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San Antonio College Political Science is housed within the Department of Public Policy and Services. Advisor to the majors is Prof. Woodward. The Political Science Department offers several courses for majors preparing to move into Political Science or Public Administration at the University Level.

The Department also offers an opportunity to participate in an internship for academic credit.

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Accelerating change: Progressive leader Drew Galloway looks to nurture, fund grassroots groups 06/03/2021

Accelerating change: Progressive leader Drew Galloway looks to nurture, fund grassroots groups

Look at this #SAC grad making waves! Drew, you ARE what makes #SACPROUD

Accelerating change: Progressive leader Drew Galloway looks to nurture, fund grassroots groups H. Drew Galloway, formerly of MOVE Texas, wants to take a page from startup culture and develop progressive social justice organizations.

[11/05/20]   Another one of our graduates! #sacproud
Ria, you are simply AMAZING! 09/03/2020

Work Elections – MOVE Texas In 2018, six out 10 poll workers were 61 and above. In the middle of this pandemic where our older generations are among the most vulnerable, us young people need to step up and protect our elders. Registered to vote? Great! Take your civic duty one step further and register to be a poll worker! Tex... 08/13/2020

Bexar County needs a better plan for elections during a pandemic

Drew is SPOT ON! Commentary: Bexar County must take action to protect the right to vote ahead of the November election. 07/28/2020

UT Austin faces lawsuit after 2 white students denied admission

here we go....again. The group has filed twice before, and claim UT has a "racially discriminatory" policy that's related to affirmative action. 07/28/2020

How removing unauthorized immigrants from census statistics could affect House reapportionment If unauthorized U.S. immigrants aren't counted, 3 states could each lose a seat they otherwise would have had and 3 others each could gain one. 06/05/2020

SLAY THE DRAGON VIRTUAL DISCUSSION Join All on the Line and the SLAY THE DRAGON filmmakers, Barak Goodman and Chris Durrance for a special virtual panel discussion on the impact of gerrymandering in Colorado. 05/17/2020

Crisis exposes how America has hollowed out its government The government’s halting response represents chronic weaknesses and years of underinvestment, compounded by President Trump’s open hostility to the federal bureaucracy. 05/12/2020

Perspective | The profound civics lesson kids are getting from the U.S. government’s response to the covid-19 pandemic This could change the way civics education is approached in the future.


MOVE Texas

MOVE UNIVERSITY: We're launching a new series to help you pass the time and become a policy pro. We'll be rolling out live conversations, book recs, documentaries to queue up, and more! Now more than ever, we need to build community around the issues that matter most.

Check back in tomorrow for our first live stream conversation over on twitter (@MOVE_Texas) and then keep checking back for our book and documentary recommendations!!

Have questions on a certain policy topic? Something you've always wanted to learn more about in politics? Drop a comment below!

02/27/2020 12/17/2019

Inside the Founding Fathers’ Debate Over What Constituted an Impeachable Offense If not for three sparring Virginia delegates, Congress’s power to remove a president would be even more limited than it already is 12/11/2019

Wasteful spending and half-baked ideas: U.S. officials reveal how massive rebuilding projects in Afghanistan backfired

A Political Scientist could have explained why most of this wouldn't have worked..... U.S. leaders have long insisted they would not be “nation-building” in war-torn Afghanistan. They’ve spent $133 billion trying — and failing — to do just that. 11/25/2019

Guide to the 2019 Impeachment Inquiry of President Trump An impeachment inquiry is a process in the House of Representatives to determine whether to vote on impeachment and, if so, on what grounds. If the inquiry leads to a vote on impeachment, and if a majority of representatives vote yes, then the president is impeached, which only means that the matter... 10/31/2019

Texas Democrats are suing the state over its move to end temporary voting locations The lawsuit — filed with the Democratic campaign arms for the U.S. House and Senate — alleges that a change in state law that effectively ends the use of temporary or mobile early voting sites is unconstitutional because it discriminates against young voters.



Groundbreaking Student Voter Bill Signed into Law in California AB 963, the Student Civic and Voter Empowerment Act, calls for historic investment to increase civic engagement among the state's 3.1 million students enrolled at 147 public universities and colleges. 09/27/2019

Income inequality in America is the highest it’s been since census started tracking it, data shows Amid the longest economic expansion in U.S. history, the gap between the country's wealthiest and poorest has never been bigger. 09/26/2019

About | U.S.-Russia Relations: Quest for Stability

Essay Contest! In the spirit of Carnegie Corporation’s mission to promote the advancement and diffusion of knowledge and understanding, this multimedia, educational interactive aims to shed light on issues that are likely to significantly impact the state of international relations for the foreseeable future. 09/20/2019

Fewer Out-Of-Staters Are Moving To Texas, And A Lot Of Texans Are Moving Out Every year, more people move to Texas from other states than leave. They come for jobs, higher education and a relatively lower cost of living, among other 09/17/2019

Crystal Mason's ballot was never counted. Will she still serve five years in prison for illegally voting? Her lawyers say if her sentence stands, it could discourage low-information voters from going to the polls at all. 09/14/2019

Opinion | We are Trump’s Republican challengers. Canceling GOP primaries is a critical mistake.

