Pet Education Project

Pet Education Project


Good luck to my daughter Jessica Allee on her 1st PEP talk to her school tomorrow. I'm so proud of her she went to a veterinarian today and they were talking about getting a program started with them down here in Indianapolis.
It is wonderful to see an organization that is based in Louisiana. I was born in Sulphur Louisiana. I did not live there, because my parents return to Texas shortly after my birth. But, I am proud of my birth state!!! Half of my family is from Louisiana!!!
Rudy is representing PEP! in Michigan! The above is a video we made for Peanut. This is Peanut! She is out FIRST GIRL capybara. She was in sideshows all of her life until we bought her. She is 7 years old and is our family member. You can learn about capybara's by following her on BabyJinxx capybara's page. Jackie Coleman Wren
!!!LEO IS STILL MISSING!!! $$$ 1,000.00 REWARD $$$ He has been missing since Sunday September 9th,2018 from the East End Of EUNICE,LOUISIANA. (I’m posting This on the evening of Saturday September 22nd,2018.) Leo has LITE GREEN EYES. Funny TEETH, Like Children’s BABY TEETH. Leo has an UNDERBITE or an OVERBITE. (I don’t know which.) BLONDE HAIR. LONG TAIL BIG PAWS. Leo is NEUTERED. Part LAB/PIT BULL. VERY FRIENDLY. Leo weighs approximately 65 pounds. He is THREE YEARS Old. PLEASE CALL JERICA GUILLORY @ 337-580-4100 I haven’t been able to post an update for many reasons. One is that there is NO NEWS as of LEO’s WHEREABOUTS. And two is, The past 2 weeks have been absolute torture. As the days have passed, it has not gotten any easier. This experience has affected every single part of me. I have been exhausted Mentally,Physically,Spiritually, And Emotionally. And EXHAUSTED on top of that. Many of you have already seen or heard me breakdown crying. There have been times where I am sobbing so hard, it feels as though I can hardly breathe. Last night, I was finally able to sleep a full night’s rest. Dreamless and nightmare-less, for the first time since Leo’s been missing. And that took the aid of medication. I am STILL SEARCHING FOR LEO and And I want to THANK EACH AND EVERY SINGLE PERSON who has SHARED My Posts of LEO, Called me, Text me, Messaged me, helped me search, put out flyers, talked to people, and PRAYED for us. Many of the people who have helped me, are friends I’ve yet to meet. Many of you know me well. And Some of You, We know of each other, but we’re not close. Whichever one of these categories YOU may be in, If YOU are reAding this, Then please know, words are not enough to express my GRATITUDE, but THANK YOU. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 WE ARE ALL FAMILY, FUR BABIES INCLUDED. In just a small amount of time, We will receive the GIFT of a New Tomorrow. And it will surely bring Unforeseen Surprises from Unknown Directions. But, It will ALSO BRING Infinite Possibilities, Expanding Potential... And The MOST BEAUTIFUL Thing Of All: Tomorrow Will Turn The Darkness Of Night, Into LIGHT. 🙏🏻💫⭐️😇🐶🐾💚••• #WEDONOTWALKALONE #BRINGLEOHOME
All my pet loving friends, please SHARE :) TY
Thank you for all that you are doing to educate the public on why it is SO important to spay/neuter your pets!!
Do you travel or have groups in other states?
🎶🎶Happy Taiiiils to you, Until you find a home. Happy tails to you, You'll no more have to roam. No more living out in all that stormy weather, When your people find you will be together. Happy taiiiils to yoooouuuu! Happy happy happy doggies true!
We have had a really tough week here in the Dallas area. I regained hope when the animal tower came today. I can't wait to start PEP here!
Took a copy to the library and book mobile today! So excited to have you come here!

Educating & inspiring kids to be responsible pet owners and animal heroes!

We are the coolest humane education program on the planet! We visit schools and educate thousands of kids each day online on how to raise a happy and healthy pet! PO Box 690573, San Antonio, TX 78269

We offer free programs including our PEP! Talks and Happy Tails Magazine to help kids understand the basics of pet ownership!

Mission: Teaching kids responsible pet ownership in an effort to reduce pet overpopulation, abuse, neglect, and euthanasia.

