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When math makes sense, kids leap way ahead – whether they started out far behind or already ahead in math. Our formula for teaching kids math, the Mathnasium Method™ has transformed the way kids learn math for over a decade across 600+ centers in the US and Canada:

We know how to teach your child math.

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Mathnasium Hamilton Square

Kids stuck at home, you're not sure if they're learning anything, and no one knows when it will end. WE HAVE A SOLUTION!


We may keep our feet on the ground, but we look up at the stars to dream and to challenge ourselves. Can you solve this brainteaser challenge? It's out of this world!


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Leave it to the math lovers to find the equation for love. 🥰
Happy ! ❤️ 02/07/2020

Teach Kids Chemistry With This Homemade Periodic Table Battleship Game

Happy National Periodic Table Day! Let's celebrate with a homemade game of chemistry Battleship! If you teach or have kids of your own, here’s a great way to get them into chemistry. On the homeschooling blog Teach Beside Me, Kary


Are you ready to take a BITE out of this puzzle? Don’t worry, this fun word problem challenge will give you an insatiable appetite for math!


Succeed in school and in life!

Our math learning center students improve not only in math, but in other subjects and other interests. Mathnasium students succeed in school and in life!


Just a little something to ponder. Happy !


It’s time to check in on everyone’s New Year’s resolutions! Are you still working on yours? If you’re looking for math tutoring after school to help with your math-focused resolutions, we suggest you start with this great word problem challenge!


Math will help you make the perfect cup of coffee. Need we any further proof of math's ultimate importance?

Brewing a better espresso, with a shot of math


Happy Lunar New Year! This coming year is the year of the rat. 🐀 People born in the year of the rat are thought to be quick and clever thinkers. Are you clever enough to solve this brain teaser?


If you want to go beyond what you’ll find in most kids learning centers, our weekly word problem challenge is the right way to do it! You can start with today’s first-class question!


Mathnasium is a wonderful place for children to learn...

Having the right environment and the right instructors can make all the difference in a student's learning process. At Mathnasium, we provide both so that we can make math make sense!


Q: How do birds get better at math?
A: They eggs-ercise their brains with word problems!

You should eggs-ercise your brain as well with this fun word problem that shows math isn’t just for the birds!


The 2010s was a great decade for math lovers! In addition to solving some of the most historically challenging math questions, we also saw palindrome years, prime-number years, and even one icositetragonal year! How many were you aware of?


From our family to yours, we wish you a warm and wonderful holiday season! While you're taking a break from work and school, check out this fun, family-friendly math activity. Because nothing says winter better than snowflake math! ❄️


How much do you love math? Today’s word problem challenge is so much fun it will have you singing its praises! ♫


Children Change the World!

In 2019 we saw a lot of young people step up, speak out, and work behind the scenes to change the world for the better. We're proud of all these global citizens. Let's keep giving them the tools they need to succeed!


Happy math lovers! Don't freeze up on us, now. This brainteaser is tricky, but the thrill you'll get when you figure out the solution will melt your heart!

What answer do you get?


How is your middle school math intelligence? Test your knowledge and practice your skills with today’s word problem challenge! 11/29/2019

Great Gifts For Math Lovers Or Math Teachers

As you brave the crowds on , we have the one-stop shopping list for the math-lover in your life. Before you buy anything, check out these gift ideas: All the best gift ideas for the math lover or math teacher in your life. We have something for everyone, from kids to adults. 11/25/2019

November's Thanksgiving Math Activity

Check out our November math activity for kids. It's a fun math exercise, but the real fun lies in baking the recipe together as a family and enjoying the pastries that come out of the oven! Fun and educational Thanksgiving math activity for elementary school students. 11/22/2019

Have space fever? Here are five jobs that will take you closer to the stars

Living and working in space may be closer than you think! But be ready...almost all of these jobs will require skills in the STEM fields. From space historian to space doctor, jobs that will take you where no man has gone before are becoming more mainstream.


Today’s math problem is sweet and delicious! Get your daily dose of math practice in with this fun word problem challenge.


8 telltale signs your child is gifted! Once you recognize the signs you can nurture their talents, avoid academic obstacles, and improve their overall educational experience.


Happy Friday! Come one, come all, we don't want to "leaf" anyone out. We invite you to fall in love with this colorful autumn brainteaser! Take a moment before your weekend to engage your mind. Can you figure out the solution?


