Texas PTO

The Physical Therapy Olympics is an annual event that brings together all the students from the DPT programs in Texas for a fun filled weekend!

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PTO 2019

Fellow PTO enthusiasts! A little overdue, but here is your official 2019 PTO photo album and video, courtesy of Brain Case Media! Check it out and relive your favorite moments!

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PTO 2019 Open Response


The above link is to provide an open response area for your thoughts on this year's event, and recommendations or ideas for upcoming games. Please be sure to fill out previous link as those have specific questions regarding this year's PTO.

Thank you!

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PTO Games 2019

Good morning everyone, and thank you for coming out to PTO this weekend!! We hope you had a great time, and were able to enjoy the event with everyone. Below is a link to a survey - we'd love to get your feedback about this year's PTO!
We'll also be sending this out to your school representatives for further distribution among your classes.

Thanks again! We look forward to seeing you all next year!


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[03/31/19]   Thank you all for making this PTO one to remember! Congratulations to all who attended, and to Army Baylor and Texas State for the win!

[03/30/19]   If your school played softball, please check all of your equipment. UT Health staff is missing a bat. Please bring it tomorrow if you find it.

[03/30/19]   As soon as volleyball ends, billiards will be starting 15 minutes later. For the sake of time, please head straight there if you are participating in both events. There will be no exceptions, and please be safe.

[03/30/19]   Fast Eddies address:
7616 Culebra Rd, San Antonio, TX 78251

[03/29/19]   PTO is this weekend and we are so excited! Some last minute reminders:

Sport events take place at Gold's Gym and surrounding area at 7431 Merton Minter St, San Antonio, TX 78229-4443. For parking today, see attached parking map. Please park in lot 10 and 11 (blue 10 lot ONLY). Entrances that will be open to public are highlighted and labeled ECS1, ECS2 and ECS4. On Saturday, parking in red lots 3, 9 and 10 is fine as well.

Job fair takes place at the Medical Arts and Research Center at 8300 Floyd Curl Drive, San Antonio, TX 78229. Similar to last year, we are providing 5 extra points towards your school if at least 50% of students on the finalized roster attend and sign in with an ID at job fair.
IMPORTANT: Sign in at job fair is the only place to pick up your PTO shirt.

Gold's Gym has a strict rule of no children allowed in the gym. They are welcome to watch all outdoor events.

Brain Case Media is going to be taking pictures/videos. There will be a waiver allowing this to sign during check-in to allow your photos/videos to be used. If you want to see pictures or videos of how he has used them in previous years, check out his Instagram: brain_case_media

Can't wait to have y'all!

[03/28/19]   We are excited to host the following vendors at the Job Fair this weekend:
1. Ability
2. Advanced
3. At Home Health
4. ATI
5. Aureus
6. Baptist
7. BSW
8. BenchMark and Drayer
9. Cariant
10. Carter
11. Century
12. EIM/Tex PTS
13. Ensign
14. Epic/Aveanna
15. Foreman Therapy Services
16. Fox Rehab
17. Fusion
18. Harris Health Residency (Ortho & Neuro)
19. Health and Human Services Commission
20. Hendrick
21. Humpal PT CC
22. IAR
23. Kindred/Rehabcare
24. Memorial Hermann
25. Milestone Therapeutic Associates
26. Momentum
27. My Alliance OK City
29. Reliant
30. Results
31. Riverkids
32. Select
33. T2K/Green Apple Therapy
34. Therapy Management
35. University Health System

Come ready to mingle and ask questions!


We are 1 WEEK AWAY from the main event! Take this week to prepare, get pumped, and most importantly, remember why we do this: to meet others in the profession and have a great time!

[03/03/19]   Reminder that your school's PTO registration is due this Friday, March 8th to [email protected]
Just under 4 weeks away!

[01/24/19]   We are happy to announce that this year's PT Olympics will be held March 29-30, 2019!


Photo courtesy of Brain Case Media
For more, visit: https://www.instagram.com/braincase_media


Photo courtesy of Brain Case Media
For more, visit: https://www.instagram.com/braincase_media

[03/24/18]   Table tennis is being delayed until 1:00 PM today to allow for attendance to job fair and social events. We are currently understaffed for the original start time, and want everything to run as smoothly as possible! We apologize for any inconvenience but we hope you take advantage of the new time!

[03/24/18]   For those running tomorrow do not forget that the run will be taking place at the golds gym track this year. Bring your school ID to check in!

Also, table tennis will resume at 11 AM. We know that dodgeball also begins at that time, but we will make it work.


Hello everybody! Without the billiards score, looks like UTHSCSA and UNTHSC are tied for first, UMHB is in second, and UIW in third. Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow!

[03/23/18]   TEXAS PTO Scavenger Hunt! The games have begun!

Below is an (optional) opportunity for networking between PTO schools!

Please complete all tasks with participants from other programs, let's all make some new friends this year! Scavenger hunt teams may be comprised of as many people as needed, as long as they are from different schools. This is not a "points" event, just a way to get all of us future PT’s to talk to each other a little more.

