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Each person has knowledge or wisdom only gained through their own personal experience. That’s what

Operating as usual


"Keep scrolling and reading the whole thing"
How many times have we had a question only for the answer to be just a scroll or to finish the paragraph.
We are in an age that most of the answers are out there available yet we pass them by because our attention and patience is so thin.


"Anything worth anything takes years to accomplish"
- Accumulating the knowledge required to take on a project that lasts or provides a good that really helps never happens because someone talked about it and it became successful that week.
- Your accomplishments tend to stack atop each other and if headed down the same path, will provide greater benefit to this world than not pushing towards something.


Its not poetic but people are not always made from love but purely from our natural instinct to reproduce.


Watching videos of others doing something great or difficult that they overcome can give you the feeling that you have just done that thing. The biggest example is an athletic sports fan that team has just won or loss. Motivational videos and feats of extreme ability are at your finger tips only to make you feel like you can change and then feel like you will never change in less than 30 minutes.


There are many people out there who give generalized advice that makes you wonder the true meaning of their words. There are others who are really well at reading people that they know exactly what you want to hear and their advice is too specific. Very rarely will you have someone who you tell your thoughts too and they start to ponder your problem and take all they know about you into consideration to finally give you a answer that is genuine to their knowledge.


How many times until it's enough?
How many times until it's no longer fun?
How many times until you want something else?
There are risks and consequences to it all, judging if its worth it to you is key, and yet the novelty only lasts for so long.


Giving up looks different in every situation. Sometimes letting go is good yet saying you are not letting go and through your actions you let go, is not good.
Usually for reasons built up or circumstances that happened in the past we will let go without saying we are.


The most truthful thing you can say is to show it through your actions.

The best thing you could do for yourself is to figure out what someone doing a certain role or job does that is considered bad, okay, good, and great. If you have no reference you will be dragged through the mud a couple times until you gain experience.


Everyone one of us has a point that we can handle stress and need to recharge. Also, there are different types of stress that you build up that affect everyone differently. What kind of stress are you able to handle better?


Consistency is all that matters

You will fall off and burn out; coming back and picking up where you left off with just as much passion is what matters

You define what it means to stop working on something; you might be physically stopped but have you actually stopped thinking or imagining the solution.


To get away from yourself

To realize that you can’t understand the facts/truth/reality while experiencing when emotionally tied

To know that to be human is to feel and express those feelings in the moment and then not expressing them in others to discern the truth

To want to actually see your self in this world, you’ll have to get away from yourself to look objectively at you and others, and not see the world and others how you feel.


You might look around for an average or steps to gain what you are looking for. Someone might even give you steps to follow and yet they may not take you there.
This is not a video game dialogue where any choice will give you the same result. In worldly views; we did not start at the same place and will not end at the same place. (We are all born from a human female and will die)


Reasons why you should work on yourself:
1. People will try to knock you off course
2. People are the only way to gain more
3. When times are tough you can endure
4. This you only has this life, make them happy
5. You end up giving back positively


Have you noticed that people dress differently and talk different from one another? Maybe everyone is different and similar at the same time? Outwardly in opinions, character, physical appearance, anything that can be heard or seen there is large variance. Anything that cant be seen is where people become similar and easier to group; beliefs, morals, unconscious movement. These unfortunately are harder to spot to someone not knowing what to look for


A goal turns into a vision, then turns into a strategy which then shapes the day to day goals.
Confusing these concepts with push you in many directions, never achieving a place that looks, feels, and sounds like where you wanted to be.


How many times have we gained a great deal only to lose two fold later? "1 step forward 2 steps back".
Now, who do you blame?
This is a great way to judge someones understanding and character.


How much do you trust yourself to follow through with something?
How often do you really take your ideas serious and give it full thought and weight into research?

Not all of our ideas are amazing, why not try to allow yourself to go through the process to acknowledge yourself, they are still your ideas.


Arguing with yourself if useless.
Depending on your personality you either; use it against yourself later, get angry and become destructive, resent the past you, or silent treatment yourself.
Having a healthy relationship should also be extended to yourself.


I've heard from multiple people that to go through a book, intending to read multiple times, they will get the audio and speed the play time up.

When testing this I've found:
1. Speed up to your mental state at the present moment
2. Its easier to remember if you remember in the readers voice
3. using a pointer as you follow along helps
4. It allows you to hold concepts in your head as another reads or you can read along with the parts that you already formed connections with


Great books will mention other great books for their work and their influence.


"Relax" that word or reference to the feeling is talked about a lot. To feel relaxed in ourselves and in our minds. Gained through acceptance, empathy, and expression of self the relaxed "at peace" feeling radiates from the individual. Your emotions and thoughts may pour out this person as they listen and ask questions that open you up.


You cant take any action, then plan the task. You cant plan the task, then set priorities and attitude. You cant set priorities and attitude, then take time to learn yourself. You can learn yourself, then learn about someone else. You cant learn about someone else, then learn empathy. You cant learn empathy, then learn pain.


