Forward Focused, LLC

Forward Focused, LLC


LOTS of new faces on here, so allow me to re-introduce myself!

My name is Sammie and I am a 32 year old mom of 2 amazing kids. I am a certified professional life coach, goal success coach, happiness coach and life purpose coach. So basically I can do just about anything.

I help women overcome self doubt, teach them how to love themselves again, and how to get over the barriers keeping them from their potential.

I own a life coaching business called Forward Focused, LLC and I absolutely love what I do!

I am just your ordinary girl, building an amazing life for me and my family.

Tell me about you! 👇🏻 I’d love to get to know y’all better!

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Operating as usual



the science of nutrition for health, fitness and sport!!

My books came yesterday and I am So excited to nerd out! ♥️



You have the life you are willing to put up with. If you are not willing to take the actions to change your situation, if you’re willing to put up with your situation, then whether you like it or not, that is the life you have chosen.

>You can choose to be a millionaire or not
You can choose how successful you become


Y’all!!!!! I did a thing…

If you have messaged me in the past few days about my new online boutique check it out!

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Share your story with the world. You never know who you might help or who might need to hear it. 💜


I can’t MAKE anyone believe me.

I‘ve been in the network marketing industry for 4 years. I’ve done a lot, and I’ve seen a lot.

So when I tell y’all that you NEED to do this with me - I mean it. I am finally seeing the momentum that was talked about at every other company, but never happened. this company has SEVERAL things that no other company has - and I’m more than willing to sit down and show you that.

I love that I can actually HELP people win. People that link arms with me are making money off of the work I am doing. Yes, really.

I only get one life. And showing others how to create their dream life is how I’m going to spend the rest of mine.

My passion is people. Helping them achieve their goals. Retiring mamas. Paying off debts. Helping them earn a JEEP! And so much more.

If you want the momentum & an opportunity that is truly different than the rest out there - you NEED to partner with me.

Jumping in is scary - but so is being in the same place you are right now for the next 5 years.


Feeling all sophisticated with my new Blue light blockers!

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What do you see when you look in the mirror?

Do you see uneven eyes, crooked teeth, dark roots? Or do you see a kind eyes, an inviting smile, and a cute hairdo?

Why is it that we are our own worst critic? Why is it that our inner voice is often the most negative?

Imagine if we were mindful enough to speak to ourselves as if we were speaking to someone we love. ❤️ With compassion. With kindness...

𝗧𝗼𝗱𝗮𝘆 I choose to say:
I am a loving wife & mom.
I am a supportive leader.
I am strong.
I am proud of myself.
I am a good friend.

I will work everyday on silencing that inner critic so that I can allow my self-confidence, self-esteem, self-respect, & self-love to 𝘀𝗵𝗼𝘄 𝘂𝗽!

Drop a 💕 in the comments below if you are ready to ditch the negative self talk too!


What I have found is - whatever I’m telling myself is a choice. Im creating my reality with how I frame it. I have done things over the last 5 years that I never thought I could do - We are far more capable then we know.

Choosing my internal dialogue is intentional + work. I do it by creating my list of truths.

I have enough

I’m scared, but I can walk into it strong

Change is a constant + I control my response

I can do hard things

I can learn new skills

I can choose to adapt

There’s always reasons to quit and there’s always reasons to keep going, feed the one that takes you where you’re going.


A lot of people need help on how to transition from getting away from their abusive relationship to being able to live their life to the fullest!

My course is launching in just a few weeks and I am going over all the things to help you!

With this course you will get
-full access to me
-mindset exercises
-tips on how to move on
-my personal story
-being able to love life again
-identifying your identity
-finding your self worth
-regaining your confidence
And so much MORE!!

Message me or comment below to gain access to this course! This will take place in a private Facebook group that I will personally invite you to once you are enrolled!


During a client coaching session today, I was reminded at how easy it was to slip back into that abusive relationship with a different person you thought you’d never have to worry about.

You see, she’s experienced narcissism before and knew what it was like then… however, this new guy she’s with, she had NO CLUE it was going to turn into what it has now.