1. Introduce yourself to your team and talk about a non-PT fun fact.
2.Take a selfie with your team and post to social media. (#TexasPTO2018)
3. 30 Seconds to describe your favorite clinical (if applicable) or preferred setting.
4. As a team, take a picture with something pink.
5. As a team, take a picture with a goniometer.
6. As a team, take a picture transferring someone from chair to floor. (Don’t forget your gait belt! :) )
7. Cheer with another group members team for 1 event.

[03/23/18]   Hey y'all! Just a reminder that we have an (optional) scavenger hunt and games going on this afternoon when you get here! This is a great chance to network and get to know students from other schools!
Registration/check-in begins at 3PM. #TexasPTO


It has come to our attention that some of the brackets are hard to follow. To help out, these papers are what the bracket keepers will use as the master key. They are one of the committee members hand written brackets.

To clear up some of the confusion, when there are two names separated by a "/" that means it is a team of two players.

The numbers that are circled, that is the order of games. They are NOT always in order from top to bottom all the way through so please take note of that.

When it says "Winner 1" (could be any other number), that means that the winner of game 1 is the team that progresses to that spot.



The clock is ticking down to PTO 2018 time! Here are the brackets for the upcoming sports!


Physical Therapy Olympics '17

Hope everyone is getting excited for PTO! Kickoff is at 3PM tomorrow afternoon!




Excerpt from the newest course in the ClinicalAthlete curriculum: Scientific Principles of Sports Rehab (SPOSR)

Top Picture:
Low end of the curve is the threshold stimulus required to cause a desired adaptive effect. Upper end is a point of diminishing returns - beyond this point, further application of stimulus yields no increased benefits or perhaps could have detrimental effects. (Adapted from Plisk, 2003).

Bottom Picture:
The second slide expands on this thought. We need to be eliciting a sufficient stressor in rehab to evoke adaptation. If rehab remains low-level then we can almost guarantee loss of conditioning and baseline fitness without sufficiently developing the athlete back to pre-season status. Low-level exercise is dependent on the athlete's individual characteristics and injury type. (Adapted from Lorenz, 2015)

More about these ideas and their clinical applications during the SPOSR course:
🔹Worcester, MA: 7/8 at MCPHS University
🔹Harrisonburg, VA: 7/29 at James Madison
🔹Hillsboro, OR: 8/19 at ATI Physical Therapy
🔹Ottawa, ON: 9/16 at Capital Strength
🔹Falls Church, VA: 9/23 at Body Dynamics
🔹Harwood Heights, IL: 9/30 - 10/1 at CrossFit Harwood Heights

Details at: clinicalathlete.com/events

CEUs pending for PT, DC, & ATC.

Interested in hosting?
Email: [email protected]


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Thank you for attending PTO 2017 and making it such a wonderful event! We are looking forward to seeing you next year and would love your feedback to improve your overall experience.

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Congratulations to our 5K relay winners this morning - the teams will be updated on the scoreboard soon. As promised, here are the available relay times according to bib numbers. Don't forget to head to job fair at the MARC from 9-12, over 40 vendors and lots of free stuff!

UPDATED PTO 2017 Brackets 03/30/2017

UPDATED PTO 2017 Brackets


Remember to check out the Job Fair on Saturday Morning!


Hey everyone! Here is the updated schedule for PTO 2017! Get pumped!


PTO 2016 Feedback Survey

2016 PT Olympic Feedback Survey: please complete the survey by accessing the link below! We take your responses seriously and use them to drive organization for next years planning. More comments the better. Thank you for a great weekend!


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[04/04/16]   Now that all the excitement is over, we as a whole from UTHSCSA want to thank everyone for coming out and bringing great competition this year. It was a very close competition and came down to the wire! Shout out to this year's first timers (UNT, Mary-Hardin Baylor, and UTEP) for driving such a long way to compete and hope you plan on returning next year! If anyone posted any photos or videos over the weekend, upload them here for everyone to enjoy! You can also use the #txpto2016 when uploading the pictures. Hope everyone had a great time coming together!

[04/02/16]   We are excited for day 2 of PTO! For new schools remember that we have FREE water and Gatorade for you guys at your sports and the pavilion!

[04/02/16]   Come on down to the job fair to talk with over 40 different PT clinics throughout Texas! Lots of free stuff, free breakfast, and photo booth! Address tagged below!


Be sure to come to Fast Eddie's tonight for our social and PT idol karaoke. There will be prizes for the best male, best female and best group singers judged by our guest PT idol judges! 🎤

[04/01/16]   Today's the day! We are so excited to have you all here and have the 2016 PT Olympics begin. 🏆

One of our favorite parts of PTO is looking at all of the pictures shared! So this weekend use the hashtag #txpto2016 when you share your pictures on social media. 📸


For those who are prone to injury, here is the location of the nearest Texas Med Clinic!

Other housekeeping items...
1. Brackets have been sent to your school's PTO representative
2. Please remember NO children or pets inside Gold's gym. And no pets on the UTHSCSA premises!




7431 Merton Minter Blvd
San Antonio, TX
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