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thecut.com 08/21/2017

Ellen Pao: This Is How Sexism Works in Silicon Valley

Ellen Pao writes a powerful personal narrative that breaks down her own painful experience with gender discrimination in Silicon Valley.

Her payoff for toughing it out in her ultimately unsuccessful lawsuit against Kleiner Perkins?

Setting the stage for more anti-discrimination lawsuits and giving name to The Pao Effect.

Now that's a legacy!

A must read.

thecut.com My lawsuit failed. Others won’t.

washingtonpost.com 04/24/2017

Nearing 100 days, Trump’s approval at record lows but his base is holding

Not surprisingly, men and women see Trump's first 100 days differently! Here's a finding from the recent Post-ABC poll:

The Post-ABC survey reveals a persistent gender gap, with women generally more negative toward the president than men, including double-digit gaps on Trump’s attributes such as honesty and temperament. Just over one-third of women (35 percent) approve of the way he is handling the job of president compared with 48 percent of men. Even fewer women, 29 percent,say they approve of the changes he is proposing for government spending compared with 45 percent of men.


washingtonpost.com Compared to other presidents, Trump is judged lower than most on attributes.

myemail.constantcontact.com 02/22/2017

To honor George Washington

Celebrate George Washington's birthday by learning more about his Rules of Civility and Decent Behavior -- and how they apply today.

myemail.constantcontact.com Celebrate George Washington's birthday by learning more about his Rules of Civility and Decent Behavior -- and how they apply today.

contracostatimes.com 03/07/2016

Guest commentary: In Richmond, both race and gender really do matter

CCRWF Executive Director Kate Karpilow authored an op-ed which was published in the Contra Costa Times.

Here's the link to In Richmond, Both Race and Gender Really Do Matter:

Health equity efforts like Health in All Policies in Richmond are taking on critically important work, but need to focus on both race and gender to understand and improve health for individuals and communities.

contracostatimes.com Richmond's motto -- the city of pride and purpose -- is morphing into far more than a snappy slogan.Compared to 10 years ago, homicides are down and civic pride is way up.

nytimes.com 02/03/2016

Surge of Zika Virus Has Brazilians Re-examining Strict Abortion Laws

Discussion needed on abortion and birth control restrictions.....a time when compassion is needed.

nytimes.com Abortion rights activists are seizing on the crisis to push back against conservative lawmakers who want to toughen already stringent limits.

nytimes.com 02/03/2016

Businesses Owned by Women Less Likely to Win U.S. Contracts, Study Shows

nytimes.com The percentage of federal contract dollars going to companies owned by women rose to 4.7 percent in the 2014 fiscal year, from 4 percent in 2011.

sacbee.com 01/27/2016

California lawmakers must adapt to changing families

Executive Director Kate Karpilow's most recent op-ed appeared in today's Sacramento Bee: California lawmakers must adapt to changing families http://sacb.ee/5jsW

sacbee.com I am a big Jerry Brown booster. He’s the best governor we’ve had since, well … when he was last governor in 1982.

[01/14/16]   2016 Women’s Policy Summit is today! At capacity! advocates who champion women and girls are our hope. #WPS16 #CCRWF

washingtonpost.com 01/06/2016

As Muslim women, we actually ask you not to wear the hijab in the name of interfaith solidarity

A profound article. Particularly want to highlight these final paragraphs:

"As Americans, we believe in freedom of religion. But we need to clarify to those in universities, the media and discussion forums that in exploring the “hijab,” they are not exploring Islam, but rather the ideology of political Islam as practiced by the mullahs, or clerics, of Iran and Saudi Arabia, the Taliban in Afghanistan and the Islamic State.

In the name of “interfaith,” these well-intentioned Americans are getting duped by the agenda of Muslims who argue that a woman’s honor lies in her “chastity” and unwittingly pushing a platform to put a hijab on every woman.

Please do this instead: Do not wear a headscarf in “solidarity” with the ideology that most silences us, equating our bodies with “honor.” Stand with us instead with moral courage against the ideology of Islamism that demands we cover our hair."

washingtonpost.com The mandate that women cover their hair relies on religious misinterpretations.

mercurynews.com 11/05/2015

Kate Karpilow: California State University needs more women presidents

CCRWF Executive Director Kate Karpilow published an op-ed in the San Jose Mercury News:
California State University needs more women presidents: http://www.mercurynews.com/news/ci_29036628/kate-karpilow:-california-state-university-needs-more-women-presidents via @MercNews

mercurynews.com At San Jose State and at others when a new president is needed, a woman, ideally a woman of color, should be the preferred candidate

sacbee.com 10/12/2015

Can women ever influence Catholic doctrine?

Yesterday's Sacramento Bee Forum section included an op-ed by CCRWF Executive Director Kate Karpilow.

For updates on future articles follow her @KateKarpilow.


sacbee.com Progressives, from Philly to San Francisco, were in full-tilt fandom last month. Finally, a pope willing to champion climate change and income inequality. But the pope’s less liberal leanings leaked out soon after his plane left the runway.

americanprogress.org 05/13/2015

4 Generations of American Women: Great Progress, Persistent Challenges

Interesting generational reflection on the argument that women are better at compromise. With thanks to Judith Warner, Emily Baster & Milia Fisher.

