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General progressive development for dating and for couples. Energy coaching is a crash course pertaining to the challenges we face daily. Over-all it will encourage personality development.

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Mission: To become a resource for those who love to be progressive in life.

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[03/22/20]   Boost your immune system. Use herbs in tea, larger quantities of vitamin C by juicing and exercise to sweat to release toxins.


Don't ever say or think - "Ugh, she's not even pretty or she's ugly." It's shows your ignorance. You're opinion has never notified your brain that it's calculating your perception based on jealousy and personal preference. Ultimately, your perception is that you have the immaculate ability to determine what is pretty as a standard. Listen, if they cheated on you or choose someone else over you - apparently to him, you're the one that wasn't pretty enough - if this is the rule of thumb for calculating his decision because you are doing it according to the ignorance your disappointment has mastered.


[11/30/19]   If you want someone to trust you - then you need to learn to trust others.

How to break up with your past.

Tough Advice & Soul Healing


Pain is not a sign to avoid love. Be mature about it and move on.

[11/08/19]   If you are in a loveless marriage, it is a sign that you lack so much love within yourself. Find a way to heal. Let go.

[07/09/19]   Love is a purpose but the one with yourself should be first. How would you want someone to treat your daughter or son? That is how you should make sure you are treated.

[05/17/19]   I just went live on a radio show as a guest to talk about self love that 25,000+ listeners. And, I talked about my upcoming three volumes that I want to make: “Articles of my Single Life.” I just realize now I’m gonna have to finish it. LOL

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Tough Advice & Soul Healing

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Tough Advice & Soul Healing

[06/29/17]   YOU CAN'T FALL IN LOVE

Falling in love is only scary if you keep convincing yourself it is. When you spend time with some one, you are meant to start to develop feelings as a natural response. If it becomes a kindness, and a general interest in becoming friends, that is love. If you can do this easily, that means you have very little trauma in the brain from previous relationships. You may have your nicks-and-nacks, but nothing serious.

If someone is getting to know you - you shouldn't make it difficult for them to love you. That's the whole point of dating outside of FWB.

People tell other people, you fall in love easily as if that is a weak or a bad thing to do. Love is OK to be given to those who treat you kindly, regardless of the timeframe you have known them in.

Now being in love is a different concept. This is when you can see someone in your future and you want to spend the rest of your life with them. You won't know that until time has really progressed. But it's natural just to love in general.
If you have a problem with this, your past relationships have gotten the best of you and you need to sort that forgiveness out before you give someone false hope.

You can't be there for someone, when you're not even there for yourself emotionally.

We can all LAND a mediocre relationship quickly and easily but to have one that's solid and peaceful - it takes a healed soul to accomplish that.

TIP: Work on yourself - seek counseling and mediation courses. Warning: it can take years to produce real results.

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[06/10/17]   Acquaintances vs. Friends

It is funny how your friends are so busy with their husbands or wives, children or heir work. And that's why they haven't looked for you.

It is how to single when's have time for a new love interest though. It is funny how the married ones have plenty of time to go out when I get in a fight with their spouse. It is in our nature to use people. We have to learn to be appreciated in order to truly be a friend. It takes legwork. It is not convenient.

I have known many people this way. And I know many others who do you make me a priority as I do them.

You're not wrong for wanting them to be considerate of you as you are there. You deserve to be treated as you treat others. Put your energy into those who put their energy into you.

Do you have acquaintances and then you have friends. Those I end up calling my sisters.

Remember your sisters and your brothers. Tell them you love them. Treat them out to eat or buy them a bottle. You guys should celebrate once a month like that. It takes a lot of love for someone to put you in her life like that.


[06/06/17]   Single People: If someone insults you because of your single status, please keep in mind their belief-system only formulated that concept because they taught them self that one person is not significant or whole without another person. Their soul can only prove to them-self that they are somebody by saying they are in a relationship. There is no reason to respond to that - or be angry about it. They don't know any better than the misery their past has given them from being single. They need someone to be happy and whole, and they believe everyone needs that too. If you can understand that - your intelligence disregards ignorance, AND - to be happy for them - that they found someone so they will not live in depression.

