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Good luck on the reopening!
Many Thanks to you guys for saving me last night before our gig at the BMO. Forgetting the center assembly post for my high hat stand you guys had the correct part. Out the door in less than ten minutes to make the gig on time. You guys ROCK! Thanks again.
As a proud member of the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization's We Honor Veterans program, Northern Illinois Hospice pays tribute to our veterans year round in personalized ceremonies.

Many years ago, Northern Illinois Hospice patient Matt Spinello was drafted into the US Army and stationed in Okinawa, Japan. Upon finding out he was a professional drummer, the US Army asked him to organize a band. Matt's band would play at the officer’s clubs to entertain and keep spirits high.

After his drumming career in the army, Matt continued drumming around the Rockford area. When he heard that we were having our music therapist play for his We Honor Veterans pinning ceremony, he mentioned that he wished he had a drum so he could play along with her.

Mallory, our Board Certified Music Therapist, surprised Matt with a snare drum that Guzzardo Performance Music so graciously allowed us to borrow for his ceremony. Northern Illinois Hospice staff who were present loved seeing Matt reminisce with his family about the time that he was stationed and drumming in Okinawa. Everyone especially enjoyed watching Matt pick up the sticks and play. This was the first time he has drummed in years, and he really came to life (as you can see in the video below that was taken at his ceremony). We are so happy that Matt was able to experience this moment surrounded by his loved ones.

We are deeply grateful for the sacrifices our veterans and their families made for our country. Warmest thanks to Mallory and to Guzzardo's for making this beautiful moment possible for Matt and his family during his ceremony.

Call 815-398-0500 to discuss your loved one's exact situation and discover all the ways Northern Illinois Hospice helps patients enjoy their final months with those they love.
If I took the sum of all the money I spent at Guzzardo's in the seventies, divided it by the number of years since I've been in Rockford, adjusted for inflation, depreciation, aggravation, and a standard deviation, and subtracted the current Ebay valuation of my very vintage Hammond, it would still come out to, like, a lot. With a twist of snark from banjo-boy Tom Whittle.
“I’d like to see you stick around for at least a year.” Joe Guzzardo Jr. said these words to me when he hired me 26 years ago. I was fresh out of college and was game for the job as I had a love for music, and was looking to find my own path. It turns out that being employed at Guzzardo Music was my path. In that time, which has spanned the greater portion of my life, I met and married my wife (she’ll be there to greet you tomorrow), sold countless of “first” instruments to people that I’ve seen grow up, have countless memories of my co-worker’s pranks, and have never understood why I have to make a new pot of coffee whenever I go for a cup. Many of the people whom I’ve had the pleasure to meet over the years are still making music in the area today. For the one’s that I will have the pleasure to meet tomorrow, I’ll look forward to hearing your music in the future.
I began accordion lessons at Guzzardo School of Music in 1956 under the Mr. Volz. I progressed to wind up in the Senior Accordion Band and was the first individual to play the Bass Accordion in the band. We formed a Classical Quintet of accordionists and played in several clubs until the Musician's Union complained.
Over the years I have played for innumerable Christmas caroling parties, churches were there weren't organists, hospitals, nursing homes and hospices where I had parishioners, and one evening I even played for the Junior League's "Venetian Night" at the Virginia Museum of Fine Art with a strolling violinist. I still periodically periodically play for my own enjoyment on our deck if the weather is fine.
I can no longer play the classical music I learned while at Guzzardos from Mr. Roger Johnson. But the Big Band sounds and contemporary ballads as well as folk music still remind me of those days.
I'm delighted that Guzzardo Music is still around and providing people of all ages with quality instruments and instructions. The accordion and those relationships enriched my a time when I hardly knew the depth of the human soul! Bravo Guzzardo!!
Found this in my bass case the other day (bass and case sold to me by Mike Dahl) the world is a lot less interesting without him. He printed my name as Roberto Alexander...always the comedian...miss him...miss him...miss him...(Beatle reference). He sold me a mike and boom stand, a keyboard stand and a set of strings. And tons of other stuff over the years..
Here are all the photos we took at the Rock and Roll Institute practices and concert last week! We had such a great time getting to sit in and listen to these amazing young artist! If you know any kid-musicians, we definitely encourage you to push them to sign up next year! And if not, there are plenty of options to help financially to give a kid a chance to go! Please help support the young music/art scene!

Shout out to all the amazing sponsors and supporters of this years group! Ya'll are beautiful people!

Health First Wellness Center
V***n Productions
The Olympic Tavern
Kate's Pie Shop Cafe & Records
Mendelssohn Performing Arts Center
Guzzardo Performance Music
Blackhawk Technical College
Underground Squirrel Studio
Andy Whorehall
NoiseFloor LTD.
Silky Screens Print Co.
Rockford Register Star |
R&B Band seeking male vocalist!
Playing an instrument is a plus.
Must be willing to practice once a week.
In the Rockford, Il, stateline area.
If interested email: [email protected]
Let's us hear you and tell us a little about yourself!