"Perhaps as a result of this overall gender convergence, Millennial women are far less likely than older women to believe in essential differences between men and women and, by extension, seem far less likely to be swayed by the kind of essentialist thinking that underlies much of the rhetoric of women’s leadership. Recent Pew polling showed that agreement with the idea that women in high political offices are better than men at working out compromises decreased with age among women respondents; half of women from the Silent Generation, less than half of Baby Boomer women, 37 percent of Generation X women, and 33 percent of Millennial women agreed. Similarly, 39 percent of Baby Boomer women and 35 percent of Silent Generation women said they believed that female leaders are “better than their male counterparts at working to improve the quality of life for Americans,” while only 24 percent of Generation X women and 22 percent of Millennial women agreed. The generation gap holds up for views of women in business leadership as well. Pew found that fully 40 percent of Baby Boomer women stood by the belief that female business leaders were more honest and ethical than male leaders, while only 31 percent of both Millennial and Generation X women shared that sentiment."


americanprogress.org The differences among women are as real as the challenges they share. To motivate the next generation, today’s women leaders need to listen and learn.



Valuable read: The Socioeconomics of the Rape Kit Backlog - http://goo.gl/news/op4J7 via http://news.google.com/

Proud that CCRWF has
worked on the rape kit issue here in California with former Assemblywoman Nancy Skinner, Alameda County DA Nancy O'Malley, CALCASA, and other incredible advocates.


whitehouse.gov 04/16/2015

Remarks by the President At Working Families Champions of Change Event

Congratulations to Netsy Firestein - honored today by President Obama as a Champion of Change for her work on California's Paid Family Leave law!!

whitehouse.gov South Court Auditorium 2:13 P.M.

huffingtonpost.com 04/10/2015

Paid Maternity Leave Could Be The Key To Making More Women Leaders

huffingtonpost.com Giving parents paid time off after a child is born helps launch women up the corporate ladder and into the boardroom, according to a new study....

psmag.com 03/24/2015

Is Medicine’s Gender Bias Killing Young Women?

Read this article! It's brilliant - thoughtful, full of data, hard-hitting.

Focusing in on women and heart disease, the author - Maya Dusenbery - acknowledges the "...medical establishment’s systemic failures to study, understand, and take seriously women’s health concerns."

Here in California, the jury is still out as to whether or not our Office of Health Equity will take a systematic approach to integrating gender into its work. Anything short of SYSTEMATIC assessment of gender - meaning looking at the health of women and girls & boys in men across ALL populations - means OHE is failing to help us "study, understand and take seriously women's health concerns."

psmag.com A recent study suggests younger women who have heart attacks may hesitate to get help because they’re afraid of being labeled hypochondriacs. But the bigger problem is just how justified that fear really is.

[02/13/15]   In the spirit of Valentine’s Day – please help us spread the word about California’s Paid Family Leave Program. #HowICare

If you’re a Californian expecting a baby, adopting or fostering a child, or caring for a sick parent or other family member, you may be eligible for Paid Family Leave.

Check out www.paidfamilyleave.org to find out if you’re eligible and learn more.

Then share this post with at least 5 of your Facebook followers. #HowICare

paidfamilyleave.org 01/15/2015

Paid Family Leave

DYK? If you're a Californian expecting a baby, adopting or fostering a child, or caring for a sick parent or other family member, you may be eligible for Paid Family Leave. Check out www.paidfamilyleave.org to find out if you're eligible and learn more. Then share this post with at least 5 of your Facebook followers. #HowICare

paidfamilyleave.org Meet Bapa Rao "Thanks to California's Paid Family Leave program, I was able to take four weeks from work to care for my mother, secure in the knowledge that I wasn't abandoning my family responsibilities at home." More » See More Stories »

[12/22/14]   Happy Holidays from CCRWF & the Women's Policy Summit. 2014 was a great year -- with great partners. Check out what we all made happen! And….let's come together at the 2015 Women's Policy Summit to advance women's health, wealth and power. http://conta.cc/16KaeMM

conta.cc 09/03/2014

Save the Date for the 2015 Women\\'s Policy Summit: Wednesday, January 14

Save the Date for the 2015 Women's Policy Summit: Wednesday, January 14 http://conta.cc/1A2ptYS


conta.cc 08/28/2014

Action Alert: Ask the Governor to sign AB 1517 to prevent rape kit backlogs!

Action Alert: Ask the Governor to sign AB 1517 to prevent rape kit backlogs! http://conta.cc/1sJHMPT

conta.cc AB 1517, authored by Assemblywoman Nancy Skinner, would specify timeframes to test rape kits and enter DNA profiles obtained from the kits into a national DNA database (CODIS). The bill passed unanimously out of the Assembly and Senate and is now on the Governor's desk. 


