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I help women Create a Fulfilled Life.

There's nothing like being aligned with your big picture vision and connecting it to your next best steps for increased purpose, flow, and presence.

*Meaningful Connections
*Love for Self
*Grounded Spirituality
*Anchored in What Matters Most
*Releasing What Blocks You Along the Way

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I still experience fear and apprehension about new things. My mind still creates the mindstory to change plans or quit. Yet the intensity of the voice of the mindstories has become less urgent.

The value-focused action taking has created results I love. I am willing to feel what comes up because it's worth it.

The feelings of previously interpreted anxiety when I do something new are now a mix of that anxiety with some wonder. The wonder and curiosity of what is on the other side are greater than the urge to quit.

It wasn't until I defined what mattered most to me that I finally got out of the mentalscape of feeling like something was missing in my life. ⁠

You can read more on my new blog post "How to Define What Matters Most to You."

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When I prioritize what's important, I am choosing to live fully.

No more being a victim of the schedule or what comes up.

No more scattered energy.

No more blaming "being busy" as the reason why I "don't have time."

Instead, I take time into my own hands & prioritize what is important.

This is the awesome sauce of being able to enjoy life ... and right now, to enjoy the upcoming holidays.

It wasn't until I defined what mattered most to me that I finally got out of the mentalscape of feeling like something was missing in my life. ⁠

You can read more on my new blog post "How to Define What Matters Most to You."

Defining what matters most to me helps me decide what's most important to prioritize and make time for it. I have a focus on goals that matter.

I'm no longer a victim of "life making me busy" or creating the bad habit of being busy. I focus on what I value, prioritize it, and make time for it as a priority.

Plus, along the journey of my goals, I feel connected with the moment, the everyday happenings along the way. I no longer chase goals or chase happiness in the end goal.

Instead, I focus my mental and emotional energy on a value-driven life versus an accomplish-driven life.

This mindset shift has made all the difference in creating a more fulfilled life. What matters most to me, my values, are my inner compass, my True North. My value-focused life is one worth living for.

What matters most to me is my inner compass.

These are my values.

I decide to
🌟notice how I already fully connect with my values
🌟find new ways I can connect with them
🌟feel my values in my body.

I deeply connect with my values, an inherent part already within me that no external circumstance needs to fill.

With this practice, I have gained MEANING and PURPOSE in everything I do.

What do you value?

What matters most to you is an intrinsic part of you, your values. Our discomforts, struggles, and resistance are due to misalignment with what we value.

In the Define What Matters Most Guide, you will

(1) identify your values,
(2) connect what matters most, and
(3) take action that creates the results you desire.

Unlike thoughts and emotions, your values remain defined & reliable. They give you a compass for decision making and taking action that prioritizes what matters most; hence, creating a life you love.

Define what matters most and start living a fulfilled life.

Affirmation of the week.

"I create a life I love."

This has been a mantra in my journals for several years now, even before I knew better health would be my reality.

This affirmation gives me the responsibility to
🌟implement healthy boundaries with others and myself
🌟apply daily habits for long term benefits
🌟taking next best action for results I want
🌟pause and savor moments
🌟align with what matters most
🌟fully feel what I want (vs don't want) in my body

All this (and more) creates a domino effect with compounded impact. The best part ... I love my life. Even if there is a bad day or deep pain, my life as a whole still remains as one I love.

New blog post: ⁠
"What Matters Most to You and Why it's Important." ⁠

Defining what mattered most to me made all the difference in creating a life I loved. It gave me a compass for what to do with my new awareness of noticing my thoughts and feelings. It also gave me direction in decision-making and action-taking.⁠

Defining what mattered most is a tool I have used for⁠
🌟⁠mental wellbeing⁠
🌟emotional resilience⁠
🌟meaningful connections⁠
🌟decisiveness on what's next, &⁠
🌟follow-through to create results I desire.⁠

We hear the saying, "Happiness comes from within."

Seriously, what in the world does that mean?

How do we even go about achieving happiness from within?

I was 36 when I discovered the world of mindfulness & meditation. I discovered I could witness my thoughts and feelings rather than BE them.

Although the practice of mindfulness is to witness what is going on within us and outside of us without any judgment, I felt a missing link I NEEDED in order to feel like this new awareness was going to be of any use to me.

In my determination, I eventually discovered that I could use mindfulness as a tool for
🌟directing my thoughts and feelings
🌟cultivating more of what I wanted to feel and experience.

I discovered when I defined what I valued in different areas of my life, I had a compass to apply mindfulness for creating a life I love.

