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Home nursery specializing in rare and exotic tropical plants.

Home nursery specializing in rare and exotic tropical plants.

Mission: Our mission is to spread beauty and happiness through sharing our wonderful plants.


Pruning Rose Bushes

How to Prune Roses...

http://mikesbackyardnursery.com - A detailed description of how rose bushes should be pruned.


Landscape Weed Barrier Fabric. Does it work?

How to grow A Weed-Free Vegetable Garden. I think you'll find it useful.
A Weed Free Vegetable Garden!

My neighbor Richard is awesome and he let me use his garden for this presentation. Last fall I helped Richard pack his garden with donkey manure and other compost from my compost pile.

We put at least two or three ton of manure and compost into his garden. Then I tilled it in with the big tiller on my tractor. I tilled it once in the fall and at least twice if not three times this spring before he planted.

The soil was beautiful!
But along with beautiful soil come weeds and lots of them. Richard did something really, really smart. He used the same nursery ground cover cloth that we use in the nursery to place our containers on. He rolled it out and completely covered his garden with this ground cover fabric.

No, not the cheap stuff you can buy at the stores!
It’s what we use in the nursery. Just search for nursery ground cover cloth and buy the heaviest, most pricey one you see. Hint, hint, you’ll probably find it on Amazon.

Richard covered his garden completely anchoring the ground cover down the staples that they sell with the product.

Then he did something else really smart!
He started his vegetable plants in pots so they were nice and big before he moved them into the garden. To plant them he simply cut a slit in the ground cover material and planted through the ground cover cloth.

Presto! The plants took off growing like crazy! The ground cover cloth actually helps to trap in some moisture and at the same time keeps the weeds from growing. As you’ll see in this video, his garden is beautiful!

Warning, warning, warning!
If you are thinking; “Wow! This stuff works great, I think I’ll use it in my landscape.” Know that I am warning you now. If you put topsoil or mulch over the top of this fabric it is not going to work like you think it will.

Eventually it will become the most disastrous weed fest imaginable!
Trust me on this. Any kind of weed barrier fabric covered with soil or mulch will grow weeds and the weeds will root through the fabric and it will be next to impossible to pull up the fabric because the weeds will have it anchored down. It turns into the biggest mess you can imagine.

Watch this video to see what I mean;

And there was no soil on the fabric! But the weed seeds blew in and germinated on top of the fabric then rooted into the soil below the fabric.

Here’s the problem.
When you mulch over weed barrier fabric the mulch breaks down and eventually becomes beautiful topsoil.

Weeds grow perfectly in beautiful topsoil! But when that happens on top of weed barrier fabric the weeds actually knit the fabric to the ground and cleaning up that mess is more work than you can imagine.

I’ve done it way too many times to count when I was re-landscaping homes. I don’t make this stuff up! Everything that I write or share is based on my real world experience crawling around in the dirt on my hands and knees.

You can take advice from me, or you can listen to those who quite simply lack real world experience.

See more photos etc. here; https://mikesbackyardnursery.com/2012/06/weed-barrier-fabric-or-weed-barrier-cloth-does-it-work/

This video is proof that the best weed barrier fabric cannot stop weeds from sowing. For more evidence that you really need to re-think using weed barrier fa...

Shocking Transformations

Here is some trashy art that is way kool!!! https://www.facebook.com/ShockingTransformations/videos/155593635340782/

Your eyes are fooling you


Growing and Selling Edibles!

22 Edible Plants You Can Grow and Sell From Home!


[02/23/19]   How to Use Cornmeal to Attract Earthworms to Your Garden.

Think of earthworms as your loyal coworkers when working a garden. Their castings add nutrient-rich, organic matter to the soil. As they tunnel through the dirt, they create space for air and water to reach the roots. They also loosen dense soils so roots have an easier time moving through them as they grow. And the increased amount of organic material that earthworms add to the soil improves the soil's ability to hold water. Adding a little organic matter, or worm food, to your soil can attract earthworms to your garden and encourage them to mate. Cornmeal is an affordable way to feed worms and get them to call your garden home.

Start attracting earthworms to your garden in the spring as the soil warms.

Sprinkle 1 to 2 pounds of cornmeal over roughly 18 square feet of garden space. Eyeball it so you have a dusting just heavy enough to cover the soil surface.

Mix the cornmeal into the top 3 inches of garden soil with a shovel.

Water the area so the soil remains consistently moist but not wet. Avoid wet, soggy soils as excess water drowns out the worms. Monitor soil moisture closely because dry soil dries out earthworms.

Wait one month for the garden to produce enough bacteria and attract enough worms to process the cornmeal you added and will be adding in the future.

Resume feeding by adding 1 to 2 pounds of cornmeal about every two weeks.

