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The Questions that Will Save Your Relationship, Glennon Melton

The Questions that Will Save Your Relationship, Glennon Melton 04/15/2014

ALGBTIC Inaugural Conference ALGBTIC Inaugural Conference LGBT Advocacy over the Lifespan: Celebrating and Moving Forward September 19 - 20, 2014 New Orleans, LA Hilton New Orleans Riverside Hotel Hotel Registion: or, for those who prefer to make thei...


Supervision: A Multicultural Process Survey Web survey powered by Create your own online survey now with SurveyMonkey's expert certified FREE templates. 04/12/2014

8 Foods With Awesome Mood-Boosting Benefits Prepare to rethink everything you thought about “comfort food.” 04/11/2014

Could You Live Apart, Together?

Good to know.... Some couples are forgoing cohabitation, and loving it.

[04/04/14]   I had lunch with a colleague today who is also an LPC supervisor, but not for much longer. She and several others are removing themselves from the LPC Board panel of approved supervisors because of the liability involved. She (and others) have had horrible experiences with being called before the Texas LPC Board for complaints, some complaints years after an intern has become licensed.

I am now leaning towards this...not doing the LPC Supervision anymore after those that I am supervising complete their terms. I do not want to deal with the liability issues, or being responsible for the liability of others. Besides all of that, it is costly to supervise people...time and money. I cannot afford to do it.

So, where does that leave interns who are looking for good supervisors? I have no idea. Since the Texas LPC Board seems to be the issue, perhaps contacting the American Counseling Association, or Texas Counseling Association would be the answer. These entities may not have authority to make Board decisions, but they do have a lot of clout and they will advocate for you.

[04/04/14]   Here is the Deer Oaks Employee Assistance Program recap of this week and the weeks to come:

2 presentations on Stress Management (2 different entities)
2 presentations on Common Disciplinary Problems and their Solutions (for 2 groups of supervisors)
2 presentations on Positive Discipline (for 2 groups of supervisors)
The 3rd part of the Vicarious Trauma series, where the focus was 100% on self-care.

The supervisors presentations are actually part of a series...the first part included 2 presentations: EAP Orientation and Management Consultation (making sure that supervisors have all of the resources available to them). In 2 weeks the following will be presented as part of the supervisors series: Dealing with Difficult Behavior, Communicating with Sensitivity, and Managing the Troubled Employee.

I will also finish up the Vicarious Trauma series and continue the 2nd part of the Health and your Weight series, in a few weeks.

Most EAPs have these types of training/resources available, so if your worksite is interested, have the HR department contact the EAP to get something set up according to the topics that you want. There are counselors on the EAP panels who go to the sites to do the presentations. The employers generally have funds available for the purposes of training and it does not cost the employee. Here are a list of some of the EAPs: Deer Oaks, Cigna, Humana/Lifesynch, Aetna, Compsych, and Magellan. There are many others! 04/02/2014

9 Signs You’re Really an Introvert

Yes, I am! Discover the advantages. 04/01/2014

Sign Our Petition We the undersigned hereby notify the American Counseling Association (ACA) of our intent to form the Association for Counseling and Technology (ACT), an Organizational Affiliate of the American Counseling Association. We have created a petition for prospective members to sign below. We are required… 03/31/2014

Opting out of Obamacare? How to calculate your tax penalty.

Need to know info...Not everyone will be enrolling. The deadline to sign up for Obama care is looming, and those who don't have insurance coverage by March 31 will be hit with a tax penalty. A new calculator from the tax policy center will help you determine just how much opting out will cost. 03/29/2014

I Am Participating in my Destiny: Journal Entry, by Erin A. Alexander, LPC I really do feel blessed in a lot of ways. Despite the 'downs' and occasional disappointments, I can truly say that I am happy overall. Sometimes I can hardly believe that I am saying that, and I h... 03/27/2014

Happiness Can Boost Employee Productivity by 10 Percent This story first appeared in Inc. It’s natural to believe that success will bring you happiness, but a variety of psychologists, including Harvard’s Shawn Achor, have argued that this common-sense understanding is actually backward. Success doesn’t make you happy so much as happiness makes you more… 03/26/2014

Being Alone Without Being Lonely, By Ben Martin, Psy.D.

Being Alone Without Being Lonely, By Ben Martin, Psy.D. There is a great difference between being lonely and being alone. Many people are alone and lead happy lives. It may behoove us to study some of their traits, because many of us are likely to be alone at some point in our lives. Points to consider: Our… [ 345 more words. ] 03/26/2014

Give happiness a chance - The Times of India Embrace happiness by doing things you love and celebrating all that you have 03/24/2014

Why chocolate really is the secret to happiness

Why chocolate really is the secret to happiness Money may not buy happiness or grow on trees but when it comes to chocolate, it seems you can have both. Chocolate really does grow on trees and the chemical feel-good factor comes from the world’s most widely consumed psychoactive drug. The Theobroma… [ 902 more words. ] 03/24/2014

Adultery: To Forgive Or Not To Forgive Your Spouse | Tammy Nelson | YourTango You just found out that your partner cheated and right about now you are probably wondering "Can I ever forgive him?" All of your well-meaning friends and family are telling you to "Get out now while you can. Once a cheater, always a cheater!" But there is a part of you that wonders if leaving is th... 03/21/2014

Why happiness is healthy

Article on Happiness Managing emotional ups and downs and holding on to the sense of purpose and meaning, are important to physical health, experts say. 03/12/2014

What's the hardest part of growing your business? Vote on this LinkedIn Poll to see the results divided by age, seniority, and gender. Use Polls to leverage the collective wisdom of millions of business professionals on LinkedIn. 03/10/2014

Which qualities are most important in running your business? Vote on this LinkedIn Poll to see the results divided by age, seniority, and gender. Use Polls to leverage the collective wisdom of millions of business professionals on LinkedIn.





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