Defining what matters most to me, my values, is what keeps me grounded and anchored.

My values are my compass. They tell me
🌟why I feel the way I feel
🌟where to reframe my thoughts
🌟what to prioritize
🌟what my next best decisions are.

I live a more meaningful life and FEEL FULLY the joy I desire in the actions I take, from the mundane chore of washing dishes to a leap of faith in something new for my business. Most importantly, I love myself the world around me.

All this because I live according to my highest values ... and as Demartini says, it is "the secret to living an inspired and fulfilled life."

Where does one start? I have a free guide entitled, "Define What Matters Most." I invite you to download it and take your leap of faith to find your inner compass, a reliable inner source for creating a life you love.

When I align my thoughts and actions to my values, I create a life I love.

To align with my values for family, I decided to write about how I ALREADY connect with

🌟love as an action
🌟clear communication &

I also wrote about NEW ways I can connect with these values. I meditated on how these values FELT in my body.

I gained MEANING and PURPOSE in everything I do with and for family. I was deeply connecting with my values for family, the inherent part already within me that no external circumstance needed to fill.

What tipped the scale from 'tendencies of depression' to 'happiness from within' was defining my "why" in the things I loved.

When I tried to feel more connected with my sons by expecting their dinner table interaction to trigger in me the emotions I sought, I was left with feeling like something was missing. I expected the external world (my sons' behavior and reactions) to fill our cup of happiness. This was a formula for disappointment.

However, when I began to cultivate within what I inherently love about the external experience of being with my sons, I began to create happiness from the inside out.

I no longer needed others to fill my cup of happiness. I got my power back. I also freed others from the expectations I imposed upon them. Win-win.

We hear the saying, "Happiness comes from within." Seriously, what in the world does that mean?

I was 36 when I walked into the world of mindfulness, meditation, and self-help books that addressed living with intention: mind, body, and spirit.

As I practiced mental awareness and redirecting my mind to what mattered most, I began to see this as a life skill. We can

🌟notice our thoughts rather than be our thoughts,
🌟focus on what we want rather than what we don't want, &
🌟cultivate a life we love.

For me, this began the practice of 'happiness from within.'

No matter how I set it up, the moment slipped away. I felt like I was stuck in school schedules and other obligations that took away what I wanted most: TIME WITH MY SONS.

Plus, as a recent divorcee, I felt robbed of the freedom to see my boys everyday as they grew up.

This was my rock bottom combined with chronic fatigue. Mentally, emotionally, and physically worn out.

The light on the other side of the same schedules, the same obligations, the same divorcee dynamic was defining what mattered most to me.

You can read about it in this week's new blog post.

As I noticed my thoughts on a daily basis, they became less jumbled and scattered. I watch and observe them rather than take them for absolute truth.

I no longer don't "buy into" every thought that I have or that I hear from the outer world. I am less triggered by thoughts or events.

I now have mental well-being I innately knew existed but didn't even know I wanted.

You can read about my journey to paying attention to my thoughts in my blog post, "What to do with Your Inner Critic."

What if we chose to befriend our inner critic?

What if our inner critic holds the key to discovering our True Self?

What if she is the bridge between where we are now to where we want to be?

My inner critic is now my friend. She warns me when she's concerned. She tells me when she is uncertain. She and I discover how to align with what matters most so that we take action that creates a fulfilled life.

How would life be different to no longer judge oneself?

Our outer world need not change to create a more fulfilled life. When we change how we relate to the world around us, the world around us changes.

This insight was part of my health journey, though at the time I didn't know it. With my dedication to better health, I learned the impact my thoughts had on my health and how I related to the world around me. My health journey inadvertently also became a love-life journey.

And how I love life! All the difference between who I am now and who I was is that I now

🌟kindly listen to my inner critic's concerns
🌟redirect her to what she and value
🌟and take action, no matter how small, toward what matters most

Do you find yourself in whirlwinds of "so much to do"or whirlpools of "if only it was better?"

Do you find yourself feeling like life is happening to you rather than having the life you love?

​Do you know your life is wonderful, but still feel a lack of connection or fulfillment?

Rather than experiencing lack, YOU CAN

*Align with what matters most,
*Decide what is most important, and
*Cultivate a life you love.

Grab the Define What Matters Most Guide, a foundation of a fulfilled life I personally use to help me cultivate a life I love.

Check out my blog post on "WHAT TO DO WITH YOUR INNER CRITIC."

Noticing my thoughts and not buying into every one of them has changed my life. I am no longer a victim of unconscious thinking. I am now in the practice of thought awareness. I now direct my mental energy to what serves me.