As I was talking to her and making her aware of all the narcissistic behavior he’s portraying, she was in awe. She knew that what was going on in the relationship wasn’t something she wanted, but she also wasn’t putting his behavior on the forefront of her mind.

Things that seem so simple, or things that aggravate you in a relationship is something that needs to be communicated… if your partner doesn’t allow you to communicate or says things like “this discussion is over and don’t bring it up again” that is a narcissistic comment and you need to know that it never gets better. It only gets worse.

Please remind yourself of your worth. ♥️


Getting out of an abusive relationship is hard… like really hard. But it can be done.

The way that I felt after I left mine, I thought I’d never get back to my old me.

It took a lot of inner work, mindset work, and learning that recovery is a process and we won’t be back to “normal” overnight.

I am fulfilled, happy, positive, and abundant now that I’ve gone through the process.

Teaching women how to regain their identity, self worth and confidence is something that liberates me to no end.

If you’re struggling to see yourself for who you truly are after getting out of that toxic relationship, then you need to join me in January for my “Trauma Transition” group course.

This course helps women transition from trauma to tranquility and peace in all aspects of life. Catch the pre presale now!


You’re struggling to find your worth after you’ve been beat down emotionally, physically and emotionally.

You don’t know where to go or where to turn to after the narc has isolated you from everyone.

You’ve lost everything because they’ve used every dime you had to buy alcohol or drugs or both.

Now it’s time to start over. I know it’s hard, you feel lost, broken, battered, exhausted, and like there’s nowhere or no one to turn to.

I see you sister and I’m here to help you make all the transitions necessary to live your best life.

Click “book now” at the top for a consultation and let’s get YOU back.


Loving yourself again after being in an abusive relationship is hard. They’ve made you feel an inch tall because to them, you aren’t anything but a game.

They manipulate you over and over again so they can get their way. The mind games are unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.

The cycle is never ending.

I’m here to help you start loving yourself again. ♥️


They don’t have to physically put their hands on you to be considered domestic violence.

They can belittle you, withhold things from you, keep you away from your friends and family, keep your phone from you so you can’t call for help (which is illegal by the way), get in your face, scream at you, and make themselves out to be the victim.

If there’s ONE thing I can tell you, it’s to reach out to someone in any way you can, and remove yourself from the situation. Unfortunately not everyone is fortunate enough to make it out alive.

I want to help in the starting over process and assist you in learning how to love yourself again. ♥️


Signs you’re dating a narcissist…

1.) Love bombing followed by devaluation. Intense praise followed by verbal abuse.
2.) Gaslighting: making you disbelieve your reality or making you feel like your crazy or forgetful.

3.) Sabotaging your friendships or other relationships.

4.) Making you the enemy or the bad guy for having feelings or emotions.

5.) Constant lying to avoid responsibility.

6.) Never being at fault for any issues in the relationship. Turning all of the blame toward you.

7.) Having a lack of interest of who you are as a person.

8.) A huge sense of entitlement; you owe them everything.

These are just a few signs that you need to be aware of. If you can get out before it gets bad, do it. You’ll thank yourself later.

I’m here to help the process of starting over.


Narcissistic signs often can’t be caught right at first. It takes time to figure that out. Everything starts off perfect, like he’s everything you ever wanted in a man, and then as time goes by, things get worse and worse.

You start thinking to yourself that maybe it’s just you, until everyone around you starts telling you they see it too.

The way he pushes you away just to make you feel guilty so you’ll do whatever he wants.

The way he talks to you when something bad has happened to him because of his past; yet somehow it’s your fault that everything has played out the way it has.

You try so hard to try to get them help and they just turn on you constantly breaking you even more.

The trauma and the emotional roller coaster that comes with abusive relationships is something very difficult to overcome, but as someone that overcame it first hand, I’m telling you it’s possible.

I’m here to help break those barriers that are keeping you from living the life you want; free from the person that hurt you.



Group coaching courses for women that have escaped abusive relationships! I will help guide you into finding your identity, confidence, self worth, and purpose again!