Monitor your garden periodically for an increase in earthworm activity, both from earthworms that you've attracted to your garden and from their offspring. If you're not seeing much new activity, add live worms from a bait shop, from someone who raises earthworms or those that you've dug up yourself from an alternate location. Gently cover the worms with a little moist soil to keep them from drying out before they make their way into the soil.

Things You Will Need
The Clemson University Extension recommends mixing the cornmeal with lard or shortening. which is optional. Many people who raise earthworms also add kitchen waste, such as vegetable and meat scraps. If you're simply trying to increase the numbers of earthworms in your garden, adding the cornmeal should do the trick. Adding additional scraps could attract animals, garden pests and unwanted bacteria or fungi. It can also cause foul, rotting-food odors.


Grow Your Own Fruit Trees and other Fruit Bearing Plants.

If you are looking for a really good place to buy Apple trees, Blackberries, Cherry trees, Grape plants, Peach trees, Pear trees, Plum trees, Quince plants, Raspberry plants, Strawberry plants and more, I found a nursery that you might be interested in. Take a peek at this Family Owned Nursery that Sells Fruit trees and Plants.


mikesbackyardnursery.com Grow Your Own Fruit Trees and other Fruit Bearing Plants. Last updated : 25 January 2019 141 Comments How would you like to walk out into your backyard and pick your own, homegrown, apples, pears, peaches, cherries, grapes, raspberries or strawberries? Looking for a place to buy starter plants? I’...


Mondays With Mike May 28, 2014

How to propogate plants in winter time! https://youtu.be/7We64aVseuk

Find out how Mike's hardwood and softwood cuttings turned out at: Mike's Plant Farm 4850 North Ridge Rd Perry, OH 44081 http://mikesbackyardnursery.com/2014/...


How to Propagate Grapes from Hardwood Cuttings.

Start Your Own Grape Plants from Grape Vine Cuttings this Fall. It's easy!

See the video below.


mikesbackyardnursery.com Grape plants are easy to propagate from cuttings. Most of the time they are done during the winter months when the plants are dormant. Cuttings taken in the late fall and winter are known as

Clam Shell Air Propagator

Air propagation basics... this is really cool.

If you've never heard of air propagation before, you're about to be AMAZED!

I made a fifteen minute video explaining the basics of air propagation. Long story short... you can propagate a plant (or tree) without removing a cutting from the parent plant.

You'll just have to watch the video to see what I mean.


It's really, really cool! Enjoy!

By all means, stay inspired!
-Mike McGroarty

mikesbackyardnursery.com If you want to do something that's really fun in your yard, give this a try. The art or technique of air propagating, commonly known as air layering, has been around for years. But my friend Hong

3 more babies to take care of and feed now. Just started coming in the veranda. Going to try to tame them down and give them a home inside.

Our new stray to take care of at the nursery. We are gonna call him "Bandit".

[05/11/18]   If you have a store or sell stuff DON"T SELL TO Konnie Wells of Woodward Oklahoma. She is the thieving SCAMMER!!!!! Bought seeds off me and then charged back the money. Now I have no money to buy food for my Kittens for the month. Bad enough to loose the money from the sale But PayPal took another $20.00 on top of that for a CHARGE BACK FEE!!!! Sellers Beware!!!!

Rouses Point Figgery and Nursery

Rare! New Zealand Purple, 5 Castor Bean Seeds. Tropical Look, Fast Growing - Ricinus Communis. $25.00 + $3.00 s/h/

Fast growing. Hardy zones 9-11, annual in other zones. Full sun. Dry, sandy soil.
Striking Deep purple foliage. Will reach 10 feet tall in one season. Fast growing hedge.
Perfect for a natural screen. Possibly a mole repellent.
Seeds and plants are poisonous. Plant with care around children and pets.

You are buying 5 DEEP PURPLE (some sites even call these 'Black') Castor Bean Plant Seeds, (Ricinus communis), plus planting and growing instructions. A fast growing plant that adds an exotic and tropical flair to any landscape. Usually grown as an annual, the Castor Bean plant may reach 8-10 feet in height or more by the end of the summer. They will get big! These UNUSUAL DEEP PURPLE Castor Bean plants have very small flowers, but very LARGE and attractive DEEP PURPLE seed pods along with purple leaves and purple stalks - they make a STRIKING hedge or specimen plants. How great would these look as a privacy hedge around your pool or deck? Extremely easy to grow – loves full sun and average, well draining soil. Some organic gardening sites claim that castor bean plants help repel moles from your landscape (castor bean oil is often used in commercial mole repellents), however other sites say there is no research to substantiate that claim – but, heck – it can’t hurt to try it and you’ll amaze your neighbors with this fast growing, tropical plant! In zones 9-11, it may be grown as a perennial, where it can grow to the size of a small tree (15+ feet) grow as an annual in colder zones. Seeds and plant are HIGHLY POISONOUS if ingested and should not be planted within reach of children and pets.

