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We help companies develop untapped potential in leadership development, event and meeting planning, and presentation skills. Correlations offers an event certification program for new and aspiring event planners.

The Correlations Event Program (CEP) takes the relevant parts of an entire college curriculum of marketing, business development, hospitality management, and event planning and condenses it into an intense workshop. The program is based on proven strategies, techniques, and experience that have helped a wide variety of individuals and major companies. A CEP renewal is required every two years for a total of four years to complete the program. Register for a course today at!

Mission: Our mission is to unleash the potential of individuals with high impact communication skills in the areas of leadership development, event and meeting planning, and speaking effectively.

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First, let me say that college was not designed to make you rich.

College was established by religious denominations to serve the needs of the church to train clergyman. One of the first colleges founded in 1636 was Harvard. The word “college” is from the Latin verb lego meaning “to collect, gather together, pick.” College is designed to educate you to work together while expanding the consciousness of your brain.

The brain is one of the largest and most complex organs in the human body. It is made up of more than 100 billion nerves. The brain of a teenager is underdeveloped. We send teenagers to college to expand their brains to become more composed, focused, and aware. This transformation does not happen overnight.

Our brain cells and the connections between them or synapses can be shaped more efficiently in the teenage and post-adolescent period than in the adult years. The “synaptic plasticity” molds the brain (like plastic) with stronger memory skills and a heightened IQ during the teen years.

Repetition in college replicates the use of synapses, which are key for impulse control, insight, judgement, and empathy. Courses involving art, philosophy, and literature causes your brain to flourish resulting in deductive reasoning.

College is not for everyone but for those interested in going, please know that higher education is worth it. Expanding the consciousness of your brain is always worth it.

(Oh, ‘cause I thought somebody that didn’t graduate college said something!)

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Signed, sealed, delivered! #vote

This book is going in my high school and college libraries. It's a great gift for high school seniors, incoming freshman, and first generation college students. Give them the gift of resilience, hope, and the key to graduate college successfully!

Sending a special Thank You to my favorite teacher Mrs. Jane Cohlmeyer for inviting me to speak to her Creative Writing class today! She’s the teacher that pulled the fear out of me to be a speaker! I shared some of my book, “Articulate” and tips for writing a memoir! Cahokia High will have my books in the library soon! Proud to be a Comanche and Saluki!!! ❤️❤️❤️
#articulate #author #speaker #teacher

A weekend of reading books and writing one! #prettygirlsread ...write and edit books 💕 #momlife #mydaughter #readersareleaders

...and so it begins. Coming November 20th!

Meet Google Drive – One place for all your files

I can't wait to share my journey with you. View a sample of my book, "Articulate" click here Google Drive is a free way to keep your files backed up and easy to reach from any phone, tablet, or computer. Start with 15GB of Google storage – free.

Pre-Order Articulate | Articulate Preorders

I am almost finished with recording the audiobook for my book, "Articulate."

When you Pre-Order the book, you can expect a signed copy of the book, a bookmark, and a complimentary link to listen to the audiobook. Thank you for your orders and support!

Any author worth their weight understands writing is only 10% of the challenge, 90% involves marketing. Your pre-orders give wings to this book. Your support is everything! Thank you!

Pre-order your copy today! Books ship on November 20th. I grew up in poverty, abandoned by my father, ridiculed by my teachers, and witnessed my stepfather abuse my mother constantly. I found myself in silence at home, school, church, and in relationships. I decided to create a different path for my life by becoming the first person in my family to go to...

When people say that all your dreams can come true, I look at them with a side-eye! My only dream was to become a Rock Star!
I wanted to be Diana Ross.

I remember getting my first solo in the youth choir. I sang from the depths of my soul.

When we got home from church, Granny asked Daddy (my grandfather), “How did Lena do with her song?”

With a straight face, Daddy replied, “Lena needs to be an usher.”

Granny laughed so hard.

My dreams of being a Rockstar were shattered.

In just a few words, Daddy made it clear that singing was not my gift.