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Sometimes we have to realize that our perception makes a difference in our reality. If you think you deserved to be married, then you go out and get what you...

[06/05/17]   Once a person starts insulting you, you know that they are at a loss for intelligent words. Let it go. Block. Move on.


Girl Text: How's the day?
Him: Good. You doing okay?
Girl: yes... just saying hi.
Him: okay, at work. Call you later, okay?
Girl: okay...
GIRL: Guess you forgot about me...
Him: no, I didn't! I'm just busy with work.

I will never understand why some people cannot take accountability for who they actually are. But, you know this speaks volumes that this person is full of sh*t, right?
Better to know sooner than later.


[05/10/17]   The greatest attributes to have for peace/happiness:
1. Goals
2. Self Awareness
3. Money Management (Americans lol)
4. Connection & Love

Many people are not self aware. Being aware makes you brave. You're not ruled by money/job. You don't stay in unhealthy relationships. You move out. You think you have it but you don't if you can't do these things.

[05/01/17]   Give someone a genuine compliment today. Send out positive vibes and let it boomerang. ❤️

How to get the person you want to finally fall in love with you. ;)

How to get him/her to fall in love with you?

It is your energy force that can bring them in but do you really want to wait this long?

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[04/20/17]   It is okay to care about what other people think. However, if you're going to care about what someone thinks, it should be by someone who loves you or who is connected to you in a positive way. Those are the influences you need in order to create a stable building block around your life.

[04/19/17]   A pretty face can only hold you down for so long. If you have always had problems staying in a long term relationship, it will creep up on you no matter what. Some people are meant to stay single to fulfill their goals and other sources of energy. It's okay to not commit. Yet, be honest with them by saying out loud, "I'm only a friends with benefits type person." Don't say, I don't want a relationship. Say it in a harsh-way; that way the ones that do want a relationship subconsciously will flee because they can't handle the phrase: FWB.


[04/15/17]   LOVE & MARRIAGE

What else should matter besides your relationship or your marriage? Your dreams, your hopes, your hobbies, your friends, and your family! The biggest mistake people make is letting these things go - to focus on one person. Letting go of things that mattered in your life is a major reason people become depressed in a marriage. If someone truly loves you - they will not take away everything you love.


[04/12/17]   Friends with Benefits: Going out and having fun together, eating, drinking, a show, hanging with friends when it convenient for both parts. NO FAITHFUL expectations. Sex, flirting, occasionally showing affection.

There is nothing wrong with this if both adult parties agree and CAN HANDLE THIS...and yes, most people will reject you because they don't want to feel used. They have every right not to want to feel this way. But, that just means they are not right for you if this is what you rather have as an agreement.

There are boyfriend/girlfriend relationships that have been built from this but the confusion it takes to come out of this and to break old habits is exhausting in most cases.

Good luck and BE HONEST, not just with them, but with yourself.


[04/06/17]   Singles Tip:
What is reasonable or consistent enough to date - and get to know someone? There are 7 days in a week; 2-3 days a week is honorable to "MAKE TIME" to see each other. And, text and talk as much as possible. Who's too busy??? That person is not worth your time then...


[03/28/17]   You know how food gets stuck to the bottom of a food pan? This is how problems occur in our lives and the scraps from trying so hard to fix instead of pouring water on it and letting it slowly fix (reduce the grime) is why we leave those scars on the pan - which dwell between us. I read this in an article.

I have learned that peace equals happiness, and when we don't have that - we have drama and leave scars everywhere. I now leave seeds that grow into flowers instead. I have matured.

May you find your blessings too!


[03/23/17]   Don't allow someone to come in and out of your life when they please. You are valuable and the sad part is - they can't see it. Anyone who thinks something is valuable takes care of it. Holds on to it. And, knows that if they don't - it could tarnish away. 😉


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