Alamo Area Christian Educators aka "Friday School"

Alamo Area Christian Educators aka "Friday School"


CANVAS CLUB Summer session will be held for 6 weeks STARTING JUNE 16 AND 17TH.. Venue TBA but will be close to Hollywood Park.
Join us to keep your artists (6 and up) busy and connected during the break.
Two class options Wednesdays @10am and Thursdays @3pm.
Email [email protected] or IM for more information.

This starts tomorrow! We even have entire sets that will provide everything you need for a year for less than $125!

If you are new to homeschooling, used curriculum sales are a great way to save money AND to see curriculum in person that you are interested in!
Please share

Would anyone happen to have an Apologia Physical Science textbook for sale? If so, how much and would you happen to have the answer key, too? If not that's ok. I do need a textbook.
When will the courses that will be offered in the Fall be announced? Or do they usually remain the same each year? Thanks in advance.
High School tryouts for San Antonio NOVA Homeschool tomorrow 7-9 PM. Hope to see some new faces there.
Advanced Biology class will meet at 9 am to see how many students show up. If I have 6 stundents enroll, I will be teaching the class. I only have two who said they were interested so far. We shall see what happens. Looking forward to meeting my Biology and Life Science students.

Affectionately known as Friday School, Alamo Area Christian Educators, Inc. is an organization of parent volunteers who coordinate with our tutors for tutoring sessions on a weekly basis.

Alamo Area Christian Educators, Inc. is an organization of parent volunteers who coordinate with our teachers for tutoring sessions on a weekly basis. These volunteers coordinate the facilities for our families, teachers and the church for which we are a ministry. In order to register with teachers for classes, you must first register with AACE, Inc. as the umbrella organization for our tutors. Be

Operating as usual


A note from our art teacher, Sarah Ras

Back in 2013 God decided I should become an art teacher and I was terrified, but I followed His will and I have absolutely loved being a teacher ever since! This year I will be teaching Intro-to-Art for all my little k-5th grade creatives, mixed media for all grades and advanced art for my high schoolers (middle schoolers are also welcome).

Intro-to-Art will have lots of fun and whimsical projects! They will practice important fine motor skills, observation/proportion skills, how to draw realistically and how to draw in a looser more illustration style. And much more!

Mixed Media will have a mix of fine art and fun art as we work with a lot of different mediums and styles of art. They will learn important drawing skills, but also have the chance to really get their hands messy with things like paper mache and clay. (All classes will have the opportunity to work with clay)

Adv. Art will focus on classic drawing and painting techniques in the Fall with a large final project due in the Spring. The projects in this class will be larger and more lengthy to really develop each individual students style.

The most important thing I want all of my students to walk away from classes with is a sense of confidence that can be translated from art to life. Art is of course a large part of my life, but that’s not all I do! I teach fitness classes and I have the joy of training individuals from all walks of life. I also really love baking sourdough yes you can be a personal trainer and eat bread too!


A note from our wonderful teacher, Vivian Kaeppel.

Hello, I am Vivian Kaeppel and I am privileged to teach American History, Government, Economics, and Elementary Mathematics at Friday School. My five children and I have been actively engaged with the community of teachers and families atFriday School, for the past seven years. Our family has homeschooled from the beginning, and I have been teaching and planning to teach since junior high. It is a divine calling for me, and teaching is consistently some of the most fulfilling work I do!

The American History course is an interactive, seminar-style survey of the history of the Americas from the pre-Columbian era to the present, where students read historically-based works, write historical analyses of those works, and discuss what they have learned in class discussions, which I lead with a combination of lecture and questioning used to guide the students to discover relevant historical facts and themes. It is a style of teaching which will serve the students in a variety of the humanities courses offered at the collegiate level.

The Government class is a year-long class, with the fall term devoted to the study of the national/federal government and the spring to the Texas government. The national unit focuses on the federal form as outlined in the United States Constitution and other documents. In the spring semester, we will study the state government, that is, the Texas form of government, which we will then compare with the federal form. As Texas government is a graduation requirement at many Texas state colleges, a working knowledge of the Texas government system will prove invaluable.