-From my book, "Articulate" #dianaross #legend #star #womancrusheveryday #articulate#authorsofinstagram #author #writer #speaker #teacher #influencer #blackgirlsrock #blackgirlmagic #womensempowerment #live #love #sing-anyway #dreambigger

I appreciate your support! In my new book, “Articulate,” I’m revealing my traumas from home, school, relationships, and church with hopes that it will heal you, too. Preorder today! #articulate #preorder

“Where did your accent come from?” he asked.

At the time, I did not realize I had an accent.

I responded, “I guess from my grandparents. I was raised over there (pointing out the window), only 8 miles away in Centreville, Illinois.”

He mocked my voice with a high pitch, “Over there?”

I responded, “Yes sir. Across the river.” (Mississippi River)

My professor and the class stared at me with a puzzled look.

I quickly realized they had not heard of Centreville.

“In the backwoods?” he scoffed.

Trying to hold back my tears, I said, “No sir. It’s a small town but it’s not in the middle of nowhere.”

He chuckled, “Interesting accent.”

The class laughed.

It was not what he said, it was what he implied. He was giving me a reminder that I did not belong. I felt ridiculed and humiliated.

When my professor pointed out my accent and how I pronounced certain words, his mockery deepened my insecurities. His mockery silenced me.

Towards the end of the semester after I delivered a presentation, he commented, “Well done and articulate.”

I cringed when he said the word “articulate.” He was not saying I was well-spoken; he was saying that I did not sound ignorant.

-From my book, "Articulate."

If you could see a glimpse inside my mind. #mood

5 Tips for First Generation College Students

**New Blog Alert**
My first month of college, I was arrested and taken to jail for domestic violence against my roommate. My roommate’s father was an SIUC Alumni and an attorney and he pressed charges with hopes that I would get suspended from school. Instead, the university placed me on a 12-month disciplinary probation and relocated me into a dorm across campus.

I learned in a short amount of time how quickly your life can change. Unfortunately, I learned the hard way, in this blog I am giving 5 tips for first generation college students. In high school, I rarely felt overwhelmed with schoolwork. Praise and good grades came easily to me.

Quick announcement: my new book is ready for pre-orders.
"Articulate: Our Words Shape Our World"

Articulate: adjective, ar·tic·u·late | \ är-ˈti-kyə-lət

Definition of articulate: expressing oneself readily, clearly, and effectively.

When I was in the third grade, my teacher said I belonged in Special Education because I did not pronounce my words clearly. I went on to earn my Master's Degree in Communication at 24 years old.

This is my story, my memoir, my life.

This is a journey through my childhood as I created a path for myself as a first generation college graduate. It will renew your hope. Pre-order your copy for $15 at

Paperback books ship on November 20, 2020.

Congratulations to our Houston Certified Event Planner, Terri Higgins on a successful virtual conference! She has been working with great effort and a ton of energy to pull this off! Terri is the VP of Education for MPI Houston.

Terri connected me to Houston’s leading philanthropist and businessman Mattress Mack (James McIngvale)!

In our personal development courses, I work to help women and children with mental health. He shared the story of his daughter, Elizabeth who is severely OCD and was suicidal at 13 years old. She now has a PhD and a nonprofit dedicated to helping others with mental illness.

I’m more motivated than ever! There is power in our connections. Thank you, CEP, Terri! Sending a huge round of applause and a virtual hug to you!

[09/23/20]   I have attended several virtual event planning conferences during this pandemic and I have noticed a HUGE difference with how event planners plan their events.
In the conferences where hardly anyone looks like me, the focus is on project management.
In the conferences filled with black women, the focus is on decorating events.
The money is in the project management.
The likes and shares are in decorating.
The influence comes in being able to do both.
If you want to follow the money, plan your events like a professional project manager. Get your credentials and education.
That is all. #carryon

[09/22/20]   I can't wait for tomorrow! I will meet with some elite professionals in the events industry! I have questions...

What does Halloween event planning look like this year? Creative ideas?

How should we safely plan our Holiday events for our clients and our family?

Will Spring events get the green light? At what capacity?

I'll be sure to keep you posted. In the meantime, keep planning!