When I began to pay attention to my inner critic, I became my mind rather than being unconsciously at the whim of an undisciplined mind.

I recognized having an undisciplined mind scattered my energy, leaving me mentally, emotionally, and physically depleted.

With practice in paying attention to my thoughts, especially my inner critic, thoughts were no longer unconscious, autopilot habits.

Instead, my thoughts created new habits of thinking with intention and purpose rooted in what matters most.

You can check out my blog to read more about how my relationship with my inner critic made all the difference in loving life.

What to do with Our Innner Critic

I have an inner voice that doesn't always support me. See how I have discovered a way to befriend this voice and now have inner peace despite it.

Once I recognized I could notice my thoughts, I wanted to know what to do with this new awareness.

I recognized within my thoughts was an inner critic. The part of my thoughts that are not always true or actuate. The part of me that spoke to me with unkindness. The part of me that questioned everything.

With practice, I gained the self-discipline to stop my inner critic midrun. With practice, I became my mind rather than being unconsciously at the whim of an undisciplined mind.

To see What to do with Your Inner Critic you can read my blog post:

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I discovered the power of choice, when I started paying attention to my inner critic, the inner voice that assumed, judged, worried, wallowed, and cowered.

I learned to have a dialogue with her. To be nonjudgmental, gentle, kind, and compassionate with this part of me.

With practice, I noticed my inner critic be less reactive. And when she was reactive, with practice, she noticed reacting. Together we chose to evaluate rather than assume, judge, worry, wallow, or cower.

Through my power of choice on how I pay attention to and direct my thoughts, I now have a new reality. More peace. More Joy. More alignment with what matters most.

My self-talk has dramatically changed since I started my health journey in 2014. Little did I know at that time the impact our self talk has on our health, let alone our life experience as a whole.

You can check out how I changed my relationship with my self-talk in my blog post entitled, "What to do with Your Inner Critic."

Discovering what to do with my inner critic changed my life. I went from 'tendencies of depression" to "happiness from within."

Check out my blog post on "What to do with Your Inner Critic." My inner critic, when paid attention to with love, helped me foster a relationship with my True Self and empowered me to create a life I love.

🌟From indecisive to trusting my intuition
🌟From scattered thinking to feeling grounded
🌟From not being sure to inherently knowing
🌟From doubt to certainty

What was first a health journey is now a spiritual journey, a tuning into my authenticity in love and kindness. I am now flexing my intuition and love sharing it with other like-minded women. I find meeting in a Women Spirit Circle once a week lifts my spirits and gives me grounded guidance for the week to come.

If you'd like to join a Women Spirit Circle with other women realigning our struggles to what matters most, we still have spots available.

On my journey of trusting my intuition, I am learning that it is opening a portal for God's co-creation. I am opening my receivership for what I want in life as well as trusting my intuition as it provides feedback to how life is unfolding before me.

For me, dialing into my intuition is like feeling myself dial into emotional and mental frequencies that are aligned with my values. Just as I dial in on a radio station for the exact music I want to hear without any static, my values tell me what "station" to dial in for my responses, decisions, and actions in life.

The more I tune into my values, the more I feel my intuition speak to me before and during situations, versus after the fact. When it is after the situation, feedback from my intuition is more clear. I pivot, adjust, and learn.

Want to find other ways to have less doubt, tune into your intuition, and feel connected to what matters most to you? I invite you to join the Women Spirit Circle. You can learn more at

Create a Fulfilled Life

Growing up we don't learn how to handle our feelings or that we can manage and choose our thoughts. Feelings and thoughts are experienced as happening to us rather than something we can guide. When they are uncomfortable we ignore them or scramble to fix the discomfort. In 2014, when I sought help during a transition of divorce and single motherhood, I was introduced to mindfulness and meditation.

My life changed. My health significantly improved and loving relationships prospered. I wanted to share with the world what I learned and what our culture doesn't intuitively teach us. This has led me to transformational life coaching, a partnership that taps into unrealized potential for a more fulfilled life in this unpredictable, busy world.

​Whether you are going through a life transition or frazzled by daily life, life coaching can help you reconnect with what matters most. You can stop feeling like you are spinning your wheels. You can, instead, learn how to create a more fulfilled life. Life coaching with me will meet you where you are at with a promise of nonjudgement and compassion. My specialty is in mindfulness practices and mindset techniques that are founded in modern neuroscience as well as designing actionable goals rooted in what matters most to you. Book a free call to discover the first steps toward alignment with your fulfilled life today:

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