Operating as usual

Help save my daughter's best friend Pepper cat! organized by Jennifer Miyashiro

Kaitlin is just 10 years old but she has started her own humane education organization in Hawaii. Not only has she helped educate hundreds of her peers but has also raised thousands of dollars for the Fur-Angel Foundation. She is also the youngest member of Association of Professional Humane Educators (APHE) and has a huge heart for animals.
Now this pint sized hero needs our help. Her sweet kitty, Peppy, needs life saving support.
Please donate if you can.
🙏 A little over 4 years ago, my daughter Kaitlin rescued three very s… Jennifer Miyashiro needs your support for Help save my daughter's best friend Pepper cat!

🐝 Un-Bee-lievable!

UVH helping pets and helping HONEY BEES!! We had a hive at The Cottage of UVH and it was successfully and kindly removed by the amazing team with Honey Badger Bee Rescue/ Swamp Bear Apiaries. Dr. Todd Smith was amazed by the process and wore his bee suit to watch dry wall removal to expose the hive. DID YOU KNOW???...honey bees beat their wings 200 times per second! Thank you again Honey Badger Bee Rescue/ Swamp Bear Apiaries for the wonderful job!
#honeybees #smallestherosontheplanet #savehoneybees #uvhvets #thecottageatUVHvets #DrSmiththefarmer

👋Hey everyone! Long time no see. I hope you and your pets all are doing well! My pack and I are missing you and wanted to stop in to say hello and give a little update. While, I really don’t like putting my personal issues out there, I feel it’s time to share a bit on why I have been so absent. I don’t share this for sympathy but just to explain to our supporters why I have not been active. This past year has been an absolute whirlwind. Last April, right as we launched our app and were moving to a new state to launch PEP! I started struggling with some health problems and had to get an intensive sinus and ear surgery done. I moved to San Antonio with 2 black eyes and a bruised face that lasted 4 months. Hoping that the surgery would help fix my immune system and chronic infections, it turned out to the the beginning of my issues. My sinus issues have become severe enough that despite dozens of rounds of antibiotics, I continue to have an infection. That infection is also causing nerve damage in my ears which messes with my balance and causes terrible pains. I am in fact going in for another surgery tomorrow. With all this said, I am at a very good place in my life. Even though I am no longer working for PEP! I am still a volunteer. Because of mounting medical debt, I had to take a job, which turned out to be an absolute dream job. This, of course, mixed with my health leaves me little time to focus on PEP! But I do assure you that we have things in the works. We recently got 500 copies of our children’s book and we will be distributing those for free to schools, libraries, & rescues. We’re also going to launch a grant giving program to help fund some humane education initiatives across the globe. (If you would like a book for your rescue or shelter, please comment below). Overall, if you told me a year ago if I would be where I am today, I would have not believed you. But this is life and I’m doing the best I can. Thanks for all the love & support! Now, please leave binge worthy shows and movie recommendations in the comments for me to watch while I recover.

The Oregonian

A family of geese got a police escort from the Beaverton Police Department after they found the gaggle walking along HWY 26.

Video courtesy of Beaverton Police

Front Street Animal Shelter - City of Sacramento

The best activities during COVID-19 all seem to involve dogs 🤔

Scientists are studying whether dogs can help sniff out coronavirus

They are encouraging the use of high drive rescue dogs for that work. Paging doctor Rover: Dogs can sniff out cancer and low blood sugar. Can they help with this human pandemic?

Loving these clever adoption tag lines ❤️🐾

Breaking Headline News: Shelter dogs still need homes! The only thing going viral is this post.

It’s a great day to educate kids on responsible pet ownership! 👏Kim from Lollypop Farm, the Humane Society of Greater Rochester is rocking her Animal Hero cape for her PEP! Talk today!

7 Eyewitness News WKBW

Turn up the applause! 👏👏👏👏 Now that’s a great way to spread awareness for shelter dogs!

The Niagara SPCA and JUST PIZZA & Wing Co. partnership may have had some success. Olivia Proia WKBW talked to the two women behind the viral idea.


