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Every Kid Can Fly is a Salinas based Non-Profit Organization. Sean D.

Our main objective is to facilitate flight training for young people to obtain the knowledge and flight experience to fly an airplane solo. Every Kid Can Fly is working to reach all young people in Monterey County to share an opportunity to learn to fly. Tucker, world renowned aerobatic pilot, and his team have joined together to change young people lives by giving them the knowledge and resources

Operating as usual

Mobile uploads 05/23/2015

AOPA Pilot has a great article about Every Kid Can Fly. Mike Collins did a great job describing the day before their first flight lesson in Sean Tucker's hanger.

Flying is way out for at-risk kids 05/10/2015

Flying is way out for at-risk kids

Another great article about our program and our first solo. We are so proud of Manuel Maya and the hard work he has done. He is a true inspiration to the youth in our area.

Flying is way out for at-risk kids Stunt pilot Sean D. Tucker teaches at-risk youth in Salinas how to fly.

Photos from Every Kid Can Fly's post 05/10/2015

The pilot community at the salinas airport is amazing. Pilots and non pilots volunteered their time on a Saturday morning to help us fly 20 kids around for many students this was their first airplane ride. We love taking students from zero to solo but we love introducing students and parents to the joy that comes from general aviation. Non of this could be possible without the help and support from our marvelous volunteers.

Mobile uploads 05/09/2015

Young Eagles flights for our next potential set of our students.

Timeline photos 05/06/2015

Team Two designed their own logo. Great design.


There he goes .

Nothing but blue skies ahead for Salinas teenager 05/05/2015

Nothing but blue skies ahead for Salinas teenager

We are very proud of Manuel, Jennifer, Kikue, Miriam , and Brittany. They have all come a long way in these past 8 weeks.

Nothing but blue skies ahead for Salinas teenager Rancho Cielo’s Manuel Maya, 17, solo’d a Cessna Monday and is on his way to earning a private pilot’s license

Photos from Every Kid Can Fly's post 05/04/2015

Before his solo flight. Sean D. Tucker offered Manuel his airshow advice of walking and visualizing his flight on the ground before going off and flying. Together they walked the pattern for Runway 26 at Salinas Municipal Airport.

Photos from Every Kid Can Fly's post 05/04/2015

KSBW and the Californian were both there to share this amazing day with us. Check out KSBW at 5,6 and 11. And the Salinas Californian tomorrow. Great Job Manny.

Mobile uploads 05/04/2015

It's not an official solo until the shirt is gone.


And there he goes, off on his own.

Photos from Every Kid Can Fly's post 05/04/2015

Pre solo pre flight check.


Solo Flight!!!!!!!

Mobile uploads 04/23/2015

Waiting to be seen by Dr. Vawter to get his 3rd class medical. Soon to come...His SOLO flight!!


Video from our pole holding group of students

Photos from Every Kid Can Fly's post 04/11/2015

Today they spent the morning being pole holders for Sean Tucker while he practiced his ribbon cuts. Nothing better than seeing Sean fly at speeds over 200 right above your head. It makes your heart race.


These students are amazing. They did steep turns to PTS standards after I introduced the maneuver, they were on it. In 17knot winds.

Mobile uploads 03/29/2015

...and now we are going to learn about flying under the fog layer to get back home.

Visit to the tower 03/27/2015

After climbing the stairs up to the tower. They got a chance to interact wih the controllers and ask as many questions as they wanted. Thank you to the Salinas Tower Controllers for allowing us to visit you.

Photos from Every Kid Can Fly's post 03/26/2015

Sean D Tucker is offering a few words of encouragement to one of young female students. It's about passion he says.

Day 2 03/25/2015

Day 2


Not a very successful first try. But they still had fun.

Day 4 03/25/2015

Once again they are learning by doing hands on activities. They learned about engines and the different aircraft systems. They they applied the basic knowledge of how engines work and used them to build balloon cars.

Mobile uploads 03/22/2015

All ready to go riding.

Mobile uploads 03/21/2015

Getting their briefing before enjoying their go kart races.


Paper airplane competition at the NASA SEMAA Aerospace Lab.


Today the students are doing their first flying lesson. We are all excited and proud of them.

Day 3 03/11/2015

During our third day they started to learn about the airplane parts and instruments. Then they used their new knowledge to construct a paper airplane.
They also had their first interaction with the flight simulator. We want to thank the Hartnell SEMAA staff for allowing us to use their awesome lab to help us conduct our ground school classes.

Day 2 03/11/2015

During our second day. We toured the Salinas Airport. They got to sit in the airplane that they will be learning to fly in.

'Every Kid Can Fly' is Sean Tucker's Latest Project 03/09/2015

'Every Kid Can Fly' is Sean Tucker's Latest Project

I know everyone who has soloed an airplane still remember in very specific details how it went. I remember mine. Do you remember yours? What happened.

'Every Kid Can Fly' is Sean Tucker's Latest Project Troubled youth get the chance of a lifetime.

Timeline photos 03/08/2015

Young Eagles Flight to help find the new group of young pilots to start our 2015 class. Stay tuned to find our finalists. We have to choose 10 from our 25 aspiring pilots. Thank You Flight Club pilots for your help. Jeff Soares Jerry Hitchcock Jim Shumaker Bill Sabo and Claudia Contreras

Great picture from last week's Young Eagles/Every Kid Can Fly group of students.

Mobile uploads 06/16/2014

Team Members complete preflight of their airplane at the Salinas Airport.

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