[09/11/20]   As we navigate through this 'new normal,' what do you need help with? Let me know, I'm recording some training videos for you next week!

Event Planner: Start Your Own Business like a Rockstar!

Take this class before you start your event business! Start your business with contracts, consultations, prices, leads, and new clients to celebrate all the way to the bank!

God is so faithful! It’s been a long time coming but my mom was finally approved for getting a power chair! She had to show a level of progress in physical therapy and she did it!Now she will have a sense of independence and it’s the direction we’ve been praying for 🙏
I’m so happy!!! Don’t stop praying, never stop believing! #mymom #cantstop #wontstop #godisgood #allthetime #strokesurvivor #live #love #believe #praybigger #faith

“Instead of letting your hardships and failures discourage you, let them inspire you. Let them make you even hungrier to succeed.” -Michelle Obama #personaldevelopment #mentalhealth

Black Women Don’t Pay for Personal Development

*New Blog Alert* “Black Women don’t pay for personal development,” he said after suggesting that I change the image of the Black Woman on the cover of my personal development course. I responded, “It’s obvious, my cover is a Black Woman because I’m a Black Woman!” Feeling awkward without wanting to com...

Self-Confidence for Women Workbook | PowerfulPurpose

9 Steps to Build Self-Confidence & Motivation Workbook. #personaldevelopment You look like you have it all figured out but on the inside, there is something holding you back! Maybe you are waiting for something or someone to make your life better.

Congratulations to our Dallas Certified Event Planner, Shannon Culley for planning a virtual fundraiser for Legacy Christian Academy. She had to quickly shift the school events to virtual events including an online auction and she helped them raise over $35,000!

She used the virtual platform 32auctions. It is user friendly to build an auction and easy for those bidding on items! Consider it for your upcoming fundraising efforts.

Way to go, CEP, Shannon!

Are you thinking about starting your own business but you need some ideas?

1. Event Planner
2. Wedding Planner
3. Photographer
4. Virtual Assistant
5. Travel Agent
6. Interior Designer
7. Baker
8. Caterer
9. Graphic Designer
10. Web Designer
11. Publicist
12. Personal Trainer
13. Pet Business
14. Real Estate
15. Blogging
16. Freelance Writing
17. Legal Services
18. Proofreader
19. Bookkeeper
20. Property Management
21. Amazon Sales
22. Etsy Sales
23. Life Coach
24. Dentist
25. Attorney
26. Public Speaker
27. Hair Stylist (Owner)
28. Make-up Artist
29. Online Store
30. Laundry Business
31. Marketing
32. Tutor
33. Janitorial
34. Accounting
35. Childcare

[09/09/20]   I am here to help you!
Below are the questions that I ask my clients before I work with them to build their business.

You can take time to ask yourself these questions:

What service/products do you sell?
What is your current business model?
How long have you been in business?
How many clients paid to work with you in the past 12 months?
How much does a client pay for your products or service?
How much money is your business making monthly?
On a scale from 1-10 how important is it for your business to surpass $100,000 a year?

If you need help going from where you are to where you want to be, email [email protected] to schedule a discovery call for business coaching.

Event Planner: Start Your Own Business like a Rockstar!

I offer business coaching! I am working with an average of 8-10 clients a week BUT you don't need to do coaching right away. Take my online business class and if you want specific guidance, contact me to work with you one-on-one!

Now is the best time to work for yourself! Start your business with contracts, consultations, prices, leads, and new clients to celebrate all the way to the bank!

Thank you for joining me and my Cupcake last night💕 Our first lesson on Stress Management for Middle School Personal Development was warmly embraced. Join us in our FB group Powerful on Purpose as we build and develop confidence and self-discipline in this new generation! #personaldevelopment

Don't copy what I do.
Copy how I think!

Our Story

Started in 2002, Correlations is a professional development firm. We specialize in teaching strategic event planning skills to administrative assistants, marketing professionals, entrepreneurs, and college students. We educate using organization development theories and practices, we elevate your confidence, and we expedite your planning competence for sustainable success in various industries throughout the world. At Correlations, we build confidence and competence with one plan at a time.

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