In Economics, we will examine the basics of both micro- and macroeconomics (i.e., how economics affects people on an individual level (“micro”) and how it plays out among larger, collective groups (e.g., cities, states, nations, etc.)). We will maintain a balance between learning the economic theories which attempt to predict societal behavior and those seemingly more practical points of economic theory which deal with individual choices concerning resources. So, we will cover a bit of the history, the famous economists, the “curves” of note, yetwe will also address budgeting, banking, investing, etc. – a balance of theoretical and practical.

The Elementary Math class uses Saxon Math to cover a broad scope-and-sequence of topics, and I supplement with manipulatives, games, etc. to clarify difficult material. I present a simple, yet broad, overview of the year the first day of class and revisit this “roadmap” often to show students where new concepts fit into the overall picture. The small class size allows for rapid assessment and the ability to quickly address weaknesses. Building a solid math foundation is the key to upper-level math success, so I am determined to help your student approach math fearlessly.

On a lighter note, when I’m not at Friday School, one is likely to find me immersed in a movie because I am a huge movie buff. I admire Clint Eastwood westerns; sci-fi epics; Jane Austen-styleperiod pieces; dance documentaries; teen dramedies; campy horror; Veggie Tales; golden-age musicals; I watch a little bit of everything decent. My favorite stories are those which I initially expect to dislike – I love it when my preconceived notions are shattered! It’s like the Lord telling me I don’t have it all figured out, that He still has much to show me, that I can find a kindred soul when I least expect it. God is good like that!


A note from our awesome teacher, Marla Ripps.

I am Marla Ripps and I teach Chemistry 1, Advanced/AP Chemistry and Physics. I will be teaching 20 years come fall of 2020.

My Chemistry classes are designed to prepare students for the rigors of a college Chemistry class, especially for those majoring in a science field. In class teaching is balanced by labs that demonstrate many of the topics covered so they can see Chemistry in action.

My Physics class gives a basic foundation for Newtonian physics: statics (the physics at a static point), dynamics (the physics of motion- in one direction, 2 directions, in a circle, etc.), momentum, etc. Also, students have an introduction to waves and electrical forces. Labs and group projects balance the in class teaching, giving the students practical, hands on application of the topics covered. All topics will give a good foundation for college entry level physics classes.

Completely off topic, in my spare time I am a glass artist. I make large glass art pieces for display in homes, etc. and I melt glass on a very hot torch for use in jewelry mainly. I began working in glass 16 years ago when I took a class from Catherine Touch. I became addicted (as she told me I would) and I have enjoyed every minute of the art I create. I also am a metalsmith and work mainly in copper and silver. People are often amazed that I use both sides of my brain so very equally.


A note from our amazing teacher, Dian Coppin.
Joining Trudy Palmer’s “Friday School” as a literature teacher has been a satisfying adventure. In the literature classes, we enjoy reading the works of fine authors and looking for the universal truths and the models for how to live well as we analyze the themes, structure, and characterizations therein. It has been my hope that the study of literature leads students to enjoy reading, to appreciate the artistry of the author, and to evaluate the truths that the author has represented. Also, we endeavor to create a community in the classroom in which we support each other in achieving our individual goals.
Traveling has never been one of my goals, but my adventurous sister has supported and encouraged me to join her in her fun trips to London, France, Mexico, and Israel. All these trips to far-away places have added to my life; however, sometimes I don’t have to go very far for adventure. C.S. Lewis’ characters enter another world through a wardrobe in their home, and in much the same way my backyard neighbor, Laurel, and I enter each other’s world through a window in the fence, and that window is just a few steps away from my back door. Adventures come in many forms, and entering stories through literature is an adventure that I enjoy entering into with students.


