Dr. Wick Daddy - "Official Fan Page"

Dr. Wick Daddy - "Official Fan Page"


Remember this move today. Emotions deactivate logic. Practice your swerve.
Time is money! Waiting on you.
Good workout, Good hairstyles, good music.
Kanye pops the ? I am glad that North will have a 2 parent family. Do you think it they'll make it? http://DrWickDaddy.blogspot.com
Jonathan Puga sent me. LIKE Merry Christmas!
Love it!! Keep ROCKING it!!
good job on the page god bless!!
"Counsel is received, only before a decision is made. After the decision, one can only be provided with an opinion." http://DrWickDaddy.blogspot.com
GO Heat GO!!!
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Your one-stop shop for what hot, hip and healthy for mind, body and soul. Wick Daddy began as a nickname given to me at church.

I was taught to use my God-given gifts of wordcrafting and humor to overcome a substance addiction that began at the age of 12. I have maintained a sober lifestyle for over 26 years. I hve identified a key ingredient for confident living in all interpersonal areas, that anyone, who has a true desire, can successfully implement.

Operating as usual


ZZ Cool.


Kirstie Alley has died after a private battle with cancer at age 71. 💔


I'm just sayin'.......


Gone But Never Forgotten. Happy belated birthday to Uncle Phil. 11/27/45-12/31/13

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Thank you for my childhood memories.
Irene Cara.


🎁 A very Happy Birthday to Christina Applegate! She is 51 today. 🎉🥳🎈


Happy 56th Birthday to Dawn Robinson.

Born November 24, 1966, She is best known as a founding member of the R&B/Pop group En Vogue, one of the world's best-selling girl groups of all time.

Following her departure from En Vogue, Robinson joined Lucy Pearl and released their self-titled debut album Lucy Pearl in 2000, which went platinum worldwide and produced the successful singles "Dance Tonight" and "Don't Mess with My Man".

Soul Train Dancer: Louie Ski Carr's Amazing Decade on "Soul Train"! | American Soul 11/13/2022

Soul Train Dancer: Louie Ski Carr's Amazing Decade on "Soul Train"! | American Soul

This guy was another childhood mentor of mine. His swag was always on 1000. Here is his story.👇🏾

Soul Train Dancer: Louie Ski Carr's Amazing Decade on "Soul Train"! | American Soul Louie Ski Carr reflects on his 10-year stint as a "Soul Train" dancer and describes the many elements he incorporated into his signature moves.SUBSCRIBE to #...


Old School Silkyverse Founding Father.....


Is this true?


He hot y'all!!!
Check it.


3 Time Grammy Award winner, 9 Billboard Awards and today this Country Grammar rapper is celebrating his birthday...Happy Birthday Nelly!

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Rest in peace TakeOff.

2nd pic:
and as kids.
Quavo is Takeoff's Uncle.


I could not let this day pass without wishing a Happy 52nd Birthday to my beloved sister from another mister, Nia Long. We both arrived in 1970. You have walked through this season, with grace. The best is yet to come. God bless.


Don't say I didn't let you know......




Rare pic. They are twins.


I'm a day late, but HBD to my fellow 52 Club member Ginuwine. Salute to you and the rebirth of your legacy on social media! Blessings fam! 👊🏾🙏🏽


30 years later.
No change.......


Masters of the Silkyverse.

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Top pic: 1977
Bottom pic: 2016
My challenge for you today: Don't just change. Ensure that you grow. If you allow God to help you do both, your legacy will be timeless.


Fatherhood is a heart thing.


Vintage Billy Dee Williams painting under a Lemon tree. 🆒️

Saint on Instagram: "don’t think I ever posted this video to my reels , oh well 🤷‍♂️ lmao u guys are crazy for running this up as much as u did! @brunomars we ❤️ u" 10/03/2022

Saint on Instagram: "don’t think I ever posted this video to my reels , oh well 🤷‍♂️ lmao u guys are crazy for running this up as much as u did! @brunomars we ❤️ u"


Saint on Instagram: "don’t think I ever posted this video to my reels , oh well 🤷‍♂️ lmao u guys are crazy for running this up as much as u did! @brunomars we ❤️ u" Saint shared a post on Instagram: "don’t think I ever posted this video to my reels , oh well 🤷‍♂️ lmao u guys are crazy for running this up as much as u did! we ❤️ u". Follow their account to see 64 posts.


The law of attraction is powerful.👇🏾


Cus was a believer in destiny. Even as a young boy, he felt that he’d be famous someday; he always had a feeling that “there was something different” about him. I had the same exact feeling. So it felt right that I would move in with Cus and Camille. Cus was so happy. I couldn’t understand why this white man was so happy about me. He would look at me and laugh hysterically. Then he’d get on the phone and tell people, “Lightning has struck me twice. I have another heavyweight champion. He’s only thirteen.” One of the first nights that I stayed over at the house on one of the home visits, Cus took me into the living room, where we could talk alone. “You know I’ve been waiting for you,” he told me. “I’ve been thinking about you since 1969. If you meditate long enough on something, you get a picture. And the picture told me that I would make another champion. I conjured you up with my mind and now you’re finally here.” 👑🐐🥊
• • •


The Peanuts first and only major Black character, Franklin Armstrong, made his debut in the comic strip in June 1968. This came shortly after the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on April 4.

A Los Angeles schoolteacher, Harriet Glickman wrote to Peanuts creator Charles Schulz about integrating the world of Peanuts. She believed the popular comic strip could help shape American attitudes on race. The result of their correspondence was the character of Franklin, introduced to Peanuts fans that summer.

On the centennial of Schulz's birth (1922), the postal service will release a sheet of stamps featuring his beloved Peanuts characters including Franklin, Charlie Brown, Snoopy and several others. They will be available on Friday, Sept. 30.


First time seeing this today. Both so beautiful. Gone so young.

Aaliyah and Left Eye, 2 Queens we sorely miss.

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Ferriday, Louisiana native Jerry Lee Lewis is 87 years young today.


Salute to the Big Homie Coolio......


Lauryn Hill.
25 years after The Miseducation of......
Still beautiful.


Great story.

'I had a fight with Davey Moore, Tyson told me he was there in the gallery. At the time Tyson was just a kid, nobody. But he was a fanatic of me. Tyson told me he was shadowboxing up there in the shadows, screaming, 'Duran! Duran! Duran!' Tyson told me that experience.' - Roberto Duran

'Roberto Duran is my favorite fighter. When I saw Duran fight, he was just a street guy…Man, this guy is me, I thought. That was what I wanted to do. He was not ashamed of being who he was. I related to him as a human being. As my career progressed and people started praising me for being a savage, I knew that being called an animal was the highest praise I could receive from someone in the ring. I was ferocious and fearless like Duran.' - Mike Tyson


To my content creators, entrepreneurs and business owners:🙏🏽👇🏾

No support ❌Keep going 🗣

No likes ❌ Keep going 🗣

No views ❌ Keep going 🗣

Not a 6 figure earner ❌Keep Going 🗣

Not a millionaire yet ❌Keep Going 🗣

The moral of the of the story , is no matter what it looks like now just Keep GOING!


She broke him down.....

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Laila Ali, 5'11" and her 13 year old son Curtis. He is already taller than her and looks just like his grandfather.


Good night.
Stay silky.


This is how airline stewardesses rocked their uniforms when I was a wee lad at the age of 2.Taken in 1972 in the U.S. (Southwest Airlines flight attendant.)

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