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Photos from Veterinary Intelligence LLC's post 09/02/2021

Absolutely nothing compares to the diagnostic image quality of #Vimago #3D #CT for #Veterinarians


LOOK WHAT WE HAVE AVAILABLE! These do not last long! Email or message me now to get more info.

LOOK WHAT WE HAVE AVAILABLE! These do not last long! Email or message me now to get more info.


There are many reasons that over 300 veterinary practices in North America have purchased the Vimago technology. We outline the top 7 in this short video.


PET PARENTS: Do you have pet health insurance? What is your financial plan to cover veterinary care expenses?

Photos from Veterinary Intelligence LLC's post 04/22/2021

Labrador w Hind Lameness -

We Can Do Better 04/19/2021

We Can Do Better

My latest blog post.

We Can Do Better Social media is dominating our lives. We have made a handful of computer geeks multi-billionaires. We have also granted them permission to rule over how we think and behave. If I were not able to keep in touch with people I love and enjoy, I would have deleted all my accounts long ago. How do we fin...

Photos from Veterinary Intelligence LLC's post 04/15/2021

mandibular sarcoma - canine -

Photos from Veterinary Intelligence LLC's post 04/08/2021

Myriad of Problems - Dachshund Mix - 04/05/2021

12 Case Types - Featured in Live Webinar

Check out these case studies from the Vimago HDVI that were featured in our last live webinar with Dr. Page Wages. Epica™ E-Library Full of Interactive E-Reports + Other Educational Resources Featured in Our Live Webinars: A collection of the greatest Vimago™ High Definition Volumetric Imaging (HDVI) tips, tricks and ideas, which will increase your clinical capabilities, convert more referrals into permanent...


Thoracic masses in canine patient -


Adult Canine Skull 3D w Mandibular Mass in 3D Color #epicaanimalhealth #vimago #HDVI #CT


Bearded Dragon in 3D Color #vimago #HDVI #epicaanimalhealth


Lumbosacral disc disease - Labrador -


Investing in Vimago HDVI vs the Slice CT

I figured it is best to respond with video to the question of whether a veterinarian should purchase Vimago or a Slice CT.


Rabbit - dental extraction mass -


Investing in Vimago HDVI vs the Slice CT

I figured it is best to respond with video to the question of whether a veterinarian should purchase Vimago or a Slice CT.


tooth based mandibular mass #Vimago #HDVI #3D #CT #Epica - 03/09/2021

Update: Imaging Technology and Financing

Posting a video update to DXDVM page today. This will be the norm from now on. I procrastinate too much when writing. Maybe this will help me improve. CLICK FOR VIDEO BLOG Starting now, I will be blogging by video on here. It is just easier for me to rip out a video in my office or on the road while seeing clients. I procrastinate often when it comes to writing. I am just embracing that fact and hoping I do not procrastinate quite as much with a v...


Veterinary Intelligence LLC


Q1 2021 Update from Robert at Epica Animal Health

Click to watch this video update about a new rental program and also a new financing program for the #Vimago from #epicaanimalhealth

Update on Epica Animal Health imaging modalities and financing. Vimago GT30, Vimago PICO GT30, and Pegaso Evolution. Also, I outline the financing and brand ...


Pain in Cervical Spine - Canine #Vimago #HDVI #CT #3D -


Nasal Mass - 14 yro Poodle -


Epica Animal Health

Only a few days left to register for Dr. Page Wages Live Webinar - "Using the Vimago™ in a General Practice" Earn 1 hour of Free CE pending race approval. Register Today!


Brain Mass - 8 yro Boxer -


Upcoming CE webinar 👇🏼

High Definition Volumetric Imaging (HDVI) is a proprietary and patented imaging technology that provides unprecedented diagnostic information and interventional applications for clinicians.

Join a live webinar and earn 1 FREE CE Credit:

"Using the Vimago™ System in a General Practice - At Care First Animal Hospital"

In this live event, we'll discuss HDVI technology and review:

- What is the Vimago High Definition Imaging System?
- How does it different from the dental x-rays, ultrasound, and radiographs?
- Better patient care – How?
- How can I afford this? – What the financial pros and cons – the real answers.
- What cases are we doing now we never would have handled?

Cases covered:
- Dentals – what else are we finding?
- The Cough – is there more?
- Backs – What else have we been missing?

Guest Speaker: Page Wages, DVM

Date & Time: 2-25-2021 at 10:30 A.M. Pacific Time (12:30 P.M. CST)

Register: Please click here to learn more about this event and register.

CE Credit: This program is pending approval for ONE CE Credit (by AAVSB RACE). All attendees will receive a certificate of attendance and 1 CE credit (veterinarians and technicians) upon program approval.

Dedicated to your success,

Epica Animal Health | Peregrine Radiology


Lysis at Tooth #405 - Large Puppy #Vimago #CT #3D #EpicaAnimalHealth #Imaginalis #VeterinaryMedicine #Veterinary #Dentistry -


Putting Vimago HDVI to Work in a General Veterinary Practice

Watch this video to learn more about Vimago HDVI CT and how veterinarians are using it both in general practice and critical care. #vimago #HDVI #CT #3d #veterinarymedicine #veterinary #veterinaryradiology #epicaanimalhealth #imaginalis

Lecture by Robert W. Whitaker of Epica Animal Health and Peregrine Radiology for implementation of the Vimago HDVI in general veterinary practices.


French Bulldog with lumbosacral stenosis + inguinal hernia + herniation of traumatized peritoneal fat. #vimago #hdvi #ct #3D #veterinarymedicine #veterinary #epicaanimalhealth #imaginalis


Kidney infarction in a canine patient (Aussie). #vimago #hdvi #veterinarymedicine #epicaanimalhealth #imaginalis #veterinary


Nothing else can get dental images like these! #Vimago #VimagoPICO #epicaanimalhealth #imaginalis


WHAT IF you had a Vimago HDVI?

What if you could fundamentally change diagnostic imaging in your veterinary practice? Click to check out this short video of mind-blowing imaging exams by Vimago.

Learn what it would be like to own a Vimago HDVI for diagnostic imaging in a veterinary practice. Music: Hysteria by Def Leppard 01/22/2021

Feline Neoplasia (Thx & Abd)

Check out the case of the week from Vimago GT30! 01/08/2021

Bone Cysts - Boston Terrier

Case of the week - January 8, 2021


Knees Scanned by SeeFactor CT3 from Epica Human Health

Human knees from two very different patients scanned by the Vimago GT30's twin sister, the SeeFactor CT3. The SeeFactor will begin to deliver to human medical hospitals and clinics in 2021.

Music: Elevate by Bensound


New Educational content and services are currently under development. Send us a private message anytime to join our email list for imaging cases and blog posts. Stay tuned!

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Fascinating #3D detail of a feline brain mass captured by #Vimago #HDVI #epicaanimalhealth #3D
Severed Achilles tendon captured by Vimago HDVI. 5lb chihuahua
A conversation about Vimago HDVI with Dr. Scott Echols
Brain Scan - Shetland Sheepdog
Vimago HDVI scan of canine cranial abdomen with contrast
Tally Ho! Shunt hunt in San Antonio today. #AlamoVeterinaryImaging #vimago #HDVI #veterinarymedicine #vettechlife #dvms ...
A very diagnostic 3D view from the Vimago HDVI platform.
3D Skull from the Vimago PICO HDVI




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