Permanent Cosmetics Classes by Terry Lively

Permanent makeup classes by Terry Lively, a certified trainer with the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals. Offering fundamental and specialty courses including 3D ar**la tattooing for breast cancer survivors.

Twenty two years experience. Some photos and detailed information about my permanent makeup classes, comments from former students, pics of student's work, pics of my work...ok the list goes on. If you are interested in learning this incredible art, dig into this page !

Operating as usual

Recent Work by Terry Lively 07/31/2020

Recent Work by Terry Lively


Permanent Cosmetics Classes by Terry Lively's cover photo 02/07/2019

How To Choose A Permanent Makeup School

How to choose a reputable permanent makeup school. So many people offering 2 day classes out there. What should you look for when doing your research? Read this article so you don't get ripped off. #permanentmakeupclasses #permanentmakeupschools #microbladeclasses #permanentmakeuptraining How to choose a reputable permanent makeup class or school. The Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals has published this article. 02/03/2019

Fundamental Permanent Makeup Training - Machine Method - A Class for Beginners. March 12th Through 17th, 2019 - $1000 Deposit

Fundamentals class starting March 12th. Maximum number of students is 3. To see more information, visit here: Fundamental Permanent Makeup. This is a $1000 deposit. Full tuition is $5500.00. See payment details below. This is a 6 day class in San Antonio, Texas with SPCP Certified Trainer Terry Lively. The class will focus completely on the machine method of permanent makeup including powder brows, hair str...


Advanced classes in Ar**la Restorative Tattooing. Call for information at 210-585-8410. Must have 1 year previous experience tattooing with machines. #3Dnippletattoo #ar**latraining #3Dnippleclass


Advanced machine class. 03/28/2017

Permanent Cosmetic Makeup Class Dates With Terry Lively

New beginners classes scheduled. See dates here:


Advanced class for experienced artists in April !


A former student. What a sweet compliment !

This picture is of me and my first client/model for Permanent Cosmetics 3 years ago!
Hard to believe how time flies when you are having fun and loving your job everyday!
A huge thank you to my instructor, Terry Lively, who taught me everything I know!
Terry Lively (photo credit to her), is one of the most talented ladies I've ever met and I am thankful for her teaching me the techniques that I need to have to make all these beautiful transformations happen!
Much love for her,
for helping pave the path to my future!! ###oooo


Microblading/machine hair strokes... #permanentcosmeticstraining


Rotary Tattoo Machines for Permanent Makeup & Traditional Tattooing

For those of you wanting information on the types of equipment and machines I teach on, I have an entire youtube channel with a playlist of several videos on machines alone. I also teach the hand method and microblading. But this series of videos will give you so much info about our industry. In this series I feature rotary tattoo machines being used by cosmetic and traditional tattoo artists. Some of the machines covered will be FK Irons Spektra ... 11/08/2016

Mastectomy Tattoos

Hey everyone, just wanted to let you know that "Miss Ni***es" aka Stacie-Rae Weir is coming to San Antonio to do some advanced ar**la tattooing classes. These classes are for those with at least a few years experience in tattooing or permanent makeup. Stacie-Rae is doing a 1 day class for those already well-familiar with equipment and shading techniques, that will focus more on drawing and the artistic side of A.R.T. (Ar**la Restorative Tattooing). This will be held on Tuesday, January 24th, 2017 at my shop in San Antonio. Cost of the 1 day class is $750, with a max of 5 students allowed. The second class will be 2 days in length, and will cover shading techniques, drawing and pigment selection for A.R.T. This will also be held at my shop in San Antonio, January 26th and 27th, 2017. Cost of the 2 day class is $1200. I'm so excited to be hosting training with this amazing artist. If you would like to check out her work, go to Examples of mastectomy tattooing for breast cancer survivors


People are always asking how student's practice prior to working on actual clients. This is real pigskin. It is an excellent material for a new student to learn techniques.


Timeline Photos


Rotary Tattoo Machines for Permanent Makeup Video #2

Second video in a series I am doing on machines for permanent makeup technicians.

Video #2 in my series on rotary tattoo machines for permanent cosmetic application. In this video I feature Tat Soul's Valor, as well as the Bishop Magi.