Take your time.
It's "YOU'R" time.


If you really want to help someone, show them how to do it and be an example.


Distractions = ways to get out or away from yourself
Distractions = short tasks that take little effort to do
Distractions = short shots of endorphins

Purpose = focusing your energy to help others and connect
Purpose = goals to reach that require you to extend yourself
Purpose = evenly distributed endorphins over the course of time


Whats the difference between wanting to know yourself and a stranger?

The stranger can reveal more about yourself than years of deep reflection.


Connecting with others
Growing a perception, off branch, from your normal way of thinking; with the intention of looking at yourself as if you were a stranger.
Choosing predetermined actions so that you can let yourself autopilot (this is to say getting comfortable talking to people); this is allow you practice observing the other person and yourself.
Reflection; you do this anyway but putting more intention behind it. What were you feeling in that moment, can you recreate your expression and feelings? What did the other persons pitch and tone sound like, what made them light up or back away?


Getting started on anything is probably the easiest part, you just think about it and start organizing how to do it in your mind. Its actually coming back to it and physically carrying out the steps that many falter on.
To name a few: After organizing you find issues with something, not writing it down and forgetting a step and having to rethink it, overcomplicating the needs to get started, overwhelming perfectionism.


Trouble daydreaming/in-visioning?
Try these tips
1. Have a note pad and pen to write down those to-dos that you just remembered you had to do
2. look for words or foggy images when you close your mind
3. You can talk through this to help work it out, just keep your eyes closed as a beginner


Through the nights or through the day.
The passage of your life sustains.
Through the efforts of your body and brain.
The life you have, is a debt.
Through love and creativity you can give the world what it gave you.
The life you have is not just for your own sake.


Breaking down common phrases:

"going past the point of no return"

"If you do that action you will come to find out that it will have consequences that echo"

"your actions have reactions that stay with you through your life; decisions made on top of decisions made previously. "

"You mentally base actions off of pervious actions took and you physically react off of actions taken (the body remembers, like how to run). There are certain things you can learn or do that will tip you over a point where you are no longer who you once were. Take this as good or bad, but you cannot go back or risk feeling like a lie"


Diving deeper into phrases:

"Are you a glass half full half empty person"

"What is it that you hear yourself say/feel when an event happens?"

"There was certain reactions that you give that say how you view the situation and those in turn shape how you see the world"

"Events do not have feelings or reactions, you in turn do, reactions are given to those events. People have predetermined thoughts towards a situation based on previous thoughts and past events. Who you are is shaped on your thoughts and emotions given to those events. So you as a person are based on your actions and not your intentions."


Below are all the sides of the same coin, just depends on where you are.
"Change your mindset" Is happening to you all the time, the hardest part is to keep it where you want it.
-> "Learn to accept ideas as tools rather than real" just as your body picks up a hammer to hit a nail your mind picks up an idea to fit a situation
-> "A good portion of your mindset comes from your past" To invalidate your past is to invalidate yourself and how you got to this point. To over validate that everything was good is to undermine your current self saying nothing had to change.
-> "Why isnt your mindset working for you right now" preference change, life style change, love interests; whats the motivating factor. For most people is due to pain/suffering, for few its for pleasure.


A goal is different from a strategy is different from direction.
Thats why there are store managers, area managers, and c suite managers.
Thats why there are things that you do on a daily basis, why you do those things and the person you hope to be in doing those things.


"Trust your gut feeling"
"Your brain will give you signs through expression throughout your body"
"Trusting that your mind and body work together to talk to you is what will allow you to make the best decisions for you"


If there is anything you can do, then start there.
If there isn't a thing you can do, then give up

*to those who think that everything is a constant


"Stop and smell the roses"
"Your life is more than rushing to the next chapter"
"You will enjoy life more if you take the time to look around you and appreciate this world"
"If you don't look around you while you are alive in this world and enjoy its beauty, you will be missing out on a large part of the human experience"


Have you ever watched someone control the mood of the room?
Did their words and voice make the room happy, sad, or uncomfortable?
Did you feel their words even though your logic told you that it shouldn't?

When everyone around you feels something, it's difficult to go against the over arching thought/feeling of the people.

Listening to peoples ideas and thoughts is an exchange, its been the speaker or people have more understanding of human psychology than you do.


"Don't think about it"
"You're thinking too much about it"
"You wont let yourself accept or believe that something happened so you have to continue to think about it"
"You cant see reality as it is because its not what you want it to be as it is yet it is reality meaning that it is exactly what it is"


"just take a deep breath"

What they are really saying is: Taking a second to focus on something that you can control will enable you to think objectively to the situation that is causing you distress.

What they don't tell you: Practicing to step out of your initial reaction is foreign and feels fake as if you are not acting out who you really are.

Why this matters: Your actions as a singular do not matter rather the collection of your actions matter as reference for future interactions. TO SAY THAT you do not become bold overnight rather through failed attempts to be completely bold that teach you how to be bold throughout the full interaction.





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