Chris Lewis
10 hrs
Mini sweet bell pepper plants. ready to pot up or plant in the garden. I have seeds available for all three colors. 10 seeds for $5.00 includes shipping.

Jake Boys




Our Village

Rouses Point Figgery and Nursery
Just now ·
The Quinault strawberry continues to be a best seller for me as it is an ever-bearing type that that bears from June until frost. The large sweet berries have a great flavor. Good for hanging baskets and containers. It produces berries even on unrooted runners. A home favorite in zones 4-9, very disease resistant. These plants are sold in bundles.

50 plants $35.00
100 plants $55.00
200 plants $75.00
Plus shipping charges.

Bundles available in my online store here:

ourvillage.com Products with Passion. Shopping with Purpose

Cherry tree flowers.


The Backyard Grower's Business Center



Datura Tatula - LA FLEUR LILAC Datura plant. Today I started a bunch of these for sale later in the spring. Along with some Datura Metal Double Purples, Datura Metal Triple Whites, and Datura Metal Triple Yellows.

White Marseilles Fig 3 Trunk Bonsai Tree. 11" tall.

New Mini Fig Trees arrived this week and are available in our shop on sister page: https://www.facebook.com/RousesPointFiggeryandNursery/

Untitled Album


Zea Mays. Japanese / Aztec corn. Seeds now available in my shop.

Annual heirloom drought-resistant corn grown for decoration or for grinding into corn meal, making highly nutritious and tasty blue corn bread. There is really nothing like growing your own cornbread. When we made our harvest, a number of the ears were immature (white kernals) and these we sliced off with a knife and put in a pot of water and simmered overnight. In the morning, we ate this corn porridge and it was absolutely wonderful!





Rouses Point, NY Figgery and Nursery. by RousesPointFiggery

President's Days sale! 10% off Store Wide. Use coupon code PRESIDENTSDAY at checkout.

etsy.com Browse unique items from RousesPointFiggery on Etsy, a global marketplace of handmade, vintage and creative goods.


Rouses Point, NY Figgery and Nursery. by RousesPointFiggery

Fig trees and fig cuttings are now available on our Etsy.com site here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/RousesPointFiggery

etsy.com Browse unique items from RousesPointFiggery on Etsy, a global marketplace of handmade, vintage and creative goods.

Rouses Point Figgery and Nursery

The local squirrels heard I moved in and started growing fig trees. They came to the window and looked in and saw them.
1 decided to get a closer look.


How To Turn $0.90 Into $6.00 Over and Over Again With Plants



Pruning Weigela for a flush of new growth and a new batch of flowers.


This is a follow up to the "Brutal Pruning" video I did a few weeks ago. See the before and after videos on this page; http://mikesbackyardnursery.com/2017/0...


How to prune flowering shrubs and other plants growing in nursery containers.


This is a quick lesson on to prune Tango Weigela and other flowering shrubs and plants growing in nursery containers. Also a quick lesson in how to make a so...

How to Turn 50 Sticks into Thousands of Plants You Can Sell fo...

This beautiful Brown Turkey Fig Tree as up for sale. Growing in a 4 1/2" x 4 1/2" x 6" Pot. Very well rooted. $15.00 Massage me with your email address and I will send PayPal Invoice to you.

Godspeedheros Nursery

We are looking to open a wholesale to the public plant nursery in Rouses Point,NY. This spring. Plants ranging in price from $6 - $20.00 Flowering shrubs, Japanese Maples, fig trees and berry bushes,magnolias trees, ect. Like and follow us on our page to be first to be notified of opening dates this spring. Plants can also be purchased from our website and shipped priority mail direct to you if you don't feel like traveling or is too far to get here.
Like and share this post with your friends and family. Like and share and follow our page and visit out online store to preview or buy some of our wonderful plant coming soon to Rouses Point, NY.

Home nursery specializing in rare and exotic tropical plants.

Veteran's Day sale all weekend. Save $25% off this Figgy Starter Kit.
New to Figs Starter Pack. All you need to get you started. And then after your hooked on figs you can get figgy with it.

Figgy starter Kit: 2 x Fig tree plants. Rooted cuttings. Not just cuttings.

Healthy, well rooted plants in 4" pots.

1 Brown Turkey fig tree plants and 1 Black Mission Fig Tree Plants.

Both varieties are hearty to US Zone 7-10 and can be brought inside in winter in colder climates or it can be grown inside in a bright sunny south faceing window.

Only $29.97 + $6.00 S/H.

Start or expand your collection or give them to you friends and family as presents.

Please Like and Share this post and share the Figgy Joy this season.

[11/03/17]   Coming Soon! Fig Trees for Indoors and Outdoors.


The Fastest Way to Make Money Growing & Selling Plants

Free Video: The Fastest Way to Make Money With Plants:


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