Rotary Tattoo Machines for Permanent Makeup

Starting a free video series on high quality machines available in our industry. Educate yourself before purchasing equipment for cosmetic tattooing. #permanentmakeupsanantonio #permanentcosmeticstraining #rotarytattoomachines #FKirons

In this video I feature two styles of rotary machines, made by FK Irons: the Spektra Halo and the Edge X. Learn about high quality machines for permanent cos...


One of my students that trained with me last year. She did these brows yesterday. Great work Clarice MacDonald, you're killing it....

[07/24/16]   Beginning October of 2016, we will be teaching a 10 day apprenticeship program. This is a fundamentals class for those serious about learning this art. What this means is that all beginning students will be required to train for a minimum of 10 days in class. No additional charge for students wanting to come back and spend more time in training and shadowing instructors.

The initial 10 days can be broken up into several classes if need be. We know it's hard for students to leave family, full time jobs, etc. for a 2 week period. So students will have a full year to complete their 10 day minimum requirement. The apprenticeship program will include training to do eyebrows, eyeliner, full lip color, and microblading. It will also include an equipment package with a retail value of $1000. Tuition for the apprenticeship program is 5000.00 .

We're raising the bar for education in this industry, because it's time someone did.
#permanentcosmeticstraining #permanentcosmeticsschools #permanentmakeupschools #permanentmakeupinstructors #permanentmakeuptrainers #cosmetictattooing #learnmicroblading

[03/06/16]   EYEBROWS ONLY. Just added a new beginners class to our training schedule. This class will be for those wanting to learn eyebrows only, with a focus on the microblading technique, as well as the Softap hand method of application. Check the website for upcoming dates and additional information. 01/17/2016

New Harmony™ Microblade

For those of you who are already doing permanent makeup, Tina Davies is coming out with a new microblading tool. Check it out: Sharp. Safe. Disposable. Designed for serious artists. 01/04/2016

Equipment Used in the Permanent Cosmetics Industry

If you have been interested in learning the art of permanent makeup, however are confused about machines, methods of application, and which type of class to take, read my new article. It explains various methods we use in the industry, and includes videos showing students working with both machines, and the hand method. This article will help you make an educated decision on the type of class you may want to look for. Common equipment used in permanent makeup

[12/13/15]   Just a few comments from some of my former students:

"Kesha Lena :Thanks Terry Lively!! All because of you girl!! Best thing I have ever done having you as my teacher"

Stefanie Leblanc: "Training with you was the best decision ever!"

Frances Williams: "I am very proud to announce I am now a Certified Permanent Cosmetic Tattooist! Thank you Terry Lively and your entire staff for a great week of professional training. You are all the best!! "


Brows done yesterday by myself and student Louisa Kleinert.


Mary WonderNubs Dague

this beautiful girl was a client of my several years back. She had just lost her arms from stepping on an explosive device in a mine field. She was an EOD tech. I did her permanent makeup because obviously she could no longer apply regular makeup. I'll never forget her.

I was once an EOD Tech. Now, I do whatever I can to raise awareness for the military su***de epidemic, and help people work through rough situations.


Watch As/Is

Yet another reason to get permanent makeup eyeliner…lol

When you try to even out your eyeliner


Photos from Permanent Cosmetics Classes by Terry Lively's post


Busy day at work yesterday. 4 permanent makeup eyebrows and 1 eyeliner. Here is one client. She had a pretty nasty scar in that brow, and will most likely need a touchup. Scar tissue can be tricky.


Permanent Cosmetic Makeup Wireless Machine

Student working this week with the new (and amazing) Skin Master Duo, digital wireless machine with rechargeable battery. This machine rocks…

Student learning permanent cosmetics on Skin Master Duo, a machine with a rechargeable battery. German made motor. This is the only wireless machine I have t...


This beautiful lady is almost 80 years old. She said she has never really had eyebrows, so spent years drawing them on. I did hair strokes with microblading technique. The brows are a bit thin for my taste, however this is what she requested. We can always make them a little fuller later. smile emoticon Also you can see we did her upper eyeliner.




permanent makeup supplies including Permablend Pigments, permanent makeup machines & needles, topical anesthetics, tattoo practice skins



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