Musical instrument sales, instruction, and service since 1932.

Operating as usual


Looking for last minute gift ideas?

We’ve got you covered.

A perfect choice for beginners of all ages, the Squier Strat Pack has everything you need to begin playing right out of the box. The Stratocaster is ideal for beginning players and provides a comfortable playing feel. It includes a lightweight body, a vintage-style tremolo bridge for classic pitch effects and three single-coil pickups for classic Strat tone. We also included a free 3-month subscription to Fender Play®—online guitar lessons!

The included Squier Frontman® 10G amplifier is the perfect companion for jamming thanks to its aux input that allows you play along with your favorite songs or backing tracks, as well as a headphone jack for silent practice. The Squier Starter Strat Pack also comes with a padded gig bag, strap, cable and picks—everything you need to stop dreaming and start playing.

We have plenty in stock, and they are on sale! $259.99 (plus tax) will get you started today.


Words cannot express how grateful we are. Today, with all of your help, you raised $3,265 dollars!!!

Thank you to the hard work, planning, preparation, and dedication of Kegel Harley-Davidson, Screw City Jeeps 815, Evil Twin Recording, Guzzardo Performance Music, Our Buddy Brett, and our amazing board (a special shout-out to Robin Baker and The Andinos at Health First Wellness Center).

But let's not forget the true stars of today: YOU! Without the music, there would have been no fundraiser. You are all creative, passionate, dedicated, and brave individuals. Pat yourselves on the back, you've earned it. The money you raised today helps us to fuel and expand our mission of using rock and roll music to help local youth forge their own musical path.

No go apply some aloe to your faces- I know some of you are as sunburnt as I am. Rock On! -Jessica


New arrivals! Peavey Delta Woods acoustic guitars.


Some cool mid 90s Seymour Duncan Active EQ pickups. They got little tiny switches in the top of ‘em!


We are open Christmas Eve from 10-3 and closed on Christmas. Stop on in to get your last minute gifts!


We are looking to buy good condition used equipment.
If you have used or unwanted gear and would like to turn it into cash please contact us at 815-229-5020

Photos from Guzzardo Performance Music's post 09/22/2020

Nothing says, "I slappa-da-bass" quite like 400 watts of all tube power. Nothing says, "I need to change my shorts" when you play it through a Mesa Powerhouse 1000 bass cab. Heavy-hitting bass gear here- check it out!


We will be closed Monday September 7th. We will reopen Tuesday September 8th at 11am.


We are looking to buy good condition used equipment.

If you have used or unwanted gear and would like to turn it into cash please contact us at 815-229-5020


Were open 9-5 tomorrow!


We’re staying busy keeping up with these online and curbside orders!

Mon-Sat 9-5. Call us to place an order. 815-239-5020


We are currently taking students for Online Virtual Guitar lessons with our teaching staff.

Call us at 815-229-5020 to reserve your spot!

We are also open today 9-5 for curbside pickup and online ordering.




Guzzardo Performance Music, Guitars, Drums, Band, Orchestra 05/01/2020

We are OPEN for curbside pickup and phone orders

Monday- Saturday 9-5
Closed Sundays

Please call ahead 815-229-5020 to place an order and we will bring it out to you when you arrive.

We are also open for repairs. Please call ahead.

Please check out for links to our ebay and reverb stores (scroll to the bottom of homepage)

Guzzardo Performance Music, Guitars, Drums, Band, Orchestra

Guzzardo performance music 03/27/2020

The local music scene is a family and we are all in this together. We will get through this.

There are a lot of local businesses in the 815 that could use your help now more than ever. Please support them if you are able.

Order curb side from Patrick at Octane (he’s a drummer)

Get some taco’s from Dann and the gang at Taco Betty's. You haven’t lived until you’ve heard him sing purple rain at karaoke

Get some art framed by Jeremy at Mainfraim ( also a killer drummer)

Have Christopher Johnson build you a table at Barn Owl Woodworks. He shreds on guitar and many other instruments.

Get Rob Andino to align that spine! He is a guitar and bass player and has always supported local music!

Stewart Oakes at ReGlaze Rockford will refinish your tub between drum solos.

Have Skylar recommend some music at Culture Shock - Clothing and Records( we still remember his old band playing shows at our former all ages venue “The Rockbox”

Buy a shirt from Jarrod at Rockford Art Deli ( he’s hosted several local shows of his own)

Take some music lessons from us!

Everything helps.

This post is getting long. Please tag your own local business and tell us if you or an employee plays an instrument!

Speaking of rockford art deli...
They are doing a great thing by printing shirts for local businesses free of charge and donating a portion of the sales to local small businesses. Check it out!