Robert Dahl would be concerned about this
We are Trump’s Republican challengers. Canceling GOP primaries is a critical mistake. In America, we don’t take a poll to decide whether to have elections. 09/13/2019

‘Tactic 8’ in the secret drug industry plan to defeat the DEA: Find a champion in Congress

How lobbyists do that voodoo they do so well. Faced with pressure to curtail suspicious opioid shipments, the drug industry fought back with every weapon at its disposal.


This year, San Antonio is taking part in Global Startup Weekend Women - a Techstars initiative that has brought together dozens of cities around the world, uniting thousands of next-generation women founders and community leaders. San Antonio is proud to be a community that empowers women to pursue their dreams and build tools that change the world.

At Global Startup Weekend Women, our goal is to encourage and inspire more female leaders in startup teams and to connect more women to the vast number of resources and mentors available in our startup community. That's why we want you to be a part of this weekend, and to join some of the most talented and entrepreneurial-minded women across our community and region. This event is geared towards getting women more involved, but men are welcome to participate!

Techstars Global Startup Weekend Women will be hosted at Geekdom in San Antonio the weekend of September 27th-29th. Participants can find more information and sign up for this event at

These tickets include 7 meals and snacks throughout the weekend, an event t-shirt, opportunity to meet with amazing mentors all weekend, and the opportunity for the winning teams to receive prize packages that have a total value of over $12,000.

What is Startup Weekend?

Techstars Startup Weekend is a 54-hour event, where attendees pitch ideas, form teams and start companies. These events are very community-focused and provide a place for budding entrepreneurs to find co-founders, mentors, and momentum for their ideas.

The participants that attend have 60 seconds to make a pitch (optional) on Friday, the pitches are whittled down to the top ideas, and then teams form around the ideas to come out with several developed companies or projects. Finally, the weekend culminates with demonstrations in front of an audience of judges and potential investors, with the final winning prize packages to help continue on with their ideas past the weekend. 09/09/2019

The Casualties of Texas’ War on Voter Fraud Crystal Mason’s vote didn’t count. Will her prosecution scare away others whose votes would? 08/14/2019

Attack on ICE facility in San Antonio could signal a troubling trend Right now the search continues for a shooter who targeted two immigration offices here. ICE officials would not tell us whether or not workers at back at the office that was attacked but this could be part of a bigger pattern developing across the country. Christopher Combs, Special Agent in Charge.... 08/09/2019

Is demography destiny in Texas? Elaine Kamarck writes that after decades as a solidly Republican state, there are signs that demographic change is having an impact on Democrats' chances in Texas, including recent GOP House member retirements after disappointing margins in 2018.


Latest Research 2019 Temp | The Millennial Impact Report 06/30/2019

They’re not ‘wonder twins’: Gorsuch, Kavanaugh shift the Supreme Court, but their differences are striking

They’re not ‘wonder twins’: Gorsuch, Kavanaugh shift the Supreme Court, but their differences are striking Though Trump’s picks showed a willingness to move the court right, their disagreements have captured the most attention. 06/25/2019

How a citizenship question on the U.S. Census could cost Texas The U.S. Supreme Court could soon alter the political future of Texas when it decides whether the Trump administration can ask about citizenship on the upcoming census. 06/25/2019

College Students Could Have A Huge Say In The 2020 Election, A New Study Shows

#wakeup #staywoke A certain generation in the United States plans to make itself heard at the polls in 2020, according to recently released research. A Barnes and Noble College study, published on Thursday, sheds light on potential 2020 voter turnout among college… 05/30/2019

Gen Z, Millennials and Gen X outvoted older generations in 2018 midterms Midterm voter turnout reached a modern high in 2018, and Generation Z, Millennials and Generation X accounted for a narrow majority of those voters


SAC GRAD does it again! Congratulations H. Drew Galloway!

We are proud to announce SAYLA’s 2019 Liberty Bell Award winner, H. Drew Galloway. Drew is the Executive Director of MOVE Texas, an organization dedicated to empowering young Texans to be civically engaged. Under his leadership, MOVE registers tens-of-thousands of new voters every year at college campuses across the state. From its humble beginnings at UTSA, Drew has overseen the massive growth of the organization’s staff, geographical reach, and impact over the past few years. He has dedicated his work to the promise of the Bill of Rights recognized by this award, that each citizen be free to exercise their rights and educated to understand their responsibilities. Join us at the San Antonio Bar Association Gala this fall to congratulate Drew. 04/13/2019

Texas Is Poised to Make It Easier to Jail People For Voting Errors The legislation is part of a wave of bills across the country meant to criminalize voting mistakes in the name of voter fraud.


Shout out again to Exzentrius! Our students are recognized because they are amazing people! #SACPROUD





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