We want to introduce you to our teachers.
First up...Mrs Trudy Palmer

As founder, director, and teacher, I have been involved with Friday School since the very beginning - 27 years now!
This ministry began in my home on a Friday- fancy that- so the nickname has never left us. We do have an official, non-profit name - Alamo Area Christian Educators, Inc.- but everyone knows us by our nickname!
I love to teach writing and grammar because English has the greatest vocabulary in the world, and I love teaching students about the power of the written word and how it can profoundly affect readers!
I also teach Spanish and enjoy introducing another culture and language to my students. We also celebrate the Mexican holidays, so we have great parties and great food!

Aside from my love of teaching, I love cycling on my road bike and usually ride every day! Tom and I have loved hosting the prom and monthly dance classes and dances for over 20 years! I enjoy dancing and don’t really care if I am perfectly executing the steps! We just have fun - dancing like nobody is watching!


Registration is now open for the 2020-2021 school year! We are excited to welcome new teachers and new classes! We would love to have your family join ours! 12/20/2019

Friday School Christmas Lunch tomorrow 08/15/2019

Alamo Area Christian Educators in San Antonio, Tx

Registration tomorrow at 10 am college prep courses in San Antonio for home schooled students at Alamo Area Christian Educators also known as Friday School


Alamo Area Christian Educators aka "Friday School"

Registration for Fall classes: Tomorrow, Friday, July 12 at 10 am
click here for forms and class schedules.

[07/11/19]   Registration for Fall classes: Tomorrow, Friday, July 12 at 10 am
click here for forms and class schedules. 06/01/2019


Fall Registration
Dance Class
Book Sale

Check us out.
Have a great day! Just a friendly reminder - We have a dress code. If you are unsure, it's posted on our website. Please be advised you will need to go home and change if you are dressed inappropriately. No leggings or jeggings, or those like that may be used as pants. No spaghetti strap tops. Shorts and skir...


Book Sale
June 14
9-11:30 am
Coinciding with Fall Registration for Friday School


Forms are online to be filled out prior to registering for specific classes at Friday School.


[05/02/19]   We will also have opportunities to register on the following dates:
June 14
July 12
​August 16
10 am
​Reg. fee $150

[05/02/19]   Early Registration: $125 - Friday, May 3rd at 10 am

AACE meets at:
San Antonio First Church of the Nazarene
10715 West Ave.
San Antonio, TX 78213 05/02/2019

Friday School Newsletter and Registration Information

Early Registration is tomorrow, Friday 5/3 at 10 am.


It's almost Prom time! Go to our Prom page to download the Prom letter.


Volunteer Schedule

Here is the Volunteer Schedule link. :)


Friday School Open House & Late Registration


Events 2017


Alamo Area Christian Educators aka "Friday School"


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Registration Aug. 11 @ 10am Please also note - Tuition is paid one month in advance all year if you choose monthly installments. You will need to pay September tuition at registration as well as any supply fees. At late registration you will need to pay September, October, and supply fees to be caught up.


Open House this Friday 9 am to noon. Come see us! Ask questions!


Christmas Italian Dinner Dance for High School - this Saturday. Click link for details.


Friday School Italian Dinner Dance - This Saturday Click link for details. 10/26/2016


Friday School Weekly Newsletter Ms. Palmer is asking for help. She needs: mason jars, peanut butter jars, and wide mouth short jelly jars for her art classes. You can drop off in the art room. Thank you!


Timeline Photos 07/12/2016

Family Educators Alliance of South Texas (FEAST)

Aug. 3rd FEAST is hosting a homeschool extravaganza! Mark your calendars and please share! - Family Educators Alliance of South Texas (FEAST) 03/13/2016

Alamo Area Christian Educators in San Antonio, Tx

Dance classes tonight. $5 per person. Go to for more info. college prep courses in San Antonio for home schooled students at Alamo Area Christian Educators also known as Friday School 02/12/2016


Sadie Hawkins Dance this Saturday




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