Working on BIG THINGS! ♥️♥️


It’s time to take control of your dreams. Do it now and don’t ever give up.

Put positive thoughts to use and positive things will happen.

This week has been more than amazing. I found where my heart belongs and I can’t wait to make it happen.

Let me help you accomplish your goals and dreams and help you manifest them into your reality. ♥️


The size of your success is determined by the size of your belief.

Stop having small beliefs in yourself. You can do absolutely anything you want in life. You just have to believe you can first.


If one 👆🏻of your primary goals within the next 12 months is to OWN your home 🏡, purchase a vehicle 🚗 , you need to plug into a system that can legally get...

✅Student Loans deleted
✅Medical bills deleted
✅Collections deleted
✅Bankruptcy deleted
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✅Charge offs deleted

Comment “Labor Day” to get started!!! 👇🏻👇🏻


Making a life change is scary….

Know what’s even scarier? Living with regret.


Get up, brush yourself off and start again! 👏🏼


•If you have “needing money” in your vibration, then you will keep attracting “needing money.”

You have to find a way of being happy NOW, feeling good NOW, and being in joy NOW, without the money.

Once you can feel good NOW, even though you don’t have the money, it will come.

Make a decision that you are going to do everything you can to be as happy as you can in every moment.

You will be AMAZED at how the universe will flood so many things into your life that will continue to make you happy - including money!


I praise God every single day for giving me the wisdom to remove myself from relationships and situations that could have ruined my life.

I thank God for where I’m at now, compared to where I used to be.

I’ve came a long way in the last 4 years and I’m only going up from here.


You know what makes me feel sooo good inside?!

•Helping people find their true potential
•Seeing people change their mindset in front of my eyes and start seeing results they never thought of.

I had a client tell me today “I swear you’ve opened up my eyes to what is possible for me and my future, how to learn to love myself again, and how to set boundaries with people that take advantage of me”

THAT is why I do what I do and why I chose this career. I am beyond BLESSED to see these women’s lives change and be their biggest cheerleader. ♥️♥️


I am officially a Certified MASTER life coach!! 😍😍😍

Which means I’ve successfully completed 4 courses, which were over 4 aspects of coaching:

•Certified Happiness Coach
•Certified Life Purpose Coach
•Certified Professional life coach
•Certified Career Coach

Need help with any or all of the above?! I got you!! ♥️


This is your time. Right now. In this moment.
It’s your time to shine. Let go of all the excuses. Let go of the people that don’t support you. Let go of whatever happened in your past that you’re still holding onto that kept you from your dreams.
Put your purpose and faith into action.
Nobody else is you and that is your superpower.


✨To all my ladies out there✨

You CAN do anything you set your mind to...
You CAN achieve your dreams...

The “I’m too busy” or “I’m not good enough” or “I’m not worth it” are just excuses. You are trying to validate your excuse so you’ll feel better about NOT going after it.

Mom of 2, work full-time, both kids in sports, a very supportive fiancé, and a dog.

If I can do it, you can too!

💃🏻I’m officially certified as a professional life coach and it feels so damn good! Excuse me while I go do a happy dance!💃🏻


Perspective unseen..

You have been in a toxic/abusive relationship or are currently. You have been put down, thinking you’re the one that’s been going crazy, you’re at fault for everything that’s been going on in your relationship because you fail to see all the red flags.

You’re a single mom due to divorce or being widowed and you feel like you’ve lost all hope and don’t know where to turn or how to pursue your dreams and goals while being a single parent.

My coaching involves the ability to understand you: to think how you think, and understand your perspective. From this benchmark, I will place another perspective on top of yours - stretching and growing you to gently see a more empowering way. As a coach, I can see what you are going through now and what is up ahead. Coaching is foreseeing, paving the way, coming alongside you while helping you achieve goals and overcome limiting paradigms.

I’m here to help you write your success story.


When you know your worth, no one can make you feel worthless! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼🤭🤭

Get up, dust yourself off, change your mindset, & distance yourself from those that make you feel that way.


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