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A place for athletes, parents, coaches, and mentors to find the type of elite training in an event t Welcome! I am Randy Bermea, former Harlingen High School, UC Berkeley, and UTSA student-athlete.

Upon finishing my career in May 2017, I have decided to find a way to stay connected to the sport that I love by offering training in my specialty event, short and intermediate hurdles. Feel free to browse around my page to gather any information you need. Please contact me with any questions you may have!

Operating as usual


Join us for a live stream TODAY at 5PM! I'll be on with
Devon Allen (Olympian, US & NCAA champion hurdler, Oregon wide receiver)
Robert Grant (former Texas A&M Aggie, pro runner and world record holder)

‪❗️We have a special “Sideline Sit Down” show for you today. Former Oregon Duck , Olympian, US & NCAA 110M hurdles champ Devon Allen, former Texas A&M Aggie and pro runner and world record holder indoor 4x400m Robert Grant and Harlingen High, UTSA alum Randy Bermea will join us at 5❗️‬


DM for info!!

Our fall is how we get started the RIGHT WAY, and where we build our foundation and tackle our decencies.


Only one team wins the Super Bowl.

For each player on the New England Patriots going to Disney World after the game there is a player on the Rams going home disappointed without the joy of victory.

It's a lot like life.

Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose.

Sometimes we win the account, the game, the job promotion, the award and sometimes we lose the very thing we want most.

Winning matters. Losing matters. But in life what matters most is what we do with our wins and losses.

When we win do we become complacent or stay humble and hungry?

People often say that success breeds success but often it breeds complacency. After a win people think they can just show up and achieve the same result, forgetting the effort, determination and mindset it took to achieve the win.

To continue winning it's essential to turn the euphoria of winning into a fire of burning desire that fuels your continuous improvement, passion, and quest for excellence.

Even more important than what we do after our wins is how we respond to our losses. Do we give up or come back stronger? Do we allow the loss to act like a cancer that eats away at us for the rest of our life or do we turn it into a learning opportunity that leads to our healthy growth?

I certainly know what it feels like to lose. I've lost many arguments with my wife. : ) "The Energy Bus" was rejected by 30 publishers. As a sales person years ago I lost as many accounts as I won. I received hundreds of rejections from organizations that I offered to speak to when I first started speaking. I lost many games as a high school and college athlete.

Everyone loses but the key is to make the loss stand for something and in my family LOSS now stands for:

LOSS (Learning Opportunity, Stay Strong)

When we lose we ask what we can learn from this loss and how we can improve because of it. Then we stay strong and work harder to get better.

This leads to more wins in the future...and also eventually more loses...and more learning opportunities and opportunities to stay strong and develop our character.

Through this process of winning and losing we learn the greatest lesson of all:

No matter how hard we work and how much we improve there will be times when we experience the worst of defeats instead of the greatest of victories. But ultimately life is about more than winning or losing. It’s about the lessons we learn, the character and strength we build and the people we become along the way.

When we understand this we will surely be a winner in the game of life!

Win Today!


Happy Holidays everyone!

Although I have been training with my athletes from last year, it is that time of year again to open up enrollment for track and field lessons! I do have a capacity of how many athletes I can work with, and right now at Next Level Hurdle Academy, we have about 5-6 spots available for the spring semester. If you or anyone you know may be interested in receiving elite hurdle training in the San Antonio area, please do not hesitate to pass along my info or shoot me a message!

houston.thed10.com 10/15/2018

Randy Bermea - The HOUSTON D10

Hello Facebook friends!

A few months ago I had the opportunity to be apart of something really awesome called the D10. It is a network of former Division 1 athletes coming together to help raise money for pediatric cancer. The reason for this post is that I am asking for your support as I compete in The D10 and raise money for pediatric cancer research at The University of Texas MD Anderson Children’s Cancer Hospital. My team has a fundraising goal of $6,000. Here's the best part; challenge me to achieve my athletic goals. It's called charitybetting.

Yall know i'm all about the competition, and finding different ways to motivate my performance. Although I am not in any way close to the shape I used to be in, this is for something bigger than athletics, and that's why I am asking for your help. Sooooo by placing a performance-based donation, you will motivate me to train harder, perform better and ultimately raise more money for The University of Texas MD Anderson Children’s Cancer Hospital. Please click on the link below and select a donation option.