I wanted to give a big shout out to Red Star Luxury Transportation. I have been sponsoring and getting involved with a group of teenage foster girls here in San Antonio. On Wednesday, our PEP! Squad went to speak to them on pet care. To our surprise, none of them have ever been to an animal shelter.

So I went to work trying arrange something special for these girls and this Sunday, Red Star Limo will be picking these girls up and taking them to City of San Antonio Animal Care Services to do crafts for critters, then get a tour of the shelter, and then we will be taking them out to lunch at Mr Juicy.

Being a teenager is hard enough, but being a teenager without a home, family, or a steady peer group must be unimaginably difficult.
These girls don’t often get to celebrate birthdays, holidays, or normal teenage experiences. So on Sunday we will surprising them and giving them a day to just have fun, get out, and be a teenager!

Thanks to Red Star Limo and Mr. Juicy for their very generous donation! Please show your support and give their pages a like. I will leave links in the comments. ❤️

ABC News

This kitty comes with her own terms and conditions.

She may be a Grinch, but she'll make you laugh, according to shelter staff.


Absolutely devastating. Even though Australia is thousands of miles away, your choices here make an impact.

Please consider what future we are leaving for the next generations. Vote with your wallet and choices.

♻️ Refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle.
Eat less meat.
Buy less.
Buy second hand.
Shop sustainably.
Use reusable bags.
Donate to a cause.

These are just a few things that you can do to make a small difference.

We humans have the luxury of choice but animals don’t. And sadly it’s our actions that affect them the most.

This more than doubles the estimated animal death toll from a few weeks ago

Please join us in sending your prayers and love to The Sandifer family tonight. They tragically and suddenly lost their beautiful therapy dog, Jack.

Jack and I first met when I featured him on Channel 6’s Pet of the Week. Sue woke up at 4:30 to bring him on the news, and before I could get off-air with him, I think she decided that she was keeping him.

Back then, he had gone through so much and was not very trusting of people. But the Sandifer's gave him so much love and worked with him. And because of their huge hearts, Jack just received his therapy certification a few weeks ago.

Sue was my very first PEP! helper over 10 years ago. We have been through so much together. And my heart is broken for her and her family. It is never easy to lose a pet, but Jack was finally coming out of his shell and had so much life to live.

We are sending you all our love Sue, Jamie, and Richard.

We would like to thank Missy Falbaum O'Neill for her Christmas donation in honor of: Mattie, Camille and William Falbaum and Noah and Mitchell Hanna.

We hope that you and your family have a wonderful and blessed Christmas!

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas from the PEP! Squad! Thank you for a wonderful year! We are looking forward to some very special things in the next decade!!

Merry Prismas!

Merry Prismas!🎄🎁😻

Biggest Cat Toy Ever

Wut is dis thing?

Pets Are Not Presents

A reminder that pets are not presents! Pets are forever! Download our free Christmas coloring sheet at

Catmas Tree

Just decorating my Catmas Tree!

Rappin' Paper

Better watch yo' pets cause Santa's watching you! Check out our holiday rap and please keep your pets safe! Made with Moviesauce

It’s all the rage.

Santa Claus’ official veterinarian okays reindeer for flight - Veterinary Practice News

Reindeer need veterinary care too. ❤️ Rudolph, Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, and Blitzen have been cleared for travel by the North Pole’s veterinarian.

Awkward Holiday Family Photos at Green Vegetarian Cuisine.

We hope you enjoy looking at these photos as much as we did taking them. Thanks to everyone who came and thank you to Green for hosting and supporting our efforts to educate kids to be responsible pet owners!

We hope you enjoy looking at these photos as much as we did taking them. Thanks to everyone who came and thank you to Green for hosting and supporting our efforts to educate kids to be responsible pet owners!

