Spiritual Life Coaching

Spiritual Life Coaching


When we pray God steps over into our world...but any real change only happens when we have learned how to step over into God's world.
I am so tired of watching the suffering of so many! Watching anxiety and fear take the futures of countless lives. Watching debilitating depression become our new norm. Watching unbridled anger lead our interactions with each other! And as a result, violent wrong now even be applauded, or accepted as justifiable. YES - we are a mentally and emotionally ill nation. And sadly, a country that cultural Christianity has no answers for! Make no mistake about it - this is not the life Jesus promised! ...Is there is an answer? A road to healing? Yes there is! Take a chance: for one night STOP and come away from all of the mess, the grief, the anger, the depression, the fear, and the need to blame in your life! Get off of "The Road Most Travelled"! And run as fast as you can on Sunday, February 10th to Father's Heart to hear "an astounding theological theory on emotional illness!" (17606 Diamond Canyon, San Antonio, TX 78232) MAKE YOUR PLANS TODAY!
It takes courage for a person to step out of the comfort of their own existing spiritual belief system. But until a person becomes secure enough to question what they already believe (rather than feeling a panicked deep need to defend it) – their own search for further truth will unknowingly end.
I have a tendency to assume that every Christian is extremely hungry and desperate for God. They aren’t. And it is that missing factor that causes what I teach to become nothing more than just a few more tiring powerless formulas. But if the extreme hunger is there - now what I teach will quickly cause the individual to step over into the miraculous! …Into the tangible Kingdom and presence of God. Be hungry today!
The prodigal son was never surprised by the result of his choices, nor was he shocked when his father didn’t come and fix each of his situations. He never expected Father to come! He had wanted to be as far away from his Father’s rule as possible. And the Father had honored his choices. God honors every choice we make. If we want to live our lives independent from Him – broken hearted for us He will allow it. And yet oddly still so many blame Him for the cruelty that happens apart from Him. Hurting? Please go home. God will be there.
Next time you feel yourself beginning to become irritated, or mad or angry at someone…stop and ask yourself what “emotional expectations” am I expecting that person to fill or meet? You may be surprised at what you find. Could this be why God wants to become the “first love” in your life? To be the first source that you look to meet your emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual needs? …Because He is the only one who can completely satisfy your inner cravings? Oddly you will find when God becomes your “first love” people don’t seem to irritate you anymore! ...In fact you begin to be moved with compassion for them. A compassion created by a love that now oddly covers a multitude of their “flaws, faults, offences, and sins”. Take some time and fall back in love with God today. …And stop expecting so much of others.
Peace is not an answer to the problems you are facing – it is an attribute of who God is. And when you seek Him with all of your heart; NOT for an answer to those problems – you will find peace. …Because you will have found and become intimate with God.
The only people who believe in a mean God are those who haven't spent any intimate time with Him.
Whenever Abbie, our 5 pound Shih Tzu is afraid, she runs to me and leans into my leg with all of who she is for protection. And I can assure you – I won’t allow anyone or anything to hurt her. This morning, right now, get up as close to God as you can and I promise He will get up closer to you than you could have ever imagined!
Scripture tells us that it is hope – that pleasurable, confident expectation – (not faith) that takes us through the veil into God’s tangible presence. And it is from there that true faith is created. …As we are now able to hear a word – a spoken utterance from God himself. Anything short of this word from the intimacy with God is merely presumption. And eventually will cause its creator’s heart to melt and become as water. To now sadly…doubt God. Need guidance today? Take the time to become intimate with God first.
Struggling with some temptation? Want to change that? As long as you focus on your sin, or on what you are tempted to do…rather than the real issue YOU ARE GOING TO LOSE! That issue? WHO WILL YOU GIVE YOUR LIFE AWAY TO! Simply? …WHO WILL OWN YOU! Today when you are tempted, stop and mentally and emotionally put that desire to one side for the moment. Then evaluate the two choices you have to serve – the evil one…or God. Now give your life completely away to the one you choose. I promise the pull of your temptation will now be gone. Have a great day “in Him”!
So much of God is not seen or felt when we close a door in our life by choosing another source to fill our emptiness. But never should we attribute the God distance we feel as an action on His part. …For God has not moved! Nor any door closed from His side. For the loss we feel is only there because we have moved away from Him. Right now, release those God substitutes and open your doors to God. …He’s tangibly waiting for you.

Success in life - mentally, emotionally, and physically is dependent upon how touchable and tangible God has become. Receive personal, individualized, step by step coaching from international speaker Rod Pruitt into this most intimate God relationship.