Honoring Courage - A Short History of Reproductive Health Services in California

CCRWF and partners are proud to release Honoring Courage: A Short History of Reproductive Health Services in California.

Amazing footage of the women and men who fought for reproductive rights and justice, and also featuring current leaders who continue to carry the torch.

Really worth watching!! and sharing!! and Liking!!

Thanks to our partners: Storefront Political Media, Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California, Black Women for Wellness, California Latinas for Reproductive Justice, and NARAL Pro-Choice California.


conta.cc 08/26/2014

Use Women\'s Equality Day to Educate & Advocate!

Use Women's Equality Day to Educate & Advocate! http://conta.cc/1t8plZ0

conta.cc Today is Women's Equality Day, and CCRWF urges you to join with leaders from throughout the state to educate and advocate on behalf of reproductive rights and justice. 

Click%2520here%2520to%2520create%2520a%2520sub-title%2520for%2520your%2520post. 08/15/2014


Action Alert: Ask the Governor to sign SB 1349 to implement Title IX! http://conta.cc/1uzoq4e

Click%2520here%2520to%2520create%2520a%2520sub-title%2520for%2520your%2520post. SB 1349, authored by Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson and supported by the California Title IX Coalition, would take a simple yet profound step to require schools to post on their websites information on athletic participation, broken down by gender.

washingtonpost.com 07/18/2014

Why women are far more likely to vote then men

All the Single Ladies are stepping up!

washingtonpost.com Women are far more likely to go to the polls then men are.

livescience.com 07/18/2014

Mormon Church Hasn't Budged on Gender Roles in 40 Years

Here's a question for dinner table debate: How many single women and single moms can afford to be "delicate" in 2014?

Think it's worth your time to read the article posted below, which includes this quote: "As in other conservative religions, the LDS Church emphasizes the importance of innate gender differences and promotes traditionally masculine traits for men (e.g., strength, leadership( and traditionally feminine traits for women (e.g., delicacy, gentleness)."

Is being "delicate" really something we want to women to aspire to? It think not.

livescience.com A new study of official LDS Church articles and talks over 40 years finds that despite changes by the rest of society, the Mormon Church's attitude toward men and women has not changed at all.

closethegapca.org 04/07/2014

Recruit Women!

Important effort underway by close the gap CA calling for increased recruitment of women to public office.

closethegapca.org Dear Senator Darrell Steinberg, Recruiting women is the answer. Recruit to fill open seats with progressive women. Ask legislators who are terming out to recruit talented women as successors. When there are enough women to do it, women will change the culture in Sacramento. Studies show women legisl...

womensenews.org 03/18/2014

'Close the Gap' Tours California to Stop the Slide | Womens eNews

See 'Close the Gap' Tours California to Stop the Slide at http://bit.ly/1fFgORm
Kudos for a great column in today's WeNews by Susan Rose, former Santa Barbara County Supervisor and a founder of the Santa Barbara Women’s Political Committee.

"Yes, it does matter if women are in state legislatures. A growing stack of research shows how elected women support the social infrastructure in ways that benefit everyone. That's why we need more women in the 2014 and 2016 races."

womensenews.org Yes, it does matter if women are in state legislatures. A growing stack of research shows how elected women support the social infrastructure in ways that benefit everyone. That's why we need more women in the 2014 and 2016 races.

ccrwf.org 03/06/2014

California Center for Research on Women & Families

It's Women's History Month! And what better time to talk about what we need to do to build women's political power. Check out a series of amazing columns at www.ccrwf.org from Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia, Emerge CA Executive Director Kimberly Ellis, and close the gap CA Director Betsy Cotton. PLEASE SHARE THIS INFORMATION - and get the conversation started -- what do we need to do to elect more women NOW. Not in 10 years. NOW.

ccrwf.org CCRWF Executive Director Kate Karpilow moderated the 2014 Women’s Policy Summit closing general session — Building Political Power: What are we doing . . . and what else needs to happen to achieve equity? She presented statistics documenting the decline of women’s representation in the State Legisl...


Everything Old is New Again | California Center for Research on Women & Families

Proud to feature visionary leaders at the 2014 Women's Policy Summit who put forth ideas on how to build an integrated and sustainable child care and early learning system that nurtures children AND supports working parents. This is no small deal - we need the big ideas to move our system beyond the current patchwork quilt. Here are links to all of their posts -- with appreciation for their time, expertise and leadership!

Everything Old is New Again
by Michael Olenick, Ph.D.
President & CEO
Child Care Resource Center

Go Big: Reality Reform and Revenue
by Giannina Sophia Perez
Early Learning and Development Policy
Children NOW

Building Equity in the Child Care and Early Learning System
by Mary Ignatius
Statewide Organizer
Parent Voices

Infant and Toddler Care in 2025
by Ann O'Leary
Vice President & Director
Children & Families Program, Next Generation

ccrwf.org The goal of the 2014 Women’s Policy Summit session on “Child Care & Early Learning – Building a New Vision” was to provide a forum for leaders in the field to put forth big ideas. Speakers were asked to offer proposals to move California’s patchwork system of child care and early learning forward t...




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