And most importantly, thank you for years and years of your continued business and support. We are forever grateful to bring music into your schools and homes.

Guzzardo performance music Help Keep Local Business Here for Good Check them out - Guzzardo Performance Music These are a preorder - We will be printing and shipping or emailing for local pickup one we are able to get back into the shop! $10 from each sale goes to the Independent Business You Are Supporting.....


We will be open until 5:00 PM Saturday, March 21, 2020.

If you are currently enrolled in lessons, they will be made available via skype or other online formats. Your teachers will contact you with your options.

We will reopen on April 8th in compliance with Governor Pritzker’s temporary shutdown of non-essential business.

If you have an emergency or have questions please contact:

Scott at 815-904-2312 or [email protected]
Spencer at 815-871-9079 or [email protected]
Arik at 815-904-0096 or [email protected]

For rental or band and orchestra questions please contact Craig at 815-670-6551 or [email protected]

Thank you.


We will be open 9-5 tomorrow. Don’t get stuck in the house with a 5 string guitar! (Unless you’re Kieth Richards)

Photos from Guzzardo Performance Music's post 03/06/2020

Not every day that a piece of rock history walks in the door. Rick Nielsen’s original 1977 Hamer Mandocello. This exact guitar was used on Cheap Trick’s Platinum selling Heaven Tonight album. Released in 1978. ....And of course on the song Mandocello. Too cool.

Photos from Guzzardo Performance Music's post 12/03/2019

Just in! Gibson 2012 "Midtown" hollow body guitar with Seymour Duncan Antiquity P-90 pickups and hard shell case in immaculate condition. Stop in and check it out!


Always love to see this! Rare find, a 1977 Ibanez copy of a Gibson full hollow body. This has to be right at the end of the "lawsuit era".

Scholarships – Rock and Roll Institute 04/27/2019

Scholarships – Rock and Roll Institute In 2015, Dr. Renee Andino and Dr. Rob Andino, from HealthFirst Wellness in Rockford, IL sponsored our very first camp scholarship. Thanks to their generosity and passion for our camp, we now have an ever-growing scholarship program that continually strives to better serve the youngest musicians in o...

Photos from Guzzardo Performance Music's post 02/05/2019

USED microphones for various applications; stage and studio, dynamic and condenser, ribbon, etc. If you're in need of an extra mic for stage use, or would like to experiment with different sounding mics on your recordings, stop in and take a look!

Photos from Guzzardo Performance Music's post 02/03/2019

Some really cool used gear has come in lately! Some old school and some not so old.


5 years ago!


We are open 9-3 today for last minute shopping.


Happy 70th Birthday Rick Nielsen!


We miss you Sam.

Photos from Guzzardo Performance Music's post 08/16/2018

If you went back in time.... back to 1977.... you might find this Gibson Grabber bass in slightly better condition than it is right now. A great find! With sliding pickup!


Our bulletin board is a great place to meet other local musicians. Who did this? 😂 😂



A permanent full time Combo, Band and Orchestra, and Accessory Sales Position is available. Includes some evenings and weekends.
Training will be part time evenings and weekends for the successful candidate.

Retail Sales Experience (3 years or more would be great)
Good working knowledge of Band and Orchestra products as well as Combo (guitars, drums, amps, effects, sound systems etc.)
Good working knowledge of parts and accessories for drum, guitar, bass, band & orchestra, sound systems (strings, sticks, drumheads, cables, connectors, etc.)
Please apply in person at
Guzzardo Performance Music
3010 Charles Street

Photos from Guzzardo Performance Music's post 06/20/2018

What has 10 strings, 5 knee levers, and 3 pedals? This Beck Musical Instruments (BMI) SD-10 pedal steel does. It just arrived and is in pristine condition.

Photos from Guzzardo Performance Music's post 06/13/2018

Some new gear to tickle your ear: The new Bad Cat U.S. Player Series- Classic Pro 1x12 and Cub 15R 1x12, Mesa/Boogie Mark V 35 Watt, and Subway 1x15 ultra light bass cabinet. Stop in for a look!


Guitar player too loud? Show up with this 28” vintage Ludwig kick drum.


Everyone is always looking for USED cymbals.


This is a great music camp, and a great experience for youngsters of any musical ability. There's still time to sign up! Camp starts on June 18th.

Want your school to be the top-listed School/college in Rockford?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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Were open 9-5 tomorrow!
We’re staying busy keeping up with these online and curbside orders!Mon-Sat 9-5. Call us to place an order. 815-239-5020




3010 Charles Street
Rockford, IL

Opening Hours

Monday 10am - 6pm
Tuesday 10am - 6pm
Wednesday 10am - 6pm
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Friday 10am - 6pm
Saturday 9am - 5pm
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