100% of all donations go directly to pediatric cancer treatment and research. You will also receive a tax letter recognizing your donation. Come watch us compete! The D10 occurs on November 3rd, 2018 at Rice University, and I will be competing on Saturday, November 3rd, 2018. It is an awesome experience supporting a truly worthy cause.

The 10 events:
400m dash
40yd dash
pro agility
football throw
500m row
bench press (reps)
pull-ups (reps)
dips (reps)
vertical jump
800m run

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me with any questions about this awesome event!

houston.thed10.com My name is Randy Bermea and I'm from a small town in south Texas called, Harlingen, Texas. Competed in football and track and field in high school and went to Cal Berkeley out of high school, but finished up my career in San Antonio running the 400m hurdles with a lifetime best of 50.56. I saw this....


Attention parents/athletes:

We will be starting up Next Level Training in a couple of weeks, and have limited spots left. If you are interested, please reach out to me to verify. We have a phenomenal group of athletes already and are looking to complete our team.


Junior athlete, Amy Ambelang, finding her family after her double gold medal (100m hurdles, 300m hurdles) at the TAPPS State Track and Field meet in Waco, Texas!

So proud of this girl, when we first started working, we had to work hard and often to break down her form and set her up for long term success. The transition period was difficult and frustrating but we LOVE the results, and she’s HUNGRY for more!!!!!!!


Mannnnnnn this is the TRUTH!!! Hahahaha had a good laugh with this one.


Hurdles are a sprinting event! Positioning after lead leg comes down needs to be a sprint position! Good work with my athletes this afternoon!


Had an awesome day with my athletes today! Emphasizing lead leg stability to prevent collapsing late in races. Block work with my middle school kids with district coming up in the next couple of weeks they need to stay SHARP!


I'll be at Dobie Middle School this evening watching 2 of my athletes compete! Both at Boerne South Middle school, one of them happens to be my nephew!

randybermea.com 03/21/2018

RandyBermea.com – Track & Football Highlights – (Randolph Bermea) - Home


Browse this sight for a few videos of some races that I have online! Feel free to comment or share any thoughts or inputs with me, lets talk about training!

randybermea.com Randolph Bermea Track & Football Highlights


Randy Bermea's cover photo


Hey everyone! I know it's been a while, but I come with good news!

I will be doing private hurdle coaching in the San Antonio area! I have decided to stay close to the sport that I love. Working with 6th-12th graders, boys and girls. Tell your friends and family in the area! Please do not hesitate to contact me with information!

Thank you!


This Friday i'll be down in Mcallen at my old working grounds! Teaming up with CSI to host a hurdle camp! Pre-register on the website posted below! Really excited to see old faces and meet the future of RGV Track and Field! See you all then!


This Friday !! June 23rd !!

Come train with one of the best in the nation, Randy Bermea, at Cavazos Sports Institute, Mcallen, Tx.

* C-USA 400m Hurdle Champion, 2017
* C-USA Silver Medalist, 2016
* 4x NCAA Quarter Finalist
* 2013 NCAA Most Valuable Athlete
* 4th all time 400m Hurdle record at UTSA
* 4x High school state medalist
* RGV record holder in 110m Hurdles
* USA Today All-USA track team
* 2x RGV Male athlete of the year

All athletes must pre register at csitrain.com

Friday June 23rd
$40 per camper
6th - 8th grade: 12-2pm
9th - 12th grade: 2:30-4:30


Come train with one of the best in the nation, Randy Bermea, at Cavazos Sports Institute, Mcallen, Tx. * C-USA 400m Hurdle Champion, 2017
* C-USA Silver Medalist, 2016
* 4x NCAA Quarter Finalist
* 2013 NCAA Most Valuable Athlete * 4th all time 400m Hurdle record at UTSA * 4x High school state medalist * RGV record holder in 110m Hurdles * USA Today All-USA track team * 2x RGV Male athlete of the year
All athletes must pre register at csitrain.com
Spots LIMITED TO 25 athletes per session !
Friday June 23rd $40 per camper
6th - 8th grade: 12-2pm
9th - 12th grade: 2:30-4:30


What's up everybody! Hope everyone had a great summer, and are ready to kick off this school year! My 5th and final year of track and field has started, can't wait to keep yall updated on my season!