Take a minute to collect your thoughts before you dive into this beachy-keen word problem challenge. 🐚


My kid is thriving...

We're so proud of all our students! We see them gaining skills and confidence week by week, and applying that to other areas of their lives. Keep up the good work!


Today is a day set aside to inspire kids to explore and pursue their interests in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. With the numbers of jobs in STEM fields growing by leaps and bounds, it's never too early to jump into STEM!


Q: Why did the firefly get good grades in school?
A: Because she was so BRIGHT! (Also she attended Mathnasium, of course!)

Today’s word problem challenge will light up your day! Click here to give it a try.


Be your best self, anything else is just average. Happy !


Halloween has come and gone ⁠— now what will you do with all that candy?? You can save it, donate it, cook with it, or our favorite idea: use it in fun learning projects! Check out all the great ideas in this post:


Mathnasium's Ace and Addie wish you a sweet and safe Halloween!


Are you ready for Halloween and all the trick-or-treating candy that comes with it? Before you feed your tummy, feed your mind with this sweet-treat word problem challenge!



1057 Washington Blvd
Robbinsville, NJ

Opening Hours

Monday 3pm - 7:30pm
Tuesday 3pm - 7:30pm
Wednesday 3pm - 7:30pm
Thursday 3pm - 7:30pm
Saturday 9:30am - 12:30pm

Other Robbinsville schools & colleges (show all)
Robbinsville PAL Jr. Ravens Football Robbinsville PAL Jr. Ravens Football
Robbinsville, 08691

Robbinsville Jr. Ravens PAL Football and Cheer Founding Member of West Jersey Youth Football -- For children ages 5 to 14 --

Aikya School of Dance Aikya School of Dance
Emerald Road
Robbinsville, 08691

Aikya School of Dance trains and motivates students to become exceptional dancers in the Pandanallur style of Bharatanatyam.

Sharon Elementary School Sharon Elementary School
234 Sharon Rd
Robbinsville, 08691

"Hand In Hand We All Learn"

RHS Raven Players RHS Raven Players
155 Robbinsville Edinburg Rd
Robbinsville, 08691

The Robbinsville High School Raven Players is a diverse and inclusive group of passionate students who are driven to educate, discuss, and promote social issues through expressions of art and design on and off stage.

Bricks 4 Kidz - Central New Jersey Bricks 4 Kidz - Central New Jersey
1057 Washington Blvd
Robbinsville, 08691

Bricks 4 Kidz - Central New Jersey Creativity Center located at the Foxmoor Shopping Center 1057 Washington Blvd Robbinsville NJ 08691

Indoor Lacrosse League- Robbinsville Fieldhouse Indoor Lacrosse League- Robbinsville Fieldhouse
153 W Manor Way
Robbinsville, 08691

The ILL plays a 10 week game schedule at the Robbinsville Fieldhouse for current boys High School lacrosse players. Most teams are comprised of existing HS teams but we do accept individual registrations.

Connections Gymnastics School Connections Gymnastics School
1100 US Highway 130
Robbinsville, 08691

This group is open to all those who have gone to Connections Gymnastics School in Robbinsville, NJ

Drone - Remote/UAS Pilot Certification Training Drone - Remote/UAS Pilot Certification Training

Want to become a drone pilot? Our FAA certified instructors will assist you to achieve your goal of becoming a licensed pilot; e-mail: [email protected]

Robbinsville Montessori Robbinsville Montessori
2022 Washington Blvd
Robbinsville, 08691

Robbinsville Montessori offers the highest standard of Montessori Education for the next generation.

Bricks 4 Kidz of Central NJ Bricks 4 Kidz of Central NJ

We offer classes in Princeton, West Windsor, Plainsboro, Eastwindsor, Lawrenceville, Robbinsville Trenton, Cranberry, Hightstown, Roosevelt, Hamilton, South Brunswick, Franklin Township Hillsborough, Montgomery Township, Hopewell, Pennington.

Air-Mods Flight Academy Air-Mods Flight Academy
106 Sharon Rd Ste B
Robbinsville, 08691

Learn To Fly! Air-Mods is one of only three Accredited Flight Schools by FSANA!

All for Dance All for Dance
1083 Washington Blvd
Robbinsville, 08691

All for Dance is a dance studio in Robbinsville, NJ that focuses providing quality dance education for preschoolers through adults. We strive to instill confidence and a love for dance in all our students in a positive and fun environment.