@thatpupbud is our first glamour pup of the night! Come and learn about San Antonio’s new humane education program to teach kids responsible pet ownership!! @greenvegetarian @historicpearl #awkwardfamilyphotos #glamourshots #satx #sanantonio

You can be a model 💁‍♀️So many designer poses. Come and be fancy tonight and get your holiday glamour shot at @greenvegetarian @historicpearl #sanantonio #satx #glamourshots #awkwardfamilyphotos @ The Historic Pearl

‼️T O M O R R O W‼️ San Antonio, get ready! 🎅 Santa AND PEP! will be at Green Vegetarian Cuisine tomorrow night taking Tacky Holiday Photos! Bring your pets and your best/ worst holiday get up for a chance to win a $50 Green Giftcard and Spurs tickets! Thursday, Dec. 12, 5:30-7:30 pm at Green at The Historic Pearl

The owner of these sweet kitties unexpectedly passed away and we are trying to help find them a home. They were her world 🌎 🐈
Both cats are about 3 years old, not declawed, have been inside only in a quiet environment, haven't been around dogs or kids much. They are in San Antonio.

We hope to see you at Green Vegetarian Cuisine!

We are hosting a Tacky Holiday Photo Party at Green Vegetarian Cuisine next Thursday from 5:30-7:30!
Best human & pet holiday get up gets a free gift card to green and Spurs tickets!!

We are ramping up for a busy 2020 school year! Sadly, there is a lot of work to be done here in South Texas. The endless cases of abuse, neglect, pets running at large, and euthanasia have got to end!

If you believe in proactive efforts like ours, we ask that you join our PEP! Squad and support us as we work to make a brighter future for animals!
#GivingTuesday #HumaneEducation #BeCoolNotCruel

This should be a viral challenge. 🤣
📸Megan Wargula - Author,

We always say we have enough fur around here for an extra dog. We did a quick groom on Riley and have another, albeit smaller, pup! 😂🤣❤🐶🐾❤
#btposse #borderterrier #borderterriers #terriersofig #dogsofinsta #dogsofig #dogsofinstagram #mustlovedogs #dognerd #doglover #dogmom #dogstagram #scruffydog #cutedog #seniordogsrule #doggrooming #dogfur #furbaby #funny #borderterriersofinstagram #borderterriersofig

Winnipeg Humane Society

Great job Winnipeg Humane Society!

Welcome to our newest display area at the shelter! Our animal welfare consultant Brittany gives a tour of what to expect.

Want to support @peteducationproject while enjoying some delicious food?👏🏼🐱🐶

🌟Head on down to @greenvegetarian and try their PAWESOME charitabowl! For every purchase of the charitabowl, 50 cents is donated to us! Go anytime and enjoy delicious food while supporting your favorite furry friends!🐶🥗🐱
#peteducationproject #greenvegetariancuisine #humaneeducation

We want to give a HUGE CONGRATS to SCARF on the grand opening of their new animal shelter! This group has gone above and beyond to implement life saving programs including PEP! into their community! They have worked so hard to raise funds for this new shelter and we are so happy for them and all the pets that they will help!

THANKS to everyone who attended!! Together WE Built a PAWSitive Future!!

This group is doing incredible things in Africa to teach empathy and kindness to animals! Please support them if you can.

How can we curtail Animal Cruelty and Protect All Animals? The children of today are the future leaders, educators, policy makers, advocates, and owners of animals so equipping them with knowledge about the plight and welfare of animals, kindness, love, empathy and compassion for animals is the best way of curtailing generational animal abuse. Help us keep this program going with a small donation at
#WildAnimals #Wildlife #KindnessToAnimals #Compassion #HumaneEducation #StopAnimalCruelty #AnimalsAreLivingBeings #AnimalsMatter #EmpathyForAnimals #HelpAnimals

Our Story

We make pet care fun and rewarding for kids! It is our goal to make humane education accessible to kids and educators worldwide! Our goal is to build lasting bonds in efforts to reduce the number of pets neglected, abused, and euthanized annually. We offer programs including our PEP! Talks (FREE classroom presentations), PEP Squad youth club, and Kid Friendly shelter program that trains and provides tools for humane education initiatives. Coming Winter 2018, we are launching our own PEP! app, which will be a kid safe social network and education platform that rewards kids for taking care of their pets!

Want your school to be the top-listed School/college in San Antonio?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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Biggest Cat Toy Ever
Pets Are Not Presents
Catmas Tree
Merry Prismas!
Rappin' Paper





PO Box 5811
San Antonio, TX

General information

We make pet care fun for kids! Check out our youtube and follow us on instagram @peteducationproject
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