Randy Bermea


Hey guys and gals!

Next weekend we will host our first outdoor track meet of the season in San Antonio! We'd love to have as many people in attendance this year as possible, so if your schedule is free, swing by the track and support your UTSA Roadrunners! 🔸🔹


Randy Bermea


A little update!

New PR in the 400m in Boston this past weekend, 48.13, excited for these next few months, big things are ahead for our team!!! Birds up!!


To all the parents out there.....


And finally it's official!

For those of you who haven't heard, I have left UC Berkeley and transferred to UTSA. Although it was a difficult decision to leave Cal, I believe that this was the right decision. I will never forget my time at Cal, I have learned so much, and met many lifelong friends. I will never forget you guys, and Cal will always have a special place in my heart.

But it's time for me to focus on this new chapter of my life, and continue to pursue the goals I have set for myself in track and field, and I could not have picked a better place.

Thank you everyone for the support!!

Birds up!!



For those of you who do not know yet, I have withdrawn from UC Berkeley and moved in with my grandpa in Uvalde due to the passing of my grandma. I will be here temporarily and will be transferring to a different school in Texas in the Fall. I will still compete this season running unattached being coached my by high school coach, Harvey Noyola, and my strength coach, Jaime Cavasos. Thank everyone for the continued support, and I won't let you down. I promise!


Cal Athletics: Cal Student-Athlete Sexual Violence Prevention Message


"It's on us." -Cal Athletics

This is a very serious issue that needs to be addressed, please share this video; you could save someone's life.



Got my boot off this week, and after getting my butt kicked by my trainers in physical therapy today, safe to say I'm well on my way to getting back in time for my outdoor season this year!! Thanks for the continued support, Go Bears!


Hey guys! Just a little update on my recovery process:

Been about 2 and a half weeks since the surgery, everything went great! Should be off he crutches within the next week, and out of my walking boot in about 3 weeks. Thanks for all the support and prayers! Go Bears!


Cal Football: Post game locker celebration (Washington State)


A look inside our locker room after our win yesterday!!!



Minor hiccup in my track career,

I will be having surgery on Monday, Sept. 29th, to repair a fractured bone in my foot that happened this pas June. Recovery time is estimated 6-8 weeks before I am cleared to practice again. I'm gonna come back ever bigger and stronger!!! Thanks for the continued support y'all. I really appreciate it.


Hey guys!!!! I'm gonna ask a favor from my facebook friends.

This fall I have an internship with this super awesome app (Fancred). What it is, is a social media app (facebook, twitter, etc.) but it is ONLY FOR SPORTS! You follow your favorite teams, professional and/or college, and then everything that has been posted relevant to your team will show up. It's basically an app run by the fans, for the fans. It's way easier to find things going on for away games. For example, posting information like open tailgates or post-game parties can make it easier for fans to meet up with each other and hang out. AND it's only sports relevant stuff.

That being said, if you guys can download it and give it a shot I would really appreciate it. You can follow me on there and kind of see my page to see how it works. Let me know what you guys think!!!! Thank you!


Timeline Photos

www.gofundme.com 08/08/2014

Click here to support Transitioning to a Professional Athlete by Malaina Payton


Please, like, share!!!!! I know we're valley strong and love to see athletes take advantage of opportunities, help Malaina take advantage of hers!!!!

www.gofundme.com As I continue my journey in attempt of becoming a professional track and field athlete, I have decided to join the World Athletics Center in Phoenix, Arizona beginning early October. I recently finished a five-year career of long jumping for the University of California, Berkeley in June. I am sa...


Summer Camp Update:

I have sent an email to those that have contacted me via randybermea.com and filled out the application for the summer camp I will be having, if you did not receive an email from me, message me so I can inform you of when and where it will be. Thank you! Go Bears!

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Junior athlete, Amy Ambelang, finding her family after her double gold medal (100m hurdles, 300m hurdles) at the TAPPS S...
A little update! New PR in the 400m in Boston this past weekend, 48.13, excited for these next few months, big things ar...





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