Earth Momma Wellness

I am a registered and licensed dietitian promoting wellness using a system that encompasses a health coach (that’s me), a ton of nutrition education and focuses on mindset awareness for lifestyle changes.

With my years of experience working with pregnant and postpartum mothers, infants, and children, I have grown to love working with all ages of people. It has provided many blessings in my life and every life has touched my heart. I have a great passion to help people get the proper nutrition for their families and increase vitality. I also enjoy working with clients striving for lifestyle changes. In my practice, my focus is on teaching wellness through a healthy mind.

* Individual or group appointments available virtually. In-person appointments are made on a case by case basis and by the level of comfort of the client. In-person appointments are encouraged for the initial appointment only. Other services include follow-up appointments, virtual grocery store tours, virtual pantry cleans/restocks, and virtual cooking demos and/or hands on food demonstrations.

Operating as usual


I’m definitely #5, what about you? Honestly they all sound good to me.

I’m definitely #5, what about you? Honestly they all sound good to me.


I am not a soda drinker but these zero calorie sodas really hit the spot. Made with stevia.

I am not a soda drinker but these zero calorie sodas really hit the spot. Made with stevia.

[01/11/21]   Need some motivation and nutrition tips? Be sure to follow my page. I will be posting more recipes, working on some virtual cooking demos, and much more.


Oh my stars ✨! Guys, I crushed it! I just ran over my 4 mile goal. This morning I ran 4.5 miles. I’m so excited that I’ve been able to push myself despite feeling tired throughout the run. I enjoy listening to my music 🎶 and just telling myself just a little more and I can do this. 🙌🏻💪🏻
I’ve realized that running is a complete mental game once you push through the initial endurance build up. If you have goals, with a plan, consistency, and discipline, you can achieve your goals and dreams!!!! I’m just one example.

Be bigger than your excuses!


Homemade beans are the best!


The fruits of meal planning and prepping. This lunch was delicious.

Chicken feta
Roasted brussel sprouts
Cherry tomatoes 🍅


Gluten free Thanksgiving sides

Sweet potato casserole

Thanks to the inspiration from Pinterest.

[11/22/20]   Testing out interest: How many of you would be interested in learning food prep skills and having virtual cooking classes with me? Cost for classes would be $40/family.


What do you think I’m making?!


Food prepping Sunday.

Prepped brussel sprouts and will prep mashed sweet potatoes soon to use for my turkey meatloaf dish - will make turkey meatloaf tomorrow.

Apples with homemade fruit dip for snacks

Homemade granola to make Greek yogurt parfaits

Greek yogurt chicken salad for lunch for the next 2-3 days 11/12/2020

Jennifer's Healthy in a Hurry Pampered Chef Party

Due to current conditions, cooking at home has become even more important. If you need a gadget or two to make your kitchen experience more enjoyable, click the link below to order some amazing tools that make cooking and baking easy breezy. You’re invited to a Pampered Chef party! Mark your calendar and invite a friend or two! Get ready to learn recipes and tips to make meals that fuel your lifestyle with some of Pampered Chef’s best products. Don’t miss out on the fun!


More meal prepping! I’m loving it, are you meal prepping? What’s your plan for the upcoming holidays?


This is what food prepping looks like. Want to learn how?


Overnight oats prepped for breakfast this week! I’m so excited to eat this.

Chocolate PB oats


Breakfast today was filling and so delicious!


Day 2, week 2 C25k. Chugging my running shoes on by 630am and was off. Exercise begins with scheduling it into your daily schedule. If it’s important to you, there are no excuses. You just get it done!

[10/19/20]   All,

I’m working on family friendly meals and will be offering once a week hands-on cooking classes via zoom. I’m planning out the details, handouts, etc. I’d like to know what kinds of meals you would want to learn to make as a family.

Some ideas:

1. Cooking on a budget
2. Healthy holiday cooking and/or baking
3. Easy appetizers
4. Gluten free meals

I’d love your feedback.


Alright let’s be honest know you do this. 🤣


Cauliflower rice is the best! Have you ever tried it?

[10/07/20]   How much is your health worth to you? What would help you push toward getting your health goals met this year?

As a registered dietitian nutritionist, I help with meal planning, creating shopping lists and more. Message me if you need help in meal planning.


This meal was delicious! I’ve never had trout before. Have you tried anything new lately?

[10/04/20]   I wanted to offer a free health assessment and see if we would be a good fit to work together.

I’ve been a dietitian for over 10 years with experience in the family as a whole. I specialize in prenatal and postpartum, infants and young children nutrition counseling as well as weight loss and lifestyle changes using holistic and practical approaches. My services are very reasonable and I’m working to accept HSA funds.

My goal is to help at least 5 people a month to be their health coach. I can teach each client the skills needed to combat the mindset that says it’s not possible. You can do hard things when you have a strong enough why, focus on the positive and a plan.

I do offer referral incentives. Be sure to ask me how.

[10/02/20]   Do you know someone who needs a health coach to guide them into their journey to retake their health?
Please feel free to share this page with them. I have a passion in helping others regain their lives back.


[10/01/20]   What’s holding you back from reaching your health goals?

[10/01/20]   Who’s ready to join me in my Challenge of 10? Looking for 5 people!

Starting tomorrow, the opportunity to lose 10-20 lbs before the holidays can be your reality. Act quickly by hoping on a short call with me so we can get you started. Who’s ready?!?


Thanks to everyone who has helped me out toward my certification as a health coach. I’m still needing to do a few more health assessments. It’s totally free, Who would be willing to have a quick 15-20 minute phone conversation to help me out?”

[09/26/20]   Can you imagine what it would feel like if you lost 30 lbs right before Christmas 🎄 How would your quality of life change? I can help you. Send me a pm and we can chat.


Earth Momma Wellness


When you say it’s impossible, I say impossible really means, I’m possible! It’s been a long road of yo yo dieting, depression, anxiety, emotional eating, etc that has lead me in a journey of weight shifting for a decade!

Today I weigh less than I did even after having my first baby. To say I’m so proud of where I am now is an understatement. I have put in hours of time at the gym, healthier eating habits but what’s changed for me is my mindset. If you are tired of feeling no energy, beat down, etc. I’d love to connect with you for a free 20 min call. I have options for you that I truly believe will change the way you see gaining health in your life is more attainable than you think.





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