild YOURSELF the way you desire to be. Set goals that you CAN your mind daily and… Continue Reading

I have been working for exactly 40 years!
I’m a Vice President in Corporate America and an entrepreneur! I can help you exceed in your career field!
Register for the Rise2Shine ZOOM Workshop TODAY @ 7:00 pm CST!!!

[10/23/20]   The Real Life Coaching Center walks you through real life issues!
Join the Redefining You Mentorship Private FB Group today for extensive growth and development coaching!
Coach Thomasine Pickens

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The REAL Life Coaching Center -Board Certified Life, Career & Transitional Coach


I would like to invite you to connect to the weekly Re-defining YOU Mentorship Program every Wednesday @ 8:00 pm CST in a FaceBook LIVE Private Group.
Visit me on FaceBook and watch my 21 second life changing video and inbox me on how to get connected.


I promise you will be BLESSED!!! The monthly partnership is only $50.00 per month. We deal with rea life issues and how to live YOUR LIFE on Purpose!!!

You can contact our office @ 1-877-726-2248.

I look forward to working with you! Talk to you soon!

Dr. Thomasine Pickens, Board Certified Coach

Are you ready to start living YOUR life on Purpose? Inbox me today! I can help you to start living your dream life!!! I am living mine!!!

[10/07/20]   Don’t mistake activity for progress.
You can be moving around but NOT forward!
Author: Unknown.

[10/05/20]   You should desire a coach that will give you the TRUTH!!! The truth will set you FREE and remove blocks!!! Don’t allow yourself to go another moment without putting a process in place to change your life for the better!!! I can help you and I want to help you!!! Inbox me!

[10/05/20]   For almost 10 years I’ve had my coaching practice on pause. One of the biggest reasons was due to selling my services! I continued to tell myself that “I hate sales”! But get this I’m good at selling, but there was a component of it that I did not like! I had attended sales webinars and had heard different techniques that I didn’t feel comfortable doing! Until I heard Grant literally break it down and one of the things he said was be transparent! Let them know that you’re there to sell them something, don’t hide anything! The most important thing that he said is that if you love people you’ll sell. I have a great service that I offer that will literally completely change the areas of your life that you want changed! I’m great @ what I do and I want to help you to live your life on purpose!!! Inbox me for a FREE 10 minute coaching session! There’s no gimmicks, I lead by integrity and I’m trustworthy! I can help Redefine Your life if you allow me access into your heart and mind! I am your Transitional Coach, Dr. Thomasine Pickens!

[10/03/20]   Everything and everyone has a purpose! Allow me to help you find yours!!!

The purpose for this page is to encourage, inspire, motivate and empower you!

Join my Redefining YOU Mentorship Private Group for only $50.00 per month and you’ll have access to weekly encouraging classes on various topics, one monthly coaching session with me and so much more!!!

Schedule a free 10 minute coaching session with me so we can start your plan of action!!!

[10/03/20]   Success is your duty, your obligation and your responsibility!
~Elena Cardone~

[10/03/20]   You probably worked 40 plus hours this week. How many hours will you invest in your dreams?

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