What a difficult world we live in. The financial future of many is unsure. The world unstable. And in our daily lives the pace is out of control. Too much to do, too much to remember. So many responsibilities, so many demands, someone always wanting something from you…and someone always upset with you over something. * Yes it’s true, technology has made life easier. We shop at home, surf the web, text rather than talk. But at the same time we feel emptier, lonelier, and more cut off from each other than at any other time in human history. * One of the major reasons for the stress, the depression, and the difficulty in our lives is that you and I were never created for this world. In fact, we were designed for another totally different existence. * Think about it for just a moment. If the biblical story of creation is true, then no individual has been created with the ability to cope with this world. First man, first woman had nothing in their DNA to help them cope with the stress of this life. Why should they? They were never supposed to live in this world! * And God NEVER changed that original design of mankind. What does that mean? YOU WEREN’T DESIGNED FOR THIS WORLD! * The world you were supposed to live in was one without stress, without anger, without jealousy, without depression, without fear, without anxiety over your future and finances. You were created to live totally secure. Always feeling protected, provided for, living without a need to impress, without having to search for approval. …Never lonely, having a constant feeling of purpose... * …And all because you were living and experiencing a tangible and touchable relationship with God. Are you beginning to realize why this life seems so difficult…so impossible? * So what do you do? What sort of life, what sort of existence did Jesus promise you? Ever thought about that? …What promise, what claim does Christianity make that no other religion in the world can even purpose? Really think about that for a moment. * Heaven? A code of ethics? No, most promise that. What about a better life in this world? No, not even that. The one outrageous claim that we make that no other world religion would have the nerve, the gall, the audacity to even suggest is that God will come and reside within you, and just as outrageous - you in Him. * Now really think about that. God in you? You in Him? That somehow God will come and mesh together so tightly, so intimately, so wonderfully, so completely with all that is you…that scripture now announces to all the world that a new creation is formed, a new creature is created, a new being – a new man, a new woman? * And to such an extent WILL this change be in you – that the writer of book of Acts tells us that in this moment of time…of you being in God, and God in you…that you now will begin to “live, and move, and have your being” in this God intimacy. Acts 17:28 * So much so – that we are told that IT is no longer YOU that lives (But Christ in you!) * In fact, remember, all things will have changed! Those old destructive parts of who you were (at least during this emersion with God)…are now gone, “passed away”. …You are a new creation – every part of you is now changed. Let there be no mistake about it – IF…and WHEN this happens - you are different! * Now just think about that for a moment. Really think about that. God inside of you? And you in Him? Now if this promise of Jesus is real…shouldn’t something immediately happen - when, and if this takes place? * COME ON…step out of cultural Christianity! Step out of the comfort of your existing belief system for just a moment. I know many have been taught to accept a life that to some extent is overwhelmed with anxiety, depression, and fear. And that despite this inward God existence that change only comes slowly over time. * But wait a minute, what if this is not what God promised? Could it be possible that we are missing some crucial under-standing for how to experience this God intimacy? Come on…shouldn’t something happen? Something you can feel and see different about yourself? * …Something TOUCHABLE AND TANGIBLE? * What should this life with God be like? Just imagine it for a moment. God comes to live inside of you! And you in Him. And when He does He brings all of who He is. In fact, He can’t leave a part of who He is outside of you. That just isn’t possible for Him. * So what does He bring inside of us when we become one with Him? Gal. 5:22-23 describes the attributes of God that mesh together with who you are when you become one with Him. Remember? God is love, and joy, and peace, and gentleness, and goodness, and patience, and meekness, and God’s own self-control, and faithfulness *. And remember these attributes are not like human attributes. Not at all.They are powerful. Able to transform any who come in contact with God in the blink of an eye. * So how can this powerful relationship with God become a part of your life? International speaker Rod Pruitt is now scheduling individuals on a limited basis to personally step by step walk them into this powerful relationship with God. * What will you experience? * Imagine learning and experiencing how to connect with God in a tangible way so that whenever you are confronted with the emotional pain brought by a troubled relationship, financial pressure, job difficulties, or even the pain of what has been a lifetime of depression...that God becomes so real that His very presence causes the pain of these experiences to immediately vanish!

[06/29/20]   When Jesus prayed he spoke to Father about his own desires. Expressing exactly how he felt. But he always ended those talks with some expression of choosing God’s will over any personal direction of his own desires. What do I mean? When you pray…if after expressing your desires to God, you haven’t LEFT THE OUTCOME of something in God’s care – then understand you have closed a door to His care of you. And how can you tell when this has happened? One of the signs is the presence of worry, anxiety, fear, or anger. They all indicate in some way you are seeking to control the outcome of some part of your life - independent of God! …AND THAT YOU ARE LOSING! Are you "losing" in some area of your life today? Go talk to God. And leave the outcome of whatever it is...IN HIS HANDS!

[04/21/20]   You and I only come alive in the way God promised…when He becomes touchable and tangible. It is an exchanged life. …God in you, you in Him. God is the constant in your relationship. You are the variable. As a result your heart must be transformed on a daily basis. And that requires choices. Not effort. Nor some lifestyle that you need to work to live (God forbid!). Just your gentle surrender to stop doing your “thing” (whatever that is!). And give your life back to Him! Come on – stop the insanity – and run to the only rest found in this world. In God’s arms as the child He adores and loves. ...He is waiting.

[12/01/19]   The more intangible God is, the more perverted the theology of a person becomes. It is inevitable. For now his theology, interpretation and translation of scripture, arguments and public speaking must explain the distance, silence, lack of involvement and unanswered prayers of the God he proposes.

[10/10/19]   It is only when a person stops reading scripture just for comfort (and there is nothing wrong with that), but instead begins to read looking for the clues of Christ, now seeking to learn from Him the secrets to an intimate life with God...that they discover the powerful life Jesus meant and modeled for them.

[01/16/19]   Probably one of the greatest test of real Christianity, real relationship with God...is how do you treat those you disagree with, what do you feel toward them in that moment of violent disagreement? Do you still love and care about them? Or is proving you are right more important at that moment?

Spiritual Life Coaching

[11/11/14]   I have come to the understanding that I am not a counselor. That is not my gift. I am a coach. A spiritual life coach. I listen briefly to the situation a person is troubled by, give feedback about what is happening spiritually within the individual, then instruct them as to how the pain they are experiencing (that is very real) can be eliminated within an intimate relationship with God, and finally give "assignments" to help bring about this God intimacy. If this fits your situation and need...Spiritual Life Coaching might be for you.

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