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[12/23/20]   I finally have my page up to the public...all in divine timing.I also have a group with the same name I created in January it Universoul life force healing group ..ill will be teaching soon for those in the group..by next year as soon as my web site is officially done and built with my energy...

[03/01/20]   CCMBA (Complete Cellular Mind Body Alignment)

CCMBA (Complete Cellular Mind Body Alignment) / CCSMC (Complete Cellular Soul Memory Clearing)

Dr. Sharon Forrest, who has been teaching the CCMBA worldwide for 30 years and has now retired passing along her healing modalities to the next generation of healers. Basically what takes place in each session is is written below. The CCMBA is claimed by researchers to be the most powerful ‘Hands-On-Healing’ Technique in the medical and spiritual fields today.“Miraculous” healing invariably take place. A truly Electro-magnetic phenomenon and proof of the body’s innate power to seek homeostasis and heal.

In many cases where physical treatment fails, it is because of an underlying emotional blueprint that registers fear, mistrust, rejection and abuse. This can result in chronic illness, failed relationships, addictions, and negative behavior patterns & emotions.Think about the emotional blocks and scars that are like a tight straight – jacket of the soul. Yes, inter-generational healing is possible, ending a cycle of pain and abuse. The unique treatment called CCMBA (complete cellular mind and body alignment).
As I spoke with Dr. Sharon Forrest she believes that the Law of Grace takes precedence over the Law of Karma. The CCMBA energy seems to work on the individual issues no matter what they are and gets results. It works on all levels, mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual and targets the problem wherever it exists. Each person will experience something different, be it toxin release, vertebrate alignment, release of abuse that blocks the body from healing. It works great in healing child hood traumas , emotional trauma, and physical trauma removing negative energy and attachments in the body or energetic field. What it does is bring in more divine light into the body to promote more rapid healing and healing cells to the core to bring in more spiritual insights. Scientists now know that the mind is not only locked in the brain but is located throughout the entire body as everything is connected to each other in the body , mind & soul creating a Chemical reactions via neuropeptides affect every inch of the human body, organs, muscles, nerves, bones and tissue as everything is connected.

There are numerous case histories and testimonials from individuals who have experienced past-life, pre-natal and early childhood regressions and found a deep inner peace and understanding which formerly eluded them. Clients confirm that there is a definite attitudinal shift in their lives. They feel changed to the core of their being and in their outward attitude towards others. Many experience a complete and lasting cure while others with deeper traumatic traumas such as r**e physical and mental abuse may take several sessions as it is needed to get to the core root of the traumas to heal them.. Our mission is to find and treat the underlying causes of the problem or illness, reflecting the belief that the body, mind and spirit are irrevocably intertwined. Inside each one of us there exists an infinite source of wisdom, healing energy and an unlimited reservoir of possibilities that are waiting to be healed and awakened so that your soul can begin to heal, as this is done you are in fact healing your soul from the many life times that you have lived and also healing your family and their past generations of of traumas and also future generations in that healing your soul family as well.. I my self have been through this entire prosess and more healing my self and my family's generations of traumas and blocks.
It's a rough journey and some people may need 1 person to help them and others may need a community to help them heal depending on the circumstances you have lived In this life...all that matters is healing in the now, in this life .
. Let’s awaken these in you!

[02/29/20]   This month for the month of march I will be running a $25 SPECIAL ON ALL 30min HEALING Sessions.




on line healing & advancements / reading sessions/ fixed candles/ fixed oils/property clearing /house cleansing / crystal house protection griding / personal clensing essentials products, and other products soon to come.



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